“Go With The Flow” VS “The Positive Theory”

I was once talking to a friend. He told me a story.

He said I was once sitting with a friend and He asked me how is everything going ?

And I replied               ” Just going with the flow”.

He then replied          ” Only dead straws go with the flow”

That was thought provoking. I use to apply the same theory to my life. Whenever my heart pinches me, I don’t want this to happen to you. I used to tap it gently and said ‘”just go with the flow”.

Whenever there was some problem in my life, I used to say to myself  “just go with the flow”.

Whenever I feel depressed and broken and find no way out, I wanted things to get normal again, I put my head down and remind myself of “just go with the flow” thing.

Now I feel I was dead from inside and I never tried to wake up myself. my mind and heart were dead. And i had accepted that death of them I was living with dead inner self.

But now, at the age of almost 22, I feel it wrong. I was wrong in thinking about my future. I was wrong in thinking about what will happen to me next and why. I used to think whatever happens to me, I deserved it ! It was due to what I did in the past. But I was being negative !! I was hopeless !!

I noticed one of my friends. I have seen her being negative about so many things but she never thought negative about her future. She always says something good will happen to me, she never felt hopeless like me. Even she use to dream really big about her future life. And I have seen her every wish coming true. Even I feel it like a miracle. We use to make fun of her like she has a losers approach or something. She always said she don’t try but she wishes , and her wishes comes true. Trying with wishing will make it even better I guess !!

I have noticed so many people who apply just go with the flow theory in their life and do nothing , wish nothing and pray nothing for it. On the other hand, people doing nothing but thinking positive got success!

Once I read about the positive energy. They say whenever you think something about anything very much, It will eventually come to you. Like when you will think positively, all the positive energies of universe will collectively start trying to get that thing to you … and eventually that will come to you. And this is true. The same happens when you think negative about something. Our mind emits positive and negative rays as we think and these rays eventually become a cause to get that thing for us. There is some science involved in it. As many secrets of universe are yet to be revealed, it may be one of them.

Our God verily says ” You ll find me the same as you think of me ” 

Very true. The positive thinking gives yo the power to overcome depression, emptiness and loneliness. It gives you the power to fight with problems and disasters. It gives you the power to be you !! This is optimism !

Just go with the flow leads towards negativeness and eventually we get nothing. On the other hand positive thinking leads us towards getting the thing we think about or wish about getting.

I have decided from now on I would experience that positive power theory too. Enough waste of time thinking “go with the flow” and “result of my deeds” or “I deserved that”. Stop being dead. Lets take hope in one hand and positivity in the other. Lets begin a new journey in a completely new direction.

“Be Optimistic”

“Be positive , have positive”

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  1. I love this post… And that friend was very wise to point it out 🙂 He was right.

    • Yes he was 🙂 For sure 🙂 Thanks for appreciating …means alot ….xxx

    • davidconfidential

       /  July 3, 2013

      Why does “The positive theory” sound like something Barney Stinson would use.

      • lol I am not great enough to write theories like he use to do 😛 It is a serious one….Regarding laws of nature. Some great people discovered it. I have just used it in my blog 🙂 Thanks for visiting…..And I am a how I met your mother fan too 😛 xx

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        It may have been written but does it compare to the “Lemon Law?”

        Created in 1632 by Barnibus A Stinson 😉

      • Lol how can it be compared to any of his laws … He was great and his laws were legen wait for it daary 😛 😉 Loved him….:)

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        Where is my high five? What up?!

      • High five ! Here it is 😉 lol waiting for the last season now

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        Yeah I haven’t seen the end of season 8 so shhhhhhh!

        So you seem cool! Are you a fashionista?

      • Lolthere was nothing much in the end…Ted saw his future wife and barney and robin are going to get married. That’s it 😛 Spoiler 😛
        Thanks….I don’t know sometimes I feel like I am 😉

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        Yeah I know that already but I SAID SSSSSSH

      • Lol oki oki see it by yourself 🙂 Have fun 🙂 xx

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        Haha ta ta

      • Take care xx Thanks again 🙂

      • davidconfidential

         /  July 3, 2013

        You too! Take care cutey

  2. Absolutely right choice! Optimism is the way to go.

    Although you were also right in saying that we get what we deserve. This by itself follows optimism; because in the future too we would get what we deserve and what we deserve depends on what we do. What we do depends on the outlook towards life.

    So a pessimistic, negative and passive outlook would drag us away from creativity and we would keep on thinking of the past. And hence we would not do the deed which can make us ‘deserving’ for the better future.

    And hence optimism is the way to go. I feel that there is nothing like a predetermined flow. We create our own flows…

    What say?

    • Yes you are right Arindam, But I am talking about the two different state of minds. What we think and feel…. It is not about what we get….Positive thinking will eventually make everything we get, a better thing because we would be satisfied on it !!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 xx

      • Got it…

        And your second last sentence is a piece of brilliance. Very well said. 🙂

      • Oh thankyou so much well this is your kindness 🙂 Thanks for appreciating 🙂

  3. Very true.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I feel you. I feel the same way too. I’ve ever heard that “we are what we think” so if you think about some positive things, it’ll come to you. Of course. we should do some positive things too hehehe love your posts. Lotta love from Indonesia 🙂 xx

    • Awh thankyou so much for appreciating me ! Yes you are right…. we are what we think….A reflection of our thoughts. Thanks for reading my posts means alot ! And I would love to have love from Indonesia ! Don’t know about this country very well but Since I have known you, I guess it is the loveliest country ever 🙂 Lots of Love from Pakistan too 🙂 Take care and keep visiting ! xxx

  5. I really like this post, I usually add something as a comment but I cannot find any :), I have almost similar story, I will write about it soon and I will mention this article. Keep going, . . you are making difference . . 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much for reading and appreciating…I wish I could make a difference 🙂 Keep visiting 🙂

  6. Haa I forget, I will read the rest of your topics later, . . but i should read them 🙂

  7. Love it, Be Positive


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