My Emptiness



Scared of people I hide

At a place aside

With eyes shedding tears

I looked at my hands

And realized

They both were empty

Like I am inside…!

Feeling emptiness everywhere

Convinced my heart, At least I tried !


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  1. I love this lalarukh! You are FANTASTIC at words and this poem is so touching.. and relatable..

  2. wow thats your own poetry?

  3. Jesus can fill that emptiness because He is a Living God. No other God loves you like him. All others say, ” Do this and you’ll be acceptable to me….maybe!”
    Jesus says, ” I love you so much that I came to earth to look for you and rescue you from emptiness.” Ask him to reveal himself to you and he will.

    • Thank you lots for the comment Maria ! I respect your views completely πŸ™‚ Keep visiting xx

  4. davidconfidential

     /  July 10, 2013

    I often share these feelings.

    It can be a very lonely world and you just have nothing left

  5. The movie name-dropping had me a little aghast. Maybe you should watch Chandni Bar and Fashion

    • I have seen fashion, heard about chandni bar ! But I am sorry why are you saying me to see them ? It is just me, I am not able to understand the meaning ! Sorry :-/

      • Diff is only between “masala” movies and others that could still have some relevance, that’s all. Good night. Kal kaam ka din hai idhar !

      • Good Night sir ! Really appreciate for your time πŸ™‚ xx

      • Diff is only between “masala” movies and others that could still have some relevance, that’s all. Good night. Kal kaam ka din hai idhar !

  6. aah short and crisp. Loved it. Love the picture as well.

  7. Kazi Mustakim

     /  July 18, 2013

    Perfect composition for expressing a loner’s sole feeling… I love it… The words with the Illustration goes perfect with each other…!! Great work Dear…!!

    • Thank you so much Kazi I am so glad you liked it ! It was the first time I tried to write poetry in my life ! I am so happy that you people ladmired it πŸ™‚ Love xx

      • Kazi Mustakim

         /  July 18, 2013

        Keep writing dear… Its the way only left that gives you an opportunity to express yourself within short phase,,,Otherwise you have to write short stories or novel to express yourself…lol
        you know – poetry is my life…on my bed you will find only poetry books…all the collection of Tennyson, Byron, Keats, Heaney, Frost, Blake, Longfellow, Wordsworth Coleridge, Whitman, Cummings, Sylvia Plath, Rumi, Ezra Pound and So many… I love reading them all the time…and of course a feeble try to write like them…..
        I will be looking forward to read lots of poems from you….My best wishes…Good luck

      • Yes you are right ! But I can do poetry In my extreme sad phase… I don’t know what to do with it !
        Well that is impressive ! I can’t understand poetry sometimes but looks like you are awesome at it ! That is why you read so many great poets πŸ™‚ And you write so well too ! I am happy to hear that ! And i hope you do great in it !
        I will write for sure but I don’t know when πŸ™‚ Have a lovely day ! Love xx

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