A Letter That Is Never To Be Posted !


Dear Mama And Daddy !

First of all I Love you and so very much !

No I am not fine as I always say when you ask me how are you ? I want to tell you some things… Some things That you don’t know and you can’t even imagine of.

Do you know what is my biggest wish of my life ? Let me tell you today.

My biggest wish is that I make you proud one day. You get a lot of happiness or reward because of me, someday. I don’t have any wish regarding myself. I use to fantasize in my free time that I have done something big and every one is admiring you both because of me and you have that shine in your eyes, which comes in every parents eyes when they feel proud of their child. I want to see that shine in your eyes ! I want to make you feel proud ! I have always let you down. I never did anything for you in my whole life , At least this is what you know ! I feel this from the depth of my heart. This is the strongest desire I feel when ever I think of my life.

I am a sensitive and touchy girl. You don’t know this till now. It all started when I was young I don’t exactly remember my age. And mama, you were sitting with all my brothers and you all made fun of me for some thing. I ran away to my room and fell on my bed and cried and cried but no one came to express sympathy with me. I felt so bad. I was young, I didn’t realized what is happening but I felt neglected.

Then It started happening more often. You say words to make fun of me in a funny way but instead they hurt me. I started feeling pain when I was so young but back then, I couldn’t name it. I cried lying on my bed every time this happened but you never consoled me . A wish started sprouting in my heart that you come to console me, wipe away my tears and upraise me but you never did. You never felt what I use to go through.

I was a good student at first and you somehow felt proud of me till 9th grade. Then a disaster happened to me and I failed your expectations. I failed you badly in 10th grade and in my college. You never bothered to ask me what happened to you ? You used to be a brilliant student what is the matter with you ? You used to be so happy why don’t you seem happy now? Did something happen ? No. Instead , on knowing about the matter you behaved so rudely I can’t even think of that time now. It makes me cry ! That was the most ugliest time of my life and there was no one to tell me what is right and what is wrong. There was no one to listen, and when I found someone who listened to me I followed the wrong path even without seeing that face ever in my life. It was just a voice to me, But you behaved like I have done something so bad. I needed you at that time but you beat me hard with your words. I felt alone. I started receding away from you.

Dear mama,

Do you know what I use to think when I miss you ? That I am lying with my head in you lap and you are running your fingers across my hair. And talking to me. I felt so loved in my dreams thinking of that. I am your only daughter but you never did it. I don’t have courage to tell you that. I wish that I lie with my head in your lap one day and you kiss on my forehead . And you tell me how much you love me and you are here no matter what happens. Tell everything to me like your friend. I am your friend. But I don’t see that happening ever.

Dear daddy,

I use to think of you too in the same way. I wish someday you hug me and kiss my forehead. You express your indulgence . You pass your hand through my head with love some day and say I love you.  You are my sweetest daughter and I am proud of you.

I felt so happy when you sometimes put your hand on my head and when mama said You are my lovely daughter I felt blessed. I felt honored at that time !

Tears are running out from my eyes through my cheeks towards my neck as I am writing this. I am running out of words. I am not bothering to use fancy words and phrases while I write this. These words are flowing out of my fingers without following any rules.

I want to tell you that there was no one I can celebrate my success with when I got a position in my class here in university. There was no one whom I can tell that my teachers admire me and they are happy from me. No one to tell that I got highest marks in my favorite subjects. No one to tell that I got such a good GPA. No one to tell that I made a web site alone and my teacher admired me so much that he said he will buy a domain himself and will make it online. No one to tell that there are three people in my class who have some real skills of web and I am one of them . No one to tell that there are three students in my final year project group but they look at me when they need help and I alone is making that project without any help and my teacher is satisfied with me. Every time I got something, some admiration directly or indirectly no face comes into my mind to whom I can share my happiness. I felt more alone and the happiness faded at once. Sadness prevailed it .

I want to tell you that I took the biggest decision of my life because of you. I gave importance to your choice rather than mine for passing my rest of life with someone. I had a chance, but I never told you people because I thought you will think bad of me , you will get hurt ! I left the person I loved with all my heart, The Person who led me towards Allah’s love. I said yes to the person you selected for me . Why ? Because daddy, you let me lay down on your arm and told me that you liked that boy so much and you want me to accept him. And I did…. For you daddy ! I never thought what would happen to me, I never thought how would I survive with a person I don’t have any feelings , with an empty heart. I still don’t tell you that I pass through so much pain while talking to him and thinking of him. But I do this for you  And you will never know.

I loved you when I was here at home but I valued your worth when I started living in hostel. I missed you so much and all my views about you changed. At first I use to think that you don’t give me what I needed. Now I think that you did your best. You chose a life for me that is the best according to you. You tried to do everything perfect for me. It is just that you never tried to feel what I feel. Do you know why I use to keep laughing when I come home? You think because I am happy and satisfied. But I want to tell you I do this to hide my sadness, my tears. And you will never ever know that.

I don’t want to reveal My inner self to you. That will make you hurt. It will be difficult for you to think your daughter is going through so much pain. You think I am happy about the future you chose for me, I want you to think that for the rest of your life. I feel satisfied when I see you happy. I never want to tell you that How painful is the very thought of my future for me. I want to respect what you think. I will never break your trust on me. Some times when I came out of the washroom after crying for hours and there was a smile on my face you never recognized I have cried. You never read my eyes you never saw my tears. I felt hurt sometimes that you cant see my sadness but It is good I guess.

I want to tell you how alone I am. I want to tell you that I cry every time I am alone and I think of telling that to someone and sometimes your face come to my mind but I always think this will make you worried about me and I cancel the thought of telling you. I want to tell you that I have faced so many big problems in my life and I solved them with out even letting you know. You think my life is so easy and comfortable  I want you to think the same always. I want to see you happy. I use to pray for you after making every prayer. I don’t have any wish for myself. I pray for you and my brothers. You are my life you people are my soul !

Sometimes I wish I could tell you all that. At some point in life, when you hurt me with your words saying  ” You don’t feel what we go through for you people ” Or you don’t feel our worries or things like that. I feel an urge to tell you all this. But then I stop. Think of me like you always do…At least that will make you happy. I want your happiness and I am ready to pay the price for it.

You have done so much for us. I want to tell you that I feel your worries. I feel your pain… my heart melts when I see you in some kind of pain and I cry when I am alone and ask help for you from Allah. You know all my wishes revolve around you. I want my dad to get close to Allah. I know He love Allah so much but I want him to start following the right path. I want my brothers to follow the right path and get all the success and happiness in life. I want my mother to get all her wishes come true and all her worries fade out.

I love you mama and daddy. I want to see you happy. I never want you to see the face behind my mask. I want you to think it is the real me.

I will never tell all this to you. Never ever.

I love you !

And I know Some things are better unsaid !!

Your One And Only Daughter !

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  1. Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer ke pehly Khuda bandey sey poochy bata, teri raza kya hai ? Hope I got my Urdu right..it’s awfully pedestrian, but yeah, I Tried !

    • I love these lines !! Love the meaning hidden in it ! Yes I understand your Urdu. I guess it is very good 🙂 Thank you so much for the great comment ! I appreciate it 🙂 Love xx

      • Those lines, Memsaab, are by the Poet Allama Iqbal. The way you wrote your last piece, looks like Iqbal wanted to tell you that !

      • I know that sir ! And I Love Allama Iqbal’s poetry since my childhood.
        And this is the best compliment I have ever heard ! I don’t have words to thank you !
        Feeling Honored !
        Love xx

  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

     /  July 14, 2013

    Amazing love miracle. jalal

  3. Kazi Mustakim

     /  July 14, 2013

    you have a suppressed heart inside you dear…And I felt the pain reading it… I have been through a lot too… Some features of your composition go with me perfectly….but rather I’d tell you that please be yourself who you are cuz that is what makes you perfect… you have beautiful heart inside my dear… Just don’t let the world destroy it…make your own world and live in it….Sometime having lots of sufferings in life I find still there is something in life that can make you happy and smile….find them…and LIVE…and always Smile from your heart……!!
    My best wishes and warm thoughts sending you through the universal soul…..!! ~ Kazi

    • I felt so nice reading your comment ! Thank you so much for the bundle of advises…They really mean a lot to me Like really ! I really appreciate your care regarding me 🙂 Thanks for the wishes ! May you get all the happiness and all your wishes come true:) Thanks a lot for the great comment 🙂 Love xx

  4. You have expressed your inner feelings beautifully. This is a great realisation, an understanding of yourself. It is a step on the path of your life forwards. But don’t stay here, in this pain. Learn and grow from this past experience and present understanding. Add a realisation that your parents did the best they could at the time and it is now your time to understand this, and to move forward with a love for them and more importantly for yourself.

    I have watched some great videos online that touch on experiences as yours and they have helped me to realise the truth that carries me forward.

    Thankyou for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for the nice words…. Yes I am learning to move forward and I am…..And I hope for the best 🙂 You are right in saying all this. I completely understand and I appreciate your concern about me.
      Okaay I will try that video thing too 🙂 Thank you so much for the great comment ! It means a lot to me ! with all the respect and Love xx Keep visiting ! 🙂

  5. Wow, what a story you tell! Such bravery! Hold onto hope because even when things seem like they will never take a turn for better, you may be just around the corner from your answer to prayer. Wishing you all the best in life and hoping you find true happiness!

    • Thanks so much for all the admiration ! And yeah I am holding on to hope….And I have nothing left but hope 🙂 I thank you from the depth of my heart for all the wishes ! Lots of Love xx Keep visiting ! 🙂

  6. I am speechless after reading this! This brought tears in my eyes!
    I don’t know if you’ve heard this saying or not but they say ‘Daughters will do anything for the happiness of their family. They’ll give up their own happiness just for the sake of their family’.
    I can relate to you as there have been times i’ve gone through the same. And for me my family’s happiness matter alot.
    Your sacrifices show you have a beautiful heart and you’re a really strong and a very brave person. Stay strong my dear! Allah will always be with you and will reward you for everything.
    Lots of good wishes and prayers for you 🙂
    Keep smiling! xx

    • Your comment made me smile !! Really I never thought I would find so beautiful people like you who will understand me and care for me ! Thank you so much for understanding me… It means a lot to me Really ! Yes daughters always do anything for their family….But It hurts 😦
      I pray for you, May you and your family gets all the happiness in the world and hereafter !
      Thank you so much for such beautiful words 🙂 Allah is always with me He is the only one who is with me 🙂 InshAllah and Ameen on your prayers !
      Thanks so much for the prayers. You made my day really feeling so touched by your comment 🙂 Thank you so much ! I hope you will keep visiting ! Lots Of Love 🙂 xx

      • Happy to know that my comment made you smile 🙂 I pray that you keep smiling for real 🙂
        As i said i know how it feel, how painful it is to bear all that but then we do bear it. I know it hurts really bad but trust me it will reward you both in this world and hereafter 🙂

        I will always make prayers for you and your family whenever i make a pray 🙂 I am so lucky to find such a lovely &brave girl whose heart is full of Allah’s love 😀 Trust me i truly feel honored! 😀

        Thank you so much for your prayers for me and my family 😀 InshAllah and Aameen for them!

        I will keep visiting and will always look forward for your future posts 😀
        Lots of love and prayers 😀 xx

      • Awh I am speechless now ….. *Hugs* and more *Hugs* Thank you so very much….Really I thank you with my whole heart for praying foe my family and me…..I am feeling out of the world right now because of your comments 😀 I Love you !! Thanks for all the motivation ….. You are the best-est reader I have so far ! Love you so much 🙂
        Many prayers from my side too……Love xx 🙂

      • I just wanted you to know that i’ll always be there for you and will always pray for you 😀
        Thank you once again 😀
        Have a great day and a great life 😀
        Love xx 🙂

      • Thank you so much I feel blessed to have you 🙂 You too have a happiest and loveliest life ahead ! Love xx 🙂

      • Thank you so much! 😀 Love xx

  7. I have no words to depict what I feel. The whole of it was so painful. I wonder if it is always right to left things unsaid..
    Well, you do have a beautiful heart! And you know what? You will be blessed for it here and hereafter. Trust me. I pray that the man they chose for you turns out the very best. Because what our parents decide for us is for our better. And they have been sincere. They do love you a whole lot! Though they have failed to express it in the way you wanted. You wanted them to tell you, and understand your hidden tears behind smiles. Every person wishes so. When one feels alone, they really want the person closest to them to understand what they are going through. . Trust me they pray for you from there!
    You are a superb web host? Cool! i will get mines done from you! 😉
    And congratulations for your high GPA and flying marks! Keep rocking!
    Best wishes..

    • My heart was melting as I was reading your comment and at the last There was a big smile on my face 😀
      I Love you ! Thank you so much for feeling what I feel ! Yes sometimes things cause a mess when they are said !
      Thank you so much for all the admiration, wishes and prayers. I know what parents decide is for our best at least they think for ur best…And I have no doubt in that.
      Yes I always wanted expression in some special way….I know expectations always hurt…But I can’t stop expecting at least from the one’s I care about !
      Hehe and yeah I don’t think so I am, My fellows and teachers think I am 😛 Sure I will be glad to help any time 😉 But don’t blame me if something gets wrong 😛
      And thank you so much 😀 Feeling happy now 😀
      Love you Lots and lots !!
      Take lots of care and My prayer are with you 🙂
      Love xx

      • Love you too! 🙂
        Expectations can surely not be stopped. Jab tak zindagi hae, people will continue to expect from others.. I wrote a blog on this too, untitled it is! 😉
        haha why would I blame you? You will be doing such a huge favor for me! 🙂
        You are always welcome as I will always be wishing the very best for you! Cheer up =)

      • Yeah you are right 🙂 I just saw your post, now going to read it !
        lol Okaay then i will try for sure 😉
        Thanks so much *Big Smiles* Love xx

  8. Deeply touching! No words to describe. You are such a brilliant writer i think. Love your blog. Visit mine too! Don’t forget to follow. Haha 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much you liked it ! Thanks for saying me a writer 😉 I am so going to visit your blog now 🙂 Keep visiting ! Love xx

  9. OMG.. I am crying while reading your letter.. At first, I thought it was a suicide note or something but when you wrote “some things are better unsaid”, I can understand that you are just expressing your grievance through writing…
    My advice is for you to send this letter to your parents. They need to know what your really feel..
    Be strong my sister.. We are here for you 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much ! I feel happy not because I made you cry but because my words have so much power that they can make someone cry ! Yes I was just expressing my tears in the form of words…and I am never going to tell all this to my parents. I want them to think everything is fine and I am happy….In this way they will always be happy. Thank you so much for the support ! It means a lot 🙂 Thanks . Love xx

      • I am supporting your every decision but I think that they will become happier when you are really happy…
        Sometimes, we need to tell parents the truth so there won’t be a gap between their expectation and our reality. You deserve to be happy… It’s your time now!

      • I know ! But I know my parents … they won’t understand…They never did ! And in fact I don’t have courage to tell all this to them ! So it is better to leave this unsaid I guess 🙂 I appreciate your support though ! Love you so much for this 🙂 Feeling honored ! 🙂 xx

      • Take care.. And please don’t hesitate to email me should you need someone to talk 🙂

        Warm Regards,
        Anne 🙂

      • Sue sure thank you so much for the kind offer I really appreciate 🙂 I will definitely !
        Take lots of care 🙂 Love xx

  10. really express what I feel for my parents!!!<3<3<3 you are truly a lovely person and talented! all the best!

  11. First of all I hate internet for allowing us to make friends whom we know that we won’t be able to meet… Secondly, I want you to know that this is my fourth attempt of writing this comment (in two days) – the earlier ones failed… well obviously 🙂 😛

    Now coming to the points

    Its brilliant that you are a great web designer. I would love to see the websites designed by you. And the high GPA… I know it takes a lot… Congrats for that too. Regarding parents, I must say, some feelings are there which are never shared with parents. Especially when you stay away from home. The mask you talk about is worn by everyone in the world. It is essential in a sense. Don’t get me wrong… I completely sympathise with you. Wearing a false smile can sometimes becomes too frustrating. And that is precisely the point in time when we seek friends. It is always great to have someone with whom you can share whatever you feel (blog is obviously one of the options 🙂 ).

    As you rightly said, parents do a lot for us. And that is why we feel that we must never hurt them. These feelings are commendable. I also sometimes feel that their vision sometimes penetrates through the mask. I feel that they sometimes know that we are unhappy. Still they don’t express their feelings. For example maybe they are delighted at your CGPA, but yet would not overly commend you. But I am sure that they would be elated to see their dreams performing well. They don’t express themselves directly as they would want you to continue working hard…

    However I also understand that when sometimes gap between children and parents in creases a lot, one must remove the mask for a certain amount of time in front of their parents. Because they are the ones who have known you the most (other than you yourself). This may lead to extremely dramatic and emotional moments for a short interval of time (a few days maybe) but this sometimes clears the fog sometimes (most of the times for me) and removes a lot of burden from the mind. Although I don’t know your situation completely, I would advise you to follow your heart’s advice.

    Although, many things remain unsaid, I would stop here for now (Look at the length of the comment written by these lazy hands 🙂 ). May you prosper like no one has ever done. I only regret of being able to say this only ‘virtually’. I really hope, we meet someday…


    • Lol it just took 10 mins to read this beautiful lenghty comment 😉 First of all I love you for always being there for me to encourage me !
      Yeah there is some problem with wordpress I guess I too posted my comment on your post two times and It feels so bad when you write a long comment and it fades away lol 😛
      You are right…..Everyone needs that mask and I know every one has one ! And everyone suffers, though the ways are different. You won’t imagine, when I had internet issues and I didnt opened my blog for two days I was frustrated, I was missing you people and this environment so much. It has become a part of me now, and I really pass my burden to what I write and get relieved.
      I know the mask should not be for parents, they are the only one who can understand you. But when you try many times, and they don’t understand you stop at a point. I tried, but now I am scared of sharing things with them cuz they never understood. My parents are the most lovely parents of the world. They have tried to fulfill every wish that come out of my mouth, My mom cares a lot about me and My father loves me so much. No one in the world is perfect, and no one can give you all what you need.
      Lol I am judging from this comment, how lazy you are 😛 Thanks so much for the kind words and wishes. I need them the most. Lol thank wordpress, at least we can say things virtually ! Yeah I agree, I hope the same 😉
      Thanks so much for giving so much of your precious time to me, And taking my time too 😀
      Really thank you from the depth of my heart !
      Stayy blessed always ! Love xx

  12. 1. You still didn’t give the link to your site… I guess there is no harm in me seeing it, so please share it.

    2. Oh, I failed not because of wordpress but because I had so many thoughts in my mind. A few of them might lead to misunderstandings so I had to revise the comment again and again…

    Take care 🙂

    • 1- Lol None of my site s online yet ! I have completed projects the teachers give us . Made three websites yet. One of them will be online soon , as my teacher says.
      2-Lol oki I thought it is wordpress 😀 Sorry misunderstanding 😉 you don’t need to revise your commens just say to me whatever you feel…I won’t mind it ever !
      Love xx 🙂

      • Well you can send me the files if you like (via email) 🙂

      • lol why do you need them ? 😀

      • Curiosity…
        Well because HTML (and CSS etc.) are probably the only ‘languages’ that I am acquainted with but have not done anything significant with it. So I wanted to learn by examples…
        (Just that I love learning languages)
        But you can straightaway deny if you don’t wish to share… No offenses will be taken 🙂

      • Lol no I don’t have any problem but I guess it would be difficult sending all the files. I can send you some screen shots . I am still stuck in that hacking thing for now 😦 So tensed right now 😦

      • No problems! Do as you wish 🙂

      • Why do I smell some anger and unhappiness here ? 😀

      • Well there is neither anger nor unhappiness. I completely understand your situation… Being hacked is not an experience you can be comfortable with… Plus I do understand the point not sharing things publicly or a person you don’t trust completely…

        Sorry if that sounded rude, angry, sad or any of their synonyms :P, I did not mean it that way…

        Keep Smiling… (even behind the mask) 🙂

      • Lol you made me smile (behind the mask )
        First of all there is nothing like I don’t trust you or anything, you are a nice guy .
        And I am really scared and tensed about the things going around me with the hacking thing…He is black mailing me I can’t share more but I am stuck 😦
        And I don’t have any problem sending the files but I am lazy these days and They need time to re arrange and then sending takes time I haven’t arranged them long time ago when I made them. Right now I am focusing on the new project and I will send it to you as soon as it completes , I promise !

      • I understand… Act wisely… That’s all I can say.


        The above poem was written by me when I was faced with a similar fearful situation…

        Hope it helps…

      • Hey ! Just about to read your poem and wanted to tell you the problem is at the edge of being solved 🙂 Thanks ! xx

      • Glad to know that. Let me know when it solved 🙂

      • Sure I will 🙂 xx

  13. My wife and I lost a child in 1997, living 51 days. I don’t why but visiting a friends website I saw your link and found myself reading this poem. Embarking on a long spiritual journey inspired by my child that I called Autistic Love Letters, as an inspiration of my child’s spirit living on in my eyes…I couldn’t help but to imagine this was a letter from my child, when I saw the heart shaped hands comforting precious feet.

    I imagined my child thanking his father proud of him for finding the destination that spirit led.

    I love Allah too.. but I could not find a way through organized religion in the US; there is too much hatred without true will and love to find it there. I found the prophets of all religions standing at the end of my journey thanking me for tearing down the idol of edifice created long since then to worship flesh and words instead of everlasting spirit.

    There is the path through living words when one finds the sacred elements that are one and all. I see you arrive there in your other post..I do not know you but I love the spirit so familiar in so many others I see in life. Blessings to you and all the wonderful spirits here I see in your friends words. My journey that I document on my blog is strange but true will and love for meoneallnowforevermore loving all others.

    • I am so moved and melted to read this comment….I am feeling your pain here right now in my heart. I am sorry and I feel too sad for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain you have gone through but I know that it could be huge. Losing your children is one of the worst disasters that can happen to anyone. I love kids and when I see their pain my heart cries. And It was your very own kid. I have seen my parents faces when they see us suffer ! I can only pray for you…..I wish all your worries and sadness fades away in air and You pass a happiest life ahead ! My prayers will always be with you !
      And You should try to figure out what religion you should follow….That which seems true to you , don’t hesitate to follow it. A religion and a true one is necessary not only for the happenings hereafter., but for this world too. You fell in deep love with God and this love has no comparison. All your worries come to an ease when you see someone always around you. It depends on your will, I am just giving you an advice 🙂
      Thank you so much I am so glad that you stumbled upon my site and read my post and I am so very much glad that you wrote such a pure beautiful comment. I really appreciate it. I love you now and I will keep praying for you. Try to search for the true path 🙂
      Love you so much ! xx

  14. I no longer have sadness or pain; I am in that place of spirit you live. I am so joyful to find someone that can tell a ‘stranger’ they love them for their spirit… It is so rare, and so beautiful if everyone could speak that way to their neighbor. I will remember your loving spiritnowoneforevermore. You live in light.

    My blog is a battle field to take the lost soul there. I watch and wait to help those that are ‘battlescared’ from life as I once was before I found the path of my own and one true will.

    A path not taken as I could likely find solace and connection in real life if their was Islam in my area. But there is nothing like that. I experience it with family, nature and direct oneness. And very rarely on the internet I find any spirit close to yours, and what I see here.

    Its gives me hope for humanity and inspires to go on to spread that light to others not as fortunate as you and I.

    Thanks again.

    There is darkness in my blog to draw those in the dark to the light but it is not my darkness one sees.

    I love you forever my friend(s).

    • Thank you so much. Giving Love to people is the thing we can do and it costs nothing 🙂
      I visited your blog and I loved to read the writings. It is great !
      If you like Islam, It is not important that it should be practiced in your area too. You can apply it to your life If you want.
      I like the idea you have adopted for your living. You are a very nice person.
      Every person has darkness ! Every person tries to hide it…..The problem is, we start judging the darkness of others without realizing we have one too deep inside us !
      I pray for you , you will get to the right path and to the light soon ! And wish you all the very best for your life 🙂 I love you for who you are ! Love you more…forever 🙂 xx

  15. It’s just made me cry and realize that I love my parents so much 😦 I dunno what to say, but…… I just want to give you a virtual hug right noooooow! xxxxxx

    • Awww *Hugs back * Thank you so much for understanding me 🙂 Love them more….They re the only ones who sincerely care for us !! Thanks so much Ardizza 🙂 Love x

  16. This has been one of the most relateable posts I’ve ever read. 😀

    • Oh I am glad you can relate 🙂 But still sad you feel the same I feel……Thank you so much for the comment 🙂 Keep visiting ! 🙂 xx

      • You’re welcome and I guess that is life. Works the same way for all but through different paths.
        Oh, I will. You too, keep visiting 😀

      • You are absolutely right ! This is life 🙂 Thank you so much for the honor ! I will visit for sure 🙂 Love xx

  17. Ajaytao2010

     /  August 5, 2013

    very very beautiful post dear
    I loved it very much

    thank you dear 🙂

  18. I can relate to most of it. I can understand your pain to an extent but Alhamdulilah for everything. 🙂
    Congragulations for getting highest GPA 😀 Whats your subject btw?

    • Thanks for understanding and Yes Alhamdullilah For everything 🙂 Very sweet of you. Oh yes thanks 😀 I am a going to be computer scientist in 3 more months InshAllah ! 🙂

  19. A very honest and frank letter though sad. May you continue to enjoy your studies and achieve your goal! There’s always hope and love for you. Be encouraged!

  20. aak92

     /  August 24, 2013

    I really feel for you. The first part of the letter is true for me too. Kinda. My brother teases me a lot until I cry but he just laugh. Now I have stopped resisting. Though I still cry sometimes.
    My father was great. he had passed away. It had been 4 years still feels like yesterday. \
    My mother loves me but most of the time she and my brother don’t get me. It hurts but you see sometimes we just have Lock away the pain, put away the fears, show them the smiles not the hidden tears.

    I hope things get really well for you soon.
    Try to be happy.
    Allah is with you if no one else is remember that.

    • Thank you so much for feeling for me and I am glad you can relate…. Sad too for you at the same time !
      I hope you father is in jannat and very happy there ….
      Yeah brothers are like this…but you know there is love behind their these kind of acts… 🙂
      Yes I know the feeling when no one understands you and you eel alone and you feel like you have no importance !
      I hope the same for you dear … I love you and I am here for you…. !
      I know Allah is with me…always 🙂
      Thank you so much for your presence here 🙂
      Love xx

  21. Well my beautiful friend,,i must tell you are a God gift and we all are lucky to have such a bold and strong Blogger,friend and sister in WP.
    I am already inspired by you and your writings.I like the way you write and you write what is true,not fake that makes most of us your fan.
    As i say usually;”Difficulties come,and i really feel your pain as i have tolerated it and tolerating too.We(the modern era children)keep positive minds and our way of living and thinking is different from our parents,that’s why we are ignored by our parents and i know it very well how difficult is it when you face big problems and your parents don’t ask you,,,But whenever you need friends we all are here and especially me i think a covalent bond is linked between us now 🙂
    So be happy sis……

  1. Everything about love is here | A Letter That Is Never To Be Posted !

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