The Monster Inside Us !


Yes I am thinking that way now ? How negative …. Right ?

Let me tell you the story behind these thoughts.

The Monster in my story hacked my email account and Facebook about 8 months ago. He stole all  my pictures and started black mailing me. He asked me the phone number or any contact of one of my college friends but I didn’t give it to him. He had nothing to do with me, nothing at all. Even he didn’t know me well and I had no idea who he was. I have never seen him. He used to scare me saying he will do bad to my pictures and he sent some of them to me, photo shopped !  And he was enjoying all this. He was having fun by scaring me. I was scared to hell ! I am the kind of girl who never puts her picture as a display picture in her own Facebook. And it was hard to bear all this torch-er he was causing me. And after some time he disappeared.

Recently He attacked again on my emails and Facebook but he was failed due to my security measures. He was able to get into one email account and I deleted it. He was out raged and tried to black mail me with the same pictures again. But thanks to a friend, who didn’t let it happen. I have passed some bad days in fear. All I saw was fear everywhere. It was hard but As they say every cloud has a silver lining !

The point I was thinking about is, He may be a Monster for me. He may be bad for me. But He would be a good loving son to his mother, A caring brother to his siblings and an obedient son to his father ! His family would have never seen the Monster inside him. He can be a Monster for the whole world, but when it comes to his family, he is a good guy like others. Why ?

Because there is a monster inside each one of us ! We behave bad sometimes to some people and we are the best for some other people. Sometimes, time matters and at other times , people matters but we are all the same ! The Monster inside us forces us to do things he want. And we are all scared of revealing this monster to the people we love. We try to hide this monster from the people we care about. The thought that what would happen to us, if our loved ones come to know what are we from inside, scares us to death !

I am reminding a true story right now in my mind. There was a man living with his family near our house. He was caring and loving to his family like everyone. And then I heard the news. One day he entered his home with an axe in his hand. He first cut the legs and necks of his own daughters. Then cut his son and wife too with the same axe. Police caught him and when they asked him the reason behind what he did. He said, It wasn’t me. Something forced me to do this and it prevailed my mind so badly that I lost my thinking power. And I did that. He was crying hard with pain. Pain that his Monster caused to him and The thought that the thing he did, can never be re-winded !

The Monster I just talked about,was a big one ! We all have small monsters hidden inside us. Some Monsters become happy when they see the others in pain. Some monsters become happy when they can irritate the people under them Some monsters are of the kind that they enjoy seeing the misery of other people. Some Monsters become happy when they see people less successful then they are . Some Monsters are happy when they see other people failing in things they are passed. The ways are different, But almost all monsters want the same. They are bad, and watching bad things happening to people around them makes them happy.


Ego is the best friend of these Monsters and Mutiny is the best mate. They grow bigger taking the shoulders of Ego. That is why I have heard Senior people saying that There is no ego and self respect in Love. If you Love someone with all your heart , whether it is the human love or the real Love, You have to sacrifice your Ego. And Love is a feeling where no Monster can exist.

You may be disagreeing with my point. We see a lot of people around us who are good to everyone. We can’t even think there can be any bad thing inside them . We respect them with all our heart.  The thing is, they are successful in suppressing the monster inside them. The more the one is successful in suppressing it, the more he succeeds in becoming a good person.

Take some time from your busy life and think ! Think what were the places where your monster took the charge and He let you do bad things. Things you regret and You want to go back and erase them . The things you think you would never do if you have a chance now. There are many things in my life too. Now try to understand the nature of your monster. How he behaves at some points when He want you to do evils. There may be some specific areas you need to work on. If you have figured them out, Try to think about them in your mind, that you won’t let your monster took over it again. You are strong enough to fight against your monster. Once this thought is settled in your mind, The Monster will be grounded forever !

We fight daily with our monster. He says us to do a thing and then our conscious and heart says no it is wrong and we leave it. If we see it in the light of religion, Then it is our ‘Nafs’ Who is the Monster. You all are aware of it. It is said repeatedly by Allah to suppress our ‘Nafs’. People who are successful in suppressing it, are the good ones in eyes of Allah. But we are so trapped in the puzzle of our ‘Nafs’ that we are forgetting the good inside us. We grow our ‘Nafs’ daily by letting him eat our good. He do what he wants, all day long.  “Nafs’ would be the biggest reason for our sufferings. It may let us enjoy here, But we will be caught in its trap hereafter !

I see a lot of mass killings happening all around the world. A lot of innocent children are murdered in front of their mothers. Many girls are raped in-front of their fathers. People go for their work and they are shot by unknown people. Robberies, thefts and Kidnapping are on their peak. No one feels safe now. The people who are so called ‘rulers’ of us, are doing nothing but eating pop-corns and watching these things like we watch a movie. Why is that so ? Are these the Monsters who are trying to undertake the whole world ? Is the power of good so less that it can’t control the power of evil ? I don’t think so.


Well that is a joke ! It may be the matter of time. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. At this time it may look like the evil is going to succeed but at the last , good always wins ! I hope that truth is stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world.I am waiting for that time. I have hope in me, I know I will see the sun of good rising one day. Sometimes I wonder, is there something like “Karma” in this world ?

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  1. I am confused on the last question… What do you mean to ask?

    • Karma ! Like is there a thing like we get what we do to others ?

      • Karma is just the act of doing…
        The point is Karmafal or the the result of the deeds…

        And I strongly believe in the concept of a justified result for each task. And also for me (personal opinion) the concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are relative and very complicated to define…

        I guess I would write about it some day…

      • Yeah you are right ! I agree…good and bad are connected and the theory is tough but I just tried to explain some of it !
        Lol sure you should…you can write far better than this 🙂 xx

      • I thought I should clarify some points here (before any misunderstandings). I do believe that there is a good and a bad defined by the society. What I meant by good or bad being relative is that many a times situation may seem misleading if viewed from a certain perspective. Generally there is a prevalent mist of confusion, and distinguishing good from bad may be difficult.

        Also good and bad may be dependent on time, place and situation. What may be good at a particular time, a particular place and a particular situation may be bad at some other time, place and situation.

        The concept of Karmafal still holds. Any deed is has its corresponding reward – ‘good’ or ‘bad’. No mercy plea can reduce the ill effects of a wrong task. No worship can increase the rewards of the good…

        But ya.. I understand your situation and believe that a suitable ‘punishment’ awaits the wrongdoer (the hacker).

        Keep Smiling… 🙂

      • Yes well I agree….. The state of mind in which I was, I couldn’t think of more positive that this 😉
        You said it all right….The good or bad thing. But I don’t know about the karma thing…I haven’t seen people suffering for what they do, at ;least here ! People who are bad and do bad, keep doing it till they die and they remain happy all their lives ! I have seen people like this ! I don’t know …..
        And Yeah I just want to kill him right now 😛 I wish I could 😛
        Thanks you too keep smiling ! Love xx 🙂

      • I get your point on Karma(fal)… Let me reply by saying this…

        What is the worst punishment, one could get? Death? I don’t think so… People with a passion are hurt the most when their passion, motive or mission dies… The mortal body is immaterial.

        Well if you look at ‘our’ history, you might say that Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. did not get what they deserved. They were killed before they could see their dreams getting realised. So didn’t they reap what they sowed? No, they did… What they stood for was against oppression; rebel against the wrong and encouragement for youth. And they succeeded. So there is the Karmafal for them…

        On the contrary, although you may say that the likes of Hitler lived a peaceful and happy life, we must also see what happened to the things Hitler stood for. The world is currently not the way he wanted. He failed in the long term leaving agony and distrust in the minds of his people.

        So in a nutshell, we are not the mass of cells which form our body. We are what we stand for. If our mission succeeds, the happiness would be far greater than the sorrow of loosing our bodies…

        As for the bad people, they might seem rich and happy but the fear of loss and distrust eats them from within…

        What worth is the material wealth if what you stood for does not exist?

        What say? 🙂

      • Oh wow Well it was a long speech 😉 But yeah as I have read this twice, I think I agree with your point to some extent. You are right it kills you when you don’t see it happening for what you stood for ! The examples you quoted are true….I agree.
        But what for the normal people ? I see many people around me, who think negative and do negative to others and they stay happy all their life and die. Others suffer cuz of them and they are thankful to God when they die !!
        What about them ?
        You know In our religion we say there is a world hereafter and that would be mortal and bad people will ge what they did and good people will get what they did. I know you may not agree with thisbut I am just telling.
        But karma in this life, I don’t agree completely with you !! May be if I would experience it by myself, I start agreeing….But now yet .

      • Well the concept of swarg and narak exist in Hinduism too (synonymous to jannat and jahannam in Islam if my limited knowledge is correct). But I personally don’t believe in them (although most of the Hindus do) because of the simple reason that they are too vague and futuristic for me. (Who knows what would happen after death?) Although you are free to believe in your faitr

        The point of Karma is that it is natural – an action reaction principle. If a person does a wrong, it is natural to be scared and conscious (because of the society). If he knows that he has wronged you, he would be scared and nervous. This would affect his life.

        However you may see the person to be happy. But that might just be the mask…

        Because as far as my experience goes I have always felt uneasy from inside. Isn’t it true in general?

      • Yes may be true…..I have got your point. But being uneasy from inside is just the bad he gets after causing so much trouble to someone ? I don’t think so…..
        I told you I may agree with your point if I would see it with my eyes….
        Anyway we should not start fighting over it 😛 😛
        Gussa tu naheen aa gya ? 😛

      • Nahin re… Kaisa gussa? Achchha lagta hai kuchh philosophy discuss karne mein… Is boring report writing ke beech dimagi kasrat ho jati hai… 😛

        But I must say, you are the first girl I have’met’ who thinks so deeply about life. 🙂

        BTW mai bahut bolta hoon na? 😉


        (One last point… being uneasy from inside is the worst thing that can happen to me; as that would not allow me to move forward… I think so.)

      • Yeah same here ! Muje b acha lagta hai when I can talk to someone about my views and I know He won’t judge me by them 🙂
        Well thanks for the compliment ! You too are quiet a philosopher !
        Yes yes being uneasy is very bad thing…But I am just saying someone who murders someone or someone who do extreme bad to someone will get only that uneasiness ? Nothing else?

      • Well… what else do you think could be a more deserving punishment?

      • The pain , same pain he gave to that person !!

      • Revenge…
        I see…
        I could say on why revenges can be dangerous but before that just a question…
        Have you recovered your accounts from him, for the time being?

      • Yes I have…..I don’t believe in taking revenge but I wish there should be a revenge !

      • So just a small friendly suggestion…

        Take all the security measures that you can take (I am sure you have…), lodge a complaint (or something similar) if that is possible… But most importantly, let the event pass by and not occupy your mind… One of the (many) problems with revenge is that the thought occupies our mind. We think of ways to harm the opponent but not how to improve ourselves.

        If you let the wrongdoer sit in your mind you would you would me helping his motive of giving you fear, misery and tension…

        So celebrate the occasion of your getting out of the troubled waters and move on…

        Cheers, 🙂

      • First Of all I need to correct you here….I said I don’t believe in taking revenge but there should be a way of revenge…..I don’t want to harm him by myself….What would be the difference between me and Him then ? I just wish he should get the same pain that I got due to him…..!!
        I have already pardoned him for what he did…..He is Allah’s now and He will do to him what He likes 🙂
        And I have took all the measures….Just installation of operating system again is left….ll do it soon !
        He is not sitting in my mind lol don’t worry 😉
        I really appreciate your concern about me you are the sweetest 🙂
        Lol how shiuld I celebrate yaaaaaayyyy yaaaayy 😀 😀 Like this ?
        Lol thanks really thank you so much 🙂
        Love and Cheers 🙂 xx

      • Kya karein, dost ki tension apni tension hoti hai 🙂 And celebrations… I don’t know… Everyone has his/her own way. For me it depends on the time. Mostly I write a poem for each celebration… But seeing the weather currently, I would like to drench myself in the rain…

      • Lol you know how I celebrate ? With silence….and crying sometimes 🙂 I know I sound weird now !
        I love you for saying that dost ki tention apni tention thing ! It made me smile 🙂 Drenching in rain sounds cool though 😛 But rain ho tab na 😉

      • Tu to ro ro kar hi barish ki kami poori kar degi! 😛

      • hahaha haaan may be 😉

      • Oops! seems to be a very direct question… You might not answer that if you wish…
        Very sorry for asking…

      • No No its alright….It was not difficult at all don’t worry about what you say to me please ! You are the best person I like to argue with ! I wont mind any of your question ! 🙂

  2. You just gave me the goozebumbs with this story.. 😛

  3. Yes.Karma is there.We reap what we sow! There is a monster in each of us but we are born humans.So if we suppress our dark side,we remain human!

  4. I am so sorry this happened to you, I’d be pretty scared too. But I believe you are right, we all have a little monster inside of us, and some people have big monsters inside them.

    • Its alright now 🙂 Yes we have….we just need to fight against them ! Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂 I hope you will keep visiting ! Love xx

  5. What an absolutely superb post.

    As you hold this great awareness of the “monster inside you’ , you also gain the means to observe it ( as you have done) and notice its thoughts and actions without judgement or attachment. This is the beginning of how you make the monster lose its control over you.As you achieve this, you lose all fear of the monster, whether within or without.

    So what would be your next step in this monster confrontation exercise?


    • Thanks for liking the post 🙂
      Yes you are right ! We just need to notice how our monster grows and then we will have all the control over it !

      I am not sure what would be my next step, I am experiencing life and I will do as life wants me to do. I don’t know what would it be, But I will write about my next experience for sure !
      Thanks so much for the visit and for the great comment ! Love xx 🙂

  6. I’ve gotten hacked before. I logged on and my facebook profile pick was of a terrorist picture with a cut off head. It was vile and disgusting and you are right… you wonder what kind of people do these things in their spare time? The spam we get where they steal money from unsuspecting people in way of bogus stories about needing someone’s assistance in another country to transfer funds. You roll your eyes and delete… but wait a minute. You had a good point. The person originating the posts sent to you may be via a mass mailer but “somebodies’s son or daughter” had to write that letter initially. It makes me wonder how that person got to that point.
    It is sad. That same person may never hold up a bank or a committ a robbery or even stick out a foot to trip you as you pass by and yet they see no problem in stalking you via your facebook… hacking your information, scamming other people all in such a cowardly way… hiding behind a keyboard! I hear ya!
    But in this world… the cream rises to the top! I have a situation in my life where I am just waiting it out. All you can do is what is right. When you stoop as low as the predator… you let them win! You are the cream honey! Just keep on doing what is right. In the end they will eventually fall!
    A post that generates Great feedback is a great post!

    • OMG that is disgusting !! You are right we don’t know about the kind of people doing this, But I am sure they need nothing but the fun ! They are not scared of the results they would have to face by causing problems to others. I wish they face the same one day what they try to do to others !

      I agree….The world is full of these cowards ! I have seen people who are well respected in society but when they are with their computers alone, they do things that we can’t even imagine of ! It is said that you can judge a person by what he do in his loneliness…..
      I appreciate you calling me the cream 🙂 It made me smile….I haven’t faced the situation of being the cream yet but I have hope ! May be one day, I see good rising up and evil failing down !! I will wait 🙂
      Thank you so much for the beautiful great comment ! It really means a lot ! I love you comments every time ! Love you so much 🙂
      Thanks for admiring my post ! It made me happy 🙂
      Love xx

  7. There is Light and there is Darkness! The path to light is not of hate or judgement!

    I you and others one fight and fought this darkness won and win!!

    Your message here is beautiful.. your love along with the love of others brings me to the point of message below and here Now! I honor your light in that message as well as my black friend of Stranger I see last night as ebony light and you for light of pearl!

    This light is growing in the world everywhere; there will be a day when light conquers darkness foroneallnowforevermore!!!

    • You are right ! Every ‘human’ fights against this darkness, sometimes it fails, sometimes it prevails !
      Thank you so much for liking and understanding my message here….
      And yes I am waiting for that day ! Hope is the only thing we are left with 🙂
      I love the post you just mentioned. I love how you express word by word, The way towards light !
      Love you more 🙂 xx

  8. Very nice topic, and a nicely written entry. There is a monster inside all of us, I so agree.

  9. I am really sorry it happened to you i always failed to understand why people do such things but now i know. It’s the monster. I agree we all have monsters in us and it shows up in times when we have so much to deal with. I guess that is the reason why most people let the monster win but then there are people who don’t let it win.
    True ‘Nafs’ is also a monster. It is infact the biggest monster of all which if we suppress, we can save our selves and others too from a lot of bad things.
    This was yet another great post by you!

    • Yes I never thought in this direction before until that happened to me… Yes , those who succeed in suppressing it are good in eyes of Allah too as Allah says 🙂
      Thank you so much ! I am so glad you like it 🙂 Love you ! xx 🙂

  10. This came to mind while reading this post:

    Let me know if the link doesn’t work for you.
    Anyway, a fantastic post, Lalarukh! And i’m sorry you had to go through that much fear and tension. I think it’s always best to involve family in such cases. No matter what or how bad the scenario, family should always know about stuff like this. It feels secure. And the elders always know better.

    • Yeah Moniba the picture says right !
      Thanks for liking the post. Yeah I agree with you but not in my case…My parents panic and do things that makes me more tensed ! I handled it myself and everything is alright now … I know it would be far more easier with the help of parents but what can I do of the gap between us 😦
      Thank you so much for your time ! Love you xx 🙂

  11. If I contemplate deeply from what you have written I can honestly cry my heart out in my duas. Our Nafs do nothing but destroy us and destroy the good in us. May Allah protect us from the evil calamities and whisperers in this world. Ameen

    • Well Thank you again for such a touchy comment…. I just need your duaas…a lot of them ! Yes you are right…that is why it needs to be suppressed which seems to be a hard task in this kind of life I guess…..
      Ameen Summa Ameen !!
      Love you 🙂

  12. This post resonates.
    Oh the inner monsters. Sab ke andar ek monster hota hae. Cruelty, misery, sab. But blessed are those that overcome their monsters, that bear with others and yet fail to have their own double standards.
    ‘We let out Nafs grow daily by eating our good deeds’ Lalarukh I love this post.

    • Ahh You are making my day brighter with all these beautiful comments Maria ! Thank you so much.
      Yes yes i do agree to all your thoughts….. I think the same. Thank you so much yaar.


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