The One Night When A Miracle Happened !

The Calm After A Storm

The Calm After A Storm

She was angry with Him for several days , She recalled.  They were not talking for some days. The occasional phone calls they used to do everyday for some minutes were aborted.

She was feeling something inside her that day. She couldn’t recognize what it was. It was chasm, exhaustion,anxiety or what it was ? She was not sure. She was looking at the phone repeatedly with a gap of some moments. The feeling was in-suppressible. She couldn’t move her eyes off the phone. Her hand moved towards it for a moment and then reverts back. She wasn’t sure whether to call him or not. She was restless and distressed but she couldn’t tell him . She recalled, She was angry with him !

At the evening she found her self  irresistible. She never felt that intense feeling before ever. She wanted to tell him about what she was feeling. She picked up her phone and dialed his number. She could hear the noise of her heart hammering hard in her ears. She was making up words in her mind to talk to him. The bell rang, twice, thrice and the phone was picked up from the other side !

As she tried to speak, She heard harsh loud noise coming from the other side of phone. She couldn’t figure out what it was.She tried to speak but random words came out of her mouth. Then she heard his feeble trembling voice echoing into her mind I just met with an accident a minute ago He was crying loud with pain and she was hearing it. She tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth. He hung up. This all happened in such an instance.

She recalled she was angry with him ! She recalled he told her, he had to go to the next city in his car to pick up his brother today. She recalled he use to drive rash and she always kept advising him to drive slow. She recalled  he was everything to her. He was her love, her life, her soul. He was everything ! She recalled, she starts crying every time she saw him crying . She thought…….He is in pain right now…..Extreme pain.

She couldn’t breathe. she was suffocating. She felt like someone is pressing her neck with both hands.

Where is he now ? How is he ? Did anyone came to help him ? Is he bleeding ? He will be bleeding . His blood…. There would be a lot of blood. Is he alright ? How is he ? He must be in pain ….. What should I do ? What can I do ? I don’t know where He is. I should call some one to ask him to go help him. To whom should I call ? No one knows about us. I should go there . How can I ? I……I am helpless……. A lot of questions and answers were exploding in her mind. Her mind was not accepting what she just heard. He must be joking…..But the pain in his voice ?

She felt, she is going to die. She dialed his number again. Her hands were shivering this time. He accepted the call but she realized he didn’t took the phone to his mouth. Their were noises, there were people asking him about his name and his father’s name. He was crying , screaming with pain. She felt the misery in his voice when he was saying his father’s name. She felt her heart bursting out. Her nails were pinned into her own hands in her fist. She was trying to absorb the pain but it was increasing with his screams. Her lips were under her teeth , pressed forcefully. She was in extreme pain. She felt the same pain he may be feeling right now. She called his name loudly but there was no response. The call was cut off again.

She remembered, recently she heard about so many of her relatives died in car accidents. She hated herself for thinking about that but couldn’t help it. She got up off her bed and started walking in the room, crying hard. She found herself screaming out loud. The walls of her room were trying to absorb her voice but they failed. She screamed for some time and then she felt herself tired. She was still crying. Her eyes were red , bulged out and nose was swelled. She was rubbing her hands again and again restlessly. Her one leg was moving speedily as if she is trying to calm her down but she wasn’t succeeding.

She recalled she was angry with him !

She looked again at the phone in her hands. This phone is the only source connecting me with him ? She thought. More warm big tears came out of her eyes and fell on the phone. What should I do ? He is in pain……He is in extreme pain….and I….. I am sitting here…..I can’t be with him right now…..I can’t see him right now……I can’t do anything for him……..She started crying more loudly. She was holding her hair hard in her fists. He is in pain………He could die ? No I won’t let him die……I won’t.

She wiped her tears brutally off her face and started praying to God. The One God who placed him in her heart. Who gave her the Love of human. The one God who caused this problem and He is the Only one who can solve it, She thought. She started praying. Prayer after prayer every prayer with a purpose of saving his life. She asked Him in the name of His book, His Prophet, to save his life. She bowed in front of Him . She was crying loud. Please save him. Please lessen his pain. Please take away his pain. Please help him finding doctor. Please protect him. She was begging , she was begging.

I need a Miracle. She found herself saying this. I want a Miracle. You do Miracles for your men. Today I need it. You have created me and you are responsible for my every suffering. I have never asked you anything forcefully. I always wanted your consent. I am asking today. forcefully , not to harm him. I beg you, I need a Miracle. I will be Thankful to you all my life. Take my life and give it to him.She begged and begged. She couldn’t find more words but she was begging with the same words again and again.

This was the night she realized, How much this person means to her. She realized she could live without him if she see him healthy and contented but She can’t see him dying. She realized she want to see him happy and peaceful. She realized how important he was to her. She realized, how obstructed she is. She realized How hard her hands are tied and she realized, she was not worth than a grain of sand !

She was scared of Him. Very much scared. How powerful He was, What couldn’t  He do ?  How merciful He was, What didn’t He do ? He knew how to keep human, a human . With anger or with mercy, He knows how to keeps human in his limits !

She traveled a long journey of ecstasy towards pain in this short night.  She traveled from complication to perception. She was chosen to see the real face of life. She was chosen to know the hidden ugly secrets. The truth was revealed to her in one night. Her importance was made clear to her in one night. Her capability was clear. Pain, anxiety,agony, discomfort, misery,convulsion, distress, affliction,hurt…………. what feeling was left for her to go through. She was entering into a new phase of life with a new meaning of it. She couldn’t think. Her thinking capability was  fading because of crying hard for a long time. She realized its been three hours she is crying.

She started walking again in her room. She felt her mind and body convulsed. She sat in a corner of the room , contracting herself. Her eyes were centered onto a virtual point, gazing. She was scared of the future. She was scared what is going to happen. She was afraid, She was frightened to the extent. She found herself dialing the number again. He picked up this time, He spoke. She was burst into tears and she started crying again. She asked Him while crying How he was. He said,I am fine now and I am in a hospital. I will call you when I will reach home I can’t talk right now . Don’t worry.”

These were not words she just heard. She heard the call of peace and happiness. She heard the flowers blossoming . She heard the cool wind whispering. She heard all the loveliest sounds of the world , altogether. She found herself bowing on the ground where she was sitting a second ago. She found herself shedding tears again, but this time the tears were of joy, of happiness and of thankfulness. She kept in that state for several minutes Thanking Her God what He did for Her. She was Thankful , He made her His slave, for the rest of her life.

She asked for a Miracle, And It happened !

After some hours She received a call from him. He told her all about the accident. He told her She was the first one to call him, at the moment he met the accident. He asked her , How did you came to know about this?  She had no answer but tears in her eyes.

He broke a bone near his neck. Had some scratches on the knee and some other body parts but he was safe. The car was destroyed badly. No body was believing he survived after such a bad accident. Doctor advised him to take complete bed rest and some medicines. She was talking to him. She had no words to tell him what she went through in the past hours. She was trying to upraise him, cheer him up. You will be fine soon. He was crying and she was not. She was consoling him . There were tears in her eyes but she wasn’t losing hope. She was feeling extreme love for him right now in her heart . She felt an urge to hug him. He was under the influence of medicines so he slept while talking to her.

She was listening to his breath. She realized how important his running breath was to her. Her heart was filled with tears and they were coming out of her eyes but there was peace. She looked at the sky out of the window. Night was passed , the sun was coming out.

There was silence and calm, like the calm after a big storm passes.

She recalled she was angry with him. Was she ?


*This story may seem like a fiction to you but it is true. It is my Story. Each and Every word of it is true. I was not comfortable writing it with ‘I’ so I wrote it with ‘she’. I have re-lived the same moments today as I was writing this story, that I lived then. I am feeling so tired after writing it……Replaying my life makes me tired. I hope I have done justice with it 🙂


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  1. Nadia

     /  July 20, 2013

    I’m very moved… ❤
    and i'm happy that it sort of has a happy ending after all

  2. wow great !!

  3. With humility…one is a miracle too!…finding this pearl and Allah! a voice! that speaks through one!!ones finds another message ending a story of life searching for one true will for one!!

    Another miracle happens to one too!!..One clicks on award yesterday and takes one back to 418…As if Allah was answering one!one can rest now too!!

    One clicks again and takes back to award…One has no idea what physical law allows this to happen!…As scientist first at heart! but are now a full believer!! finally resting at end of 53 year journey-message to find ones true will!!!

    Thanks so much White Pearl! for speaking as Allah through!
    For one night for one too!1 as a miracle ending for one who finds true death! in life! finds true life! in death!!…metaphorically speaking on course!!!

    So sorry if I have offended anyone using the name of Allah! but there is no choice but true!!!

    • wow !! Your comments always make me think in some new direction………I really appreciate your beautiful and kind words. You have said it all right….Looks like you are aware of the secrets of ‘One’ theory !
      I Love your words….And You for caring about me so much and taking time to write on my writings….
      “one who finds true death! in life! finds true life! in death!!’ Wow Love it…..I believe you would write better than me on this topic 🙂
      There is no need to apologize, I respect and Love every word you write …..
      Thank you so very much ! I can’t give you anything but My prayers 🙂 Love xx

      • Ones positive love for Allah here and Atheist friends negative hate for Yaweh from Wrong Planet website inspires this message that one adds to the end of message one creates. One shares it here for one and friends in Allah for respect of All ah and Way for Ya..Yaweh too.

        If one likes one can go to Aghogday user member me on Wrong Planet and watch the battle with the negative and positive in a thread called what’s wrong with Christianity.

        It is All for Love.

        One think it may ring true backwords or forwards for Center Balance of One and All.

        The fight of the west against the east is a prayer of this for peace.

        ALL One Sees Passion Life Sees One aLL

        IS Experiences Ones

        Neither an Answer

        OR Question

        Neither IS Question

        an Answer Neither

        Ones Experiences IS







        Ones IS







        IS Experiences Ones…

        Ones Experiences IS…

        aLL One Sees Life Passion Sees One ALL

      • You are very right ! This is all for Love…… I just visited the link suggested but it says It is banned fir me :-/ I guess there are some country issues…..
        I really appreciate your views about love and life……
        Your words are always so magical…..I read them several times to understand the meaning but still I am not able to understand them all……….
        Love you so much…….You are truly a good human and I Love you for saying such beautiful words on Love 🙂

  4. Love is a wonderful thing, they say!
    May you two always be together, I pray…


    • Awwh thanks for the sweetest wish ever….But I am afraid this can’t happen ! 🙂 This was a story from my past……
      Love xx

      • Well… Honestly I don’t know how to react (sorry, haven’t been in such a situation before 😦 )

        I am sorry that this happened…

      • It is alright don’t be sad…..This is what we call life 🙂 Thanks for the comment though 😉 xx

      • Hey,
        Did you receive my mail?

      • Yes I just got it. The reason I am guessing is that I accepted a comment lying in my spam folder accidentally and till it was in my comments, all comments I was making were going to people’s spam. I figured it out and deleted that comment and everything was fine then.

      • OK… Got it! Thanks!

      • Welcome 🙂

  5. Oh, truly a very moving post 🙂

  6. ‘Peace Prayer for East and West’

    IT is All for Love.

    IT rings true backword or forward Center Balance of One and All.

    The fight of west against east is Prayer Peace.

    ALL One Sees Passion Life Sees One aLL

    IS Experiences Ones

    Neither an Answer

    OR Question

    Neither IS Question

    an Answer Neither

    Ones Experiences IS







    Ones IS







    IS Experiences Ones…

    Ones Experiences IS…

    aLL One Sees Life Passion Sees One ALL

    Love for All is IT.

  7. arahamut18

     /  July 21, 2013

    As-salaam alaykum,
    What a moving experience! Thank you for sharing your story. It is a wonderful testimony to the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

    • Wa-alaekum-asalam !
      Thank you so much I am so glad you like it 🙂 Yes it indeed is ! Thanks for the appreciation 🙂 Keep visiting ! Love xx 🙂

  8. I am happy that all ended well – on many levels.

  9. Sad event but happy ending. What happened to the two of you afterwards? Complete the picture. 😉

    • Thanks. Lol nothing happened. We were not meant for each other. I was given isq-e-haqiqui through this ishq-e-majaazi !! I hope you get it 🙂 xx

  10. VelaneDeBeaute

     /  July 21, 2013

    A touching read.(Y)
    It didn’t seem like an ending though. It was just a tranquil pause. Wasn’t it? 😉

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Yes it wasn’t the end it was just a story of some moments from my past…..I wanted to make it a solid memory so I created this ! My present is a lot more different now with different people 🙂 Thanks for stopping by ! Love you ! Keep visiting always 🙂 xx

  11. Very moving…. And you’ve put it into words well. It’s true that He can make everything happen if we’re sincere enough.

  12. miracles do happen…we just have to have faith and believe. ♥ thanks for sharing this poignant moment in your life.

    • Yes Sunshine you are right ! Miracles do happen ! 🙂 Thanks for reading My moments….It means a lot to me 🙂 Love xx

  13. Indeed a very moving story. I really respect you for sharing this moment of your life with all of us. Not much people have the strength to share a part of their life that made them vulnerable or where they felt so weak. The more i read about you and your moments of live the more i start to respect and love you. I really mean it.
    I wish You and that guy the best of both worlds. Where ever he is where ever you go May Allah’s blessing be with you two like your shadow.
    Stay blessed always my dear! xx

    • I love you Sahrish more ! Thank you so much for understanding me so well and for all the beautiful wishes 🙂
      I write this blog like people writes daily diary….I write what is on my mind every time….And I love when I get admiration on that ! Thank you so much your words really means a lot to me ! ❤ ❤ xx

  14. Asalam-o-alaikum everybody!!!

    I must say by the time I reached the fifth and sixth line … I was already 99% sure that what you are sharing something really personal … Knowing our kind of people … you know the kind I am speaking about … and yes I am putting you in that kind as well :p … Our writings and post are always inspired from our own experiences … the difference is that where I hide mine behind complicated words and rhymes … you come out guns blazing … and since you already have my utmost respect … I find my self at loss of word … If possible this has made me admire you even more … I don’t know about other people … But I am humbled by this post of yours … sharing something that intense and vulnerable … I have no idea how you did it … This bravery of yours inspires me.
    The reason I could deduce the fact is because only someone who has gone through such thing could so aptly describe the emotions that one goes through in such situation… The hollow and empty feeling you have in side you when you have had a really bad fight and not talked in days … The helplessness when you are unable to be there, unable to hold em, to brush away the tears and holding on so tightly so that you may absorb their pain and absolve em from it… The restlessness at not being able to tell any one to go to there aid … when you are not even supposed to know about it … who should i tell … how will i explain … should i take the risk … Allah!!! Help me please!!! All of this you cant know it unless you have gone through it … and you chose the best path … reaching out to Allah!!!
    Congratulations on your transformation from “Ishq-e-Majazi” to “Ishq-e-Haqiqi” … may you never falter from this path and may you reach our REAL destination soon. My belief in that thing i said that “Ishq-e-Majazi” will eventually lead you to “Ishq-e-Haqiqi” has been renewed. I just love the beauty of this concept and the very phenomena. If you haven’t already … do read “Ishq Ka Aiin by Aleem ul Haq Qaqi” and ”Peer-e-Kamil by Umera Ahmed” … both are a must read … two things … first don’t confuse the first one with “Ain Ishq” or “Ishq Ka Kaaf” … secondly try to read in order … Peer-e-Kamil is more mature literature … you mite not enjoy “Ishq ka Ain” as much after it…!!!

    LOADS of Love for you …. and as always … Stay blessed!!!

    • Ufff Mani ! What are you a magician ? You know as I started reading your comment I was somehow embarrassed to know you have discovered this side of me but as I kept reading I couldn’t stop myself and At the last I realized I am crying….
      I agree with your every single word and what can I add more despite your words had that intense effect on me that I am crying right now…….I never imagined people could understand me like this !
      You are right our writings are inspired from our own life experiences and I started writing just because I wanted a way out from the conventional crying thing in depression and This writing thing has helped much….Yes I say every part of my life bluntly here but I am scared too what will happen if someone of my family come to know…..But I don’t want to stop writing It helps me like a lot….
      I have read your comment three times and Believe me it amazes me every time….How can you understand me that much ?
      I am sorry you had to go through the same …. But what can I say…. Allah ki merzi 🙂
      Thanks for congratulating me ! 🙂 I haven’t read Ishq ka ain though heard about it but I have read Peer e kamil like 5 or more times and my thoughts are very much inspired by this book……It seems to me like Saalaar’s life is my life despite the fact that he got his human love too 🙂
      I wrote a story too “An Interview of self awareness with my own self” You can read it, It is inspired by this novel.
      Thank you so so much Mani you have made my heart melt with your words….Thank you so much and Please keep saying these kind of thnigs to me I really don’t want to lose readers like you….You are the reason I could continue my writing….. Love you Loads too !
      And Please email me the link to that Baaba Jee’s lectures please. Thanks 🙂
      Stay Blessed and Remember me in your prayers please specially today’s night…..

      • Sorry for the late response … I have had a really hectic day … You don’t need to be embarrassed … your secrets are safe deep inside me … Plus I have been thinking really hard all day … how do you respond to … you know …!!! I had no idea that my words could be so powerful as to touch someone at such a level … I could only say your words have touched me as well…!!!
        I suppose the reason I can understand you like this is … how can I put this … The FIST thing I wanted to say to you when we talked was … How much you reminded me of myself … five six years earlier (tops) … and I was like … yeah! tell her that and shes gona disappear thinking… “What a Weirdo…!!!” … lolx :p … You have no idea how much we have in common …!!!
        Yeah Allah Pak has his own way of teaching us … I believe our experiences … the incidents … the happening of our life … both the good and bad ones … they make us who we are today … especially the bad ones … I feel they make us more humble …!!!
        You shouldn’t be sad … I am sure your Salaar is out there somewhere … 🙂
        Only Allah Pak always know whats BEST for us … Maybe he wasn’t the one … and you too can have what Salaar had … haven’t you heard the words …

        “”Aye ibne Adam
        Ik Teri Chahat Hai
        Or Ik Meri Chahat Hai
        Hoga To Wohi Jo Meri Chahat Hai
        Haan Ager Tune Superd Kardia Khood Ko
        Uske Jo Meri Chahat hai
        To Main Tujhe Baksh Du Ga Woh Bhi
        Jo Teri Chahat Hai…
        Or Ager Tune Mukhalfat Ki Uski
        Jo Meri Chahat Hai
        Tu Main Thaka Dunga Tujhe Us Main
        Jo Teri Chahat Hai
        Phir Hoga Wohi Jo Meri Chahat Hai….!!!”

        And this is itself the whole story of Salaar Sikandar … When he accepted the will of Allah Pak … Allah Pak blessed him with his wish as well…!!!
        Do read Ishq Ka Aiin … though I feel you wont enjoy it as much as I did … I does narrate the right way of … How to Love Allah Pak and Holly Prophet (Salalahu Alihe Wasalam)…!!!
        And don’t worry I am here to stay … and will try my best to be always there … Will definitely read the INTERVIEW next … I am trying to get through your masterpieces … one at a time so that i may do justice to them … 😀

        Love and xx … Stay Blessed 🙂

      • Well first of all thank you so much for caring for me and telling me that you are here ! Your every reply is just like a letter for me lol No because it is so long 😉 But because I read it like really carefully and start thinking what I would reply to each word !
        Yes your words touched me may be because we have been through the same and the feelings inside are after all same though for different people !
        Through your words I can guess now how much we have in common 🙂
        You are right experiences make us what we are today….More the experiences more mature the person is in his thoughts !
        Lol thanks for all the wishes and prayers but My salaar already has become someone else’s and The salaar that is going to be mine in future is not my salaar…I know it is confusing I would tell that on my blog but after some months 🙂
        Love this Hadees e qudsi like anything…..Love it ! It just make me realize sometimes there were moments in my life which I now beleive could give me what I wanted….But I guess I was so busy in fulfilling my Chahat that time I forgot about Allah’s chaahat…..It hurts I don’t want to continue more…..
        I will sure read the book you are recommending ….
        Thanks so much for staying here 🙂 You are great ! Lol this is such an honor for me that you are reading my posts really Trust me I mean it !
        Thank you so very much !
        Love and prayers and best wishes ! Lol xx to you too 😀

  15. Love is a beautiful thing I have gone through same stage……just with different flavor of course…I believe emotions too sometimes destroy the passion of love …one who is patience only the love works it self……this is beautiful story… strong girl let only love touch you….our mind gets lonely with we are frustrated……our brains are needy ones…be strong girl …love you 😀

    • Yes Ma’m yes I agree ! Sad to know you have to pass through this too but Hope for the best 🙂 Thank you so much for the boost up I t really means a lot to me ! I am strong till you people are with me 🙂 Thanks a lot ! Love you xx

  16. Thanks 🙂

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