Frustration !!


This vast ample hustling universe

Feels congested, pinched and suffocating to me

Engaged in profuse conventional chores

Swallowing my own tears,  feeling them in throat

I feel an urge to lock myself in a small black room

Without any window and no doors

Where I can cry out loud

And there is no one to hear me

Where I can scream to my voice’s full intensity

And there is no one to judge me

Where I can stretch my hair,  rub my eyes, punch the wall

And there is no one to say me absurd

Where I can lay sobbing for the time I need

And no one come to ask me ‘why’

Yes, I need a break from this vast hustling universe

And yet I wish No one descry my absence

I may sound imprudent,  moronic, thick-headed

But Yes,  I am frustrated !

I am Frustrated, thwarted !

And I need a break !

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  1. A sand of grain in an Oyster
    Twirl the tears …
    Those become precious-
    Just like your name ‘Pearls’
    They are formed in the darkness
    As well diamonds with so much pressure of earth
    How beautifully do they shine …..
    My dear White pearl you have brought a beautiful poem
    That has touched very depth of my heart…..

    When some one is frustrated I don’t think it is moronic….Just a temporary feeling that will go away….by thinking positive thoughts and always resolve when anyone could think of a solution.Love your work.

    • wow Ma’m !! I love your words they are truly beautiful !
      “A sand of grain in an Oyster
      Twirl the tears …
      Those become precious-
      Just like your name ‘Pearls’”
      Love it Ma’m ! Thank you so so much for the beautiful pearls you wrote here !
      Yes Frustration is a temporary state of mind and it don’t
      lasts long…..
      Thank you so much for liking my work it means a lot to me ! Love 🙂 Keep encouraging me like that always 🙂 xx

  2. The beautiful cycles of life;
    the despair! the joy!

    Rising from despair
    there is joy
    and falling
    in to
    waves of
    washing shore,,,
    cleaning souls,,,,

    Your soul
    is brushed
    sparkle shining
    for even more.

    Time is All
    is all a wave
    of endless life
    and living waves
    that make us fully
    what we are.

    Even in the darkest
    of rooms we are
    all part of that
    same wave.

    Surf boards
    cab be hidden
    for more than
    two who share
    the wave

    Blessings True Will Love
    to you White Pearl
    and all your friends!

    Love Ya!

    • wow !!! Very beautiful……Very very beautiful !!
      You are great at writing poetry ! Thank you so so much I love it 🙂
      Love you too and many many good wishes 🙂 xx

  3. Chal ro le… Koi baat nahin…

    Logon ne itni saari sundar kavitayen likhin hain… Main apni ek purani kavita sunata hoon… Not exactly on this topic, but I hope it will help…

    Keep Smiling (After you have finished Crying that is… ;))

    • Ab rona chor dia hai main ne … Ab main poetry likhti hun !
      Well I just read this poem….And Really loved it ! The feelings flowing out of it are the same I was feeling yesterday !
      the line “Would you like you if you met you” Is a master piece !
      And The second part is amazing
      Shattered are dreams;
      Among cries and screams.
      Deserted is your heart
      As you see them depart
      All which is left is disgust and fear
      A lonely soul with no one near
      Wow ! I mean it looks like you knew each and every person’s feelings and you wrote it to match them ! I don’t think so there is any one who cam’t relate to it !
      You are an inspiration for me and you know I have started writing poetry by reading you ! You are my teacher 🙂 Love !

      • Chalo achchha hai… rona mat phir kabhi… mujhe bhi dukh hota hai tu roti hai to (dost ke tension ke saath saath dukh bhi apne hi hote hain na) 😉

        And you see poetry is a better alternative to crying… reasons:-
        1. Poems are reusable… tears are not. Phir se dukhi hone par same poem padh sakte hain ya nayi poem likh sakte hain. But phir se rone ke liye naye aansoo chahiye hotte hain. 🙂

        2. While crying, the smiling mask fails you (tears are not invisible you know). However you can very well smile as your words express your feelings. Advantage!

        3. You know water is an important asset… Aur rone se aansoo ke form me pani to barbaad hota hi hai, rone ke baad chehra saaf karne main bhi pani lagta hai 😉

        4. Aur finally tu kab royegi ye to mujhe pata nahi chalega… But jab tu dukh bhari poem likhegi tab mujhe pataa chal jayega aur main tujhe aise hi hasaata rahoonga 😉


      • aww sahi keh rahay ho dost ki tentions apni tentions aur dukh apnay dukh…aur aisa dost mil jaay apki terah ka tu kya he baat hai 😉
        Lol and your points made me laugh really You are the best 😛
        Haha ab tu main hamesha ronay ki bajaay poem he likhun gi mujhay pata hoga ro k tu kisi ne chup kervana naheen poem likh k comments tu mil jaen gay tumharay 😀
        But wesay I heard k ronaa acha hota hai for health……Is it so ?
        And thanks ab tu meray pass alfaaz khatam ho gaay hain thanks kernay k leye 🙂
        Cheers and Love

      • 🙂 As usual, I am honored

        Thoda rona achchha hai (aankhein saaf hotin hain), but tumhare rone ka rate to bahut jyada lagta hai…

        Isiliye tumhare liye yeh rul laagoo nahin hota…

        Anyhow… I am off to Kolkata now…
        Almost 2 days ki journey hai…
        Uske baad ‘milte’ hain


        Take Care 🙂

      • Hahaha !! Ronay ka rate tu zada hai ye tu sahi kaha 😛
        Chalo theak hai naheen laagu kerti main apnay ap pe 😛
        Best of luck for your journey ! Weren’t you back to India ? Then why is this journey so long ?
        Sure sure zaroor milain gay 🙂
        You too take lots of care 🙂 xx

      • The journey was of 1600 km (from Bhopal-My parents’ home to Kolkata- My college). It is almost half the width of India (And almost the complete length of Pakistan ;)) Upon that it was in train (and not flight). Additionally it involved 4 train changes and a bus journey… So you see… two days is not much…

        And by your well wishes, I have reached Kolkata…

        Just that I haven’t slept for two days… So although I see a couple of posts by you, I would comment on them tomorrow. Till then good night 🙂

        (oh well contradiction) 😉

      • Okaaay So India is very Big ! 😉 It must be a very tiring journey I guess !
        And I was busy too i final project thing and I didn’t manage to write much posts …..See mene kaha tha na ap comment nahen kero gay to me likhna chor dun gi 😛 😉
        Good Night and have a nice sleep ! And I can understand this contradiction 😛 😛
        Love xx

      • Achchha… Project to aap kar raheen thi, aur nahin likh paane ki wajah mera comment na karna? 😉 😛 Badi na-insaafi hai 😛

        But anyways, prject karein… apne desh ka naam uncha karein… yahi meri kamana hai… Blog ka kya hai… It can always wait… isn’t it?

      • Lol bas daikh lu 😉 😛
        Yeah I tried to do it and I was doing it like day and night lol but I am happy it started working accurately today ! Tomorrow is my presentation and and I will be free again after that 🙂
        I was visiting the blog and answering some comments time to time but my mind was stuck in project so can’t write anything here you know ! Wish me luck for tomorrow ! 🙂

      • 🙂 All the best! (Waise toppers to hamesha tooppers hi rehte hain… jaise aap :P)

      • Lol yahan baat top kerne ki naheen hai na lol You don’t know my kharoos teacher 😛 I wish he never read my blog 😛
        Thank you so much ! xx

  4. Kazi Mustakim

     /  July 27, 2013

    Amazing illustration of the state of your mind….Sad but BEAUTIFUL
    But please- don’t cry………………………………………….!!

    • Thank you so much Kazi ! It is nice to see you after a long time !
      I won’t cry 🙂 Don’t worry 🙂 Love you ! xx

  5. This is very relatable! I especially loved the line ”
    Where I can stretch my hair, rub my eyes, punch the wall”

    • Oh I am so Glad you can relate ! Lol yes these are the things I usually do in this kind of state 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment doctor 🙂 Love xx

  6. Yelling at pillows and then tossing them down the hall works well, too! I hope this has passed by now 😦

    • Oh yes it seems a good way too ! But I never did that cuz I can’t handle my scolding Mom afterwards 😉
      Love ! xx

  7. Sad but nice…banging the doors work as well 😉
    On a serious note though, everything shall pass, be it a good day or a bad one, it shall pass. So don’t lose hope 🙂

    • Lol oh yes it works but in this case some one other will come to know na 😉 I wanted no one to be there around me in this state 🙂
      Yes there is always a light after dark and happiness after every sadness ! Let’s hope everyone gets the happiness and light part more from life 🙂
      Thank you so much 🙂

  8. This expresses me so accurately.


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