Shab-E-Qadar ( The Night Of Blessings )

Surely We revealed it on the grand night. And what will make you comprehend what the grand night is? The grand night is better than a thousand months. The angels and Gabriel descend in it by the permission of their Lord for every affair, Peace! it is till the break of the morning. – Surah Qadar.



Time ticks , Eye blinks

Where is He ?

Nights passes gently

Seconds And Minutes

Where is He ?

Meet Him , See Him

Desire I

Where is He ?

Bow before Him

Reach the Skies

Searching Him


Wish I

Where is He ?

The day of end

Where End is beginning

Why so far

Life so Long, or short

Think I

Where is He ?

Him and only Him

Need , Want

No Heaven

No luxuries

Just He

Around Him

Pray I

Where is He ?

He is inside

He is everywhere

Says He

My Beloved


Blind eyes

No sight

Where is He ?

Feel Him

Sense Him

Think Him

Talk to Him




See Him ?

Can I ?

Where is He ?

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  1. Another beautiful mystic poem. I wish I could hear you reciting this stuff.

    Nice pic to go with it too.

    Excuse the pedantic question, but do Muslims refer to that particular angel as ‘Gabriel’ or ‘Jibrail’?

    • Thank you very much Cabrogal ! I wish I could recite this to you 🙂
      Actually he is called as “Gabriel” in English and “Jibrail” In urdu…. So I wrote the word I saw Most of the people using in English !

  2. There He is
    Closer than
    Can Imagine
    At You
    And All
    His creations
    At those
    Raise their hands
    And Bow their heads
    And Kneel
    To Pray.
    He is There
    Than your nerves.
    Your Heart
    Your Soul.
    His existence,
    Is very much
    The existence
    Of all
    That is existing.

    • Wow Maria ! Love it……Really you made me smile with this ! Beautiful 🙂 Thank you so very much for this Yar 🙂 Actually what I was thinking when the night started that I feel Him I knew He is watching me but I wanted to see Him with my eyes………As I proceeded and Till no at the morning I understood my eyes don’t worth it….I was begging for a toy which was not for me 🙂 I don’t know you understand what I say or noT but I love you for writing this for me 🙂 Thank you so very much 🙂 xx

      • Thankyou Lalarukh! I understood your message and its lovelier! How we seek to find God and try to see Him and feel Him. But in the end the realization strucks that he can only be seen with the eyes of heart and felt with the purity of soul! *begging like a child for something which was not for me*-and-*suddenly realizing it was all mine and I already have it!*
        I love the feelings in your words. Thankyou for always being around and appreciating what I write…


    • Oh Maria.

      You’ve made White Pearl’s poem into a collaborative call-and-response.

      Just beautiful.

  3. oh and i loved that kid- plus the post is amazing! Best wishes and many prayers xx
    – Maria Imran.

  4. What a Lovely Poem it is..I am enlightened reading this.. 🙂

  5. That boy is so cute, Mashaa’Allah!

  6. I remember writing a poem about this night (much cryptic though). Writing such poems always gives a sense of completion and relief to the heart. It is as if one is doing right by the very ability to write…

    “When the day pulls on a splendid dark sheet,
    Gladdened are the hearts who so yearned to meet.
    Speckled with jewls and adorned with a pearl
    Shall be the floor under their dancing feet.

    When flames quench and embers give off their heat,
    Silence plays a mournful sonorous beat.
    In such silence they shall now dance and twirl
    To the songs sweeter than the sweetest tweet.”

    Stay Blessed! My you find this night, not once but multiple times in your life!

    • Yes you are absolutely right Umer !
      Wow MashAllah at this point when the night has ended I could understand the words more clearly with peace and Happiness inside me……Because I had this night ……. Love each word !
      Thank you so much for the beautiful pure poem and Thank you so much for the pray for me…….Ameen ! And I wish the same for you ! Thanks a million 🙂 xx

  7. You got it ALLright!

    The small naked child sees he freely all the time broken from these cultures somewhere in Africa or South America or other lands without illusions of idols of separation…

    We must strip ourselves bare naked and fear no oneness with he to be with he truly and feel this passion of one with he!!

    The horn is that sound of oneness singing through our souls when we know we see him feel him and be him once again!!!

    Death is life and life is death! once again!! we are reborn through spirit!!! with no words!! or close of clothe! to separate us from him…as we are he altogether once again…

    I consider this the answer to all the questions! I came here to your blog!! looking for I love you more than ever!!! and owe you my eternal soul!! of loving me in return this way too…among all this love! I feel the same way as with you and others and everyone now everywhere we are one of all and one….Love…it is only our eternal obligation now to love everyone always JUST LIKE THIS!!1!1!1!!

    YES! I AM a little excited about LOVE. 🙂

    IT IS a FLAME! of LIGHT!! that we must always fuel with our every LIVING BREATH!!!



    Thanks for this wonderful tweet dear,,,tweet you later hear on the next post…smiles…love you very much see you later…

    • First of all the child is not naked he is wearing clothes 😛
      Secondly I don’t agree to your strip naked thing……
      I agree with you death is life and life is death thing…..But I guess the point to which both agree behind it is different !
      But I don’t agree to we are reborn through spirit in this world…Yes we would be reborn in the other world and there would be only our spirits then and we would be reborn in a way with the same identities….
      Thanks for the rest of the Talk 🙂 Yes it is our obligation to spread love 🙂
      Smiles and wishes and prayers and Love 🙂 Lots of it 🙂 xx

      • I am thrilled you disagree with me! The greatest words that the prophet Jesus ever said is the kingdom of heaven is now…only ones who see the world as the little child can enter into it…and the path of the rich man is the camel through the eye of the needle!!

        The structure of most religions..the church, if you will, the state and culture in general are the illusions that man creates that hold the barrier to heaven now!

        I know this to be true with 100% of my full heart soul of me and He!!

        What it takes to understand this is complete nothingness complete separation from He!!

        To fully understand this…

        Sorry our conversations recently were designed by He for you to see naked as naked it is only metaphor for the chains of culture…church…state…illusions that allow Yellow boy to live in this place everyday and for me to briefly visit it here and now, depending on the ‘anti-Christ’ of the Apple of knowledge…that separates us from He our and me true will love with one of all animal and earth spirit…

        Every word here can be replaced with the Muslim Prophet too…the days of those are long past the contingencies of violence are kept alive by the elders is time for the youth to bring the voice of He fully intended…

        Love you so much again for disagreeing smiles…

      • I don’t know about the church and Christian things but I do know everything about Muslim things and I am sure about them. If you say church , we have mosques here and every thing in Islam has its own logic’s and significance. You know it is obligatory for Muslim Men to say their prayers in Mosques five times a day !
        The picture you see here in the post is of a place where people go for hajj…..Where Allah says is His Home….Obviously he is not specifically there he is everywhere but as you say He said it to be His home as a metaphor
        First Kalma, prayers, Hajj, Fast, and giving charity are the five most important parts of Islam and each of this has its own significance….
        This is not in any way an illusion 🙂
        Love you too 🙂 xx

  8. The Flametongue

     /  August 5, 2013

    It’s been a while since I’ve read something I think to be beautiful, without scar or stain, hesitation or complication. While tragic, it is beautiful. While sad, it is simple. While curious and reaching for something warm it is pure in it’s thought and feeling. And I’m not even religious. 😀

    • Oh wow your appreciation just made me smile 🙂 Thank you so much and I am so glad my words had that effect on you……You would be religious InshAllah just try one step and he will come 10 steps towards you 🙂 Your thoughts are so beautiful ! Thank you so very much for this 🙂 Love xx

      • The Flametongue

         /  August 5, 2013

        Beauty doesn’t make for convictions, only pleasant feelings. Thank you for the faith though, it makes me smile too.

      • Thanks I am glad 🙂 Keep smiling ! xx

  9. Wonderful writing ….May Allah bless you .

  10. “Beauty doesn’t make for convictions, only pleasant feelings. Thank you for the faith though, it makes me smile too.”

    Sorry couldn’t comment up there but this person that does not have much conviction understands a way…It is often the conviction that leads the farthest from a path to ‘HE’…the passion does not require conviction of any specific vessel of word…and conviction is often jealous along with other human emotion…it can block light…and Light quite frankly is the pleasant feelings love or beauty…at least in part…

    • Yes Yes I do agree with you…..You are right sometimes it takes far away but it depends on how you practice it ! Agree to your beautiful words 🙂

  11. the night of blessings. thanks for writing such an en-lighting piece.

  12. He is too far to see through eyes
    But ask your heart, and there lies
    Within the veins as blood he flows
    Smiling at your success; standing close
    He is the smile which makes your day
    He is in the tears that who shed in dismay

    He dances in the rains and sways with the waves
    He flies with the butterflies and lives in the caves
    He cries as rains seeing the drying lands
    He wanders as freely and swiftly as sands
    He teases you as a child, with a sweet mischief
    He understands you as a friend in your grief
    He even plays the game of love, eternal and pure
    He runs with you in the race of life to the target you endure

    No only that…

    He is in the blazing fire of rage
    Of a parrot trapped in the cage
    He is in the intimate sight of the one
    Immersed in love of his loved one
    He is in the everyone; sinful,, ignorant, stupid and wise
    The question is just; when his presence do you realise…

    Well after this on spot poetry…. You might be interested in one of my more well thought poems… (My first poem on the blog :))

    Sorry for the poetic overdose… 😛


    • Oh Arindam Arindam Arindam 😉 This was the beautiful-lest thing I have ever read ! Really Love it……You know I already told you , you are like teacher for me in learning poetry and I really learn a lot from you ! The beautiful feelings you described here in this are out of the world ! I am mentioning this poem in my next post with you name and I am telling you not asking 😉 I am sure you won’t mind ! Just going to read the poem you suggested !
      Loved this poetic Overdose 😉 Need more of them forever ! 🙂

      • “The beautiful feelings you described here in this are out of the world !”

        Achchha! Teri duniya mein baarish, titli, tote aur bachche nahin hote hain kya? 😛 🙂 😉

        Tu isko beautiful-lest bolti hai… Kaash… Kaash… tu hindi padh paati… Independence Day pe main apni favourite do poems post karoonga… not by me; but other great poets…

        I really want you to read them… (But they are in Hindi… Is there a way out?) Phir tujhe yeh pata chalega ki tera ‘Teacher’ kitna ‘tuchchh’ hai… un maharathiyon ke saamne…


        Thanks for the appreciation… It was your poem which inspired me… It is not me but you who are great (I can prove it)…. So… “Jahapana… tussi great ho… Tofa qubool karo” 😉 😛

      • Hahaha hotay hain per meri duniya me une koi apnay words se aur zada khoobsurat naheen banata na 😉
        Lol I would Love to read them aur tumhain muje wo samjhani hain so prepare its translation too please 😛
        Ye tu muje andaza hai mera teacher kitna ‘tuchhhh’ hai :p
        Lol now this is you just pulling my leg by saying I am great 😛 😉
        Lol love 3 idiots 😉

      • Given: You are White Pearl
        To Prove: You are Great

        Go and see any White Pearl; they all are beautiful…
        Every Beautiful thing brings a smile on one’s face…
        Smile is a precious thing…
        Anyone who gives you a precious thing is great…

        Upon that… this particular White Pearl asks amazing, innocent questions…
        These questions force people to think…
        The introspection reveals interesting answers…
        These answers let us admire the beauty of nature…
        This brings a smile on one’s face…
        Smile is a precious thing…
        Anyone who gives you a precious thing is great…

        Hence proved…

        (Any other evidence required, My Lord?)

      • Hahahaha 😀 What are you ? I am loving your pointless logics 😉 Lol Love you for this 😛 😛 If I make people smile you make people Laugh 😛 Like I am now 😉 Really love you with all my heart for making me laugh like this 😉 You are so clever by the way you are best at playing with words !
        Lol No I there is nothing left for me but to agree with you 😉
        This reminds me of the Theorms we studied in I guess 9th class and we used to prove them the same way with funny logics lol

      • What am I?

        An agglomeration of cell interacting with each other in a seemingly pointless struggle to continue the struggle (read ‘to live’) and trying to make another such agglomeration somewhere about 3000 KM away (read ‘White Pearl’) contract her tired 16 muscles of the face in an attempt to express a human feeling called happiness.

        (Yes, I am a science student…)

        You found the 9th class theorems funny? You are truly a genius…

      • Hahaha Omg I couldn’t understand a single word but still understood the whole point 😉
        The science student explanation sounds better 😛
        Lol yes see I am a genius 😛 No I am not but they were funny yar how you gave pointless logics and the theorem was hence proved 😀 I never took them seriously 😉

      • Nahin samajh mein aaya na… So you see… I have given a beautiful scientific definition… (The aim of science is after all… to make simple things look complicated)…

        Ya… I remember… There was this proof of the Pythagoras’ Theorem which I have forgotten… (What a pity… :()

      • Lol yes you have really given a beautiful genius scientific description 😉 Love it ! You are right about this science fact 😛
        Oh yes I don’t remember any of those theorems now !

    • I’ll never understand how anyone can produce poetry as beautiful as that and make it seem as if they’re just turning on a tap.

      Poems come to me very rarely and never as a conscious response to something.
      If you put me in a room with inspiring prompts and a blank piece of paper, the paper would still be blank at the end of the day.

      Then a week later I would probably be in the shower or sweeping a floor and a stream of words would appear out of nowhere, apropos of nothing I had been aware of thinking about. As likely as not it would be something dark and ugly even though my mood was positive and buoyant.

      I don’t understand poetry. Especially my own.

      • 🙂 Thank you for the appreciation… For me ‘Response poems are rare… It depends mainly on the nature of the original poem… So it is not me but White Pearl who must be applauded for the poem… I could relate to her poem so easily that I wrote in the flow…

        Yes I agree to the point that most of the poems come spontaneously after long ‘quiescence’ period. Mind is sometimes too complicated to understand 😉

        Regarding your poetry (the one you indicated in my blog)… They seem to be quite deep in philosophy… Although I get the mood, I will have to read it again to understand it properly… That’s why I haven’t commented on it yet…

  13. And just a note to you dear love White Pearl all reality is illusion…

    Love ya Fred…

    Objectivity is all separation from HE..
    is truly death is truly hell..

    as should flow HEhes8sheHE for ONEL

    just for
    is another
    for God…
    and ONE…

  14. Yes Saha! I have been reading you for sometime now! there is no way to avoid that for me! HAha! Love you too…

  15. Maria, I like this post very much … and the photos is just so beautiful – I’m not a believer as such … but I think it’s wonderful that you and so many others … have your beliefs and your faith – that you all get your inner straighten for that. You have a very colorful world here.

    • Well Thank you so very much But My name is White Pearl, Maria is a friend blogger 🙂
      I am so glad you liked my photos and it really feels wonderful to experience faith 🙂 I wish you all the best and My prayers are always with you ! Thanks for liking my small world 🙂 Love you so much !

  16. wowzers! will share this on Eid. love it!

  17. on a second thought, I am sharing it on my fb right away! 😛 too good to keep to myself!

  18. Very Nice post .. I feel it and enjoy it by reading it with a deep concentration. JazakAllah. Keep sharing such amazing posts.

    • Thank you so much your feed back is much appreciated ! It was an honor 🙂 Thanks so much for the visit ! I will keep posting things like this InshAllah ! Thanks 🙂

  19. Oh this little boy is so beautiful and his reverence ever so powerful! The poem expresses the sentiments deeply.
    If you permit I’d love share the picture with my readers on the Eid-al Fitr day with due credits endorsed.
    Cheers 🙂

    • Oh This was a beautiful appreciation 🙂 Thank you so much … yes I agree the little boy is really cute ….
      Oh i would love that really It would be a great honor for me ! Thanks so much for all the Love 🙂 Cheers back 😉 xx

  20. Carved excellently, mabrook…..

  21. Wow, such a beautiful poem and picture, thank you 🙂

  22. Your poems are very uplifting. Even the ones that talk about pain. Thank you. I am blessed reading your poems. And what an inspiring photo of a kid immersed in prayer. Were you the one who took this shot?

  23. Beautiful one.This poem expresses your deep thoughts !!

  24. Thanks so much ! 🙂 xx

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