I am A Beggar !


Sadness In Eyes !

Rain is a pleasant thing for people, In fact for me too ! A blessing and a much awaited blessing specially In our Areas.

Then what is the reason that after rain, everything seems so silent, so still and so sad ?

May be because people says there is sadness after every happiness and happiness after every sadness. I feel happy when it rains that is why I feel sad after it ? Don’t make much sense to me.

And weird sad things happen to me when it rains. This is weird ! May be because I feel sad from inside, I see only the sad side of things ! Yes after all I intend to be sad. Sadness gives me peace, to my mind and to my soul.

Same sadness that you see in eyes of a child who had nothing to eat all day and he keeps begging and get nothing but criticism and castigation. The same sadness that you see in the eyes of a Mother of 12 or more children or an ill husband waiting at home for the money she earns through begging . The same sadness that you feel on the face of a father who can not find a job and at the end of the day, starts begging because he don’t want to go empty handed in his house where many eyes are waiting for him. For him or for food ? No one knows.

Sadness may have many reasons but it has one face. The deep intense feeling when meets with silence, stillness and a somber sigh and appears in the form of a dim light in eyes, makes the face of sadness.

While having a drive with my family today , Instead of watching the happiness in their eyes I was busy in noticing the sadness in eyes of people outside. Whenever our car stops at a food place, Many poor children and women come rushing towards it. And If anyone of us give anything to one beggar, they all keep standing there without moving and keep asking !

Yes I can understand the irritation caused to my parents by this. But sometimes I can’t understand. Each time they say them to get away my hearts misses a beat. My mood swings to the sad one !

I tried to Imagine myself on their place today. Dirty hair, Ragged Filthy clothes , Bare feet and hands wide open , joined together ! Mouth saying words which I could never say in front of people and belly carving for food. Head heavy with the weakness. Shameful bent-down eyes and sadness……..

The feeling while watching other people sitting in cars, eating delicious food , wearing colorful clothes and talking with each other, Happy faces !

The feeling every time I spread out my hands to beg and every time I  was rejected with a sentence, a single word, a hand saying to move forward or just a finger or sometimes a mere movement of an eye-brow !

The feeling of rejection….. As If someone kicks on my face and move forward by putting a step over my corpse !

The feeling when people see me with greed, hunger, lust and dirt in eyes. Their eyes going through my body and tearing me apart. Their shameless smiles and cheap signs.

The feeling of embarrassment and humiliation…..I feel like the ground tears up and I jump inside hiding there forever !

My brother offered me an Ice-cream which I rejected to eat. I wasn’t able to tell him I am already eating one, Of ‘Reality’ ! It tastes ‘bitter’ !

I was trying to hide my tears from all of them so I closed my eyes . From the reality, From that horrible picture of me and from more people like I imagined myself and wasn’t even able to bear that mere imagination !

Why is reality always so tough ?

People with one leg or arm broken , blind , deaf, or diseased were still moving outside, begging ! And we think only we are ‘Humans‘ !!

A song in the voice of ‘Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘ was playing in the car……

ko’ii to hai jo nizaam-e-hastii chalaa rahaa hai
vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai
dikha’ii bhii jo na de nazar bhii jo aa rahaa hai
vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai

(Someone is there who is managing the order of life
He is God, He is God, He is God
He is invisible still He can be seen
He is God, He is God, He is God)

nazar bhii rakhe sama’ateN bhii, vo jaan letaa hai niyyateN bhii
jo Khaana-e-laa-shauur meN jagmagaa rahaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai
vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai

(He keep eyes and ears too, He knows even the intentions
The one who is illuminated in our subconscious minds
He is God, He is God, He is God)

talaash us ko na kar butoN meN, vo hai badaltii hu’ii rutoN meN
jo din ko raat aur raat ko din banaa rahaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai
vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai, vohii Khudaa hai

(Do not search for Him in the idols, He is in the changing seasons
The one who is changing day to night and night to day
He is God, He is God, He is God)

And My search For Allah continues……..Along with the words of the song. Would I be able to get Allah if I become a beggar one day, In front of people ? Would that pain be enough to led me to you ?

You say you don’t see the filthiness of body. You see the heart, the soul. Then why we make our hearts and souls filthy and our bodies decorated and clean ?

I don’t have the answers. I want to experience the answers. I am a beggar, I beg you ! I beg you and only you I spread my hands only In front of you. Lead me towards yourself ! Aye Allah…………………….

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  1. Nadia

     /  August 11, 2013

    I feel you …you know mostly it’s the fight with your self , you don’t want to be fooled and just give to people who don’t really deserve it and yet you want to help and not run away from your responsibility …I often see people and I want to help all of them but sometimes you really can’t differentiate between the true needy people and those who are taking advantage of it.. it’s really hard … therefore I decided that instead of giving money I will help people giving them what they need.. if someone says he’s hungry I buy hi food and give it to him.. few days a man came to me saying that he lives outside Vienna and that some friends were supposed to take him with them but they already were on there way and so on … so he said that the train ticket would cost around 10 euros and if I could help him .. of course I want to help especially he was a muslim brother ( not that I would not help a non muslim) but I do not want to be fooled so I didn’t give him the money but I went and bought him the ticket .. a lot of people really want to help but do not want to be fooled and some people use this for an excuse …sad sad world :/

    • Thanks Nadia for feeling me and for the Great comment !
      You know I agree , this is the reason my parents don’t give them anything and when I am with them I can’t too !
      This buying the needed things sounds like a nice Idea though 🙂 I really appreciate what you do and May Allah accept your deeds 🙂 I hope people stop fooling other people ……
      Thanks ! Love xx

  2. Good questions.

    I hope there comes a time when no man on Earth goes to bed without having a meal. But all these beggars around us do serve a very important role. They give us, ones of means, a reality dose. Teaches us that we shouldn’t take our health, our wealth, our family and friends, and our life for granted.

    While I think that it is important to not lose sight of our inherent weaknesses as human beings. It is also important to not be sad. Sadness is bad. It can blur our minds far more easily then happiness. In fact, I think happiness gives us a brighter vision to see our surroundings with. Thus I suggest we always stay in pursuit of ‘happyness’, and that we share our happiness as much as possible.

    So enjoy your ice cream, and make sure you share as many of your happy moments as possible. That’s the best, and in my opinion the only, way of helping others around you.

    P.S. I love how openly you express you thoughts. Keep it going. 🙂

    • Thank you Shuaib !
      I agree to your thoughts…..Yes this is a reality dose ! We really should not take everything for granted…. At least if we do, We should Thank The One who gives them to us !
      You are right about sadness but you know these type of feelings make a man powerless, At least they make me powerless !! I can’t get rid of them instantaneously….
      I want to enjoy happiness but happiness never let me enjoy it … I don’t know what is this fight for 🙂
      Hah thanks ! 🙂 I will enjoy my Ice cream one day , I hope !
      Thank you so much For the appreciation 😉 I am glad you liked my way 🙂 Stay happy ! xx

  3. The poverty in the third world countries is reflection of greed and corruption of the government.The leaders own millions in European Banks and letting their people starve to death.Its not The humiliation as much as its the need.Hunger is merciless .4 million poor Egyptians have no place to sleep they live in the cemeteries.The Arab owns i/3 of world wealth yet 120 million Arabs go to bed hungry.One Sheik owns 80 billion dollars in Rome ,London .Paris He is Prince Ibn Al Walid Saudi Arabian .Poverty is human worst enemy .Great post .Have a nice day White.

    • You are right Sir I agree ! You are right about the wealthy Sheikhs and In fact Our Own Rulers are very Rich with Banks filled with a lot of Money and their people are sleeping without eating anything ! But As they say, People would have the rulers same as the people themselves are ! So I guess if we would stop doing evil things, We will get good rulers ! Thanks so much sir for the Great comment ! Have a nice day 🙂 xx

  4. I believe in the ideology that we can reach god in whichever way we choose. The only requirement is desperation, extreme desperation to reach him/her.

    BTW… I have a small query here… We all say we want to reach god… What do we mean by reaching god? I have my own version to it… Just wanted to explore yours… 🙂

    • Yes because all ways point to the same destination ! You know I have heard people who get Allah don’t require anything from this world they don’t love the things here But I do I guess. They love every human because Of Allah but I can’t do this . They don’t feel anything If humans insult them or make fun of them But I would feel it. Then there comes a state when They talk to Allah and He replies by really talking to them . When they understands all the seven meanings hidden in Quran words. When they just want to see Allah and meet Him and Nothing else ! No matter how many times I say I don’t want this world but still at some points I couldn’t compromise ! I want to get to Him at the point where He talks to me and I could see Him !!
      I am sorry If my words don’t seem sense to you just forget what I said 🙂
      And I would Love to know your theory !

      • I do understand your viewpoint… They are very natural… In fact I I completely stand with you on this… How can one love Allah without loving the things he created? In fact in our religion we believe that everything around us IS GOD. So there is no point in not loving the world around us. There is no point in not feeling bad for things which are not right.

        Those who say they don’t get affected by love or hate will also ‘reach Allah’ I guess… But I do feel that getting affected by pain or joy is not an obstruction to reach god. (Think of it… if everyone was unaffected by wrong, how would the wrong ever perish).

        I strongly feel that one must be affected by joys and pain to an extent that he becomes determined to do his job – To increase the joy and decrease the pain. I strongly believe that one of the ways to reach god is to do one’s job with utmost dedication… (This is called Karmayoga. There are other ways too described in our scriptures like the Gyanyoga and the Bhaktiyoga).

        There is a point that I would like to mention however… One must not be affected by joys and pain to an extent that they hinder their work itself. One must not get depressed but more resolute on seeing pain… Think… How lucky you are that Allah has given you the opportunity to help remove some pain from this world… 🙂

        My views might be contrary to what is said in Quran… I have not read it completely (Although I have started reading it)… I apologise for any such contradictions.

        My theory…


        See this for details… Has a tinge of Gyanyoga in it…. I think 😉

      • Yes but you know for us, the non-living things which are just the decoration or glitter of the world, which takes our mind away from the thought of Allah and captures it in the beauty of them . Loving these things is wrong. Like fancy clothes shoes Money land and stuff….we are forbidden to love these things if we want to reach Allah. Love of these kind of things contaminate our soul and hate from them brightens it . We have to love people and animals and plants because of the love of Allah… as in for Him !
        Yes I agree to your thoughts about reaching Allah through love and thoughts about joy, pain and determination.
        One can reach Allah through will power and knowledge too but you know the way of love is the safest and the easiest and there is no way of distractions.
        Yes you are right…we are lucky 🙂 You know when I see people who just don’t ever think about these things and money and world is everything for them I feel myself better….somehow !
        No I can understand your views and they are good In fact I love most of them !
        Oh GyanYoga…. I am researching things about yoga and meditations will soon do a post on them 😉
        Going to read your poem 🙂

      • The point about non living things is correct to a certain extent…

        But frankly, with all due respect, I differ strongly on the point that loving these things is wrong… Well I have my logic but they might differ sharply from your religious views, so I would write them only if you allow… (I don’t want to impose my views on you)

        Anyways, it is interesting that you are learning about yoga (and me learning about Quran) 🙂 Is blog se dimaag khulta hai… hai na? 🙂 😉 😛

      • I would love to hear your views. I know they would differ from my religious views and I know the reasons too but still I want to know !
        Haaaahh waqae such me 100% dimaag khulta hai mene kabi socha b nae tha aisa sab kuch ga yahan lol 😛 Yes it is really Interesting you are reading Quran I forgot to mention in the previous reply It really made me happy 🙂 Keep telling me what you learnt and what you don’t like in it ! 🙂

      • My argument can be seen in many ways…

        If we assume that god made the world, then he also made the things to which we are attracted (fancy dresses etc, that you mentioned). Then if we are not supposed to be attracted to them, why did he make them? On similar lines, one may ask why did he make the things we hate? He could have only made man and being out of options, the person would reach him…

        My version of answer would say that he made beauty for us to enjoy and pains for us to suffer. My listening to a happy note of music, we are bound to be happy and by seeing poverty we are bound to be sad. It is nothing but natural. He made them us to appreciate and understand the intricate and diverse structure of nature… And then realise that every good or bad thing is nothing but a form of his power. Who says God is not there in a stone? The stones make up the houses which shelter us. God too provides us shelter… So what is the difference between him and stones in this respect? A view of a mountain is pleasant, the view of god is also pleasant. Is anger godly? Yes! When we hear of or see a crime, murder or a rape, we get angry. It is then that we oppose the wrong. So it is the anger which prompts us to stand against the wrong. God also says to stand against the wrong…

        But yes there is a point… Excess of anything is harmful. The stones might be used to hit someone, the anger might eat up our mind. For that matter saying that ‘I am unaffected by love or hate’ and shrugging off the responsibilities is wrong and cowardly. The society invests upon you bring you up. It is essential for you to take care of their problems.

        In short it is essential to get attached to material things to get detached. This attachment is the initial motivation for the quest of truth or God. The irony of the fact is an utmost level of attachment to one thing is nothing but detachment from others. Because the attachment forces you to concentrate on only that thing and nothing else. Being attached to that thing gives you immeasurable pleasure. And this pleasure is called God. After a point the material thing becomes immaterial and it is the feeling that matters. The material things perish but not the feeling.

        For those who do not believe in a ‘person like figure’ who created the universe, it is the natural law which takes over as the god (It is no longer he or she; but it). To know the fundamental law becomes the aim and to do so, we must experience all the material things. Because it is in this materialistic way that the abstract laws manifest themselves and seem amazing. And this amazement is the reason that we try to understand the law.

        To conclude, there is a way to reach god from any way you follow and no way must be forbidden. If you REALLY love a thing or a person, it will definitely lead to god. The key is to love it with all you have and yet not be complacent. Always ask the question… “What am I doing to repay my society?” and GOD WILL REACH YOU…


        Yeah I am reading it… but my pace is slow… due to classes etc. Plus it is a big book! (114 chapters!) 🙂 (Gita on the other hand is less than 100 pages long (18 chapters) ;))

      • Kitni lambi speech kertay ho yaar 😉 lol No It was nice reading all your views…. First of all I would like to tell you something what is our religion’s point of view…
        You know we believe that this world is going to an end…It is mortal….And the world after this world where the concept of Jannat and Jahanum is there , is immortal ! We believe that we have been sent here so that Allah can take our exam whather we qualify for jannat or jahannum…. He has made all these glitter of the world just to take our exam…whether we get attracted towards money and things here and forget about Allah or we Remember Allah try to reach Him and don’t love the material things…. The answer to your question why He made things lies here.
        You may have seen people who are rich and they are passing their lives comfortably they don’t have any kind of problem in their life…. They forget Allah. Most of them may don’t have the basic knowledge about religion…..
        On the other hand there are people who may be rich or not, but they know Allah they want to get close to Him they ponder upon the things of nature to get to Allah….If they would start loving things they would eventually forget Allah !!
        And you know some people get so much pain and sufferings in this world and some live a comfortable life and die….. Then why it is said that God is just…He treats His men equally ? Because He will do justice in the next life ! He is just taking tests of people in this life.
        It is said that people who get more close to God are tested more hard So that Allah can see to what extent they can go … On the other hand some people who are doing sins and don’t remember Allah are allowed to do sins here…By allowed I mean they do sins here and Allah is not stopping them because they will have to pay in the other world !
        It is not that we just leave the world and go to some far place and start Praying to Him to get close to Him….He wants us to pass a life according to what He taught…. That is why the rights of other human beings is given more importance than the Rights of Allah .
        As you would read Quran you would know that teachings about every aspect and problem of life is being discussed there….if not discussed , pointed out for sure.
        Yes I agree there are many ways to reach Allah…. One can be inspired by a stone for a moment to reach Allah and others try and try and get nothing…But I am saying that reaching Allah through different means and Loving things or glitters of this world and forgetting Allah are two different things !

        Oh It is alright lol I complete it with translation in almost an year lol

      • “But I am saying that reaching Allah through different means and Loving things or glitters of this world and forgetting Allah are two different things !”

        You missed my point sister! My simple point was simple… Being attracted to the glitter may be the first step to reaching god and should not be forbidden…

        You see… the concept of heaven and hell is too abstract and hypothetical to me. Who knows what happens after death? And by the description given by you it seems that we are expected to go to jannat after death. My question is why? Is the description itself not trying to attract the follower to the ‘glitter’ of jannat? You might say that the glitter of jannat is immortal but from a common man’s perspective I would say… “You say that the glitter of jannat is immortal… but no one has ever seen jannat… why should I believe you? Plus you say to go to jannat I have to give up all the glitter of this world… Why should I give up the glitter of the world I know for the glitter of the world that is unknown?”

        I know that what I have said might hurt your feelings. I apologize for it.

        There are many more things I would like to say but seeing the sensitivity of the issue, I stop here…

        (To say the truth, I am highly fearful of hurting your feelings… So if you really don’t mind me questioning some of the your beliefs, please tell me… I would be more frank from next time).

        I really don’t want to ruin our friendship with this discussion. I hope you would understand…

        Please note that I would really love to continue the discussion and I don’t mind you questioning my beliefs 🙂

      • Lol Araay I would never mind ! Trust me… No matter how opposite our beliefs can be, we are just sharing them here to gain knowledge and to open our minds, So nothing to mind at all 🙂 I was smiling all the time reading your comment 🙂
        Ok so…. I said a thing in one of my posts about Love…that at the stage of ‘ISHQ’ the ‘Ashiq’ never asks the questions why , he just know saying yes ! All the answers to your questions lies here. You know as Muslims we have a strong belief that this world is mortal, In fact without believing in this concept, one may not be a complete Muslim ! So we have this in our minds and hearts since we are born !
        So , According to me we sacrifice this glitter because the one we Love, Allah, has advised us to do this ! You search for the Love of Allah and you won’t do what He says ? How is this possible ? Allah has ensured us that the life after this is immortal and We have to prepare for that , in this life.
        We are allowed to be attracted to the glitter of jannat because that would be a reward…. This world is not a reward,,,It is just like an examination room.
        You know if there would be no concept of a life after this one and Allah and things then why would people do good deeds and stay away from sins ? They would think they are not going to get any punishment for there deeds so they would be free to do anything ! Our laws and government is not strong enough to catch every crime….
        I am not saying all this, This is written in Quran. What is the word of Allah. So we do what our Allah has asked us to do 🙂
        And I would love to hear your thoughts too ! more 😛 xx

      • OK… thanks for understanding….

        I respect what you said about Ishq… In fact I hold that in extremely high regard. It is true that there is no why in ‘Bhakti’ as we call it. But this has been my concern regarding Islam since quite long…

        What if I don’t want to reach god by Ishq? What if I want to question why? There is no harm in it. And what if I question “Is Quran really the word of God?” What if it is not? Why am I not a Muslim if I question why?

        I would like to contrast this with our ‘religion’. First of all we don’t consider our ‘religion’ to be a ‘religion’. It is a school of thinking. So we don’t have any definition of who is a ‘Hindu’ or who is not. (BTW the term ‘Hindu’ was given by the Muslims).

        If you follow our religion, you would find a huge flexibility in the religion. There are Hindus who do idol worship, there are Hindus who don’t do so. A branch of Hinduism also is atheistic in nature. There are people who believe in rebirth, there are does who don’t. There are nihilists in Hinduism! So the point is we are free to choose what we believe in and yet we are Hindus.

        One of the stark differences I noticed in Quran and Hindu scriptures is the imperative nature of language. Statements in Quran seem to be of the form “Those who do such and such get such and such rewards or punishment…” I don’t find such statements in our scriptures. They describe the various aspects of the issue, sometimes indicate what is good or bad and invariably leave the decision to the reader.

        So that is why are free to question anything in the scriptures and ask why.

        There is a branch of Hinduism which believes in sin and good deeds and an afterlife… I know it is efficient ‘forcing’ the people to right deeds.

        But as I said, I feel the concept too hypothetical. For me the more promising rationale to do good deeds is to gain respect in the society. Think about the satisfaction it gives to bring a smile on one single face. If I personally was given a choice between meeting god and making a person smile, I would choose the latter. Because on meeting god the joy may be eternal but would only be restricted to myself. Whereas if I bring a smile of one’s face the joy would be doubled and eternal – both you and he would smile. And he in turn would make others smile. And for that I am ready to sacrifice the joy of heaven a million times 🙂

      • Yes People are allowed to question I am not saying people are forbidden to question….I was telling what I thought , Actually I mixed up my own personal thoughts with all Muslim’s thoughts .
        I Got Allah through Ishq and whenever a question comes into my mind I never ask it, and its answer is automatically given to me by Allah.
        You are a Muslim If you question why ! And Everyone who Has read the first Kalma and beleive in Oneness on Allah and Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is a Muslim …. After this comes the five basic pillars out of which one is the belief on the day of judgment. Islam is based on these principles that was the reason I said he won’t be truly a Muslim who don’t believe in the day of judgement….And Allah knows well about this 🙂
        Okay never knew Muslims gave this name 😛
        And yes Quran is the word of Allah….It is in the same form as it was then and Allah said Himself He will protect its words till the end.
        Okay yes I know there are different aspects of your religion and different people believe in different things.
        Allah Tala just keeps remembering the people that there is a after life and here is Him ! Those who will do good deeds would find the after life easy…. and in the same sentence He repeatedly says hat he will forgive as The sinner asks forgiveness ! Then what is the point of scaring people ? Just to keep reminding them not to forget that life…..
        Allah Loves His humans and He never wants us to be in Hell , He want people to remember Him…This is the reason He keeps reminding us Repeatedly !
        Okaay so you would prefer this world on the world hereafter…. What would happen when you would be in the other world and your would have been punished and you would be regretting what you did ? Then you would think that what you did in the life was enough and you are willing to pass through the punishment now ? No you would be scared to death then ! I don’t wish this happens though lol May you get all the success…
        So you know everything depends on the fact that you believe in the life after this one or not…. If you do you would obviously believe in getting success in the Other world by sacrificing the glitter of this one … And if you don’t , you would believe in this world’s success and there would be nothing for you in the life hereafter ! !
        We are asked to make people happy here and stay happy too , take part in everything of the world, and still don’t fall in love with the material things……. In this way we would pass this life happily and after life too…happily !
        You just believe in the happiness of this life….
        This is up to you….you want this only life or both 🙂
        And you are not supposed to read my next post I am publishing….I really Love you as my friend and I don’t want you to get offended by it ! Please !
        Aur tum ne mujay b zyada bolna sikha dia hai lol look at my answers 😛

      • Sorry White Pearl! I read the next post. But I would keep my views regarding it to myself.

        I would however urge you to read my next post. (when it comes)

        Coming back to this post… Oh leave it! Some other day!

      • Seems like I have made you sad ? or furious ? Or something else ? I am sorry really sorry ! 😦

      • I was shocked, sad and furious reading that! And these words too small to describe my feelings.

        But now its okay… I don’t wish to elaborate on it further… But the immediate question that came to my mind was “How can a youngster be so misled to make such extremist comments?”

        But as I said, I have now ignored the post with a hope of a better tomorrow.

        Nonetheless, Happy Independence Day!

      • Aray Aray Araaaayyyy……… These were not my thoughts. This was what I read in books written by great great authors. And authentic ones who don’t give any statement without researching.
        There was only one thought that is mine what is about Imran Khan I guess you dn’t have any concern with it.
        All of the other predictions were of saints and all other things I wrote were described by the writers.
        I would really want to know your thoughts now….I don’t know about which exact part are you furious .
        The fight I talked about is predicted many thousand years ago yaar and We won’t start it, this thing is obvious. I really hope you could read that article of Oriya Maqbool jan but I know it is in urdu.
        Just try to ask what your “Jotishis” are saying…. about this war thing recently. I am not making things up yaar I wrote everything what I read 😦
        Anyway I am sorry I already knew you would be furious about it…..I know everyone loves his homeland more than anything.

      • Rehne de behen! explain mat kar! ‘Authenticated’ Sources you say… Very funny…

      • Acha ok ok don’t be furious now I already said Sorry and I told you not to read this.
        This wasn’t about my thoughts, that’s why !
        I really value your friendship and I don’t want to lose it just on these statements by other people.
        So can we please forget it ?

      • 🙂 Nahin… galti meri bhi hai… I shouldn’t have been furious. Just that I always maintained that howsoever tensed our diplomatic relations be, the public of Pakistan would always be friendly to Indians. We are after all same people. The article seemed to be breaching this trust. So it was just the emotional outbreak.

        Anyhow, I am sorry for the comments I made.

        Friendship is more valuable that anything. So let us forget it!

        Arre yaar itni baar Happy Independence Day bola… Thank you to bol de…

        BTW, your comment on my post was recently spammed. please look into the matter…

      • Yaar 😦 Mene kuch kaha aisa k hum log ye chaahtay hain ya India ki public k khilaaf hain ya kuch b > Such me I know you are the same people like we are same friendly and even more ! I have seen examples of this. And the biggest example… you 😛
        Mene sirf ye bataya hai k kya predictions oti ae hain pehlay aur ab in Jootishiyun ki baatun se aisa lag ra hai k ab wo time hai. We are not in a position to start war yaar.
        Sab meri baat ko wrong way me le ray hain I don’t know why 😦 I guess mene clear nae kia theak se.
        I just said it is not possible to demolish pakistan as we are hearing here in news.
        Bus !
        Pata nae muje samaj nae ae tumain gussa kia baat pe aya and why your trust was breached .
        Aue mene koi nae bolna thanks ab 😦
        I am trying to figure that problem out.

      • Kuchh ghante baad baat karte hain. Doston ke saath party mein jaa raha hoon.

      • As you probably guessed right, for me the problem was the predictions.

        At least in the community I live in, the people making predictions like those mentioned in the post are called lunatics, not great scholars. Why the hell should those people predict a fight with Hindus? And what is the Fight of Hind?

        And in the post you wrote…

        “According to Hindus, a person they call as “Mahaarashi” is hiding in the mountains and he will come out with 70,000 Jews.”

        Sorry sister! we don’t have any idea of this belief. We don’t have any such belief. You are utterly misinformed. (And from where did Jews come in the mountains?).

        And regarding the breach of trust. Here is my point…

        I am a strong believer of the point that partition should never have happened… However due to some shrewd politics by leaders from both India and Pakistan and the British, our nation was divided. I have also heard of Pakistan government spreading anti India propaganda in 1965.

        But amidst all this, I (and people I live with) maintained that the people of Pakistan are always with us and wanted peace. I get the point that you don’t want a war. But then why do you report comments that predict war? And those comments are not about India and Pakistan, but Hindus and Muslims. Why does religion crop up in an Independence day post?

        My dear friend, Pakistan was made for Muslims, but India was not made for Hindus… We were, are and will always be secular. So post about religious war will not be held in high regards in a country which houses huge population of both communities.

        I know, many people predict of many things… but as a responsible human being, you should refrain from reporting such potentially dangerous predictions.

        My trust was breached on this issue. I was thinking… “Yaar ye bandi apne hi age ki hoke aisi baaton par dhyaan kyun de rahi hai?” Then I thought “Maybe use pataa nahi hoga… Maybe she was misinformed…”

        Yaar, logically soch; koi bhi war kyun chaahenga… Hamaare desh ki khud ki problems gaayab ho gayi hain kya jo hum doosron ke deshon ya doosre communities pe hamla karenge? 😛

        Chal koi nahin… Tu mere liye abhi bhi unti hi pyaari dost hai aur rahegi… hamesha 🙂

        “Aue mene koi nae bolna thanks ab”

        Kyun? bol de yaar… angrejo ko haraana koi gudde gudiyon ka khel thodi na tha… 😉

        Isliye khush ho ja…


      • Yar Listen ! These are not just predictions to us. As you know we beleive in the end of world thing called as “Qayamat” Ok ? So when people use to ask our prophet SAW that when will Qayamat happen… He gave them some signs that when you will see all these signs , then Qayamat would be very near and probably then it will happen.
        Many of these small signs have been completed as He said. That “Ghazwa-e-Hind” was one of the sign of Qayamat. Tab tu Pakistan aur India banay bhi nae thay yaar He gave this prediction not because He was against Hindus or India or something…. He gave this prediction to tell that when this fight will happen , Qayamat will be very near. And He never use to make up things, No Prophet do ! They say what Allah tells them to say.
        So do you think that all those wars that have been fought till now, the people wouldn’t have wanted peace then ? Yes those people were same as we Indians and Pakistanis are ! Who knows what things initiates the war ? You know when a thing has to happen, Allah produces ways for it to let it happen ! We don’t want it but it will happen if it has to happen !
        Chalo you say you don’t beleive in all those predictions by saints…. But how can I not beleive in the predictions of my Prophet which I too beleive were told to Him by Allah ?
        I should believe na ?
        So the point is, we don’t want war ever. No normal people would want his life destroyed because of war.
        But what if all these predictions become true ???
        Allah na kre aisa ho……..
        But if we don’t have enough knowledge we can’t say that what other people are saying is false ?
        Daikh me kon sa kisi ka bura chah rae hun… Me sirf research ker rae hun soch rae hun un sab batun per jo itnay logun ne kahee hain….. Kaheen ager ye such ho gaen tu kya hoga ….
        Allah bachaay wesay I hope everything remains peaceful !
        Chal bol dia THANKYOU SO MUCH :p 😉
        He he hum donu mil k tu kisi ko b hara len gay tention ne le 😉 😛
        And oye how did you do that ? Tumhari post per mera comment appear ho gya aur kisi ki post per nae ho raha ? still the same problem 😦 Mene wordpress chor dena hai lagta hai muje qabool nae kia wordpress ne 😛

      • You should believe what you think is good until it does not hurt people around you… Hinduism mein to jati pratha bhi likhi hai shaayad. To kya main usko bhi maan loon? nahin… kabhi nahin…

        Tu wordpress kyun chhoregi? Pagal ho gayi hai kya? problems to aise bhi theek ho jayenge. Warna hum ‘jugaad’ lagaa lenge…Tension mat le…

        Maine kuchh mahin kiya… Bus tere har comment to unspam karta raha. Maine padha tha ki Akismet (or whatever… poor in spellings :P) learns with time. So probably that’s why…

        Isliye maine kaha tha, tu apne blog pe post kar de ki aisi problem ho rahi hai. taaki log tere post ko unspam kar de.

        Aur khabardar wordpress chhora to… main gussa ho jaunga… “Aur bahut mar padegi” 😛 😛 😉

        Agar problem theek nahin hota hai raat tak to bataana… kuchh karigari karenge… (WordPress to main tujhe chhorne doonga nahin 😉 )

      • I really really really don’t want anyone to get hurt 😦
        Aur ye ‘Jugaad’ kya hpoti hai yar ? 😛
        Yaar post kya likhun me comment kar he nae rahi kisi post per tab se…. Check zaroor kerti hun roz k ho raha hai comment k naheen !
        Aur chal theak hai ab ye tera kaam hai muje wordpress chornay se rokna 😛
        Yaar I have started hating this Akismet whatever thing seriously they are not even replying to my mail and wordpress is saying k unhi se contact kero ! Ajeeb tamasha hai 😦
        Chal me batati hun zara apnay shaitaani plans tyaar rakhna 😀

      • “Aur ye ‘Jugaad’ kya hpoti hai yar ?”

        Jugaad… very difficult to explain. Its a highly colloquial term for ‘doing a thing in a non conventional way’. Maine kal jo suggest kiya tha, that was an example of Jugaad.

        More examples…

        Jab fuse ur jaaye to… fuse mein normal taar lagaana jugaad hai…

        Jab taraaju ke weights kho jaaye, to unki jagah paththar use karna jugaad hai

        Jab table fan ka aadhaa blade toot jaye (jaisa mere saath abhi hua) aur fan bahut hilne lage to usko table se baandhna bhi Jugaad hai…

        So basically kisi bhi problem ka tedhaa, sasta, kaam-chalaau aur desi tareeka jugaad hai… 🙂 😉 😛

      • Hahaha bari cheez ho tum wesay 😀 Ye aisi jugaad tum he kertay ho gay pehlay tu kabi nae suna aisay tareekun ka mene 😛 Haan 3 idiots me zaroor daikha tha Amir khan ko kertay huay 😀

      • Aisaa kya? India aa jaa ek baar; hum aur kisi ke expert ho ya na ho, yahan sabhi jugaad ke expert to hain hi… 😉

      • Hahaha chal muje b sikha dena kesay kertay hain ye 😛 I hope aur kuch seekhun na seekhun ye tu seekh jaun gi tum se 😀

      • 🙂 zaroor

      • Aa ja naya post dekh le…

      • OK, for the discussion’s sake… Let us continue…

        Is a muslim allowed to ask this question “Why should I believe that Quran is the word of god?”

        I already told you I don’t believe in the concept of different worlds. Reason… “There is no reason to believe so…”

        Note: I can change my belief if you could give me a reason.

        So without the belief of heaven or hell your point in the third last para stands invalidated.

        Note: I am not against Islam; it is not ‘wrong’. The only point I feel from my limited knowledge is that it seems to give very limited choice to its followers.

        Yeah the Arabs gave the name Hindu… It came from the name Sindhu (from Sindhu Ghati Sabhyata – Indus Valley Civilisation)

      • Yes he is allowed to ask this question and every other question that comes to his mind. I am not a scholar So I can’t satisfy you I guess but Muslim scholars can . I would try.
        There are proof that it is the word of God.
        First proof: It was sent by an angel to Holy Prophet and when first time that angel came to him, he was illiterate. He couldn’t read or right. When the angel said read ! He said I can’t I am uneducated. Then the angel hugged Him and put light in his heart and then after that Quran was sent to him. So this is not possible that he could have made it or write it by himself.
        second proof: It is the same as it was thousand of years ago. Not a single word of it is changed till now. because Allah has promised to take care of it by himself. Isn’t a book that remains the same word by word for thousands of years seems o b authentic to you ?
        third proof: Read this link. There are several other scientific proofs along with these. Can you imagine the people of that time would know these secrets that are revealed by the modern scientists now ?


        fourth proof : All of the Quran is calculated and written in a way that each specific word repeats itself after a certain count I don’t know the exact mathematical calculations I could send you a book where you can read all this. No human at that tie was so efficient to write any book with these accurate calculations .
        fifth proof : Allah has challenged the people to write a single ayat like this in quran , and he says if all the people of the world along with he jinns combine together they can not even write a single ayat like of quran. And with this challenge, till now, no body is able to make any simple ayat like in quran .

        You need more proofs ? Please tell me you are satisfied now, or not.

        And at several places in quran there are stories of people who never believed in the word of God and then they were demolished…. Scientists are still finding the remains of these civilizations all over the world…
        They were the people who use to say to the prophet that we don’t believe in what Allah says, and If you are scaring us of the “Azaab” which will come on us, then send it now. And it was sent and they didn’t find a moment to regret even.
        Quran is filled of these stories. So why do you think we are an exception ? We won’t be abolished like those civilizations ? I don’t think you need a proof f what scientists are finding about these civilizations now, it is all over internet.

        So my dear, I don;t find any reason not to believe in a second life and Quran.
        If you have some more questions you could ask 🙂

      • Dear friend

        With all due respect, I would like you to read about some of the Hindu scriptures like Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharata. We consider none of them to be god’s words…
        They are older than Quran…
        They were all unwritten for thousands of years. They spread by only spoken word…
        They too are unchanged since their creation…
        They too follow the mathematical structure that you say (they are called ‘chhand’ in Hindi/Sanskrit).
        They too describe correctly many scientific observations that are discovered now.

        Yet none of them is the word of god. And there is no punishment for not believing in them.

        So my point is human capabilities are huge. We can (and have) preserved unwritten verses as it is. We had made astonishing discoveries in past which we lost and are rediscovering now.

        So again with all due respect my dear friend! With my very limited knowledge about the world; I still find no reason to believe that everything written in Quran (or any other book) is the ultimate word.

        I differ in many aspects from what is written in our books. And no one at least in my religion forbids me as I do so.

        Every person must be free to choose his own path to god.And coming back to the original point, I still stand with you on your way to reach god. Desperation is all you require to reach god…

      • You know I really don’t have any knowledge about these books you are talking about…. But what I know is that Quran is the word of God and no human is capable of making a single line like it till now…. And my heart says that.
        You agree to me on this heart or sixth sense point ? Some times logic fails and we have to follow the heart’s voice ? I am clear in the concept that it is the word of Allah and He speaks through it to me. I don;t differ with any of its point because my mind and my heart accepts every word of it and every question of my kind is answered. Many times He gives me the answers to many of my questions through it and I am not lying I promise !

        And Islam says no body is forced to follow it ! Everybody is free to follow what he thinks is right so you are too free to follow what you think is true and I follow what I think is true 🙂

        But anytime your heart says you to follow something other than you follow just listen to it 🙂
        I guess this discussion has no end…because neither my knowledge nor yours is enough I guess !
        It is just that follow what your heart says and stay happy 🙂

      • Truth is limited most of the time 🙂

  5. BTW liked your flow of thoughts… and especially the song…

    Another query… when can you join two words with a ‘e’ in Urdu? Like in ‘nizaam-e-hasti’? I love this kind of conjunction of words 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bro 😉
      Oh Yes I love these words too ! This ”e’ stands for ‘of’ as in English….. 🙂 Like nizam of Hasti ( Order of life)
      🙂 You can join any two words which can be joined by an ‘of’ !!

  6. Hello White Pearl!

    I’m not religious…but I suppose I’m a little spiritual. I believe in karma, cause’n affect, soul mates etc. When people beg? I feel exactly like you. My heart feels like its been torn apart. When I travel overseas where this happens a lot. I ignore what people tell me and give to as many needy people as I can. I feel its my duty as I’ve been lucky enough in life to not have to resort to such measures.
    Do what your heart tells you yo do. 🙂
    You my darling girl are special and have a wonderful heart. :). Hugs to you. Paula xxxx

    • Hello Sweet Heart !
      I am sorry you feel the same as I do ! I appreciate you helping them as it is your duty … This is really an awesome thing !
      Yes you are right….Heart always guides us the right in these kind of matters 🙂
      Aww Thank you so much You are more Darling then me in this case 😉
      Hugs to you too ❤ Love you ! xx

  7. The natural state of affairs of human beings have been one of hunger and struggle approaching hundreds of thousands of years… A small hair of a blip we live in luxury that even the shortest distance ancestors could not fully comprehend from birth

    The homeless live closer to the human natural way being…so it stands to reason that many of the Hobos one might find and/or are the closest to
    more to come…

    • I agree to you ans Thanks for the thoughtful comment ! Yes I know the homeless live closer to nature and this is the reason they are more closer to Allah because they had enjoyed nothing in this life !

      • Hi White Pearl! there was much more I had to say last night but I fell asleep at that point and interestingly even though I had the KATiE MiA FredericK! website put up the Katie MiA Facebook page is left standing…I guess I’ll do it that way instead for awhile now..if I can remember what I was going to say I will comment later…I did not express any language of light or love and just wanted to make sure I did that too.. so…love Ya light again…smiles…:)

        HA ha just thought of something it would be kind of funny and exciting at the same time if you added an exclamation point to White Pearl! because you are becoming lightening two too now..yeah that was what I forgot to tell you last night…thanks for reminding me he HE!


      • Lol its all right love and smiles 🙂
        And why should I add exclamation point please elaborate this !
        Love 🙂 xx

      • Hi White Pearl, I added the exclamation point to lead myself in lightening light instead of just light…It gives me great joy to see you moving in to that place too…it is just a funny thought is all…you don’t need an exclamation point to lead you there… and i no longer need one either as I arrive there too…

        In regard to the comment Saha made about the love of the material world as a respectful way of life..rings true to me…as they are all ‘His’ creations in totality of effect even with the collective intelligence and cultural byproducts of modern day humans as all of this reflects ‘his’ Universal designs of life and all non-animate materials of total in life…and in the non-animate world…

        Human beings do not survive today for hunting and gathering…it is the cooperative effort of light and love that fuels the energy of cooperative humans evolved to expand the human mind much farther than can be imagined then…Material goods are okay as long as they are disciplined and shared well…Love ya light see you later…:)

        To use a romance metaphor, if I may…A ‘beautiful’ poor woman had many suitors and more temptation than an ‘ugly’ woman ever dreamed of who is rich and independent!

        And finally, a beautiful man loved himself so much he never saw anyone else…

        Hell is described and experienced in many beautiful ways that have little to do with the external world outside of the flesh and spirit…

      • Okaay 🙂
        Yes I know you would agree to Saha …. I would explain my point of view according to my religion soon when Saha would reply… Read that….
        You are right about the cooperative efforts and the light thing 🙂
        Lol Love your metaphors !

  8. You have a tender heart. I hope you find what you seek.

  9. Lost ? Beggar ? Homeless ?
    For such perhaps, Iqbal wrote :

    Chin O arab hamara hindustaN hamara
    Muslim haiN hum watan sara jahaN hamara
    Tauheed ki amanat sin O main hai hamare
    AasaN nahi mitana nam O nishaN hamara
    DuniyaN k but kadoN mai phahla wo ghar khuda ka
    Hum is k pasbaN haiN wo pasbaN hamara
    TighoN k sayee main hum pal kar jawaN huyeN haiN
    Khanjer helal ka hai koumi nishaN hamara
    Magrib main diwarooN main gunji azaN hamari
    Thamta na tha kisi se sil E rawaN hamara
    Batil se dabne wale ai aasmaN nahiN hum
    Saw bar kar chuka hai tu imtehaN hamara
    Ai gulistan E undulus woh din hai yad tujh ko
    Tha teri daliyoN main jab aashyaN hamara
    Ai mauj E dajla ; tu bhi pahchanti hai hum ko
    Ab tak tere darya main afsaNa khah hamara
    Ai arz E pak ;teri hurmat pe kat mareN hum
    Hai khuN teri ragooN main ab tak rawaN hamara
    Salar E karwaN hai MIR_E HEJAZ apna
    Is nam se hai baqui aaram E jaN hamara
    Iqbal ka tarana bang E dara hai goya
    Hota hai jada paimaN phir karwaN hamara

    Now since I am far from perfect, the least you could do is render
    a fair translation. A couple of weeks back, you were thrilled when I quoted Iqbal.
    Now, you do your bit please, in rendering the translation for this piece.

    • Waah Waah Kamaal ker dia….Kya khoob Irshaad Farmaya hai Iqbal ne ! Aur ap ka shukriya For sharing it ! I just Love it !
      Since I understand urdu so I don’t need translation 🙂 I am always thrilled when I read Iqbal…..Love him ! 🙂
      Thank you so very much Sir ! You just made my day ! xx

  10. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  11. I am glad you liked my post (My Faith..) have a pleasant week many blessing to you and your family.

  12. Nice post.
    Allah say muhabbat, Allah ki talash — aek hi sarchashma-e-hidayat hay — Quran
    Allah say kalaam karna ak bohot shandar aor purjosh khayal hay — lekin ak sawaal tu ye bhi kia jasakta hay k Allah ka kalaam kia hay? Allah kesay kalaam karta hay?
    Quran Allah ka kalaam hay — is say muhabat karna, isay muhabbat sy parhan aor samajhna, yaqeenan har sawaal ka jawab day sakta hay!
    (ye tu ap ko maloom hoga k sawal ka jawab kabhi ak lamhay mai mil jata hay aor kabhi saaloN lag jaatay hain)
    Hazrat Umar (rz) ka qol hay k jab main chahta hoN k Allah say bataiN karoN, tu main namaz k liye khaRa hojata hoN. namaz Allah say kalaam hi tu hay!
    khush rahain sada. meray blog ko follow karnay k liye mamnoon hoN.

    • Thank you !
      Bilkul bajaa farmaya ap ne ….. Quran Se he hum Allah se kalaam kar saktay hain…. Bohat kam log us martabay tak pohanchtay hain k wo direct Allah se kalaam ker skain !
      Bilkul maloom haiaur mujh se zyada is baat ko koi naheen janta hoga shaid:)
      Bilkul MashAllah bohat pyari Baat likhi hai ap ne Hazrat Umer R.A ki !
      Meri duaayen ap k sath hain ! Bohat bohat shukriya !

  13. I have to say I agree again with everything that Saha says to your response… The biggest mistake is suggesting that anyone knows how Allah thinks…It is the source of much hatred in the world…this chaining of Allah with man’s subjective rules…Is the same with men chaining other men with their paths to Allah, the one, God or whatever…as no man can name IT with only one name.. Not even it… Love YA light and Saha especially you too.. see y’all later…I suppose I follow Saha’s non-religion the most of anything at all…for ALL ONE.

    And hey White Pearl I incorporated some more of her great light in my last post and new post in my blog…hope you don’t mind helping me spread some of your light in other avenues but I cannot imagine you would…Love Ya dear!

    • Its ok You are free to agree to whatever you think 🙂 It is just that I am feeling sad I failed , I am not a scholar I know but I never thought I won’t be able to prove my point at some place…. I guess I don’t know arguing with logic as Saha do. He is fantastic at it I must appreciate his knowledge 🙂
      No one knows how Allah thinks…. We just know what He has said in His book and we reference that only 🙂
      Love you ! xx

  14. Unfortunately White Pearl Allah does not speak in books…it is only man’s interpretations..

    EVen the greatest of recognized prophets… it is not a subjective or objective judgement alone it is human nature that is all..

    It is very difficult to leave our animal instincts behind to move to higher light of love when really tested in life…

    I never had an ill feeling toward anyone but when tested at the Abyss I did have murderous thoughts about the person who I worked for and many others did at the military installation I worked at and even my sister did…because we all knew how much harm this person did to so many people through her complete lack of human empathy for her will to succeed in her own selfish desires to get ahead to be an admiral…

    The problem with assigning this type of judgement even through the thought of an intent of Allah as a vengeful God we are assigning human hatred to Allah…this is the greatest love and light sin of all.. Unfortunately also while you finally ignored the transgression of the person who hacked you it made you comfortable to know that Allah would take care of him..if you will…Allah is no hit man…Allah IS that IS ALL…

    Even sadder you wish for your country now to have power if it means many people will die for that power…this is where religion goes terribly incorrect…if you will… and if not corrected soon could mean the end not just of you and me but the entire species and maybe most other species too…through war…and particularly nuclear war…Yes my dear I am so sorry but you do fail miserably by wishing for these things..that is not a judgement it is just an observation from an outside observer…

    I can kiss this Captain that took my health and soul away..hug her and tell her I love her… until you can kiss your hacker on the lips and tell the hacker you love the hacker more than you and hope he reaches the highest peaks of light and love you cannot truly walk in light…just my opinion dear… these words are flowing from ‘HE’…as far as I know but I could be completely incorrect as far as I know..as I know nothing…

    This rings true for me and as you might guess if I love that Captain that much I love you even more no matter what your response might be to me now…love. 🙂 Seriously it is true..I am only sad for you darling…and hope and pray for the best light for you always. 🙂

    • lol Okay.
      And who told you that Allah don’t talk through books ?
      I say yes He do. Prove me wrong !
      And I never ever wish for any fight you took it all wrong….. You have no knowledge about our religion or any other that is why you don’t understand this. We are peace loving even in our religion it is said that if a person kills one single person, It is equal to killing all humanity !! Our religion never ever support any fight or war nor will we start that war. It was predicted by Great people who had knowledge…. Who were very close to Allah and even Hazrat Muhammad predicted about this. I am not wishing for this fight….I am just recalling what those great people said !!
      Please try to read with some more sense before saying pointless things 🙂
      And yes you can kiss him I have no problem in that 😛
      I am sad for you…. ! I really wish you start understanding things !
      And don’t worry My response won’t be bad ever lol

  15. Allah talks through man…man writes down what man interprets through books…Anything man decides can be incorrect no matter what man make the decision…

    I am very sorry it sounded like you were exclaiming the good of this 5 war you spoke of in your latest post. My mistake for reading your words wrong… i stand corrected… thank you for that… Thank you for being sad for me even though we strongly disagree on this point you are a good person White pearl…That is All that really counts in the end…and now…

    • Oh Yes He talks through man….And Quran was written by a man who was un educated before and didn’t know how to read and write before quran ! Isn’t this proof enough that it is the word of God ?
      Oh It is alright please don’t be sorry I was just correcting you because I know you are my friend and you won’t mind what I say 🙂
      You are a good person too…I really love your thoughts and the way you describe them ! You people are a way to increase my knowledge and opening my mind and I am really Thankful for that 🙂
      Love you ! xx

      • White Pearl Dear my belief is that the eyes and mouth of all men are the eyes and mouth of God…however we all sing the same song together with each part being essential for the whole from the beginning of time and now and past now forevermore…. IN other words your prophet only had his piece of the pie he shared with others that many found very sweet…delicious remaining with them and shared among others for some time to come and as is now…Religion is no different than dialects…just language to describe what is in life…

        The stone is the essence of god just as well…the only difference is there are no sounds or heartbeat..or other animate proof of what we narrowed humans view as ‘anthroegocentric’ visions of reality.. You prove yourself as an exceptional person now more than ever as acceptance of differences in opinions are definitely required for anyone to reach higher states of light…as you keep moving there regardless of tiny differences in dialect of religious languages… I have enjoyed your blog more than most intellectual pursuits in my life…probably the most but it is only in the moment now that counts anyway…

      • I really respect your views and I am really happy you think about love and caring for others no matter through what way. You are right, prophets use to care for their people more than themselves.
        You are right….We don’t learn until we don’t argue and question and our thoughts are not questioned by others. I am recalling the quote of a famous person I don’t remember the name he said that if you follow truth you would face many problems and questions…If you are not facing them, it means you are not at the path of truth.
        Differences have there place but a separate one than our friendship and love 🙂 I really love you guts and I hope our different thoughts regarding religion may not interfere our friendship 🙂
        Thank you so much for being there for me ! Love xx

  16. Hey Dear White Light Love Pearl… I missed Independence day with you..but I thought celebrating with a 67th comment here might be just as cool…

    Of course…respect you to and I think your prophecy is real too… but It is not what you likely… what you think in your interpretation…this is the interesting thing about ‘He’s’ words… one person can say them ‘correct’ but in effect they may be ‘incorrect’ and another person might understand them in a much different way as ‘correct’ in effect!

    Some ‘Prophets’ know this ‘in effect’ and provide vessels and vehicles of words that can be interpreted many different ways in now after and before now IS effect now! In other words all options are on the table always nowoneforevermore!

    IN my interpretation of your prophecy the war is one of love not guns…at all…

    I didn’t see your clarification the first time I read it and have to wonder if you added the modification of clarification about not wanted war until after I read it…but that is neither here or there…friends are always stronger when they make it clear through hurdles of disagreements…you are definitely exceptional in that way of being…

    My health was seriously still bad when I met you but now I am well and seriously stronger than ever before in my life..and can see for the first time at middle distance and can even watch the youtube video of greater light and love on the new 60″ Samsung Smart LED TV that actually makes my eyes feel good instead of feeling bad… The $660 special prescription sunglasses make it happen too as it is a new technology for reflection/refraction of light…

    But seriously your love and light have actually been the key element that has brought my health back to me…simply because you believed in the lightof me… and now I believe it 100% true too.. That can cure any illness in my opinion… I can even tell a slight twinge of tension in my shoulders to go away and it runs like hell from me, like the tension saw the devil…haha!

    Well…considering I want to hug and kiss the female Captain of the Darkness of my heart the literal one that killed it…you are the female Captain of this White Spirit Heart that revived it fully and made it come back to life!! This is 100% true….you can try not to take credit for it.. but it is still 100% true…

    You see my vision when I was young was that some woman in the middle east would save someone’s soul…it was my soul you saved Dear White Pearl…you have a friend forever no matter what may change with you in your thoughts or prayers of the future…

    For almost two decades at that Bowling Center I worked at I gave great light to tens of thousands of people just by handing them a pair of shoes and looking into their eyes…it is my eyes that are the greatest power of light…not these words that are of relative weakness… now I can go back into the general public and share that light with thousands of others when my wife does her favorite thing shopping and i do my favorite thing which is giving light for the rest of my life…walking the stores and sharing it in a future 6 million miles leaving these over 6 million words in total on the internet search engines for anyone who care to see them in the future…but I am going to continue to keep my promise to always provide at least one comment on this blog to you no matter what you write about…and you can be assured that no matter how much I might disagree my love will always be provided free of charge to you…love light White Pearl! See Ya later Allah gater..heHE!

    • Oh this is not my Prophecy :-S
      You know every person has his own opinions and every person perceives things in his own way. The way you perceive things is you way and only you are bound to believe in them ! No one else is 🙂
      So I have read all your thoughts but I still believe what my heart says to me 🙂
      And see you saw a dream there was a prediction about that girl and it happened. Similarly I mentioned my post about Independence that those saints saw dreams they were given predictions which they spread about the war thing !
      No one wishes to have these predictions…. But as your heart knew this would happen, their heart knows the same !
      We often imply some things to us but don’t think of implying them on others !
      And you know disagreement of views is the strongest bond between people according to me ! Every person on earth disagree with the views of others but the ones who share this disagreement are brave enough and you are brave and I love brave people !
      I know no matter what I write you will be with me ! And I love you for this !
      I really like your life style and the way you think…with all the disagreements still I like it !
      Love xx 🙂

      • Yes that rings true for me too…sometimes the prophets dreams do come true too…I really can’t see a difference between visionaries and prophets…your feelings of understanding signs from the past ring the same true for me true there too…of course again just this world view…

      • Thank you ! Yes we just have to look around 🙂 xx

  17. Since i moved to Pakistan rain has always made me sad and i always fail to understand why because i use to love it so much and i still love it yet it makes me sad and it makes no sense but after reading this I think i know why it makes me sad. It makes me sad because I share the same feelings like you do. When it rains i think about those who are not able to protect their families from the disasters rain causes because lets face it we Alhamdulilah are really blessed to have good homes and we can protect ourselves from cold but those who don’t have shelter they can’t really protect them that well. Whenever i see someone begging i think about how do they survive in rainy season. When i see them I feel the same way you do. The last 3 paragraphs were the best part of this post. I feel the same way. Honestly I do. I can’t type anymore. I am sorry. But this was an Ah-mayzing post!

    • Ha ha ! You always come , make me smile and go ! Thank you ! I am so glad you liked this post as well…. Yes I guess this is the reason why rain has sad effect on people….Because it initiates the sad thinking I guess !
      I feel and think the same…. There are many people for whom Rain is a disaster more than a blessing… Whose houses are not able to bear rain and who lose shelter because of rain …
      Thank you so much for all the appreciation and kind words….Loved them ! And Love you too so much 🙂 xx

      • I always make you smile 😀 *Mission accomplished* 😀
        That is why i love reading your posts and comments because you say it all so well.
        Thank you for loving my words 🙂
        Love you too so much ❤

      • Lol yes you are the one who always completes he mission lol and May you do it always in future too 😉 Every mission 😛
        Thank you so much I am honored you read my posts and like them 🙂
        Hugs ❤

      • Oh thank you much my dear 🙂 I wish the same for you 😀
        Hugs back ❤

  18. Love your post!!!
    Mind have a look on my blog too?
    And mind follow?

  19. His (Allah) love is for everyone, not restricted & limited to the beggar . . . .

    If you can feel yourself as beggar in front of Allah in your decorated clothes without letting the creatures of Almighty Allah to think you are above them . . . you are already on the right path, just need to follow it consistently . . . For Allah sees the heart & soul, not the body & cloth as you yourself told above . . . so why you need to be beggar for your heart & soul appears to be like a beggar ??

    Clothes dont make anyone beggar . . . believe me . . . some appearing as the beggar may be much higher among the people of city in the eyes of the Almighty Allah . . .

    For sadness, yes it appears to help us in self-discovery . . . A process which ultimately leads to the right path . . . I am myself one of them that sadness help me to think/feel the reality of life . . . . meaning/purpose of life & so many thanks to Allah for Allah created this whole universe for us so much much for us (for the so much less) ??

    • Yes you are right… His love can never be restricted !
      The beggars were just a way through I saw Him that time when I wrote this post…
      Because may be when Allah is not near to me as I want Him to be…May be when I dress up like beggars without any glitter and shine , may be then He feels more closer !
      I know He sees the inner self and not the appearance….
      But why then It is said that poor people will go to heaven 200 years before the rest of people…. This is a thing which makes me feel that beggars are more closer to Him…
      In fact I am a beggar too… But I beg Him and not humans….
      We can’t even thank Him for one thing He has given to us…. Yes sadness takes me closer to Him too…, Even sometimes I beg Him for sadness when I am in a phase when I feel Him going away from me….
      Thanks for the great analysis and your comment 🙂

  20. Spit on me O dear world
    But I’ll sleep on this dirt,
    Come hurt me, give me more
    Delightful tortures.
    I will lay there,
    Humiliate me, insult me.
    Bash me,
    crash me,
    slash me.
    The harder you try,
    The pleasurable will it be.
    So come forward
    Do give it a whirl!
    Loved your post lalarukh.

    • You have decided to wonder me today !
      Loving the words you just gathered here Maria…. Loving them.
      How could you ? How could you write so well…. Just in seconds ?
      WOW ! I have no words….right now.
      Love you so much and these are some wonderful lines….they show how much you understood me .
      Thank you so very much ❤ :-*

      • On how could I write such in just seconds? Because I’m the type that speaks without a second thought! 😉
        Or to be serious, well, this is what came when I read your post. i feel it, and you feel it too. Kabhi dil chahta hy aesi faqeeri ka. Dhutkary jany ka. Allah ko pany ka.
        Glad you ‘loved’ them, I wasn’t sure you would. But then again, agar mene bolny se pehle sochna shuru krdia aur bolny ke bad fikar krna, tou phir I won’t be Maria. 😉
        You are welcome. 🙂 And thank YOU for this appreciation which I didn’t really deserve.

      • Well you turns out to be a great philosopher at such small age 🙂 I haven’t met many people like you….Brave enough to speak without second thoughts 😉
        Sae keh rae ho…Kabi kabi waqi dil kerta hai…… Bohat dil kerta hai.
        Yes I loved them and you deserve all this praise. Ok ? Accept the reality 😛
        Love you …. Love this brave bold Maria 😉

      • Haha well. Brave enough nhi darti bhi hun. :p
        Great philosopher at such small age ke ilawa you could say a young buddhi rooh 😉
        Bohat dil krta hy. Han . But He isn’t really as far as we think He is. WE have made Him far.
        Im reading a book nowadays. It has given me a different concept of Islam. This religion is so not what we or everybody thinks it is. Quran isn’t what we think it is. Muslim isn’t what we call ourselves…..
        Allah says, look. Look again. And yet look again, then you will find. If you don’t find, ask those who know.
        On other note, thanks again! 😉 I still don’t deserve. 😉 ILYM.

      • kis se ? Cockroach se na ? 😛
        Lol I won’t say that…you are not a buddhi rooh…You are an intelligent philosopher.
        I never felt Him so far….Yes sometimes I feel Him far away but still He always responds when I ask Him…..
        Yes you are right…Most of us don’t have the real understanding of Islam and Allah…. May be that is why there are more Naam k Muslims than practical ones.
        Verily !
        Oh yes you do deserve ! Ab maan jao nae tu a slap is coming pher 😛 😛

      • Haha cockroach? itna typical samjha hy mjhe. 😛
        Thankyou thankyou. i mean mera kuch nhi ja rha manny me. Call me philosopher, im totally fine 😀
        han but again, if you come to KHI for the slap, you’re totally welcome 🙂
        Practical Muslims and nam ke musalman, you are right about that. Islam is not the molvi religion. Quran is not a ‘religious’ book, an ancient preaching book of prayers. It is in fact a SCIENTIFIC book. And has SO much to discover, but we don’t care ab. We see and pass. And don’t look closely. 😦
        Beggars are more closer to God. They get so much pain that they learn so infinitely much. They learn the language of God. Truest happiness can be seen in a society where poor live. They are close companions, they understand each other. They laugh they play, because they haven’t made luxuries their necessities. Like we have. ‘I am a Beggar’ speaks for my thoughts. That irony that cruelty could be felt if I was. But im not. I live so happily here, and then derive complains out of my happiness. Ham logon ko jab takleefen nhi milti tou ham dhoond ke nashukri krte haen..
        Anyways i think bohat keh lia. 😉

      • Ok Miss little philosopher 😛 I would sure come Karachi someday and receive my slap 😛 Amanat rahi tumharay pass 😛
        And We SHOULD ! Quran is way beyond science too. It covers all the aspects and yet in such a natural way. You know hum Ghour nae kertay that is why aj Muslims ki ye halat hai. History tells us the stories how ancient Muslims use to do ‘Ghour’ and use to discover the hidden !
        You are right….Jo banda jitni pain me hota hai utna Allah k kareeb hota hai…most of the time. Aur Ghareeb logo ko tu Allah ne jannat me itnay saal pelay e le jana hai 🙂 How sweet na 🙂
        Thank you so much !B You are right…we just need a reason to do nashukri 😦
        Jitna b kaha bohat khoub kaha nanhi philosopher 😉 Love you.

      • “Quran is way beyond science too. It covers all the aspects and yet in such a natural way.”
        Exactly. There is this book I am reading, I just hope I am not repeating about this. TALAASH. It might not look good to everyone, but I like those points pretty much, ab tak to atleast.

        Jab banda jitne pain me hota hae utna Rabb se qareeb hota hae. Right. Khud kam philosophical haen madam aap? 😉
        Waqai me. Pain me insaan bhut kkuch seekhta hae, agar zaya karde wo waqt jis me wo takleef me ho tou phir pachtana parta hae.
        There is this woman that I know- unki story kabhi btaungi agr ho saka- as in jab Karachi aogi ya mae KSD aungi 😛 Well, slap mae lungi, not you. Ya aese krlety haen dono mil ke sab se pehle ek dosrey ko slap krdenge. Theek? 😀
        Love you more, and you already know! =)

      • I haven’t heard about it. Kis writer ki hai ?
        Lol yaar me kahan hun philosopher…me tu bongian marti reti hun aise e 🙂
        You said it all right about being in pain…I agree..
        You should share her story on her blog 😉 Chalo theak hai…done 😛 Hi bolnay se b pehlay aik aur sound ana chaye ab …. Thapar-an thap-ri ho jana hai hum ne miltay e 😀
        Yes I do know…and I love to listen it baar baar 🙂 Love you 😉

  21. “Thapar-an thap-ri ho jana hai hum ne miltay e” HAHAHA 😀
    Theek hy. Airport pe hi? Logon ne bohat ziada ghoorna hy phir :p
    And you ‘love to listen it baar baar’ itni amazing haen aap :p I do too, wesay! 😉
    Talaash is by Mumtaz Mufti, but he isn’t any mufti. He is just a deep thinker, an amazing, honest writer. Says whatever he has to, doesn’t really care loug kia sochen. Picturizes things. Told me about so many things I didn’t know before. Wasn’t like that before. Has changed. Wesy ab tou inteqal hogya unka,. (i know biography nhi mangi thi you ne, but maene farz samjha :p 😀 )

    • Leh logun ka aur kya kaam hota hai ghoornay k elawa 😛
      Bus daikh lu Amazing ka ‘A’ b nae hun me 😛
      Oh Yes I know about this writer…he is a great one, very famous ! Tumhari explanation was a good thing so apna farz poora kerti raha kerain ap 😛 😛

      • haha exactly. Logon ka aur kia kaam hota hy? 😉
        AMAZING ka A nhi hungi, baqi 6 letters to haena? And yup, ye writer haen to achay, thori ‘controversial’ personality hae shayd. Haha thanks ainda bhi krte rhungi phir aesy farz pooray. :p

  22. I love this. Thank you for sharing.


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