Happy Birth Day Pakistan , You Will Live Forever InshAllah !

Note : This post is meant for Muslims and Pakistanis and Based on my thoughts. No one is forced to agree with me . Anyone who feel offended through this could stop reading at any point. I apologize already if I hurt your feelings through this !


A heart full of Love for my country and a mind full of thoughts about Pakistan and Muslims…This is what I am today !

It is the 67th birthday of Pakistan today…. The same Pakistan which was made with a lot of efforts and martyrs by our ancestors. The same Pakistan which was made on the name of Islam and the same Pakistan where we can not see any true Islamic practice nationally. I am not in a mood of giving a long lecture on how Pakistan was made by all the efforts and How we are not doing what we were supposed to do and what should we do. I guess every Pakistani knows his duties in his heart.

I want to share some logic and some predictions with you today. If we look back, Muslims have the most major contributions in Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Geology,  astronomy, geography , Literature and arts and their rules and formulas are still in use now-a-days. Examples of Muslims rulers for bravery and Justice are still given.

And then there is Today when The same Muslim are called as “Terrorists” ! Muslims are considered to be the most un-educated and ill-mannered people of the world. Muslim countries are continuously under control Of Western Countries and they are implementing the rules they want in Muslim countries. What happened to Muslims ? Islam can not be the reason. Islam was the same long long time ago when Muslims were prospering.

There are bundles of columns and articles filled on conditions of Muslims and the reasons and everything. I would like you to see it with my perspective. Let us talk about some Interesting Facts.

Some Interesting Spiritual Facts About Pakistan :

  1. No country was made after that many Martyrs , as Pakistan faced.
  2. Pakistan came into being on the Shab-e-Qadar “The night Of Blessings”  , On 27th Ramadan.
  3. In 1930’s when Quaid-e-Azam once decided to leave politics and he was persuaded by Allama Iqbal, He shared a secret with some of his very critical friends. He said that Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) came to meet him and ordered him to return back to sub-continent as he has to complete his spiritually assigned task.
  4. Sufi Barkat Ali , a well known saint, said “Listen O’ people a day will come when UNO will ask Pakistan before taking any step , whatsoever, I may not remain alive till that time, but if it doesn’t happen, then come and spit on my grave
  5. Many Muslim Scholars, Faqeers and Saints like Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani , Atiya Bibi , Qudratullah Shahab, Naimatullah shah Wali, Ashfaq Ahmed and many more described the detailed Spiritual Importance of Pakistan. Many of them Saw Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) in their dreams saying something about Pakistan.
  6. Many spiritual Aspects of the 1965 war have been described Spiritually Like the sight of Cavaliers dressed in white dresses , a letter by ‘Madina’ people about sighting of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) saying he is going to fight for Pakistan, many bombs detonation, sighting of one bridge into six by an Indian Soldier and etc.

You can Read full details on these links.



With all these points in mind, Can you say Pakistan has no importance and all these proofs are just coincidences ? No , I don’t think so. Pakistan was made for a special purpose and that special purpose has yet to be served, in near future.

Let us discuss that Purpose now.

Some Islamic Predictions About Signs Of Qayamat (The day Of Judgment) :

1-Some of you (people) would fight with Hindus and Allah would give them (Muslims) Success ”  –Kanz-ul-aemaal, Hadees # 39719.

2- Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) said ,  Dajjal won’t come out till people don’t forget him , even the people at mosques stop saying anything about him.

3-Many Sufi Saints and Faqeers have predicted the success of Muslims in the Fight of Hind.

Now according to the recent column of Orya Maqbool Jan , A renowned writer , Sufi and spiritual person, Hindus have given out the dates of the year 2013 for this fight to be started. They say they won’t be succeeded, if they don’t fight now, for about hundred years. And according to Islamic predictions , in this fight Muslims would succeed and Pakistan would  be considered as the leader of Muslim nations. According to Hindus, a person they call as “Mahaarashi” is hiding in the mountains and he will come out with 70,000 Jews. The same was predicted back then, about the “Dajjal Fitna

You can read the whole Article of Oriya Maqbool Jan here : http://oryamaqbooljan.com/columns/jung-ka-mahorat-orya-maqbool-jan

The thing I am going to state now is Pure my thoughts and a voice from my heart or you can say my instincts or sixth sense.

I feel that the preparations for this ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ would start now in the year 2013 and The fight would start when Imran Khan would be the leader of Pakistan! After this 5 years period of Nawaz Shareef , I think Imran Khan would be the President and then this fight would happen and Pakistan would have a success InshAllah !


This is not written anywhere, It is just what I feel.

So After such important proofs, I don’t think the Dream of America, that Pakistan would no longer be in the maps of world , seems to be right !

I am not a scholar or anything, I just share what I believe and you are not forced to agree with my views here !

By stating all this information about fights I am not showing that I want people to fight. I love peace and So do Pakistan. Islam never wants fight, ever. Even in Islam killing one innocent is the same as killing the entire nation ! It is strictly forbidden. I was just recalling the things said by the Great people and was just telling my thoughts that I feel , this is the time.

At the last I would just say, Pakistan , you have given me everything and I am Thankful to you, To the sacrifices of our Ancestors ! May Allah give Pakistan a strength to Perform the task for which it was made 66 years ago and predicted by Hazoor Pak (S.AW) thousand years ago !

I Love you Pakistan and You will live Forever InshAllah !

Ameen !

Happy Independence Day  To All Pakistanis !


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  1. Ajaytao2010

     /  August 13, 2013

    I Nominate you for A Bunch of Awards – 13 Nominations

    please choose any 3 awards out of the 13
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award


  2. Wish to Pakistan for its 66th B’Day… 🙂
    And as for your post…Every Muslim is not considered terrorist and it is the act of some people that make a community feel the effect..Remember Terrorism has no Religion and Believe me the World will be a better place to live in when we will come out of the Religion topic…I believe we humans created religion and not the other way round..
    And you know India has the 3rd largest Muslims Population after Indonesia and Pakistan and Islam is the second most practiced religion in India and We Indians live in harmony….

    • Thank you so much 🙂
      Yes I know It is the act of some people who has affected all of us…But I really feel sad when I see the same impression in the eyes of people when they know about Muslims as if all Muslims are terrorists 😦
      Yes I agree with all your thoughts Terrorism has no religion and I strongly condemn Terrorism !
      Yes Yes I know Every nice person Loves to live in harmony and peace So do you and So do us ! I hope everything happens good in future ! Thank you so much for all the nice words and for understanding my thoughts 🙂 I was really scared writing on this topic so that I may not hurt anyone’s feelings … Thank you ! 🙂

  3. Interesting stuff. God willing their problems will be fixed.

    Out of curiosity, is there a ruling on dreams from the Prophet?

    And God knows best.


    • Thank you so much ! And I am sorry what do you mean by ruling on dreams ?

      • On whether seeing him is possible.

        For example, fortune tellers often say true things, but there is a hadith that states that for every truth there are ten lies. I was curious if there are any hadith or fatwa on seeing the prophet in a dream.


      • Yes people see Hazoor Pak (S.A.W) in their dreams…I am not that lucky but I have heard from my closest friend and many other people that they saw Him(SAW) There are special Dua’s too which make it possible to see Him in dreams specially If you have a lot of Love for Him in your heart And if you recite darood pak many times.
        I am not sure about fortune tellers they usually tell things by predicting through stars and planets I guess they don’t have anything with Islam…As fortune telling is not liked in Islam.
        I Wish I and you too get that lucky to see Him (SAW) 🙂

    • Indeed there are … There is a renowned Hadith (saying) of Our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) himself …

      Hazrat Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu reports that the Apostle of Allah sallallahu alaihe wasallam said, “He who sees me in a dream has certainly seen me, because Satan can not take my form.”

      There are two perspective of this Hadith,

      One is that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam is informing that who ever saw me in a dream, let he be known that his dream is true and genuine, for Satan cannot take the form of Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam.

      Second is implied that the people will indeed have dreams, in which Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam will reveal himself to them!!!

      I hope this clears up you understanding!!!

  4. I do respect your patriotism as we do have to fight when it is necessary to defend our country and our life! However I must correct you here…while it is true that George W Bush wanted to see Islam countries destroyed…President Obama’s administration does not want to see Pakistan wiped off the map…and most of the people in the US do not either… If you are hearing this it is the same propaganda that some of our right wing news stations try to feed in the US…they no longer can create the same lies as they did in 2001 as the internet is too broad, available, and accessible, and uncensored for lies to be told…

    While their are pros and cons to censorship…this is definitely a con..the potential for propaganda…that has led to every world conflict in the last century…

    Politics has been my greatest special interest in life…overall…just getting back in touch with religious ideology now…Ask me anything I can likely tell you the answer…Love you and again do respect your strong love for your country…the people in the US fail miserably at patriotism in my opinion…they have no nation…and have no idea what it is like to fight war on their soil..just to live…having that continued opportunity to keep the great freedoms they have…

    • Okay First of all thanks for understanding my views and understanding my Love for my country .
      Secondly I wrote what I heard in the news and social media. It may be wrong though. I heard that some of the Americans are against this propaganda but as I don;t have much knowledge on this, I can’t say anything. I would be really happy to know if there is no such propaganda anymore.But then why is Obama doing the Drone Attacks and killing the innocents ?
      I am just telling my views and what I think.
      Thank you for respecting my love for my country..It really means a lot ! Thanks .
      And I just wish and Pray that all these bad propaganda’s die and the world would become peaceful and happy place !
      Love you ! xx

  5. Hey dear there might be 20% of the population at most that believe that way…in effect they are a dying dinosaur here in the US… The bush days are over… I don’t agree with the Drone attacks but I am a lover not a warrior…xx

    • Okaay Glad to find this information….I wish these 20% Stop thinking like this too ! 🙂 I know every nice person is a peace Lover…. People who want war are not humans. Thanks for all the information 🙂 Love you ! xx

  6. Good to haave a blog like this…
    i think you can add my about page in this… i’m giving u link.

  7. Happy Birthday to Pakistan! 🙂 may there be only peace, love and progress. guess my homeland’s birthday falls tomorrow too 😉 that country needs a lot of grace lol

    • Oh Thank you from Pakistan 😉 Yes Yes I wish the same … Ameen 🙂 You live in India ? Because I think India’s birthday is tomorrow !

      • spend first 15 years of my life there in Punjab, so many memories 🙂

      • Oh Nice 🙂 I can understand now How much you love that place ! Happy Independence day to you too In advance 😉

  8. iWriter

     /  August 14, 2013

    White Pearl,
    Americans do not hate other nations because we are a multicultural nation (our people have ancestry from all over the world and we are mostly of mixed races). People are mostly concerned with putting food on the table (work) and going out for local entertainment to forget about our troubles…a custom shared by many races around the world.

    While America is perceived to be a wealthy nation, only about 5% are the elite. The other 95% are mostly at the lower end of the middle – just making enough to pay the debts. We do have poor, homeless, and hungry people here too.

    We have people who are religious and people who are not, we have people who are liberal and people who are conservative, and we have a wide variety of social mores that create sub-cultures. This country has been a great experiment since the colonial times (1600s-1700s) and has evolved in grand ways in the past 100 years. Because of our explorations we have electricity, long distance communication via telephones, cell phones, and the Internet. And because many of our people care about the world that we live in there is a lot of reformation happening to protect the world through “green” practices (recycling, reduction of carbon footprints). Plus, many of our institutions, religious and not, provide help around the world (red cross, compassion international) to help those in need. But there are too many people in need around the world, and the few super wealthy in every nation around the world do not want to give away their wealth to help the poor.

    In the Bible, there is a verse that says “it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a wealthy person to get into Heaven.”

    The troubles we see among our nations are not unlike the troubles of humanity these past thousands of years where kings fight for larger kingdoms or for the allegiance of others.
    Sir Thomas More wrote a book called Utopia wherein he described the ideal civilization, one of equality. But the problem, he observed, is the greed (sin) of mankind that prohibits us from accepting equality, we always want more.
    The best we can hope for is to share our love in the world, that our love for others will outweigh the love for ourselves, so that good will prevail over evil…not one nation over another…but goodness, mercy, sharing, caring, compassion, and love. If God (Allah) loves all of His children, how can He answer the prayer of one child who asks Him to smite their brother or sister? I believe Allah (God) wants us to pray, bless my brothers and sisters around the world: in Pakistan and America, and may Your mercy be on us all so we may be forgiven for our selfishness, but let us care for those who cannot care for themselves. Amen. Peace on Earth.

    Respectfully yours,

    • Hey ! First of all thank you for showing so much concern and for reading my post 🙂
      Yes I agree to your thoughts…. I have too seen and met many Americans who are too sweet and good persons I can’t even Imagine them thinking what our media says. But on the other hand In news and newspapers they say statements like Americans are doing this and this against Islam and Pakistan. I don’t understand this. May be American local people are good enough. May be American Rulers and politicians are doing what they give a label as ‘Americans” !
      I agree to the bible verse you referenced truly.
      I really really appreciate all you wishes and prayers….And I really hope they come true. No one wants fight , everyone wnts a peaceful living. But I really condemn what America is doing with the Afghan people by Drone Attacks…I don’t know . we are normal people , sincere and true . The politics is far away from our reach and our minds I guess. We can just hope for the best of everything 🙂
      You are right about sharing love , This is all what we want 🙂
      Ameen for your prayers and I pray the same all the time 🙂
      Thank you so much ! It was lovely reading your thoughts 🙂

  9. MASHALLAH great blog.

  10. Each nation has a story. In the name of religion this nation was made but currently they face lot more issues than any one else. Be it financially , economically , religious wise , freedom etc. They have attained more of hatred of neighboring nations by their acts .

    This nations formation by the british concept of divide and rule has left India and Pakistan in such a terrible situation even today.

    Islaam does not propagate what Pakistan does today. I totally disagree with most of the statements made by the saints as well.

    Speaking against any religion is not how islam was practiced . It is a establishment of prayer by correct methodology following the Quran and Hadith not by following desires like these saints who have done lot more of harm to that nation “Pakistan” .

    Today most of the women and children are insecure in that country with the political turmoil they have escalating at a high rate.

    I would like to end this statement with the best wishes for Pakistan on this day. And hope peace is established in the best ways that would benefit its nationals and its neighboring countries.

    • Yes you are right. The division was not done in a true sense and I don’t know but It really caused some problems.
      But you won’t say this If you will be living in jail like environment. We take our freedom as granted and we don’t even think what would be our condition if we won’t be living freely !
      No saint spoke against any other religion….And I don’t think my self capable of dis agreeing to them. You may, if you think your thoughts are better than them .
      The saints just predicted..Like you know the people who have the knowledge of stars they predict about things before they happen or the Indian “Jotishis” Who have the knowledge and they give dates for everything before it happening , even for marriage they give the best dates and time.
      Likewise those saints gave predictions about this fight. They were not against any nation or religion nor they wanted fight and not peace…… They just predicted because they had the knowledge and above all they had the Love of Allah with them which is far better than any knowledge.
      And If all that happens that is predicted, The same people would agree with the same thoughts they are against now !
      I really wish the same for every country on this earth and I hope everyone lives peacefully forever 🙂
      Thank you so much for the detailed expression of thoughts it was really nice knowing about them ! Love xx

      • Everyone has their view on things 🙂
        Thanks for taking it the right way and creating a space for the comments made .

      • Yes Yes I know everyone is free to think anything 🙂 🙂
        Your thoughts are always welcomed ! Loved your thoughts btw 🙂 Love xx

  11. Great post to celebrate Pakistan’s birthday.InshAllah be blessed with prosperity always.Thank you for liking my poem.Warm regards.jalal

    • Thank you so much Jalal your comments are always a pleasure 🙂 Yes InshAllah 🙂 Thanks. Have a lovely day and all the happiness 🙂 xx

  12. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    I haven’t read your posts in a looong time 😀 But this one is verrrry well-written! Even though I don’t exactly agree with the Imran Khan part. But hey, who knows, right? It’s the thought behind the thought that counts.
    Sorry for all the exclamations and everything. I just had tea so i’m kinda hyper :p

    • Hahaha Lol Thank youuuuuuu 😛 Your this long Heyyyy made me laugh lol Yes I know It was just my instincts nothing else 😉
      Lol Have your tea and enjoy the independence day 😉 Love youuuuuu !!!!!! 😛 😛

  13. Happy birthday for Pakistan and I hope you and my Pakistani brothers and sisters won’t be offended by my response.

    I don’t believe in any borders or nations. They are put there not by God or the people but by the politicians who seek to divide us so they can more easily exploit us.

    But the borders dividing Pakistan (and Bangladesh) from India are, in my opinion, some of the worst lines ever drawn on a map in the history of the world.

    With the possible exception of Ashoka, the subcontinent has never had a greater ruler than Akbar and he made the Mughal empire great by seeking to erase the divisions between people, not create them.

    And those who are calling for a final confrontation between India and Pakistan are calling for the burning of their cities and the extermination of millions. Could this really be the vision Iqbal and Jinnah had for the Muslims of the subcontinent? Hasn’t there already been enough death and suffering since the catastrophe of Partition?

    Can worshiping a nation run by politicians – even Imran Khan – be remotely the same as worshiping Allah no matter how paki that nation may be? Or is this just another form of idolatry?

    The only pure country is no countries. Only then might people join together as one. Surely if there is a god that is what he would want for his children.

    • Thank you so much and don’t worry we won’t be offended 🙂
      You know what ? I don’t believe in borders either ! Yes with these borders the politicians and leaders start thinking themselves as Gods of the innocent people !
      You are right….Those lines were worst and they created problems too ! But you know when I think of the martyrs of the people and how White people use to rule on Indians and Pakistanis, I really thank God for our freedom ! At least we are free here , not under anyone !
      No one is calling for that war. I just shared the predictions what ancient saints gave…. And I guess I don’t need to clear you what was their importance with all the knowledge and love of Allah with them…They didn’t wished for this fight….They predicted !!
      And the Indian “Jotishis” who give dates for everything even marriages, They have given dates for the war and they think if they don’t have a fight now, they won’t be successful in the war for the next hundred years. So it is clear we don’t want a fight….
      I don’t know what would be the thing that would initiate the war and when…..
      No one is worshiping the nation run by politicians…They all are the same evils with different faces just destroying country……
      I really wish this could happen…The no countries thing……That would be an ideal situation I guess but I don’t think I deal situations happen it this materialistic world !

      • Thanks for your open and accepting response.

        That was one of the most uncomfortable comments I have ever made – especially on a day like today. But it’s something I’ve felt strongly about for a long time.

        I hope I haven’t upset any of your readers.

      • No no don’t worry It won’t ! I love all my readers including you and you are more than welcome to share anything here !
        Every one has thoughts which differ to other people’s thoughts. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to share them !
        We learn by sharing and arguing ! 🙂

  14. Heyie Happy belated Independence day 🙂

  15. This is such an inspiring article! Loved reading.


  16. Wow! Quite a bit of feedback, right? Politics and religion are the 2 things I very rarely talk about on my blog. Go you for expressing your love of your country. I’m an Aussie and love all people races etc. We all bleed the same colour and have no control what the heads of our countries do. We just have to learn to be respectful of all people of all nations and religions. Happy belated Independence day to Pakistan.
    Hugs from Down Under. Paula xxxx

    • Lol yeah I am lucky to have these awesome people around me including you 🙂 You are right we all bleed in the same color ! Countries are mere boundaries which shouldn’t be there but they are !
      Yes being respectful to everyone is the key 🙂
      Thank you so very much !
      Hugs back and Lots of love 🙂 I love the bear in your picture 😉 Love you !

      • Haha!
        That White Pearl is called a Koala Bear. They are the cutest things ever and are native to Australia. They generally live in open Woodlands and inhabit the Eucalyptus trees. They love eating the leaves.
        Here in Perth tourists go to the Zoo, or a place called Whiteman Park. It has Kangaroos walking/hopping around and other native animals to Australia. I hope one day you get the chance to visit and hold one of these beautiful creatures.

        Hugs to you. Paula xxxxx

      • Awww He is such an adorable thing 😉 Love him ans yes I really wish to see all the beautiful animals including These bears and Kangaroos too Really Love them ❤
        I want to see how they can place their babies in their pockets 😉
        Thank you !
        Love and Hugs 🙂 xx

      • Be careful how you hold them though.

        One of our tourism ministers was famously scratched raw and pissed all over while holding a koala during a promotional photo shoot :).

      • Lol Oh why are all beautiful things scary too In a way 😉

      • Haha!

        This is so true! In Queensland one did a pee pee on me! Lol
        Still, they are so cute! Lol hugs xxx

  17. You know I felt so happy that you wrote an article like this 🙂 Thank you.

  18. Why would you apologize anyone for writing what you love..

  19. First of all I wish Pakistan a very very very Happy Birthday and should I say Independence Day too 🙂 It is very nice of you to be open minded and apologizing in advance is religious .. I believe .. for what we say on a good note may not be taken the same way by everyone ..
    Being an Indian who is literate enough to understand that Pakistan is actually run by self-centered people(and so is India but a little better forsure) and the hatred between India and Pakistan is being promoted by few with vested interests both sides of the borders. Bureaucrats and Politicians . I feel,in the first place , we were better without borders .. we would have had world’s strongest Cricket team 🙂 . The LOC has complicated things between people alike .. we kill in the name of land and in the name of Gods.
    Wars are sin ! In the name of religion .. all the more !! No God promote killing unnecessary and its we who have made unnecessary things a reason to kill.
    I confess, there are many posts on India Pakistan which may make you feel I am partial but trust me I know being a commoner, how a commoner feels .. be it any country.. following any faith .. Live and Let Live !! I have no personal grudge with Pakistan. I respect Pakistan and any other country for that matter because I respect my country and know what identity means.
    Moreover,Media shows and we express be it your land or mine!
    Nonetheless, I want to take this opportunity to let you know .. it is always amazing and optimistic to meet people like yourself , cross borders,who give hope that some day soon .. these opportunists will be over-powered by promoters of peace and harmony in your and my land!
    Insallah,Pakistan will not only remain but prosper because Malalas have raised voices.. sun will shine soon and the darkness of sword will be overcome by the lighting of pen !!

    • Hey ! Sorry for the late reply ! There was another problem with my wordpress, all the comments on my old posts were not visible in the comments area lol I guess I would be having more problems often 😉
      Thanks for the wish !
      Well I agree to your India Pak cricket team thought lol . Yes I know this hatred and conspiracies is between the top level people of both the countries…The common people are the same! No one has time to get out of his normal family life and do conspiracies against other countries…..
      I agree…No religion promotes killings !!
      Yes I read some of your cartoons on this topic and I don’t know…I never commented on them ! I thought I would be biased while writing any comment…
      Well yes it is always a pleasure for me too , to meet people from India ! I love their friendliness and caring nature 🙂
      InshAllah ! Ameen 🙂 Thank you for the beautiful wish 🙂 Love xx

  20. Thank God for people like you. Who ARE concerned about pakistan. I mean I see most people complaining about Pakistan. Anyways we all know Pakistan’s foundation was Lla illa ha illalah. The kalma touheed, negating any type of shirk, right? But what is happeining in Pakistan, its disheartening. The people of pakistan have been deluded and misguided to consider ‘democracy’ to be islamic way of governance and administration. Caliphate system of governance is the sole islamic style of administration based on Quran, Sunnah, ijma and qiyass. Legislation belongs to Allah almighty alone. So all those MNAs and MPAs who legislate sitting in parliament are clearly taking part in shirk. The whole system is based on shirk. And the sad thing is Imran Khan also donot say any thing different and islamic about way of governance. He is a nice man. And I wish he had made a call for Khilafat instead of taking part in this system of batil. May Allah give us all hidayah.

    • First of all, Thank you so much mam for visiting here an for the insightful comment ! I agree to your thoughts…. I am not sure if its a shirk or not…. Lets leave this thing between Allah and those people…But yes the system is all wrong…But it can not be changed at this stage…Pakistan is not in a position to change its system and stand against all other countries of the world…
      Yes I know Imran khan is not different than others…. But there are some things that intrigues me ! I hope Pakistan gets some good rulers !
      Yes…Ameen !
      And Thank you again…It was pleasure reading your thoughts !

      • Sister Pakistan need to stand for justice and truth against oppression. Amar bil maroof (to join good) o nahi un nill munkir( to forbid evil) is obligatory obligatory on every muslim individual and islamic system. To escape the wrath of Allah Pakistan need to stand for Tauheed against all kind of shirks. The hukum for establishing Khilafat is that its is FARZ, neither sunnat nor mustahab. We need to work for establishing islam on individual level, society and state level. 🙂
        Sister please go throug the link for some details. 🙂

      • You said it all right…MashAllah 🙂
        I am just going to see this link 🙂 Love xx

      • I pray Allah subhan Wa Ta’ala guide us all and give us hadayat. 🙂

      • Ameen 🙂

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