Turning To A Zombie


Days purposeless, lifeless

Nights sleepless, weep-less

Mind powerless, thinking-less

Heart feeling-less,Β emotionless

Eyes tear-less, fearless

A little brain making me alive

Turning to a Zombie, I survive

Those awake nights with tears

Have disappeared in fog

But still I stand filled with fears

With all the hollowness and less hope

I flow with the flow of life

A zombie walk on streets

He hunt people to survive

And I get my own meat to eat

Mind collapsed, fainted, wrecked

They hold secret of eternal life in it

Depression, pain and schizophrenic attacks

My forever friends no longer dwell

My life has possessed some weird days

A state between happiness and hell

A zombie life is indeed pleasant

Nothing to feel, Nothing to repent

Life is turning to a meaningless dream

Awareness-less, Search-less, direction-less

Praying , longing…… for pain, for screams

As Pain takes everything, gives everything, doubtless !

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  1. Oh yar,dara dya na subah subah…

  2. OMG. There is such a starkness of feeling. This post is so startling, you’ve left me somewhat speechless.

  3. There was a time not too long ago where I could not remember what a tear..a laugh..or even a smile felt like…A time much longer before that where life was all a smile…a time before that where the feelings where lost but still remembered… and a time before that where only smiles is life…

    In my opinion..the greatest thing to remember is that any ‘zombie’ can come back to life…if properly loved enough…xxlovexx….xxlovexx..

    Forgiving oneself is always the most important gift as far as I can see..

    As the only other person to blame is God and he is on this journey with us..never missing but sometimes not felt…always waiting patiently for us…

    Again..please remember my comments here are never personal and always for a greater purpose…

    My love for you as human will never change…my friend…

    IN other words please again understand the comments are only temporal and never lasting my friend…

    I continue to learn and am cautious not to let logic win my mind again…and spirit of course too…as the logic is the zombie and the emotion is the life…

    Even sadness is stronger than zombie in everyday..way..I see…as long as I flow like a hawk in a golden spiral in the sky…

    I did not sleep at all from 9/4 to 9/6 not meeting my two hour requirement..my Ramadan never ends…my friend…

    Best thoughts to you love…the sacred love..that IS

    IT IS…


    My friend.

    • Yes everyone has a past…and mostly a painful one ! You fought with it bravely !
      Yes may be a zombie could come back to life if it is real !
      Thank you for loving me πŸ™‚
      And thank you for all the good words !
      Not sleeping is never called as Ramadan .
      Thank you ! Love to you too and Sorry for the late replies !

      • I did not say Ramadan was not sleeping…while it may not be part of your Ramadan it is part of my parable Ramadan my friend..parables are not usually meant to be taken literally my friend… and while you use this literary device beautifully it does not seem you can distinguish the metaphors of my parables from literal but this may be a gap in different language communication… Otherwise it is reflective…again..of the broader autism spectrum..but..I.. digress..

        You knowNow I rarely forget words and I remember your 15 days statement about 3weeks ago.. I take statements like that literally and am glad you are ok your lows are starting to seem worrisome if you will .. But I intuit you are adapting in your ‘on’ way which is positive.. I think..

        My ..eye.. On .. Friend..ion..parable..please remember parables Is often what ‘HE’ writes for me..maybe not for you my friend.. but.. YEs.. For my friend H’s friend…


      • Ok I understand.
        I know I am being late in replying….Sorry for that. I am busy and I will soon be free again.
        I hope you can wait πŸ™‚
        Love you.

  4. Your poem drew one from me


    Does it mean anything?

    • Oh yes , Everything ! I was feeling the same….
      I gave these feelings somehow a dramatic picture and you kept them nice and simple…..and way more beautiful !

  5. If I may say…I loved your poem too Cabrogal…particularly the word shapes as crosses and bells..

    EArlier in my Katiemiaaghogday.blogspot.com blog when I talked about my pains and loss of emotions similar symbols appeared…especially in something I wrote called ‘see in eleven’…

    This symbolic expression is part of what gained me back my faith and hope..

    In seeing these similarities in life IT is hard for me to ever disagree that humans are connected with each other in a ‘supraorganism’ of mind way..if even if they are fully consciously unaware of IT…too….

    I’ll probably link that blog post of yours somewhere too in mine as well…too many ‘coincidences’ not too..if you will…2

  6. Oh My Sweet, Little Sister!

    You sound so sad. I don’t blog very much on weekends as I don’t always get a chance. Generally I delete weekend posts, or I just can’t keep up. But when I saw your post heading, I had to see if your okay? It seems not. 😦
    Have you had a bad last few days? I’m really sorry if you have. we should jump on your bed and have a pillow fight! Lol That will make you laugh and us both fall over!! Lol Probably me first. πŸ™‚ I hug you little sister and are sending you all my love and sunshine. Keep smiling our White Pearl. Hugs Big Sis xxxxxxx

    • Hey my sweet big sis ! I am sorry again for replying such late. I was busy 😦
      I am okay at the moment, was not at that moment when I wrote this piece. I guess life always plays with you !
      I love you for feeling so much for me….
      Aww I just love pillow fight lol but I never had anyone to fight with 😦 It would be awesome with you πŸ˜›
      Love you and big tight hugs ! You are the best sis in the world πŸ™‚
      Love you forever ❀ :-*

  7. photo scared me… but what really scared me is the fact that i can relate in so many ways to this…

    • I am sorry you could relate….
      The photo is not scary…Just look at the innocence in the eyes !!
      Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ xx

      • Just look at the innocence in the eyes !!

        If those eyes were looking my way I don’t think I’d be giving her the benefit of the doubt regarding innocence.

        Love the pic though.

      • But Thank God…It’s just a picture πŸ˜‰

  8. Pehli baat to yaar… daraa diya tune… I mean look at her…

    And secondly… itni jaldi zombie ban gayi? Had hoti hai yaar… Isi liye paida kiya tha tere mummy papa ne tujhe? Matlab… Kuchh bhi?

    A person dies the moment he thinks he is dead… Never ever loose hope because that is the only thing we have.

    Chal ab jaldi se zombie se insaan ban ja… Kal Laddoo khana hai ki nahi? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Daant kaisi lagi? πŸ˜›

  9. Lalarukh!!! DARA diya seriously! I dont want to see that photo, please bhui.
    And the poem, the words are great, but the feelings are painful indeed. Pain does take away all worries, thats what I believed until today. Someone has been telling me not to dwell over emotions. I will write a post later to tell what that someone has to teach.

  10. Kidhar sey dhoonda aisi tasveer ? Raat ki neendh bhi kho gayi ab.
    It’s like from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, or some Hollywood Horror stuff.
    Cheer up, Lady ! More things to Life than this.

    • Ye tasveer meri he samajh len …..Bus thori kam drawni hun me πŸ™‚
      Haha !! I had ‘The Walking Dead’ In my mind when I wrote this.
      Thanks sir !

  11. The only way to truly walk in light is to fully face dark without fear…I have to agree that White Pearl is on a path that WILL LEAD Her to the TRUE PATH OF LIGHT for her one true WILL as only hers with ONE..if she WILLs with ONE…as one with ONE…and ALL of US

    Those that cannot face the DARK that White Pearl shows here have likely not seen this dark….YET…but AS ALWAY in everyone’s life as living..there is more to come….as we all end up as one…with ONE…in my personal true will opinion…

    I can relate to this poem of yours as there have been times I’ve felt the same but

    “A state between happiness and hell

    A zombie life is indeed pleasant

    Nothing to feel, Nothing to repent

    Life is turning to a meaningless dream

    Awareness-less, Search-less, direction-less

    Praying , longing…… for pain, for screams

    As Pain takes everything, gives everything, doubtless !”

    These lines say alot!

    All i can say is hold on my dear! Trust me ‘This shall pass’. Insha Allah!

    PS: Sorry again for not commenting on your posts but this time i have to blame wordpress as they creates so many problems for my just because i changed my blog url.
    I wasn’t able to comment on anyone’s post

  13. WOOO …. I find myself at loss for words ….!!!

    I mean what do you say when you feel that … some one just opened you up … read your mind and heart, your worries and fears … and just recited it all back to you … you are just left dumbfounded ….!!!

    I feel we are not even zombies or even machines …. even they have a purpose … Zombies have a purpose to eat … every machine has a purpose for which its built …!!!

    We … …. … I mean everyday I getup … I eat … go to work … come back … eat then go to sleep … and the same next day … and the next day …!!!

    All of us have the same question … at least I ask the same question from myself every day … Is this the purpose of my life???… Aaaaaand … … NO ANSWER!!!

    I mean i know about all the bigger purpose … Iqbal’s Dard-e-Dil … and all … but still why I still feel lost … why there is darkness … instability … uncertainty … fear … depression … why sometimes I feel suicidal … I won’t … I know that it haraam … dont worry abt it … but there are moments you know …. like sometimes when I am on my bike … mera dil karta hai k teez kar k kisi cheez mai maar du … for no specific reason … just to feel what it would be like …. Is it just me … please tell me its not just me….!!!

    This whole thing drives me NUTSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    • You ? And at loss for words ? Impossible !!
      I am amazed to hear you feel the same…Like really !
      Yes Yes…… A purposeless life….. We were never born to pass it this way.
      I feel the same yaar…Mera b dil kerta hai Kabi kabi k knife le k apni nabz kaat lun….I will never do that muje Allah tala ki Lanat nae leni…
      But I don’t know why…I sometimes use to make a full story in my mind how I will kill myself and how would everyone react and you know…..
      I can understand…It is a part of you….and me
      Sorry for replying late….again. Meray finals hain 7th oct se….. I will be completely free after then.

      • Well that was just a figure of speech … my way of appreciating your work … I mean its me we are talking about yaar … come on … ME … at loss for words …. HAHAHAHAHAA πŸ˜€

        Es mai heraan hone wali kya baat hai … mai ne to tuje pehle he kaha tha … we are soo muck alike … sometime it even creeps me out … Brrrrrrrrrrrr … weird na … lolx :p

        Well there is one thing I can tell you … However, you thing the people will react, it will b the opposite … if there is one thing you can count upon people … It that they will NEVER FAIL to disappoint you …. :p

        Well Its a relief to know that I am not alone in this … really …!!!

        Take care and focus on your studies for now … that should be your priority for now … and I wont mind a late reply … I can make exceptions … now and then … hahaha πŸ˜‰

        Stay Blessed … Love …x xxx x x x x x x x x x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ……………..!!!!!! πŸ˜€

      • Lol pehli baar samajhdaari ki baat ki thi tum ne wo b ab pher stupidity me badal di πŸ˜€
        Yes it is creeping me out too πŸ˜› How can we be the same ? lol SO weird πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
        I was actually talking about my parents and brothers how would they react…..
        I know people never fail to disappoint πŸ™‚
        Oh yes it is always a relief for me too….
        See I replied real fast this time πŸ˜› The reason is I am home this weekend πŸ™‚
        You too stay blessed and stop making fun of my xxx’s okaay πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

      • Ab tuje kitni baar to bataya hai … mai bus apne talent per garoor nahi karta…!!! hahahaha πŸ˜€

        Well i have found at least one difference … I have never bin a topper in any class … hehehe :p
        It not that i cant … Alhamdulillah, by grace of Alah Pak I hav always had the potential… bus kabhi priority nahi rahi … you know … like a shouq k ji 1st aana hai … wagera wagera … shayad shru se parhai ka maqsad mere liye yehi raha … to become a better human being … rather than a better earning machine or those awards or medals … And Alhumdulillah Allah Pak didn’t disappoint me there … I have had teachers who not only taught me the worldly education but also gave spiritual enlightenment … and in that I have always been lucky and grateful to Allah Pak … so there you go…!!! πŸ™‚

        As far as my opinion is concerned I would say best of luck with them as well …!!!

        Well good for you … I hope you are enjoying your time with them …!!!

        Tu to aise lar rahi hai jaise ye khali “xxx” balke tera “Ex-” ho …. hahahhaahahahahaha πŸ˜€

        xyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxy aaaand Z …. again πŸ˜€

      • Oh Please kerin b mat kabi πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
        Okaay but top kerna meri b kabi priority nae rae….. pehlay is leay perti thi metric se pehlay k meray parents khush hotay thay…aik yei tareeka tha meray pass une khush kerne ka.
        Pher ab is leye perhti hun kyun k muje perhna acha lagta hai….. Computer science is the field I am in love with now….
        Meray pass kills hain jo meri class me sirf 2 ya 3 students k pass hain per you know what ? Ye skills aur ye Gpa meray kisi kaam ka nae hai.
        Mera future meray parents decide ker chukay hain…kabi kabi dil kerta hai chor dun perh k kya ho jana hai per pher jab exams atay hain apnay fav subjects daikhti hun tu perhnay ka khudi dil kerta hai…kabi ye nae socha k top kerun gi isleye perhna hai.
        Is leye mene kaha tha k wo dua na ker jo muje chaye e nae….
        Sari life happiness aur contentment k peechay bhaagi hun, sab kuch mila ye 2 cheezain nae milin !
        You are lucky you found people who taught you the things that were important….
        I never found any teachers , parents or friends who taught me things you were taught…. I found every single thing by myself….. Khud se experience ker k aur thokrain kha ka….
        you are lucky !
        And you must know now I wasn’t showing off !!
        Show off banda us cheez pe kerta hai jis pe wo proud feel kerta ho…. Meray pass kuch b nae hai show off kerne ko.

        Hahaha nae mera ex tu nae hai tera na ho ye pata nae πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
        lol ok full abc till z πŸ˜›

      • Oooo … heloooooo … mai ne to bus casually aik baat he ki thi … tu kidr apne dukhrey le kar baith gai … acha bhala mood tha mera … udaas kar diya na … 😦

        Aur itni gai guzri bhi nahi hai tu … kitney log hain yahaan who care about you and love you … aur kitney hain yahaan jo teri jaan k dusman bhi hain … like ME … lolx

        I know parents have there own place … But I also know k happiness chahe bande k apne bas mai na ho … contentment is a choice … you can be content with what you have now … and pray for a better future … In fact one of the most favorite Amal that a person can do for Allah Pak is to be content in whatever condition Allah Pak keeps you and praise Allah Pak … Abi do waqiaat yaad aa rehe hain es refrence mai kal sunao ga tuje…!!!

        Aur muje pata hai yaar … you were not … i was just joking … meri har baat ko itna serious na lia kar … taang keech raha tha tri …!!! πŸ˜€

        Nahi ye mera bhi Ex nahi hai … chor yaar ye Ex wax ki baatain … udaas na kar phir … lolx :p

        Mai to Alif, bay, pay likhu ga … hahaha πŸ˜€

      • Me logun ko udaas kerne k leye e tu paida hue hun πŸ˜›
        Koi nae hai…aj mer jaun gi tu yehi log 2 din yad rakhain gay pher bhool jaen gay k me exist b kerti thi kabi. Ye tu auqaat hai insaan ki !
        Yes you are right…contentment is a choice. But what if you know the target where you can feel contentment and you have already felt it for a very short time aur pher wo cheez cheen li jaay ap se…. Tu bara mushkil ho jata hai yaar. I accept everything I live with everything but I can’t be contented with everything…..
        Allah keray aik aisa din ay jab ho jaun but I am not right now. llah ka shuker hai….. Her cheez k leye but I can’t mold my heart into this.
        Haan g pata hai…emotional ho gae thi πŸ˜›
        Na na tu udaas na huen tuje kon sambhalay ga πŸ˜›
        Jo merzi likh le πŸ˜› xxx

      • Le fer tu start ho gayi … jo marzi kar le mai nai maanana k tu es duniya ki mazloom tareen makhlooq hai … haan agar tu ye kahe k tu khalai makhlooq hai to shayad maan jau …. hahahaha πŸ˜€

        Acha bhool jain ge phir … es mai itni tensn wali kya baat hai … tuje koi faraq pare ga us waqat … ya fout hone k baad bhi reney dhooney ka plan he hai tera … :p

        Wese bhi es mai logo ka fault nai hai … its something that Allah Pak has built-in into us… Sabar to Allah Pak deta hai … Sabar to us Maa ko bhi aa jata hai jis ka iklota beta us se bichar jye… ager ye na ho to tamaam insaan wese he phagal ho gye…!!!
        Wese bhi its not the point … baat kahi aur he nikal gyi … the point is abhi to hum sb log itni parwa karte hain na teri … aik din k liye gaib hoti hai to sub preshaan ho jaate hain … inbox bhur jata hai … jub tu nikal le gi na … to fikar na kar aa jya karu ga har saal chane wale chaawal khaney … πŸ˜€

        So the waqiaat … Aik to I think Sheikh Saadi (Allah Pak Bless him) un ka hai … I am gonna try to fully narrate it in English so others can benefit from it as well … Once his living condition was so bad that he even had no sole or shoe to wear … and had to walk miles bare footed … until there were blotches on his feet … and MERELY … a thought grazed his mind … that I am a scholar and I am so close to Allah Pak … And I love him so much … why then is it so that I don’t even have a footwear or a shoe to wear on my feet … and just as this thought came into his mind …. He saw a guy who had no feet … In an instant he went in to Sajda (bowed) before Allah Pak … Begged for forgiveness and praised him for granting him feet…!!!
        The other one is about two guys … one who lived in the city … and by the grace of Allah Pak was very well off … and he spent that money which Allah Pak gave him, with two hand, in Allah Pak’s way … giving charity … and it was said no man would turn away from his door empty handed … and then he would praise Allah Pak’s greatness, be thankful and humbled for his blessing … and Allah Pak granted him more … again and spent and then praised Allah Pak … and Allah Pak would bless him even more … and the continued … At the same time there was another guy … who was so poor … he didn’t even have clothes to cover his body … since it was desert city … he had took refuge behind a sand hill beside the road to guard his modesty … someone told him about that guy in the city … and how he kept on spending … and still he would always have more to distribute among needy … so he faced toward the sky and said to Allah Pak … Why he had blessed the other guy with soo much wealth and … hadn’t blessed him enough so that he can buy clothes … Its said that at that moment a wind came and blew away the sand hill that he was using to cover himself … this is a story told for the lesson … that we should always be grateful to Allah Pak and praise him in no matter what condition he keeps us in … and that is one of the favorite quality … gratefulness, humbleness and contentment…!!!

        Aaye ga Inshallah … bohot pereshan na ho … Insaan to wese he nashukra hai … ye qualities to bazurgo aur Auliya Allah ki hoti hain … en per aaney mai bohot zayada waqt, mehnat aur lagan ki zaroorat hai … bus Insaan ko apni koshish pori karni chahiye … aur Allah Pak se maangna chahiye …!!!

        typically … sentimental .. and silly girl …!!! πŸ˜€

        Teri baat bhi theek hai …. muje kon sambhale ga … wese koi nahi Allah Pak hain na … And i know I can always count on you … πŸ˜€

        French kaisi rehe gi … hahahaha ..!!!

        Love ya … stay blessed…!!!

  14. LOVELIGHTLOVELook forward..walk backward..read forward..write backward… BebnowKnowNwonKonenoseyesayesONEISALISONE

  15. Sorry, forgot to mention above that I am going to the beach again for the 3rd time this summer to celebrate the beginning of the 9/11 Nile flood calendar and no hurricane floods here this year…but my sister who has visions that do come true dreams a monument of apocalyptic proportions arises out of the bay.. So I can only guess that we may or may not see a flood of somekind.. But I know you say you love the beach and there will be more pictures later on my Flickr feed on my wordpress blog.. Again glad you are doing ok.. I was starting to miss you love…

  16. Just to let you know I finished my post about the beach.. It’s not about zombies or the walking dead but it is about Friday the 13th…I like math…smiles…and the Sun2…there are over 300 photos of the beach like ‘you’ are there..if you will…


    gotta go go go go! as usual….light and all that stuffff…yaknownow…

    And here’s the link to make IT easy…


    to find IT that IS…

  17. Tu phir gaayab ho gayi na … woh bhi bagair bataye … !!! :@

    Maar to nahi khani tu ne … dil kar raha hai do lagu…!!! :p

    Missing you and our arguments and our fights and you crazy posts … come back soon …!!!

    I pray to Allah Pak and hope that every thing is well and good … !!!

    Stay blessed … love xx..!!!

    • OOOoooppssssss … just saw you reply on my comment… Dont know why I didn’t get a notification this time…!!!

      I had been waiting to hear from you ever since i got back from my trip … guess something happened with the wordpress notification … please disregard what I said in the above comment … jazbaat ki ro mai beh gya tha …. Sorry (kaan pakar kar) …!!! πŸ™‚

      I wish THE BEST OF LUCK for your finals … will pray especially for your success … By the grace of Allah Pak you will do great … Inshallah … I have full confidence … !!!

      Stay Blessed … Love … xx !!! πŸ˜€

    • Haha mene abhi reply kia tha I guess tum ne b saath e ye comment kis tha That’s why you didn’t get a notification in time !!

      • Dua jo bhi mile na … kushi kushi qabool karni chahiye … itne nakhre karne ki zaroorat nahi hai … eni tu president nai lagi hui … !!! πŸ˜€

        “Pehlay e topper”… kia batane ki koshish kar rahi hai tu …. Show-off …!!! :p

  18. OMC, White Pearl, you scare the …beeep… out of me. The picture is terrible, but the writing is heartfelt and sad. I hope you’re feeling better by now. Sending you some extra softly and cheer-up Pawkisses for the weekend and lots of love from Granny. Take care my furriend πŸ™‚

    • I am sorry you found it scary :-S I loved it though πŸ˜‰
      Thanks πŸ™‚ I love you both and I am good πŸ™‚
      Aww the extra soft paw kisses are the best ones to cheer me up πŸ˜‰ Love them forever ❀
      You too take lots of sweet care πŸ™‚

  19. What a great response you’re getting, White Pearl!

    You wanna give me some tips on how to give my readers nightmares.

    • I never intended to give my readers , nightmares lol I guess my thoughts are naturally scary !

    • HAHAHAHA …. exactly my point …. I have already told her … she would make an excellent horror novelist ….. πŸ˜€

      • Lol No I won’t πŸ˜›

      • yes … you will …!!!

        Pearl: No I wont…

        Mani: Yes you will

        Pearl: Nope…

        Mani: Yes …

        Pearl: No…

        Mani: Yes …

        Pearl: No…

        Mani: Yes …

        Well we can either keep on doing this … or we can move on … hahahahaha πŸ˜€

      • Lol Baray chalaak ho πŸ˜›

      • Woh to mai hoon … dekh kitna time bacha liya mai ne hum ono ka … aur end mai jeetna to mai ne he tha … kyun k mere se zyada dheet to koi haai he nahi na…!!! LOLx πŸ˜€

      • Ye b koi batanay ki baat hai πŸ˜› Tum champion ho dheetun k πŸ˜›

  20. Haha! speaking of nightmares..I don’t like to do that either…but sometimes people tell me I do that..

    Anyway..remember above as I was talking about my sister dreaming about the monument arising out of the bay?

    Well…I know my post was really really long and thanks for liking IT anyway…

    But in all those pictures there were two kinda very special pictures..

    One was the faint image of a Lion in the Parking Lot lights at Burger King..when I was calling the little wild kitty that looked like a miniature lion…in that parking lot..

    And the other was what looks like the shadow of ‘Nibiru’ behind the Sun at the Beach where i took that picture with my iphone…on 9112013…

    Well optical illusions and all of that of course…but as we knownow from modern science everything we see in this world is an illusion based on past experience anyway…so what is psychologically meaningful..in the most real of ways is reality anyway…

    Yeah that last sentence was kinda deep excuse me and hope IT was not inappropriate..

    But here are the pictures….as I certainly wouldn’t want you to have to wait the time IT would take to load my post again..i am indeed more than fortunate that my internet and computer are extremely fast…

    ‘Nibiru’..the optical illusion that IS…if you haven’t heard of the mythology associated with ‘Nibiru’ IT is in Google easily found..and sure hope that Flickr is not censored in your country too..if you cannot see the pictures let me know and I will try to link the Word Press direct link instead..that is..if you are interested…lovexx..blessings…and all that stuff2…f


    And here is the picture with the faint image of Lion in the Lights..


  21. Just to let you know my last comment has 2links and may get placed in spam..if you don’t see it in your regular moderation window..thanks white pearl..lovexx

  22. Please..if you will.. let me know specifically about anything you are confused about and I will certainly explain in detail..love..xx

  23. Picture is horrifying πŸ™‚
    But the poem kinda defines me too.
    These days am just like zombie its just no body notices……….

  24. Cute Picture

  1. dissociation | Neurodrooling

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