I Am Getting Married.

Yes I am getting married. It took me 1 and a half YEAR to realize this single reality…I am getting married.

Though the things beyond this fact are blur. Getting married to whom ? What do I feel ? Why I am doing this ? Why is all this happening ? Everything is blur.

I am going to be a computer scientist in another month. I Love my field now . I got the highest grades and GPA In my class. I am a so called intelligent student in the eyes of teachers. And yet….I am getting married. Just after the completion of my studies.

People say me to be optimistic about my future ! Can I ? Yes I know I should………..!!

The one I wished to pass all my life with….saw all my future dreams with….planned my future with…..is lost in the fog of time and fate !

The one I am going to have a future with….. I never thought about him….I have no feelings , an empty heart for him. This is the future I have to look up to !

I don’t know If I won’t be getting married , I would be doing any job or studying further , My life would be better in Future.

I don’t know either my life would be good with all that seems obvious. I don;t know anything. I am confused.

It took me 1 and a half year to realize the fact that I am getting married. I don’t know how much time I would take to accept the person of my fate.

My Allah and then my parents chose him for me…..and I accepted their wish…with my eyes closed. I couldn’t kill the happiness of my parents . I never gave them any happiness except this one. I am not selfish.

That was the time I stopped wishing for myself. Its hard when you get wounds all over your soul….by the broken pieces of your dreams….and you find no remedy…..no cure.

I have made room for pain in my heart. I know I have to live with what I am given I know I have to accept and I have to Move on !!

It is a difficult task.

Anyway…… I am getting married on 15th February 2014 and You all are Invited.


There should be some caring people to give me their shoulder. After all I need four of them. After all ‘Red’ color is getting ‘white’ for me. After all my marriage may be my funeral.







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  1. Heartfelt pain and agony yet its the story and fate of 90% of the girls in your country and in other Middle-Eastern countries.Personal happiness and future are naught in parents mind ,They still tread their daughters as if they are their property do with them what ever pleases them.Dowry and the rest of the ritual are nothing but slavery.The daughter sacrifices her happiness to please her parents and to keep peace within the family.Getting married ,having children become the new life the present life becomes an oblivion of the past.You are an intelligent young lady will succeed in your life.May the heavens give you happiness and bless you.

    • I agree with you point to some extent Jalal… I would never say happiness and future is not in the minds of our parents…Do you know any parent who can think bad about his child’s future ? Perhaps No.. Every parent wants a better future for their children and that is why In Eastern , despite many youngsters have to give sacrifice of their dreams, they have a splendid future ! Parents posses more wisdom than youngsters and they can decide much better future for their children. Divorce ratio here is much less than that of West.
      Thank you so much for your prayers and wishes Jala 🙂 I really appreciate them…. Have a good day ! 🙂 xx

  2. wishing you all the best ,congratulation .You have a strong personality and you are an intelligent young lady ,you will make the best wife in the world,he is very luck man.You can make your new life a wonderful flowers garden where happiness and success live side by side.jalal

  3. Hehe, white pearl, i read your post and laughed out loud ! 😀 Around me, I’ve never seen a girl who would relate her marriage to a ‘funeral’. A normal girl would consider the word a jinx, believe me! So, first of all, kudos to your realistic attitude and secondly, I think you’re being just a little bit too realistic. Attract positivity towards yourself by thinking positive and believe me, you’ll be happy, inshaAllah. I’m glad that you’ve completed your bachelors. Educated women have better,successful married lives along with the prayers that they’re showered with. And I can see that you’ve got MANY prayers and best wishes from all around the world by your side! 🙂
    And now, to some sound advice. Always hope for the best from Allah, because He’s the only One you can count upon so moping won’t help a bit. Pray for yourself and your future and then have firm belief that your prayers are going to be answered.
    And lastly, girl, why are you taking such a burden upon your shoulders when you don’t even know what life has in store for you? 😀 Take a chill pilllllll and relaaaxxx. It’s easier to do that instead of raising your cortisol levels in anticipation (plus it helps you stay younger for longer 😉 )
    So stop being like Mopey the dwarf and lighten up! God writes the best love stories so don’t for a moment think that if given the chance you could’ve chosen a better life partner for yourself. Best of luck, silly! I feel like I’m talking to my younger sister here! 😀

    • Well I have never seen anyone laughing on someone’s pain too 😛 You are too realistic too 😉
      Well jokes apart…Thank you so much for all your advises and good wishes…they mean a lot to me ! I do have hope…I do have a positive thinking … I just poured out what was in my mind that time. I know Allah will always be on my side….. Love you for saying all that !
      Ok I am taking a chilll pilllllll as you say 😛
      You are very right…. Allah Writes the best love stories !

  4. congRAJulations 🙂

  5. You’ll be just fine. Everything happens for a reason and with a strong faith like yours, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, Live in the present moment. Whats suppose to happen will happen and shall happen by any means. Then whats the point in worrying over it, no?
    Just pray for a better future and leave everything in Allah’s hands and you’ll be just fine my sweetheart.
    I’m here to talk to you anytime you want. You are welcome to E-mail me or chat with me if you need someone to talk to.
    I know you already have a lot of blogger friends here, I hope I’m of help too 🙂

  6. Congratulations.

  7. First of all many many Congratulations and it is a fact that whom we love,we want,we need,and to whom we share our live and feelings that never becomes our and we have to face something and someone else in our lives that what because:
    What we want we never get
    What we don’t want we get
    Allah says
    IF you want me to do things what you want
    So,you should do the things what i want…..
    You have completed your studies and you are an optimist,positive and mature girl and you know what is good and bad so i can say for sure that you will handle your coming days very well.Just be positive and leave all up to the one who has written your whole life before you decide.
    SO be happy dear,it doesn’t matter what your parents have decided i know it hurts very much and it will be difficult for you to accept and face the future problems and may be you become stress and think something stupid like me 🙂 so don’t do it and according to my experience with life;best people are the ones who smile when life tricks them and laugh when they trick life,,,who compete the life and defeat the challenges of life.
    Remember;you can never reach to your floor in building without climbing stairs…..
    Means you can never get your aims without facing problems;;;;
    A quote
    “Everyone needs happiness,no one needs pain,but it is impossible to get rainbow without rain”
    LONG MSG NA,,,,,,,
    Life brings
    kabi khushi kabi ghum
    When it ends
    Na tum jano na hum
    So lets pray,who knows
    Kal ho na ho
    When you are in solitude,just think
    hum sath sath hain
    But whenever you need a friend
    Mey hoo na 🙂 🙂
    Keep smiling shweety

  8. Pretty facts told in a beautiful way


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