The Day When Personal Passion Was Sacrificed For The Highest Love

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Hundreds of years ago….. A perfect complete home with a father and a son included. Both of them were filled with the same beautiful Love and compassion that is an essence of human nature since first man was forged into the world.

Father once had a dream, a hallucination, that he is sacrificing his son for Allah. Back in those times, Allah used to communicate with people through definite signs, How felicitous and fortunate they were !

The next night . he again witnessed the very dream. Postulating it to be a true one, as all his former dreams proved out to be true, He conceived from it that Allah demanded a sacrifice from him. In order to accomplish Allah’s command, he sacrificed a herd of camels and disseminated the meat among the poor.

Repeatedly in the following nights he witnessed the same dream and did the same sacrifices. Still, the dream didn’t cease. Then he had second thoughts.

He called his beloved son and elaborated him the story , he said “O my son! I have seen you being sacrificed in a dream; what do you say?”(The Quran: 37:102)

The son, being aware of the fact that his father is a prophet of Allah, replied without any reluctance: “O my father! Do what you are commanded; if God please, you will find me of the patient ones” — (The Quran: 37:102).

The father , the son and his mother…. everyone though being anxious and shaken inside, were delighted and overjoyed over getting a chance to serve Allah. How sacramental they were !

Fatherly tender Love and child’s fond affection was going to be sacrificed for the Greater Divine. On their way to alter, they were distracted and horrified by the Satan but they didn’t let anything come in their way.

At the Altar the son threw himself prostrate before his illustrious father, who blindfolded as he was, lest his parental love should come in the way, applied the knife to his son’s throat. An exemplary conduct of complete submission to the will of Allah; sacrificing his only son in His way! The soul of Abraham within himself was praising the Lord, saying: “My prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for God, the Lord of the worlds”.

Angels stood metamorphosed, as it were, into lifeless pictures and overcome by extreme anxiety. 

“God is great; God is great; God is great; God is great; There is no Allah, but He. And God is great; All praise for God.”

My words and my wisdom is not enough to pen down the great light and the essence of that very happening….

Abraham was about to cut the throat of his only son. But lo! He heard a voice from Above:

“O Abraham! you have indeed shown the truth of the Vision; thus We reward the doers of good. Surely this is a manifest trial” — (The Quran: 37:104-106).

The Patriarch laid down the knife and there was rejoicing mingled with thanksgiving that God had accepted the Sacrifice. It dawned on him what his Vision really meant – viz., that what God wanted was not the blood of his son but the sacrifice of that highest of love which a father has for his son and vice-versa. It was the sacrifice of personal passion that was acceptable to God and that was done both by the father and the son. The father and son fell down in prayer praising their Lord.

From that day, to commemorate this outstanding act of sacrifice (qurbani) by Prophet Abraham, people sacrifice a lamb, goat, ram or any other animal on Eid-ul-Adha and give the meat to friends, neighbors, relatives and the needy. Eid is celebrated with a great zeal and enthusiasm by the Muslims all over the world.

In-spite of judging the intentions of other people behind the sacrifice, Can’t we just do our part honestly ?

I wish all My brothers and sisters a very Happy Eid Mubarik ! People who are away for Hajj , a very warm Congratulations to them too ! 

Eat lots of meat (only your part 😉 ), get fat and remember me in your prayers 🙂



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  1. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!
    Taqab’ba-lal-laahu Minna wa Minki.

  2. Kareem Eid, May this be a joy filled celebration for you and your Islamic community. Asaalam Wa alakium.

  3. Wonderful post, and a very happy Eid Mubarak! 🙂

  4. Indeed this story teaches us lot of things many times I read this story back in school..But looking at today’s world..God will surely be sorry for what we Humans have achieve…

    Anyways..A Very Very Happy Eid Mubarak Rukh..May all you wish come true and also eat lots of meat(in case you are vegetarian,never-mind) and get fat like a balloon filled with happiness.. 😉

    • Yes….But God has always known what we humans have been doing…
      Thank you so much 🙂 Eid Mubarik to you too… Haha I am not vegetarian and I did ate meat 😛 Not a lot though.
      And I won’t get fat 😛 I wish that at least ;0

      • Hmmm..So you had a great Eid I guess.. 😀
        And Generally Girls don’t get fat easily because you know they are like–Oh my God What will happen If I get fat types–I am saying this from Personal Experience.. 😛

      • You can see that 😉
        Haha well I am not like those typical girls so… 😉 Yes I believe in staying healthy but I am not like oh I should be skinny or anything….
        Lol I am sure your ‘personal experience’ believes in staying smart for you 😉

      • Hmmm..That’s what I meant to say–Living Healthy..But U Know Girls have almost a different definition of Healthy..Well almost all the Girls share the same thought..;)

  5. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!
    this is a wonderful story, written with humblest of words..
    My prayers and goodwill for you dear Author!

    • Thank you so much ! Eid Mubarik to you too and you have some festivals going on too … Wish you happy days 🙂
      Thanks for liking my story ! This author loves you dear reader 😉

  6. Eid Mubarak! Insightful story… 🙂

  7. The Haj and Eid ul adha is the commeration of the sacrifice of one man, one woman and a child. Each made untold sacrifices and was accepted by Allah and set as a religious practice till the day of Qiyaamah. The culmination of all these sacrifices was a special dua Ibraheem a.s made for a Nabi to come who will establish Allah’s Deen in this world. What a beautiful acceptance of this dua in the personality of no other than Rasoolullah s.a.w.
    The gist is that we see what is the effect when all three categories( men, women and children) of the ummah are prepared to give what they have for Allah, this world will see the ideal life Allah wants from us.
    Nice post Lalarukh. Always be like this. Positive. It suits you

    • You are so right… Thank you so very much for providing us the insight…. Your comments are always that informative and wonderful 🙂 JazakAllah !
      Thank you so very much ! I will try my best to stay positive 🙂 Need you always to boost me up 🙂 xx

      • I happy your heart is receptive to the truth without reservation. Always stay like his and you will go far in life.

  8. That was an eye-opener story who has no clue about Eid:) Wish you and your family a happy Eid..
    Lovey your blog, Keep going:)

  9. Well as always the similarities between what Mohammad teaches and the real historical Jesus teaches are to close to same..

    And ‘hear’ is the thing that you might be ‘hearing’ if you listen closer to these words..

    A person who truly loves Allah or God as IT may be in Jesus or Mohammad teachings..will go against anyone to support that love for GOD and ALLah..yess..what this means..


    I have to disagree! with my mother no matter if IT loses her love when she excludes GOD or ALLAH’s love for any other..homosexual or whatever…and yeah..I realize you don’t exclude love for homosexuals.. you ‘just’…in my opinion unfortunately..believe they are diseased..and not a part of religion as supported by the book of religion you read..

    But here is the even greater ‘thing’ of ALLAH and/or GOD a person who truly wants to BE thIS LOVE AND LIGHT of ALLAH or/AND GOD will even go against the words in a book attributed to ALLAH OR/AND GOD…if ALLAH AND GOD as the SAME speaks appropriately to their HEART NOW..

    But here IS the other ‘THing’…and worded for the metaphorical and not the literal…who the ‘hELl’ tOLD you that prophets of yesterday cannot be SAME..NOW…

    Only a man or a woman my friend…

    NOT A GOD or an ALLAH….

    And Yeah ..just my as ALLAHGOD speaks to my heart everymoment of NOW in perfect HARMOnY for me..and only we ALL must find our paths someway somehow..that ring true for you or US or yOURS…

    So smiles and love IS ALL..

    And just a suggestion here..if you ever think that taking this next step in marriage..will take your higher love for ALLAH away..IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO LISTEN TO THE WORDS AND REALLY HEAR WHAT yOuR prophet has to say….

    HEReNOW as the words and meanings are the what Jesus teaches to me…





  10. This story always makes me cry ! I wish we follow the footsteps of those selfless people.. We aren’t truthful to our own selves even !
    Eid ul Azha Mubarak to you too 🙂

    • You are so right ! I hope we feel the true essence of this festival.
      Thank you so much ! Eid Mubarik to you as well 🙂 Have a blast 😉 xx

  11. Eid Mubarik to everyone … Might I add a little bit to this story …

    “Abraham was about to cut the throat of his only son. But lo! He heard a voice from Above:”

    From the statement some people might perceive that the sacrifice was not completed and Hazrat Ibrahim (Allah Pak Bless Him) was stopped before he went through with it … and I want to clarify that he had indeed applied the knife upon the throat of Hazrat Ismail (Allah Pak Bless Him) … But Allah Pak being the most merciful and and all powerful … two things happened simultaneously …

    1). Although it is the purpose of knife to cut … the knife was forbidden to touch even a single hair of Hazrat Ismail (Allah Pak Bless Him) … Just like the fire (though its purpose is to burn) was made a gulzaar (Garden) for Hazrat Ibrahim (Allah Pak Bless Him) … when Namrood threw Hazrat Ibrahim (Allah Pak Bless Him) into it … that totally another incident which i am sure Pearl will be delighted to share with the readers…!!!

    2). To complete the sacrifice and make a Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim (Allah Pak Bless Him) for all mankind to follow … to create with in them the passion to sacrifice their worldly belongings as well as their life in the way of Allah Pak … Allah Pak sent Jibraeel (Alay Salam) with a lamb from the heaven … with in FRACTION of a second Hazrat Ismail (Allah Pak Bless Him) was replace and that lamb was sacrificed in his place … that is why Muslims today … all over the world perform this sunnah … !!!

    Again Eid Mubarik to everyone and remember everyone in your happiness and joy and prayers …!!!

    • Thank you so much Mani for providing more insight to that beautiful story ! You have explained some very good points 🙂
      Eid Mubarik ! Hope you had a good one 🙂 xx


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