Grave Is Your Destination…



** Urdu lines are taken from a Naat read by Junaid Jamshed.

Duniya k aye musaafir , Manzil teri Qabar hai

Manzil teri qabar hai…

Tay ker raha hai jo tu, do din ka ye safar hai

du din ka ye safar hai…

O traveler of the world, grave is your destination

Grave is your destination…

The one you are travelling, is a two days exploration

Is a two days exploration…

Sitting at the back seat in the car by window side, she settled her head at corner of the window glass. Her eyes were wandering along the trees and the roads…. people of different ages on various vehicles, In a hurry to reach somewhere, to do something…. alone or with their families…. Colorful clothes…. Chatting , smiling faces…… Energetic and glowing children running by the road side…. bright blue clouds…. It was Eid day… Eid which is a second name for happiness……..

Ankhon sa tu nay apni , kitnay janazay dekhay ?

Hathon sa tunay  apnay , dafnay kitnay murday ?

Dafnay Kitnay murday….

Anjam sa tu apnay , kyun itna be khabar hai ?

Kyun Itna Be khabar hai…

With your own eyes, how many funerals have you witnessed ?

With your own hands, How many dead’s have you buried ?

How many dead’s have you buried…

Of your consequence, why are you so ignorant ?

Why are you so ignorant…

She had a bad mood since morning that day… She cried over small things… It was Eid ! She was supposed to be happy but she locked herself in her room and cried her heart out laying down on the floor… She realized her last Eid was the same… It started with tears too…and the third last Eid….and the previous ones… She realized ‘Eid’s ‘ are not made for her…. She realized her ‘Eid’ had not come yet… She realized she had no part in today’s happiness…… Or any happiness at all ?

Why ? Why don’t I have the right to feel happy like normal people ? Why don’t you feel me ? She had questions for Him….. He was not answering !

Then she realized she had been thinking about her past and the future , all her life…every moment of her present , she never had a present. Her present was filled with thoughts of the past or worries of the future. She thought, what If she dies today , this very moment ? What has she done to herself ?

Makhmal main sonay walay, mitti main so rahay hain

shah o gada yaha per , sub ek ho rahay hain

Sab aik ho rahay hain….

Dono hoye barabar ye mout ka asar hay

Ye mout ka asar hai…

The ones who slept in silk, are sleeping now in clay

Kings and servants here, are all getting same…

Are all getting same…

Both got equal, this is the effect of death

This is the effect of death…

Her mom was calling her….She was saying her to get ready…to wear colorful clothes…to be lively…. And she was dead already. She never knew for what parents is this said,  that they can know what is in your heart by looking at your eyes…

She had to be happy for the ones who love her and who can’t see her sad. She had to live in present for some time. She had to get rid of the unending dark loneliness inside her… May be thinking about life is not what should be done. May be death is the ultimate truth to be thought of….She stood up. She had to fake it again.

After all the fear of death follows from the fear of life….



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  1. Well..I think there is the logic of God that has many words and the light of God that is love that has no words…

    So may that light and love come to you soon as GOD is not fair..and the faith that is the Light and Love is never guaranteed no matter the LOGIC of GOD that is words…

    That gift came to me when I was 21 out of nowhere..expected..left after three months..came back at age 22 and existed until 47…so now iT IS back foreverNOW…

    There are no words to adequately describe this but I try…I try..i share….

  2. rjl2727

     /  October 16, 2013

    fake it, and fake it, and fake it once again. and then,. . .? return to loneliness and pain. so, we best learn how to make peace with them, for they are likely to be lifelong companions.

    • Oh Yes they seems to be lifelong companions… Making peace with them and making room for pain in heart is a difficult thing I am struggling for it already 🙂
      We never return to loneliness and pain…it is always there….we just hide them for others 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.

      • rjl2727

         /  October 18, 2013

        peace sister; even in heartache, peace.

      • I should, I know ! 😦

      • rjl2727

         /  October 18, 2013

        join the crowd sister. even when by all appearances we should have no reason for pain, we do; and even those closest to us cannot understand. as the ever-chatty, busy-body match maker on the movie “Fiddler on the Roof” said: we suffer; in silence we suffer…

      • You are right…So right ! I wonder how our thoughts match so much ?

      • rjl2727

         /  October 19, 2013

        don’t know. every once in awhile in this life you meet someone whose thought run very closely to yours. just cherish it as a gift.

  3. Nice post! I like it!

    🙂 Jo bhi bol, tu likhti bada achchha hai… Har baar tere post ke baad 30 min tak sochta zaroor hoon. Thought process ko naya direction milta hai

    Tu bhi festivals pe roti hai? Mast! same pinch! Main bhi rota tha… 4-5 saal pehle tak…

    Yaar tujhe eid mein happiness hi dikhti hai? Mujhe to Durga Puja mein bhikhari bhi dike, station aur raste pe sone waale gareeb bhi dikhe, gharelu jhagde bhi dikhe, maut se jang bhi dikhi… Tu bolti hai…

    “Why ? Why don’t I have the right to feel happy like normal people ?”

    Kaun se normal people yaar? Har chehre ke peechhe ek kahani hai… Tu normal hai… Isliye khud pe dayaa karna bandh kar… Agar tu apne mummy papa se saath, car mein baith kar, sundar sundar kapde pehenkar dukhi hai to us gareeb, orphan ka kya jiske liye Eid kuchh hoti hi nahin? Tu apna rona is blog per likh deti hai… woh kahan likhega?

    Aadmi dukhi tabhi hota hai jab wo dukh ko apne andar ghar banaane de…

    “Then she realized she had been thinking about her past and the future , all her life…every moment of her present , she never had a present.”

    Wahi to main (aur kai log) tujhse kitni baar bol chuke hain… Na past tere paas hai na future… To jo hai uski tension le na… Good that you realised… ab mat bhoolna is baat ko… live in the present

    “She thought, what If she dies today , this very moment ?”

    It occurred to me that fear of death is the most beautiful thing that exists. Agar ye darr na hota, to life would be lifeless. Saari creativity, saare development, saari technology ka kaaran yahi hai… Saari happiness ka kaaran bhi yahi hai…

    Neither death nor life is to be thought of… Dear sister, zyaada sochegi to kuchh kar nahi paayegi. Zyaada sochegi to past aur future ke jhamele mein fans jayegi… So… Apna kaam kiye ja… na past ki soch, na future ki… Isse marne ke time ek khushi to rahegi… “maine life achchhe se jeene ki poori koshish ki hai” 🙂

    Chal ab happiness fake karne se itna mat darr… Apna mask to tu yahan pee utaar hi sakti hai… Hai na? 😉

    Thodi tasalli mili?

    • Oh Glad to know that…. Meri waja se koi soch me per jata hai …waah 😉 Thank you so much !
      4 5 saal me aisa kya change hua k tum ne rona chor dia ?
      Muje b wo sab dikhta hai jo tuje dikha…I was trying to say k Eid ko as an example use kia jata hai happiness k leye…Eid naam hai khushi ka…. Tu jis din ap khush hotay ho us din kehtay hain k aj tu Eid ho gae… That is why I said that.
      Han I know meray pass itni naimatain hain k me shuker kerti thak jaun gi per shuker nae pura hoga unk leye…I know me sari duniya k bohat se logo se bohat better hun…Bohat zada. I know log itni buri halat me hain k me sochti b hun tu muje rona aa jata hai Allah se der lagnay lag jata hai…..
      Per yaar jo meray uper hai usey tu face kerna hai na muje ? In sab logo k baray me soch k jo meray uper hai uska pain kam tu nae ho jata na ?
      Aur pher in logo ko tu duniya me kuch nae milta akhirat me tu mil jaay ga hamari tu ye b guarantee nae kuch milta b hai k nae….
      I try to live in the present….Bhatak jaati hun aksar rastay se….
      Yaar me khud nae sochti…aisa bohat kam hota hai k me khud beth k sochun…mera mind khud se aisa kerta hai muje pata b nae hota…. Aur you know me apnay hath k thumbs ki skin utaarnay lag jati hun sochtay huay muje pata nae hota jab tak mama ya daddy muje mana nae kertay k ye kya ker rae ho 😛 Muje hosh nae reta me tuje apnay hath ki fingers dikha dun tu tu der jay 😛
      Lol han tu utarti tu hun na 🙂
      Aur baray himat walay ho tum log jo sun b letay ho 😉

      • Oh! I did not know the meaning of Eid and so did not get the metaphor :P… Sorry… And thanks for telling me the real meaning

        Tere upar jo hai use to tujhe hi face karna hai… Baat to sahi hai… But hum bhi to hain, thodi bahut help to kar hi sakte hain… 😉 Hai ki nahin 🙂

        Koshish karte reh present mein rehne ki… It is undoubtedly very difficult… But easy hota to mazaa hi kya tha? 😛 😉 Aur koi nahin… Bhatakne ka tension nahin hai… Hum hain na 🙂

        Aur ye skin na utaarna ki koshish kar… Skin fokat ki nahin aati :P… Dobara skin banaane ke liye khaana khaana padta hai… implies… MEHNAT… Aur mehnat tere laziness ke liye achchha nahin hai 😛

        And BTW main nahin darne waala tere fingers dekhkar… Maine to tere zombie form ko bhi lage lagaaya hai, yeh finger kya cheez hai… 🙂

        And I think… I have seen your fingers (guess kar kaise?)… Bade khoobsoorat hain… Aiwain bechaare fingers ko underestimate karti hai… 😉

        Cheers to my maskless sis! 🙂 😀

      • No Problem 😉
        Sahi keh ra hai…maza tu baray baray mushkil kaam kerne me e hai na 😉
        Haha Teray is fokat wali baat pe hasi aa gae 😛
        Kahan daikh lin meri fingers tu ne ? 😛 Ager tuje lag ra hai k mene jo pic lagae hue hai wo meri apni hai tu aisa nae hai..isk elava kaheen daikh nae sakta 😛

      • Kya baat hai? Badaa hans rahi hai aaj kal meri baaton par… Main tujhe Joker dikta hoon kya? 😛 😉

        Haan haan teri profile pics teri nahin hain… pata hai
        But what about these pics? 😛

      • Hahaha 😀 OMG bara damagh hai yaar tera waqi me…Maaaan gae aj 😛 Ohhhh 😀 Wow 😛 😛 Meray mind me dour dour tak nae aya yaaar 😛

      • 😉 Observation power! 🙂 😛

      • Very impressive !

      • Aur 4-5 saal mein maine dekha ki rone se koi fayda nahin hai… Jeewan ki raftaar ko kam kar dete hain aansoo… Upar se chaaro taraf log dukhi ho jaate hain…

        So decided; no tears… no fears… Aas paas dost rahenge to dukh aur darr donon bhaag jaayenge… Rone se achchha hai logon ke dukh ko samjho aur jeewan mein kuchh aisa kar jaao ki rote hue ke chehre pe smile aa jaaye 🙂

        NB: Do not follow the above mentioned path… bahut khatre hain… bahut side-effects bhi…

  4. “May be thinking about life is not what should be done. May be death is the ultimate truth to be thought of.”
    I don’t agree to that. But all other points are awesome.
    Thinking about ‘life’ is what everything is? LIFE is the ground, life is where we exist, life is where we perform, life is where ‘hell or heaven’ is decided? Life is everything.
    Death SHOULD be remembered, it must not be forgotten. And ‘grave is the destination’. I love that poetry too, and well, Eid may not bring happiness for all. I have been thinking that it’s OUR “inside” that decides whether we want to be happy or not. Where we live, what they do, doesn’t count much.
    I agree with Arindam to the points ‘Aadmi dukhi tabhi hota hai jab wo dukh ko apne andar ghar banaane de…’
    Living in present is the only solution I guess. Though then again, SAYING it is easy, actually going through it all (like ‘she’ is) is different, and difficult.
    Have a good time.. 🙂
    And lots of love from Karachi 😉

    • Thank you Maria !
      Well you know on one side it is said that we should not plan because Allah plans for us and He is the best planner….On the other hand you say Life is so important and it is everything to be think of.
      On one side it is said that death should always be remembered … always remembering means always thought of …. On the other hand it is said that we should ‘live’ every single day….
      I am confused.
      Everyone wants to be happy Maria…I bet if being happy is in my control I won’t get tired of being happy !
      Han hamesha ka rog tu unhe he lagta hai jo dukh ko apnay under gher bananay detay hain…. Per yaar jab ye rog lag ra hota hai tab pata e nae chalta…. Pata tab chalta hai jab sab ho chuka hota hai and you have to live with it.
      Love your comment 🙂
      You too have fun and lots of love from Faisalabad too 😉
      How was your Eid ?

      • My Eid was perfect; just as they call Eid to be.
        I love your comment too:
        Allah indeed is the best planner WP, but He hasn’t taken our things of control in His hands. As in obviously He knows, He sees, He shows. But He has given half our fate in our own hands. We decide, world complies. Don’t get me wrong, and I hope you are getting what Im trying to say?
        I wish I didn’t believe those ‘silver lining’ hopeful quotes but they are all true. Because Quran says har mushkil ke baad assani and har asaani ke baad mushkil.
        To gham ka ‘roug’ ke bad khushi is definitely compulsory.
        And jis tarah gham doesn’t come bulany se, khushi comes uninvited too. And pleasantly surprises. 🙂
        Its true that death should be remembered too, and living is mandatory yet. It’s probably this: Live your life in such a manner that when death comes and you look back at all those past years, a sense of satisfaction embraces you. 🙂
        Thank you for reading this 😀
        Bbyeeee. ❤

      • You are right Maria…. He has given half of the fate in your hands….though it is written too but we can choose the path to reach the things in our fate…. But at the end we get what is written !
        I know I can understand what you are trying to say.
        You have heard it and said it all right 🙂 Love your positive thoughts always ! Aise he rehna hamesha 🙂
        Love you more with all this positivity 🙂 ❤ xx

      • Love you more! 🙂 🙂

  5. Dear sister, this post of yours reminded of me of this naat which me and my friends used to sing during our college days almost two decades ago!
    Thanks for that flash back of nostalgia!
    This poem is truly inspirational.
    If only people absorb its spirit in real life!
    PS: You follow my Qur’an blog but it is not listed the sidebar. How sad.

    • Oh I am glad I brought nostalgia to you ! I love this naat…In fact every naat read by Junaid Jamshed..
      Thank you so much for liking the poem and thank you so much for honoring me with your comment.
      And I don’t have any blogroll included in my side bar…It only shows the names of blogs I follow most recently !
      Hope it takes away your sadness bro 🙂

  6. MuQeet commented here about being reminded of a song of over bees saal pehley, which I think went like this:
    We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun,
    But the wine and the song, like the seasons have all gone,
    My dear Papa, it’s hard to die, when all the birds are singing in the sky,
    You helped to teach me right from wrong
    Too much wine and too much song,
    I knew it all along…………….

    Meantime, I suggest you don’t brood too much.
    The paths of glory may lead to the grave, and then so do the paths of ignominy, deceit and insincerity, so fark kya padta ?

    Great going, the pendulum of your blogging swings from the sanguine to the macabre, black humour to white pessimism, the works…
    Need a pinch of salt to get my own blogs going once again, figure you could be the answer to the starting problem there.

    • Hello Sir ! Glad to see you here once again !
      Well I have never heard of this song but it is beautiful….Lovely words ! Who is the singer ?
      Yes sir, fark tu kuch naheen perta but I guess we can’t turn away from human nature !
      Yes the pendulum is moving constantly….I am just observing where it takes me….
      Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts again. Your intellectual thoughts always make my day 🙂
      And did you figured out the answer ? Good luck for your blogging journey ! 🙂
      Good day sir !

  7. junaidadmani

     /  October 17, 2013


  8. ” The ones who slept in silk, are sleeping now in clay
    Kings and servants here, are all getting same…
    Are all getting same…
    Both got equal, this is the effect of death
    This is the effect of death…”
    “The fear of death follows from the fear of life….”
    – Lalarukh, this is very poignant. I liked the way it started from bleak, but then ended up in a positive note, that you live life cheerfully for those who love you, those who can’t see you sad. For people who are sad, often the events and occasions are the saddest. But being happy for the world when its happy, and participating in their happiness is also a life’s aspect. Soon you realize happiness multiplies.. It always does. 🙂

    • Thank you so very much Ali ! I am honored ! So glad to know you felt what I wrote. Yes being happy for them or portraying yourself happy is the same thing and is so important ! Obviously it does 🙂 Stay happy 🙂 Have a good day ! xx

  9. Nice one White Pearl.

    The last line was a killer.

  10. There are two things here. One is you did what Rasoolullah s.a.w advised, ‘ Remember the cutter off of pleasures (I.e death).’
    That worldly pleasures tend to make a person unmindful of the aakhirah. Thinking of death is an antidote to this.
    Secondly, death is a bridge between the lover and the Beloved. Rasoolullah s.a.w and his sahaabah all looked forward to death as it was the only barrier to pass to meet Allah Ta aala. This will be when a person lived his/her life preparing for that day as it comes in hadeeth that that person who loves to meet Allah, Allah also loves to meet him..’
    Your last sentence sums it up that life and death are interconnected. How a person looks at life, he will look at death.
    So Eid is a joyous day but in a person’s heart the rememberance of death always lingers and should. It is a sign of eemaan.
    ‘Zindagi aise guzaro jaise Ramaadhaan fir maut aaise aaigi jaise Eid ka chand’

    • Well dear reader you have pointed out the points beyond my expectations ! Brilliant…. Thank you so very much once again.
      You are right about both points…both perspectives. very well said with the Verses and hadiths.
      Lie and death indeed are interconnected and remembering death is what every Muslim should do always !
      Thank you. Last line o your comment is a master piece ! Love it.

  11. Death is Inevitable..Sooner or Later it is going to come to everyone,So why bother thinking about it..Everyone in this world came with a fate,remember no one wants a life of Hell and Miserable..
    I will tell you one incident of How Closely I have seen death–I was about to get drowned once,if I had been for just 15-20 seconds more in water,but thanks to my Friend who saved my life..
    There is also one story–Once a Prince killed many ants with his legs while he was walking near a beach,Suddenly at that moment a ship wrecked infront of his eyes and got drowned,then he asked God why he was so merciless,God answered–Just now you killed 100s of Ants,Did I ask you anything,So Why are you questioning me,He said What I do I do it for a reason and with time everyone will know the reason,So Don’t Question just live your life–As Life Goes On everything will be clear to you…

    What I meant to say here is We just can’t control everything in Life,but does that mean we sit,cry and curse ourselves for being so helpless–There are thousands of People around the world who doesn’t even get foods to eat properly but still they are living with a smile…Life is about living in Present–Past is History,Future is Mystery But Present is a Gift so enjoy this gift as much as you can..Kya Pata Kal Ho Naa Ho.. 😀

    Marna to ek din sabko hai,lekin kya hum uske bare mein sochke har din thoda thoda karke mare–Nahi na..So Just Chill and Enjoy the Life

    And Remember When you are Sad–Just Think “There is still a Moron in this world who is Pulling a Door where it is written Push” 😛
    I hope I am able to put a smile on your face.. 😀

    • Well Harsha ! If we will never remember death, we won’t enjoy life…we will never have a thought that it is slipping away from our hands….right ?
      Oh I am so sorry to hear about your incident…and amazed too ! You are so lucky that you got a second chance…. May be since then you have got such a nice person 😉
      The story is remarkable…. Loved it and the lesson it gave…. Thank you Harsha for sharing it !
      You are so right brother…. We never know what life is going to bring about for us…and brave are the people who smile in difficulties…. Really brave !
      haha well that Moron will be me 😀
      And yes you just did 😉 Thank you so very much for your support Harsha….I really loved your comment ! Lots of love xx 🙂

      • Lol..How can you be the Moron One as you are busy remaining Sad.. 😉
        Just Kidding..Keep Smiling always.. 😀
        And I am happy ki maine itna likha tunhe hasane ke liye and actually I am successful at it.. 😀

  12. Destiny is qismat but the path is up to us to planted with flowers and roses or thorns.Blessed are those who hold to their hopes and their dreams ,there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.The Grave is not the destination ,the spirit is eternal.jalal

    • Yes I agree…the path is upto us whether we want to make it full of flowers or thorns..Very well said ! Grave may not be the destination for spirit but it sure is for the vessel where spirit resides ! Thank you so much for your comment Jalal ! Always a pleasure 🙂 xx


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