Under The Spell Of Black Magic….!


I had been thinking about the magical things I have been hearing these days too often So here I am sharing them with you.

This is a true story from 9 to 10 years ago when I was a little kid and used to sleep in my Mom’s room on a separate small bed. I still remember it because it gives me goose bumps still when I recall it.

It was the time of mid night and everyone was sleeping. Suddenly I woke up and saw a shadow moving towards my Mom’s bed. It sat down beside her on her pillow. I felt scared and I cried “Mom there is someone sitting beside you” . She was so sleepy and without opening her eyes she pulled out her hand and punched that thing on his back with her fist and then slept again. And I was not watching a dream because I heard the sound of punching. That thing, then stood up and started walking towards the door and disappeared ! When I told my mom in the morning she said she remember me crying but there was nothing else she could recall.

I am not sure whether that really happened or I was dreaming. Since my childhood I have heard of so many stories about magic and ghosts and people who tell them claim them to be true.

Another incident happened to my father when I was in college. He went out of station and when he returned at night, his clothes were covered with blood stains. We were all so worried. He then told that he was walking towards the train and he felt like someone has pushed him from the rear and suddenly his clothes were all covered with blood and he fainted. One of the persons near by took him to his shop. He was a Hafiz-e-Quran (People who know Quran by heart) and he told my dad that
the blood is not human blood and he has been attacked by black magic, but he survived. My mom used to tell me that the same thing happened to my dad when I was a little baby. He was sitting in someone’s shop and he was covered in blood within an instant. Than he went to Qaari Saab ( Pious Hafiz-e-Qran) and he told him that he survived the attack because he was reciting Quranic verses at that time.

Despite this, I haven’t seen any type of Magic related thing in my whole life. I have listened to the stories of my friends but since I have not seen them with my eyes I don’t believe in them. I have heard stories how close relatives do magic on people out of jealousy or some other reasons and what effects this magic could have on them.

Magic can be done for giving financial crisis to people, for causing them health problems and diseases, for stopping their minds to work for studies or job, for making a person paralyze, causing heart attack or even death. I wonder how could these people sleep at nights but I have heard those people getting ruined and destructed after-wards. Some stores were related to how some homes can be under the spell of Ghosts and how they irritate people to leave them. They even go inside small kids and scare other family members.

People use different things to make magic work. These things include small written papers, small pieces of clothes, blood, meat or bones of some animal and things like that and these things are buried or hid at some place where no one could see them. And then by discarding these things and reciting proper verses the spell can be broken.

Seems like the typical Horror series or movie story ! It is weird though how we think these serials to be stupid and believe in things happening to the lives of people around us.

People who have seen these things with their own eyes believe in them and people who haven’t seen them, think them to be absurd. Specially the ‘modern’ people. I don’t know about their truth except the things I have seen by myself. But I do believe that ghosts exist and they live in this world like we do. I have also read that there is a third dimension of this world where
these type of things exist and they could sometimes interfere in the lives of humans too due to some unknown reasons. I also have heard that Ghosts have certain limitations and they can not always enter the human world .

I don’t have any kind of proof of any of these assumption to be right or wrong. I am just curious to know the hidden truths of this universe. I love Horror movies and novels too , have read couple of them and I am not scared of ghosts…  Our knowledge and wisdom is limited… God knows how many other creatures are living with us and may be reading this article with me as I am writing it ! 😉

The magic spell culture is increasing in Pakistan among the uneducated and foolish people. I have no idea whether people of other countries have to face it too or not ! Do YOU have any scary story from your own life ?

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  1. Oh Rukh I see one reading this with me.. 😛
    But Seriously superstitions is so prevalent here and there..I sometimes wonder how people even manage to believe in some things without using there head…To me I just believe in God to be Supernatural and nothing else… 🙂
    Even If I come across something weird in my life I will take it as I am Hallucinating..;)

    • Hey Harsha ! Hope you are doing well and hope your princess is fine 😉 Kab mithae khila ray ho ? 😛
      Yes Yes i know about how people think….And having a firm believe in God is the best option 🙂
      I hope it never bites on your throat and help you get out of the thought of hallucination 😉 😛

  2. I’m one of them 😉 🙂 muhuhuhuhahahahah! 😀

    I’d like to invite you alongwith all of your writer friends to be a part of Pakistan’s Amateur Writers’ Niche….
    Follow the link to learn more: 🙂
    Warm Regards,

  3. rjl2727

     /  October 19, 2013

    no scary story to share, but a firm belief in the presence of ghosts or spirits. when i bought my little home in the woods, i discovered the next day an abandoned cemetary where many slaves and successive familes are buried. many of the graves are sunken and headstones broken down, but i go there occasionally to sit, meditate, and make peace with my neighbors.

    • I hope their spirits don’t interfere in your meditation one day 😉
      Well Good to know your thoughts about magic. Everyone has his own beliefs 🙂 Hope you are doing fine.

  4. Not much to say…

    To me they are just stories… May be true, may not be true…
    Waise… I too would like to meet some people doing ‘black magic’… Bada mazaa aayega 😛 🙂

    And… I wonder why they call it ‘black’ magic… They could have definitely chosen a more lively name 😉

    • Oh Haan I would like to meet them too 😛 Tum b tu jantay ho magic? 😛 😛
      Oh why don’t you suggest them a good name 😛 They would be thank ful 😛

      • 🙂 Mujhse milna hai? 😉 Aaja gtalk pe chat request bheji hai… milte hain… Aur phir sikhata hun tujhe magic… White wala… black to sabhi karte hain… 🙂

        Magicians ke naam? “Harry Potter ke puttarr” (sons of Harry Potter) 🙂

      • Wo tu nae use kerti me facebook pe ajao wahan I will reply. And I am thrilled 😛
        Lol harry potter k puttar kahan miltay hain milwa du 😛

      • And I don’t use fb… 😦
        Whatsapp? If you are comfortable?

        Harry ke puttar Hogwarts mein milte hain… 🙂

      • I don’t use whatsapp lol I don’t have wireless internet here in my home. Make an fb account ok 😛

      • Mobile internet?

        fb… hmm… dekhta hoon… college ke baad banaaunga… 🙂

        Waise agar gappe maarne hain to mail bhi use kar sakti hai… main generally bahut fast reply karta hoon… (Virtually always online) 🙂

      • Chal mail bhi theak hai…wesay ap ab tu jantay hun gay meray mail ka reply kerne ka arsa kitna lamba ho sakta hai 😛 😛

      • *Sigh*… haan jaanta hun… chal theek hai…

        Meri bhi majbooriyan samjhaa kar… fb main college ke baad hi join karunga…

        Ek dost se kiya waadaa hai… 🙂

      • araay aisa b kya waada 😛 Story he suna de 😛

      • Story bahut complicated hai… and doston ke personal info hain story mein… So detail mein to nahin bataaunga… but in one line… its the story involving a girl and trust break… and of course… friendship…

      • Hmmm Okay I can understand .

  5. wow…firstly i have to point out that magic isnt real. what is real is ghost which in arabic is called jinn.
    they r d unseen n can also take d form of human. i knw most evil pple do summon them and use their power to do evil tins jst as u av mentioned above. Some people seek for wealth from thses jinns, n they surely get it. but the thing is that, just like the devil, they always come back to get something from you. and in the end the person either runs mad or something terrible happens. i have lots of stories about them, but if i narrate them here it wud take lots of space. anywayz jinns(ghost) are among us, that is for sure.

    • My friend … magic is real kindly refer to m comment below where i have explained with authenticity …!!!

      Well Jinaat are good as well … Most of the Auliya Allah have large number of Jinaat followers … and often perform the good tasks that are assigned to them by the Bazurg…!!!

      • Yea…i did read your comment. It kinda skipped me, but i remembered the story of the two angels who taught magic. I agree abt d jinaat as well

    • Well I guess Everyone above has already cleared out the misunderstandings you had 🙂 Sorry for the late response…. I hope you don’t kind. Thanks for dropping by !

  6. … i saw this post at night the instant you published but I couldn’t read after the first two paras us waqt kyunke sona bhi tha and ‘khof’ is the last thing jis se I’d like to die. Tou phir ab theek se parha.
    And now I see why ‘you are seeing magic everywhere’. =p

    I don’t think this black magic dhanda is INCREASING in Pak. I think it has always been there among the illiterate class. It most certainly is true (even happened in our Prophet (pbuh)’s life. .) Jinn exist bhi but they have been ordered not to interfere.
    And uff these stories were scary. And that photo tou awesome. (y)
    I haven’t experienced it Allah ka shukar, but I DO know aesi stories nearby.

    • Hahaha darpoook 😛
      Yes you are right…it was always there its just that I was hearing stories about it more often .
      Lol I loved the photo too 😛 Loved that churail 😉
      I hope you never experience these things. Stay safe 🙂 Love you.

  7. this was scary..the picture you put at the start… 😀
    well I am not superstitious , but I do believe there are things in the world that we cant see and hence we cant comprehend- Thats what scares us.
    If there can be good, there must be evil too, I think.
    Until science proves, somethings would just remain shrouded in myths.

    • Lol I found it scary too that is why I shared it 😉
      Yes Secrets are always scary I guess ! And what I beleive is science can never prove the unseen….. Science believes in itself only !
      Hope you are doing fine….. Please write something I want to read you 😦 Love you and missed you too during my absence Hugs xx

  8. starlight

     /  October 20, 2013

    Hmm, since I believe there are many beings of spirit in other worlds, I also believe people can become black magicians who associate with this stuff, can curse people towards madness, injury or death. Also I believe there are ways to help protect against it.

    Either way, I feel that it is real. I read some dark magicians turn into a psychopath…they can summon spirits and send them out to curse people or even cause accidents/death.

    It doesn’t surprise me if some people out there suffer at the fate of a curse. I have heard from a healer that curses exist but that they usually are not very powerful. If you think about it, simply focusing your hate onto someone is a bit like a small curse – if your energy goes out it can hurt somebody.


    • Oh reading about what you said scared me ! Well we all have our own scary experiences and some believe in these things and some don’t.
      You are right about the curse thing….. I do believe in it too.
      Thanks for sharing your views ! Hope you are doing fine 🙂

  9. I don’t rule anything out, particularly the sort of perception you describe from your childhood. I am sceptical about that blood: maybe someone covered in blood blundered against him.

    People can be amazingly suggestible. There was some American psychology experiment when apparent robbers burst in holding bananas and everyone else saw guns. But that kind of deception needs a suggestion to start with, for example “This room is haunted” or “Can you see that light?”.

    Some ghost stories are very hard to explain in such ways.

    • Well everyone has his concepts and perspective. Your’s may not match with mine . Yes Yes I know how people can play with your minds…..But magic too do exist !
      And superstitions and secrets too do exist ! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late response.

  10. ummm…i have to drop by once more. my comment above abt magic, i was wrong, it does exist. i remembered that i read somewhere abt two angels; harut and marut who taught humans magic, n they neva used it for any good except evil. but then it surprises me when i saw a movie “secret circle”, they made magic look soo cool and fun and clean when in reality its the opposite.

  11. Let me give you the Islaamic explanation. Firstly, it is referred to in Arabic as sihr and mentioned in the Quraan. Sihr (sorcery) does exist and was made upon Rasoolullah s.a.w too. This is the background to the revelation of the last two surahs of the Quraan. It was the practice of Rasoolullah s.a.w to read the last 3 Quls (surahs) and blow into his palms and rub over himself before sleeping. Sihr exists but to practice it is kufr. It is normally done on someone using hair etc.
    Then you have the disbelieving or na paak jin who the west call poltergeists. There is no such thing as ghosts or someones spirit coming back to haunt a person. The jin who we cannot see do funny things and we get scared. They do trouble some people for years. We have to just keep ourselves paak and stay away from filthy places and read our duas of protection, especially the 3 Quls. They are not to be feared.
    Then you get what in Arabic ‘Al ain’. (The evil eye). Rasoolullah s.a.w said, ‘Al Ain Haqqun’. The evil eye is true. This is what in urdu we term ‘nazar lagh gahi’. This can be from someone looking evil at a person or admiring a beautiful child etc and not saying Maasha Allah after that. Here what normally happens that the child gets affected and gets sick or so.
    So these are the 3 things in shariah, sihr, jin and ain. Besides this there is no ghosts or spirits. And protection is to pray regularly, read duas and abstain from haraam and filthy places where music etc is being played.

    • Thank you so very much Sabeel again for your informative comment……
      I was aware of these things……It was just that I wrote this article to share my experiences. You have done a great job by explaining the Islamic perspective. I hope it will help out the readers. Thanks again !

  12. Well..this is an excellent topic to explore and perhaps the best way to understand allahgodallah…is to understand fear..and the evil that only the human animal creates as an illusion of the allah TH@IS simply light..dark..positive..negative..action..consequence and energy..either..’light’ or ‘dark’…

    First I’ll start with these words just provided on another website discussing the advantage of those who live the light as oppose to living the darkness and creating the illusion of evil..and or good…

    The one who is one with the ONE exits as the one with the ONE who is one with the ONE..as the cycle of life th@IS……

    IT IS reALLy a simple choice IS ALL IT IS…Animals never doubt thIS..only humans animals fear life..as only humans are death.

    Human animals are born with two inherent fears of th@th@ISALL…

    Falling and Loud Noises..th@IS..IT…

    Every other fear is illusion..including black magicK..as black magicK only works on those who fear death as allahgodallah…

    WEll..I will tell you thIS..I fear no human as I have the loudest voice of allahGODallah I know but if I meet a Lion th@ loud voice of roar tells me one thing and one thing only..hIS jaws are much larger than mIne..and he will surely e@ me if I hang around hIm too long…

    So I leave..if I can…

    And yeah.. when the elephant sounds hIS ‘horn’.. I move the ‘hell’ out of the way….

    Well..back to allahGODallah..and the light of allahGODallah..th@ we as humans animals can increase as lightness or decrease as darkness..by the choices we make in life..and only light is life..the fear of death is all darkness….

    I AM an instrument of allahGODallah..and so IS everyone else no m@ter the words used to describe the allahGODallah th@IS…..

    And WELl EL is another word for allah that starts with a vowel and ends with a consonant..one hears the vowels of allah as sacred sounds of harmony of the ONE th@IS…

    GOD is not a ‘proper’ word for ALLAH as IT is a vowel trapped by consonants….

    And an interesting ironic way of saying IT as in the western religions th@ call IT thIS..th@ try to chain ALLAH with human animal words….

    But the vowels of ALLAH go on and never end never trapped by some silly human animal…

    wELl here IS the other thing..we can sIT around and talk about ALLah all day or we can be ALLahGODallAH…

    TH@ too is a simple choice….

    ALLAHGODALLAH IS always expressed best in MUSICK and MOVEMENT..SO dance and song is the best way to BE ALLAHGODALLAH…..

    WelL like I said.. I have a very powerful voice and I will even prove IT in a few minutes..but first as an instrument as ALLAHGODALLAH..I dance ALLAHGODALLAH..THROUGH OUT THE SHOPPING STORES…to spread the light of ALLAHGODALLAH….

    And I sing the LIGHT OF ALLAHGODALLAH..ALWAYS@CHURCH..and wherever else the opportunity arises..through words I find in my mouth as the sacred vowels of ALLAHGODALLAH ALWAYS WORKing TO SPREAD THE LIFE OF LIGHT..no matter the words that house those sacred vowels…

    The WORD YORK..is a powerful word to do thIS with as K gives special power to OR as energy too…

    You’ll see wh@ I mean in a few minutes..but song of emotion and these sacred vowels too..also express the heart of ALLAHGOD too…

    I’m guessing you can open up facebook links..as they properly censor as your country would like.. I think..so these two links to me using my allahgodallah voice are provided for yOUR convenience..i hope..to better illustrate wh@ I am saying..as thIS…

    I can terrify a whole crowd of people with my powerful voice if I make it darkness..but I can also make a crowd come alive in light..if I simply make it the LIGHT of LIFE with no other effort than the power of the love of LIGHT th@IS ‘also’ ALLAHGODALLAH

    There is no black magicK for me for one and only one simple reason..I do not ‘SEE’ the illusion of black magicK….

    OH but yes.. OH! YES..IT definitely works for those who believe IT..I could simply curse you and cause you to fall If YOU believe IT..and I charm you into thIS darkness with dark allahGODallah consonants of ‘death’ as only an illusion of death….

    The best way to defeat these illusions is to laugh at them..the EAST INDIAN religions are GRE@@ doing thIS and the US us..es..hALLoWEEN for the SAme overALL purpose…

    EScaping thIS fear of de@h by not facing IT..never works….

    Better to laugh in the face of de@h..in my opinion th@IS…

    So here are the two videos..I hope you enjoy my allahgodallahLIGHT in action…

    Someday I will likely show you a video of me dancing through the shopping stores to spread this allahgodallah positive light toO..as I AM simply an instrument of ALLAHGODALLAH….

    And NO THING else.

    Same as ALL other animals reALLy.. humans are the only REALLY ‘stupid’ SILLY ones…

    TH@ forget they ARE the power AND ENERGYof ALLAHGODALLAH..SIMPLY AS IS…



    The things I no longer see..but certainly STILL witness in others STILL…tHIS DE@H TH@ are these ILLUSIONS….

    • Thank you so so much for sharing your valuable views…. Your words are informative. Looks like magic is your favorite topic 🙂

      • Well..IT really IS.. and Magick is a word I use to describe the keys to the ‘secrets’ of ALLAH..that are reALLy not secret @ALL.. th@are simply not seen by others..more fully..like I think I see them knownow..but simply can still not put into words fully….

        And maybe one day …even put IT MORe FULLy into words to explain this MAGICK..to help other people use this POWER OF ALLAH to do great LOVING DEEDS FOR OTHERS2…



        i hopeth@ makes sense..see your love of ALLAH is continuing to inspire me to better make th@message of understanding..

        But IT IS STILL far away for me to explain THIS more fully to most others..other than you my dear…

        But yes..in real life..I am starting to be successful in doing this..because most of my light and LOvE is in my physical presence..not my words…

        I was never good at writing before I lost my effective ability to use my eye and ear…

        You are still inspiring to help me ..to better gain this ability dear…so thanks..again..
        LOVE and Smiles…

        My ‘vision’ in my twenties is truly coming TRUE..every second of everyday more and more..NOW…
        in words2…

      • Oh kaay good to know ! And It feels good to know too that I am inspiring you in some way….. I wish I could be helpful to anyone in any way. Than you so very much for staying here 🙂 Love xx

  13. WelL thIS IS the 13th comment waiting for the twelfth..but IT is also the 12 post here at this link in a way too…..


    As the twelfth comment is currently trapped in your moderation purgatory..

    and I forget to mention lOve…xx..sorry ’bout th@..SO LOVE2ya.2….

    And seeyal@er….allahgater…

  14. Exactly…well said.

  15. MEHBOOB AAP KAY KADMON MAIN …. (Your beloved at your feet) … you forgot this one … one of the biggest advertising slogans of these people …!!! 😀

    Seriously stop scaring me … or I am gona give you two chapat at the back of your head … :p

    Well there are few facts that I would love to share with you and the readers … I think you might know about them … they mite have skipped your mind while typing this article…!!!
    The proof of such things existence is authenticated from Quran Pak and Ahadees.

    Firstly the black magic … or simply magic … its existence has been proven from Quran Pak and Ahadees … During the life of our beloved Prophet (Blessings of Allah Pak Upon Him) … someone did black magic upon him by stealing a few lock of his hairs … Allah Pak told our beloved Prophet (Blessings of Allah Pak Upon Him) where they were hidden and instructed to burn them … and also the Surah (Chapter) Falaq … Wahi (revelation) was sent to our beloved Prophet (Blessings of Allah Pak Upon Him) … Al-Quran …

    Say you, ‘I take refuge with the Lord of Daybreak.
    From the evil of all creatures;
    And from the evil of the darkening one when it sets.
    And from the evil of those women who blow in the knots.
    And from the evil of the envier when he envies me.

    And was told to recite this surah … to nullify effects of magic … and beg the refuge of Allah Pak from all such evils ….!!!

    Secondly … I don’t know about Ghosts … but the mention of Jinaat … who within Islam can be treated as equivalent … However Jinaat very rarely interfere in Human world … they have been mentioned several times in Quran Pak … They are made of fire … whereas Humans are made of Earth and water … Satan himself is a Jinn … A whole chapter is named after them … Surah Jinn … A party of Jinaat was once passing by the valley (now known as Wadi-e-Jinn / Valley of Jinn) … Just when our beloved Prophet (Blessings of Allah Pak Upon Him) …was reciting Quran Pak’s verses … they stopped to listen and embraced Islam …!!!

    • I would also like to add … that there is no such thing as good magic … (absolutely nothing like the one in Harry Potter movies) … magic is purely evil and wrong … perform in the most dirtiest … unholy (galeez aur napaak) conditions … It is absolutely Haraam in Islam … to perform magic … OR to have someone perform magic on anyone …!!!

    • Lol Actually I find mehboob apk qadmun me thing very hilarious 😛 That’s why didn’t mention it.
      Oh yes I know about the things you mentioned….They were not skipped from my mind actually I just wanted to write a light article to share my experiences.
      I appreciate that you have shared your knowledge with us ! Thank you so very much I hope it will help out my readers.

  16. The topic of Jinns and Blackmagic is hitting the charts lately. I don’t doubt your ‘ghost’ encounter as I have heard many stories before. Man and Jinn are created for one purpose only and that is to worship Allah alone. We are to live in parallel to them, we can not see them neither should they interfere with us. The minute our worlds collide destruction takes place. Hence why we pray certain verses when we leave the house, sleep… and advised not to hang about near trees after sunset as they reside.

    In hindsight those who do blackmagic are just twisted.

    I personally believe that Jinns are just as weak as us in this life, they fall in error like we do. However, If we build fear in God alone, no man no jinn can overcome us or even harm us thus why your father was saved by such evil acts.

    • Oh yes it is. Yes you are right…. Thanks for sharing with us the information.
      You are right…they are created like humans are created and they may have the same purpose and the same exams like we do. We just have to keep our faith in Allah and no Jin can do any harm to us .
      Thank you for your respected views. Love your comments always 🙂

  17. wow u have write on a topic
    which is hot debate for eveyone
    as a MUslim i do belive in Jinnat, Shaiyateen and black magic
    but haven’t any kind of experience about that

    • Allah Ta aala save you from ever experiencing any of those. Just remember it is called sihr (sorcery) in Islaam. The term black magic is used by those who term any bad thing as black like black day or black holiday.

    • Thank you so much for liking it. Glad to know you haven’t experienced it…Hope you never do 🙂

  18. Hey! Just dropped by here. And it’s awesome. :’) (y)
    – I’ve got some real horror stories from my life and my family members, and I firmly believe in their existence. 🙂 but superstition are everywhere.

    • Thank you for liking it 🙂 Oh I hope you and your family stay safe. You are right…superstition is everywhere ! Thank you so much for your visit here and your comment 🙂 Love xx

  19. Magic is just stuff you don’t understand.

    If you’re someone like Richard Dawkins you think you understand everything so there’s no magic in the world.

    If you recognise you understand very little the world is full of magic.
    And if you’re scared of what you don’t understand most of the magic will be black.

  20. Goose bumps. Well magic is for real. No doubts. It hurt our Holy Propher (S.A.W.W) too. But we can get rid of it by reciting Holy Quran.

  21. Reblogged this on dawn spitfire's blog and commented:
    I found a blog that I wanted to share. I find some really good and interestingposts here.

  22. You should read into Al Ghazali and occasionalism. Especially his analogy to a snake and staff, as Musa’s. It will give you comfort. I believe you. Cheers.



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