The Black Rose


Under the shadows of savage life , deep inside the dark forest.

A black rose possessed its tragic existence.

It was out cast and unwanted despite all its fragrance and radiance , It never fits in the relinquishing blooms.

It was cultivating loneliness in the presence of the whole forest and hence loneliness was out-grown !

It was growing thorns since the beginning as it always knew the one who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose….

No one watered it, It nourished on its own till its ravishing bloom appeared…..It was always taken ‘For Granted’ and it bestowed an ancient confidence.

And one day it started burning but no one had time to grieve over it because they were busy admiring the forest…

All it ever wanted was to reach out and touch the hearts of other roses…. It wanted some Love but it forgot that all great and precious things are always lonely in the forest.

Its eyes were glued on life and they were full of tears…. It bled tears and its petals absorbed them silently…. It never gave a plaintive cry but its silence was deafening !

Slowly with the prolonged grief, the petals became pale. Autumn prevailed over it…in spring !

And then ‘Black’ was gone… All that was left was pinching thorns and pale stems. It followed the quickest path of self-destruction that was to push away all the loved ones, all the wishes.

The descent stripped it bare and left it as it was at its core, It was painful… It was abashed, ruined.

Black was gone… The beauty was gone…. The lustrous shine was turned to painful sighs…

The Black Rose was a part of the forest now !


I have been busy these days in final presentation and stuff. I will reply to your comments as soon as I get free. I hope you will not mind and stay with me . Wish me luck. Thanks !










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  1. “Its eyes were glued on life and they were full of tears…. It bled tears and its petals absorbed them silently. Slowly with the prolonged grief, the petals became pale. Autumn prevailed over it…in spring !

    And then ‘Black’ was gone… All that was left was pinching thorns and pale stems.”

    Deeply caught into this one.

  2. O’ Black Rose!
    Are you withering?
    Do the thorns hurt much?
    Of course they do.
    But hey wait
    I promise you sunshine
    I promise you warmth
    I promise you life
    Just don’t give up that fast!
    For miseries never for long last
    There will surely come a time when
    you’ll receive what you deserved then
    Just don’t let yourself die that hard
    And God himself will be your guard!

    And best of luck for your final presentation. ❤

    • The last two lines were fantastic… 🙂

      In continuation…

      Not only two, but thousands of hands
      Scattered across the scattered lands
      Would gather in the forest deep
      Wouldn’t allow the black rose to weep
      Providing the love, the shelter, the shade
      That won’t allow its trust to fade

      The world might become a hostile place
      But you would be safe in our embrace…

    • Oh Maria Oh Maria…….Kesay kerti ho ye sab ? You impress me every time really ! Love it….very beautiful ! And I always love the positiveness in your poetry…. So enchanting. Thank you so much for the beautiful response and I am sharminda again because I don’t have appropriate words to admire it 😦
      Thanks for the luck…It worked well 😉

      • Thank you bhuii aesa bhi kuch nhi kiya. The best thing about your blog is ke mae bina sochay samjhay bolti hun 😉 Tou islye kuch bhi likhna asaan hota hy.
        Anyways, glad you liked it. So happy to know your final vivas wagera went good. Best wishes for all your life ahead! 🙂

      • Araay tumhari apna blog hai jo merzi dil me ay bolo 🙂 And I like the same thing about you…. So never stop speaking without thinking here 😉
        Thank you so much for the wishes. Ameen ! 🙂

  3. Wearing a black eye glasses doesn’t mean or reflect the reality that there are so many majestic colors and beauties.jalal

  4. Hauntingly beautiful writing. Meantime, wishing you best of luck !

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black rose. Excellent writing. Good luck on your exams.

  6. I know; I know of a forest deep
    Where the black rose did weep
    Where housed its endless fears
    Where flowed its endless tears
    Where endless did its eyes stare
    Throughout the day, the blazing glare
    Hopeful did its eyes see
    People joyous; laughing in glee
    They admired the thousands on the track
    Red, yellow, blue but not the black

    It waited, waited; waited for long
    Humming a solitary, melodious song
    But neither the the tree, nor the bird
    Listened to the song unheard
    Slowly the melody switched its tone
    And slowly its heart turned into stone
    It withered away when others did bloom
    As others rejoiced, its end did doom…

    And lost was the fragrance, lost was the charm
    As lost as an insect, in a dense solitary farm

    And just when its faintest memory was gone
    Relived the black rose, it was reborn
    Its wilted petals bloomed after long
    The ‘musical prose’ was now a song

    And blessed stood the blessed flower
    Thanking again the supreme power
    Great was he for making it worthwhile
    And so was the kid who watered it with smile… 🙂


    Jewels are never lost sister! Never!

    Loved the post!

  7. And good luck for the presentation… 🙂 Main bhi abhi presentations ko lekar hi busy hoon 🙂 😉 Wish me luck too… 3 presentations in the next month…

    • Very Very best of luck…and I know you will do awesome that is why I don’t worry at all 😉

      • Woh waala presentation ho gaya… mast gaya… But abhi ek aur hai wednesday ko… phir exams hain… So abhi mera blog almost so raha hai… Kal parson ek likhunga shaayad… phir exams ke baad… 🙂

      • Chal best of luck you will do great in everything ! Akhir bhae kis k ho 😉
        I can understand…blog yaheen hai tum achi perhae kero pher free ho k khoub likhna.

      • Thanks! 🙂

  8. best ov luck

  9. It is not others who illuminate and love..IT is only uS who have thIS power..getting there is hard at times..but there is always hope to be thIS love..and light…

    The biggest mistake IS hoping IT wILL come to one..rather than being ONE…

    And the biggest mistake IS the Illusion th@ITIS somewhere but US….

    And yeah good luck on your presentations..and love you2…

    Love is never Rush…

    Love is ALWAYS PATIENCE…IS LOVE…IT only grows wITh tIME….

    • Yes you are right….. Looking at others for something is a big mistake we make every time….
      Thank you so very much ! Love you.

  10. refreshingly depressing

  11. Good luck 🙂


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