Story of a date


When words lost their meanings, when silence was the language

When barren was the heart, a rock , a stone, life bitter and tart

When tears were the drink, a sobbing champagne, a pain pie

I enjoyed dinner in perfect ambiance, with a partner ‘solitude’

Who being lovely enough to be hated, was a truth hidden in a lie

I danced that night , in madness, over sharp pieces of glass

With poison in stomach , wrapped in arms of ecstasy and trance

When It kissed me with knives , left me with pleasurable wounds

When I lost myself Inside me, when I was nowhere to be found

That night I was punished, in the fire of burning hell on ground

That night my soul was bruised , with all thrones gathered around

Ah! that night ended before the start, after agony became my best friend

Now every path is of pain , I want to walk without a path, is it a dead end ?

You want me to still have hope ? I have it. You want me to still try to stay happy ? I try. You want me to think positive ? I do.

I just need time to gather up myself again…..





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  1. Take you Time Rukh..But just be sure you gather up yourself… 😀
    And never ever Give up Hope.. 🙂

  2. It is so hard to walk without a path unless one is free..

    And it can be so hard to be free even where there is freedom…

    So you are born with one strike against you friend..of fellow human beings..not allah alOne…

    So wh@todowhere to go..

    There are no TRUE answers in life th@ARE easy….

    Life is a journey..a p@h..itself…..

    So Love LIVE is ALL..a LIVEaLOVE……………….

    The life WILL can find you when and as long as you can keep yOUR heART open…

    So keep singing your songs of words of HEartand sHEWILL find you….

    ANd always be your friend..

    And so AMIMA…..



    If you will..don’t look to hard for the pieces..
    And then tHeYwILL..

    Love you so much dear..may Allah’s’ blessings always be with you…..

  3. rjl2727

     /  November 27, 2013

    astounding!! your way with words have woven a picture, a sound, a taste, a…. an experience that floods all senses and makes the reader believe it is his or her own testimony. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!

  4. Last lines touched me so much. Take care love 🙂

  5. Walk on glass
    burn in fire
    but rise.

    • White Pearl, wonderful description! I like how you portrayed ‘solitude’ as a ‘lovely enough to be hated’ partner.
      “I danced that night , in madness, over sharp pieces of glass
      With poison in stomach , wrapped in arms of ecstasy and trance
      When I lost myself Inside me, when I was nowhere to be found”
      So apart from the judgement of why the writer wrote a piece so painfully powerful, here’s to say it was amazingly put. (:

  6. Raaste hamesha dikhte nahin… raaste banaaye bhi jaate hain… 🙂

    And tension not… I know you would rise… (You are already visible at the horizon :))

  7. Beautiful words expressed with feelings. Wishing you all the happiness and joy.

  8. Asalam-o-alaikum …………

    koi hai ghar per … kay mera saara kiraya jo mai laga kar pohonch hon zaaya honey wala hai …. !!!!

    Baad az salaam arz hai … kay hum khairayat se hain … aur aapki khairiyat matloob hai

    hum umeed kartey hain kay mizaaj aur taba-e-naaz khush gawaar ho gi … !!!

    aur ye bhi umeed hai … kay choo kay abhi tak …. bachey to hain nai aap kay … to kam az kam … baal to theek he hoon gay … !!!

    Kaam aapko wese zindagi mai koi nai hai … aur kaaj aap ko lagana nai aata … to na kaam kay na kaaj ka … aur yaqeenan ajaaj se to azli dusmani chali aa rahi hai … !!!!

    HAHAHAHA … 😀

    Well all jokes aside … I agree with maria … What an excellent piece …. Sad but marvelous … !!!

    This recharging phase … when you say …. yes yes … I know I have to get up again and continue this never ending battle again … but for now please leave me alone … so that I can muster up that courage again … gather up my pieces from the last one .. just leave me … I wana sit down … for a moment … take a breath … Go on and i’ll catch up … not giving up … just taking a break … !!! Well I for one could never figure out weather I hate these phases or like them … !!! Take all the tym you need love…!!!

    Take care … friend … And Stay .. BLESSED …. ABC … !!! 😀

  9. don’t lose faith, you deserve the very best of all that is good in this world and beyond. sending you a lot of love ♥

  10. Be hopeful, happy and positive.
    But only if it doesn’t prevent you from writing such great hopeless, miserable and negative poems.
    Why be content when you can be artistic instead?

    • I can’t be these and I will continue writing such negative poems 🙂 This is who I am…. Oh Yeah You sounds so right ! Why search for the impossibilities right ?
      Hope you are doing fine Cabrogal.

  11. This is brilliant. You did a great job there keeping the life sorrows and presenting it using that imagery. : ‘)


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