She is not a good blogger nor a good writer. She keeps writing same things again and again no matter what we say. Her writings always revolve around her own life…the same so called sadness, the same pain , the same fears…. She keeps writing about them and we keep advising her but she never understands nor does she change her views about anything. I think she should stop this…. I think she should bound herself again in the huge , concrete, unwanted walls of her own self…. Freedom is not for her….Sharing don’t suit her….It never did…. She should stop now, yeah ?

Happiness ? She do’t know what it is ? Oh she is a big liar ! Who don’t understand happiness ? She do too. She know how to smile…she know how to extract happiness from her favorite moments….She just don’t want herself to be happy…. she is giving her own self some kind of punishment which she don’t realize…. Why ? She laughs on jokes…she talks and make people laugh…. She seems normal enough ! Then why do she writes opposite to it ? May be she want sympathies of people…may be she wants pity ! May be she enjoys when people spend their time diverging her thoughts towards positiveness….. She is bad enough to be hated anyway !

She hates dreaming and she still do it….She still never stops and still gets wounded with their broken ends….And she is willing to bear an unending pain just for some seconds of amusement ? What a loser.

What a dual personality she is….. She says she loves Allah so much and on the same time she let Him down… She do things which He don’t like and still she thinks He loves her…. How can she do this ? She is definitely an abnormal person with no character and mind. She will soon die by drowning in her own self.

She annoys her readers now…I think she should stop it ! She definitely should…



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  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  December 3, 2013

    if “she” were to stop
    where would the energy go?
    lie in silence, building into what.?…
    each thought opens anther door….each time “she” steps through to feel what she wrote….
    keep writing…it heals the soul….
    you’ll see that one day, I believe…..
    Take care…You Matter….

  2. i really like this lines
    Her writings always revolve around her own life…the same so called sadness, the same pain , the same fears….
    ppl now a days are too much immerse in their selves
    that they dont want to see around them selves
    if they will just see around then may be they thanks ALLAH and stop pitying around them

  3. missdukhi555

     /  December 3, 2013

    But Who is she?

  4. I think she should stop thinking so much, sometimes we should do things just because they have to be done…she should write about the things she like, she should write the things which she started the blog for…she should write about food, people, love and stuff 🙂

  5. “She” isn’t alone.
    “She” exists in each one of us.

    Love, Mehak

  6. If she stops we wont find such beautiful posts 🙂
    We love the ‘she’ always no matter what she scripts ..

  7. And, I think I know who she this writer means. 😀

  8. She is very precious to us and when She didn’t wrote such beautiful, but also painful words, we never knew She… Bringing you some extra Happy Pawkisses to share with She 😉

  9. Well dear..doubt is certainly a great contender of hope if not the greatest deterrent to TH@HOPe

    But..FEELINGS are reALLy wh@IS MOST important in LIFE…


    But doubt does cloud hope..and yah I have certainly been there too…

    From the times in school where everyone in no uncertain terms told me I did not deserve to exist..from the times much later on..when even accepted then..the laughs of others often seemed against me..instead of loving laughter with others for each other only….

    That IS Truly reality then…

    Well dear..the reality here is people do love you..I don’t just read your mentioned before i read 10 to 15 times than an average reading every comment is just a ‘quick’ past time for me….

    You are greatly loved here for one simple share your heart and thoughts with truth..even if it may not make sense to others..or in this case even if your doubts are not reality dear…

    Full honesty of wh@one feels is truly a rare trait these days…

    Most people refuse to put themselves in a vulnerable place like that to let IT ALL hang Out…

    Well me for’m glad you do you see I do it much stranger even ways than you…

    But in my middle age when I look in the mirror I see a friend now..and not an enemy2….

    In fact when I dance in reverse in the store Target..listening to ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ by the Bangles..I know that dancing with me nah I never dance matter who may laugh or my unusualness…

    It is me..i just simply and allah2….to be…..JUSTBE….LOVE

  10. I think you should tell this to her personally and try to correct her point of view…

  11. Taubaaaaaaaaah kiya hogya hae?!

    Apnun k begair tumhari zaat ki gehrae
    Tum hi ko nigal jaay gi aik din
    Akhir ko wo ‘zaat’ bhi tu aik ‘apna’ hai na !

    Tell that somebody ke she writes for HERSELF and for her she must write. Bus.

    • And I totally second LadyBlue so do me a favor and read her comment again. You matter.

    • Haan I told her that but she wasn’t in her senses….You know she is mad.

      • Na she isn’t. She was just frustrated halaat se. We all get ‘mad’ at times.. But tell her from my side that she’s loved, and that her latest writings are fantastic! AND this ke after every bad time there comes a good time, no matter what.

      • She said thank you….and she said she love you for always helping her move on.And she told me never to leave you because I won’t find that sweet friend ever again…Is that so ? 🙂

      • Awesome! Never leave me, White Pearl. 😉 You won’t find a sweeter friend. =D
        Loveya too. =)

  12. I would rather be ‘annoyed’ by ‘She’ than ‘entertained’ by Beyonce any day.

  13. Cant disagree with the first statement … She is a really bad blogger … the worst … who always keeps her readers worried … and in tension … But you know what … She is … A DAMN GOOD HUMAN BEING AND FRIEND …!!!

    So what she writes about her self only … Everyone does that … all the blogger … no matter how much … little or more … every post of every blogger … contains what THEY feel … what they have experienced …!!!

    For one thing … we are never gona stop cheering her up … or “diverging her thoughts towards positiveness” … She will get tired but we wont … that is how much we care about her … So I say … Bring it on … and KEEP EM COMING…!!!

    She is not a loser … THATS LIFE … you aspire … you run … you fall … you get up again … dust of your cloths … and start running again … As long as you stand up again … you are never gona lose …!!!

    Well that is the thing about Allah Pak … No matter how huge your sin is …. Allah Paks forgiveness is greater … Jab woh 100 qatal maaf kar saqta hai … Jab kay woh khud kehta hai … aik insaan ka qatal saari insaaniyat ka qatal hai … to tere mere gunnahon ki kya haisiyat hai … As long as you beg for his forgiveness … you have nothing to worry about … Allah Pak loves even those who don’t believe in Allah Pak … Does Allah Pak stops giving them food … shelter … life … happiness …!!! Woh to Allah Pak hain …. Mohobaat aur Ishq ka sarchashma … hamarey KHALIQ … The epitome of LOVE … Who created Love … and who is the source of all Love … and all paths of true love … lead towards Allah Pak …!!!

    So its a NO … from me … !!!

    As always … Stay Blessed and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ….

    PS: It felt like you need your own X(s) more than us … so returning them to you … a thousand fold …. !!!

    • Haha ! Expected the same from you 😉 She definitely is bad at everything….at being a human being too !
      Yes she always writes about herself and for that she think she is selfish because she never act upon other people’s advice even if she tries hard…. she gives the same advice to others as others do to her but she has never applied them for her own self….. weird right ?
      And thank you for always trying to cheer her up 🙂
      And yes your every word about Allah and His mercy and Love is right….
      Thank you Mani for being here…… You too stay blessed and please start writing again !
      hahaha no I don’t need these x’s 😉

      • hey also check out this track …. if you havnt alrady … the poetry is killer … you will love it … bin listening it for hours on repeat ….

    • Asalam-o-Alaikum,

      Bin Too long … haan …. so sorry yaar …aaj I think muje 1st tym yaad aaya hai aaj ooper wale comment kay baad … kay mera aik adad blogosphere bhi hai … jahaan chand khaas dost rehtey hain … aur jin sey miley hue aik mudat beet gai hai … 😦

      Woh bhi aaj fb per “aik adad card” daikha to yaad aaya … my heartiest congratulations love … I am hoping that you have made peace with all of it … (bin gone too long to know your current mood … lolx :p … Regardless …. I only wish and pray that both of you find love, peace, affection and blessing in this relationship … forever and more happiness, joy and content …!!!

      So first of all tell me how are you … I have missed our fights … A LOT … Seriously I have said It a lot of tym … but these last few months have really blown away by me like a …. “teeeeezzzzzzz hawa ka honka” … (English ka synonym yaad nai aa raha tha … hehehehe 😀 ) … looking back to the last 3 4 months I have no idea when they came and went away … mujey aik shikayat bhi hai …. as far as i remember … i left as usual … a loooooooong mesg on fb for you … but never got a reply … why …??? :@

      Well … jo log achey hote hain … woh yehi kehtey hain .. mai acha nai hoon … its the first characteristic of good ppl … they are humble ….. es lie to mai aksar kehta rehta hoon … mai bohooot bura hoon …. HHAHAHAHAHAHA 😀

      well another characteristic …. taking care of others … but not caring much abt themselves … you should record your advices and listen to your own advice and have your own … piece of mind … :p

      yeah I miss writing too … Infct mai ne tere lie aik aur nazaam likhi thi abi chand din pehley … udaas tha … was missing you … soocha chal teri koi post perhtey hain … as usual … us ne mue aur udaas kar diya…. 🙂

      But unfortunately … 😦 the piece of paper that i wrote it upon … i have lost it … dua kar mil jaye … !!!

      Reply soon … aur fb per aik mesg choor dai after reply … yaad se … okay …!!!

      Stay Blessed … as always…!!! 😀

      PS: may be some y(s) then ………


      hahahahahaha 😀 … keep smiling …always… lov ya!!!

  14. She is a product of this nature
    And bound to return to it;
    If any single piece went missing
    Or stopped being what it were
    Nature would never be complete.

    • Ah ! I wish I could be that lucky to make nature incomplete without me….. In fact it is more complete with me nowhere…. I really loved these lines though…. ! Beautiful. Thank you .

  15. rjl2727

     /  December 5, 2013

    OK, now listen you – if you stop writing about what you write about, i will find you and haunt you. i know exactly what you feel, believe it or not. i’m the same as you – outwardly normal (whatever that is), but inwardly filled with pain and turmoil, and yet thriving on it at the same time. and yes, i am a dreamer of hopeless dreams, but i can’t help myself. there is no cure for it, so i am who i am and you are who you are. the last thing you need to do is stop writing. if people don’t want to read it, so let them go, but hang with those who do read you because there is a common thread in all of us, and we need each other. do not stop writing, i assure you that you don’t want me to haunt you.

    • I would love to be haunted by you 🙂 Your words have the healing power, you know ? Thanks for all these words for lifting my morale up again…..I won’t stop writing…. But I will take long breaks and you have to stick to me please ! Thank you for staying here and thank you for the nicest ever advice. Love xx

      • rjl2727

         /  December 13, 2013

        yes, i will be there, following you. and i understand your need for breaks. just be sure we know that you are ok and will be back because is was getting worried. love and peace to you.

  16. Salam. I am unsure of who you are referring to. If you are referring to yourself, however, I would have to respond by saying that you are incorrect. You’re a gifted writer whose thoughtfulness and love for Allah and goodness has inspired close to a thousand people to follow you. Part of the human condition since Baba Adam (Peace Be On Him) is falling short of our ideals. Falling short doesn’t make one a hypocrite and doesn’t mean one should give up trying. When we fall, we get up and try again. If we didn’t mess up, there would be no reason for Allah to have mercy on us because we’d be perfect. So chin up. Keep up the good fight.

    • W.Salam ! I hope you are fine. Yes I was referring to my own self…. as said by another reader as judging myself too harshly ! I want you to know that Each time I feel your comments going right into my heart…. You are right about trying you are right about not giving up . I love and appreciate all your kind prayers and duaa’s for me…. Thanks so much and Ameen ! I will keep up the good fight inshAllah ! Salam !

  17. Adrift

     /  December 6, 2013

    i read it…

  18. Its normal being conflicted and having two halves of a soul at your age, with wisdom you will come into your one being in your 40’s or sooner if you spend time daily listening to your heart whispering its yearnings.

    • Your words sounds right beautiful lady ! Thanks for these nice words…. You are warmly welcomed here on my blog 🙂 Hope to see you around . Love xx

  19. She shouldnt stop writibg. She should stop thinking of what people think of her cz most of them live her. She should write more often. She should write happy smiles, pain, tears…she should write her misery away if that makes her feel better. 🙂

  20. she is NOT stopping, thats for sure! she might think she will, she might take a bit of a break here and there but this is her. this is what naturally flows. and did I say she judges herself too harshly? when clearly people here love her for her thoughts, for who she is? don’t ever say that again. your blog is one of my most favourites and we are in this together sweetheart. may we be blessed to stay true to ourselves and see beyond. much much love and light ♥

    • She is definitely lucky to have you…. And she loves you the most ! Yes she was judging herself harshly…and this is one way to realize her what she actually is and what she deserves…. I won’t stop , I can’t quit receiving love of sweetest people like you…. Thank you ! Just stay with me….I need you. Love, love and love xx

  21. Gede Prama

     /  December 9, 2013

    Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart

  22. Oh no she will not stop writing.
    P.S. I’ll bribe you with a blog award

    • Oh That’s a surprise ! She don’t deserve awards now but still I am thankful that you considered me. Love you and many many thanks…I accept it along with all your love 🙂

  23. May be when you think about “yourself” instead of “her”, things will fall into place and you will know for sure that there are greater things in life.
    It’s always too early to judge someone else (it’s a sentence from my novel). I say this because you mentioned “she” throughout and I know who you meant. 🙂 You know that it applies to all, no matter whether you use first/second/third person in judging. 😉
    Let “her” write. “She” matters. To you, to someone, to many. It’s all right not to matter to all – that’s life. 🙂


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