Back Here Again !

Hi my beautiful fellows ! I don’t know right now whether any of you still follows my blog or not or whether anyone of you will get to read this post or it will stay here, unnoticed. I have written on my other blog for about 7 months and tonight, I felt like returning back to this one. I can’t figure out why I love this blog so much. May be because this is the place where I used to write with all my heart, where I used to share what I felt without even bothering to give words all the fanciness and glitter. Where I made so many beautiful friends and met so many honest and nice people who helped me in my bad times and never left me alone.

This blog was the place where I used to wander when I was struggling to go through life. When my mind never used to get tired of thinking in new dimensions and above all, when He was with me. When my Allah was with me. I lost Him on my way to pass life and I am struggling to get Him back from then. May be this place helps me to get Him back. May be you people help me to get Him back.

Back then, I wished to get a normal life. Now, I want to get that life back again. I want to get heart broken and I want to get all my pain back. That pain was the reason He was here. It was the reason I was in Love with him and He used to listen to me. It was a part of me and now  I am alone and miserable but I don’t feel that pain. A black hole of abyss is sucking me deep inside and this hollowness in my heart, it grows. I wan’t to cry but I can’t. May be man never gets satisfied with what he gets.

I wish you still read me here. I would be glad to know if you do 🙂 Love you all.

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  1. Welcome back white pearls.last post l read of your when you got married.Hope you will always have a pleasant life and success with your internet job.

  2. life is a struggle and we find ways to cope and learn from it…welcome back to your original spot and have a wonderful week!

  3. Here and there! As long as you are writing, its good. Bless you.

  4. Sounds like maybe you went sane, Lala.
    Don’t worry, it will pass.
    I’m sure you’ll get an early start at being a crazy old lady soon.

    • I am insane, far away from sanity. Haha Thank you for such a good wish. I hope you get better soon too. Have a nice day 🙂

  5. Never leaving this one space. Glad to see you back. Old and familiar. 🙂

  6. Connection with Allah is a beautiful way..

    Disconnection is not a way to feel beauty at core of being..

    far far far..from skin alone…


    Words are shallow without connection..empty shells without true connection…

    i can write all day and never give one allah’s connection in my eyes..

    in real life..
    not the play of internet way…

    The light of Allah..

    is unmistakable in real life..

    Allah plays no games..

    but of course ya know that as ya lived that light in yOur life too..

    So long ago..

    can now of past be now..

    So everlasting can now be

    in Allah’s light..

    Yes..i will stay with you here too..

    And encourage you along the way




  7. I’ve just read it! God be with you.

  8. Still there and good to see you back Lala!
    Love and best regards :*

  9. aak92

     /  August 25, 2014

    You call your followers friends then you know the meaning of a friend. They are like stars not always visible but always there.
    And congratulation on your new life. Pray that you have a lovely life. May Allah bless you. ameen

  10. How are you doing White Pearl!? 🙂 This was from so many months ago. Hope to read more from you. By the way, He always listens and remains the same… It is us who change, right? Well wishes!

  11. Still here! I was just wondering, where can I read your other blog, and if it was possible for you to maybe double post…on this blog and the other.

  12. hello dear.Glad to see you back .My all fellows,friends are just not on wordpress .But I am happy that I got one back. 🙂

  1. allasLIGHT | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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