Meet me…..a very ordinary girl :) So ordinary that a piece of sand is worth than me… Yes this is me !! People say I am complicated…I say life is complicated and one who starts discovering its realities becomes complicated… I have a rainbow of moods inside me. Sometimes when I am happy…. really happy from inside (although it happens rarely) I talk and talk and laugh and laugh….loud and with my eyes …. and when I am sad….I cry, I scream out loud with a pillow on my face, I hit my hand with a wall sometimes….This is all when I am alone and with people I wear a cover on my face I smile at them laugh with them and sometimes put my head down, remove that mask, cry a little, wipe out my tears and wear that mask again ! I hide things with my smiles….I collect courage at night to face people and I use it at the day time ! People never know what is happening inside me or what I am thinking or feeling….even my eyes look normal even after hours of crying…this is a blessing though :) And…..normally I feel empty from inside…lifeless !! With no particular aim in my life. My parents have never felt proud because of me….even if I try hard….

I love my family My mama daddy and three brothers…. And I always prefer praying for them instead of me…They are my everything after Allah !! And I treasure my relationship with Allah more than anything.

I may be complicated and broken, but I am a regular girl with same feelings and emotions. I behave decent In public and people say I am mature but I know I am not…I would never be !! I understand life and pain…I am familiar with the realities of life very much. I have experienced ‘life’ at the age of 20. Girls at my age are full of small wishes and happiness but I don’t have any left with me.

I have a special theory about Love. Yes love…the most complicated thing ever. I know the core of it….I know the theory of it !!

Yes I am depressed and I would have made you depressed too with all this….:) Sorry for that !!

I am not a good writer but I like writing because I don’t speak too much and can’t express what is inside me by speaking. People ask me why do you speak so little….and I answer because I don’t have words to speak….This is in my nature and I have never tried to change it. I feel more comfortable writing things than speaking.

Enough about me I guess :) You must be hating me already…..

And about this blog…….As you are familiar with my rainbow mood now I can’t write specifically….So In this blog you will find things on every topic depending on my mood I will write :)

Tell me your thoughts after reading about me….Am I really out of the world and mad ?

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  1. afracooking

     /  October 6, 2013

    I have never “liked” a page feeling it so intently and strongly! I hope that the likes and love that are coming to you from me and all these other people that are reaching out to you sooths your heart and helps you to learn to love and value yourself.

    • I am really really honored by your presence here on my blog…..And I mean it. It feels so good to know someone understands you ….. Love you for this. Yes this love and likes are always a great way of soothing my heart 🙂 Hugs to you xx

  2. So much in common in this Indo-pak connection again!
    computer sciences and struggling writer 😛
    except the uniqueness about you.
    You are creativity at its epoch!
    be the same. stay blessed!

    • Oh Yes I find so much common-ness too that I am getting used to it now 😉
      Welcome to my blog pretty lady 😉 And you are The best type of unique than I am …. Really ! You too stay blessed and happy always 🙂 Love xx

  3. I love the descriptiveness here. You tell a lot about yourself and reveal little. Excellent.

    Thank you for coming by my blog. I appreciate it

  4. Two questions…

    Twitter pe tera cover photo dekha… Diwali ke time ka hai kya? Itne saare diye jal rahe hain?


    Mere blog pe guest post karegi? (Dekh… ise kehte hain invitation… woh bhi personal wala… tere jaisa nahin… 😛 :P)

    • Yaar Google se li thi wo photo…I don’t know kab ki hai 😛 Bus cute lagi tu chori ker li 😉
      SURE SURE 😀
      Kyun naheen likhun gi tu bus topic bata me try poori kerun gi.
      Haha sorry na ab her baat pe sharminda nae kertay acha 😛

      • Achchha… teri photo nahin hai?… OK…

        Tujhe topic chaahiye? Jo marzi likh… 🙂

        And agar phir bhi kuchh nahin samajh mein aaye to ek title de deta hoon general sa…

        “And hence along/against the life I flow…”

        Chal likh…

        😉 Main kahan sharminda karta hoon 😛 I am just concerned about your height… Itni taang kheechne ke baad bhi nahin badhi 😛

      • Chal theak hai…next post teray liye hoga…. Acha laga tu post kerin werna please delete ker daen me kuch nae kahun gi 😛
        Aur thora late ho jaay tu please pardon me boss 😛
        Lol yaar jitni height hai bohat hai ab zada ker k kisko impress kerna hai mene 😛

      • Main tera boss kab se ho gaya? Achchha bhalaa to bhai tha… ab ‘boss’ banaake paraaya kar diya? 😉

        And lambi height se mujhe impress karna hai… aur kise? 😉 😛

      • Lol aise e keh rae thi tu orders deta hai na itnay isleye 😛
        Lol impress bhaeyun ko thori kertay hain 😛 😛

      • 🙂 Teri poem mili… BRILLIANT… 🙂
        Such depth… Such insight… Such Flow…
        Wonderful! 🙂

        And the last para… Wonderful!

        Kaun kehta hai tu positive nahin soch sakti? 🙂 Stupid hain wo sab… Oops! did I just call myself stupid? 😛

        Thanks for the poem… Thank you so much 🙂

        But main kya ise 2-3 din baad post karoon? If you don’t mind…

      • Oh Thank God tuje achi lagi 😛 I was scared pata nae kesi lagay gi. Thanks for the appreciation… Dhairun khoon barha dia mera 😛 Heard of this Muhawra ? 😉
        Han sure you can post it whenever you like ! It is your’s now 🙂

      • Nah… nahin suna… tu hi bataa de iska matlab? 😉 Wait… let me guess… “Mujhe bahut khush kar diya”… is type ka kuchh kya?

  5. Thanks for following my blog which in turn led me to yours! Looking forward to more great writing! Happy blogging!

    • The pleasure was all mine sister 🙂 Thank you for paying a visit here. I hope you would come back again 🙂 Love xx

  6. rjl2727

     /  October 15, 2013

    told you i’d come back to see. as i too love food, people, love, stuff, i am now following, and will be back to read and absorb as much as possible. peace and good thoughts.

  7. I think you’re a great writer. Thank you so much for dropping by wePoets. We’d be happy to showcase your work should you want to share. If so, our theme and submission pages explain everything. 🙂

  8. Believe me you ARE worthier than many. Each and every creature may it be a human being or an animal or anything In this wide world IS sent by Allah Almighty to create a difference. And so are you !
    You are an awesome writer and I’ll be waiting for more of your splendid posts 🙂

    P.S. Thankyou for stopping by my blog which led me to this -what should I say- awesomefabuloussplendid place.. even that sounds as an understatement !
    Stay blessed 🙂

    • Oh you are just so nice to say that ! Thank you so very much sweet heart 😉 I am not sure my posts would be splendid or not but you will get to read more InshAllah 🙂
      Haha well you know people meet who are destined to meet 😉 We were ! 😛
      Thank you for inventing such a long and wonderful word for my blog lol Love it !
      Stay blessed 🙂 Hugs xx

  9. Love your About page.You have a beautiful blog with different contents which I would like to read.It’s my pleasure to meet you.You are expressing very well what is inside you through your writing.When I find time I will come back to leave my footprints in your archives..Thanks for dropping by.Looking forward to know more about you.Thanks a lot for dropping by.Happy weekend!!

    • Thank you so so much Praveena ! You are so sweet and I am so glad to finally meet you 🙂 I have read all your comments and after reading them I am like flying in the air ! Love all your appreciation…. I would love to know more about you too ! It is hard to find such lovely persons too often 🙂
      You too Thanks a lot for reading me..It was an honor ! Lots of Love xx 🙂

  10. Amazing blog! Nice to follow you! 😉

  11. Posted the poem… And commented… Dekh le


    Tell if any editing is required… Okay?

    Ek baat to hai…
    The more I read the poem, the more does it seem to be my own… Fabulous 🙂

  12. Tere liye gift (sort of) (Abhi bhi under construction hai)


  13. ‘The dead bride’: the bride won’t die. Pakka.
    Come back to your blog now, bechara kab se yunhi paraa hy. 🙂

    • Aaaagae 🙂 I hope the bride don’t die 😦 Thank you for reading it though 😉 Hope you are doing fine …. Missed you Nanhi philosopher 🙂

      • Ahaan. I love that title you know: nanhi philosopher. 😀
        Thank God aap agai. THE BRIDE WON’T DIE. PAKKA. Take my words, she doesn’t know what wonders await her in future. She WILL have the best in everything Inshaa Allah. She will get the happiness that she deserves. The world has a lot to offer her abhi.
        I am doing fine Allah ka shukar, hope you’re doing fantastic too. =)

      • I love you too 😉
        Okaay my nanhi philosopher I trust your words…She won’t die if you say so 🙂 Love you for saying all this.
        I hope it all happens the same.
        Ameen ans InshAllah.
        Love you xx

      • Love you too. 🙂 And aesa hi hoga. I see a bright future for her, and people that will care and love, because that is what she deserves, and that is what she’ll get.. iA.

      • You are too sweet 🙂 Thank you for thinking that sweet for her…InshAllah aisa e hoga.

  14. Yeah..we care about you girl..at least let us know you are okay..in one comment…

  15. Tatsat

     /  November 11, 2013

    You are really expressive.
    And quite frankly, I can not say how you are after reading your about me ( as you asked explicitly )- because you are what you are, and nobody else could be you. I am not so much a of a believer in God either, but I do know that every single creation of his is a masterpiece 🙂

    I have always held that our understanding of things and relationships evolve with the passage of time. A lot of us, however, are fast-tracked thanks to some experiences. As for love, I think there isn’t one single definition that I can settle down with. Maybe reading your blog will me with that 🙂

    Absolute pleasure to have bumped onto your blogspace 🙂 Will be coming around more often.

    • Well first of all welcome to my world ! So good to see you here.
      Secondly yes I know you may have no idea about me after reading my about me…That’s weird but this is how I am 🙂 Thank you so much for reading it.
      You have said it all right…. Love has a different definition for everyone….. But there is one definition which is same and people who reach it, get it truly !
      Thank you again for your great comments…I loved your blog too ! Stay connected 🙂 Love xx

  16. Your blog looks vibrant and really interesting, you will find me digging your posts. Stay blessed 🙂

  17. Hahaha, I enjoyed reading your intro.
    Well, that’s the essence of beautiful life – rainbow moods 🙂

  18. And yes, I would like to know more about your theories 😉

  19. you are a great find. thanx for honouring my humble abode. I do not (can not) write but display other peoples’ things here and there as and when I like them. I will also follow yours wonderful place.
    and a word of advice little beti , take life with open arms. There is nothing more strange in this world than life itself. you are in your first innings. mine is last. you have a world before you and you will discover in time a lot more surprises.

    • Hello Sir ! I feel honored to see you here. You know Sir , Writing poetry is not everything…Having a ‘Zouq’ of poetry is everything and you have it 🙂 I loved your blog.
      And I respect and value your kind advice with all my heart…Thank you so much for honoring me Sir with your precious word and time….. Just remember me in your prayer always 🙂 Thank you so much.

  20. Nice intro. Lengthy, but nice. 😀

  21. Thank you for visiting an following my blog. It feels great to be be connected with you.

    Happy evolving!

  22. thanks for the likes and comments. they are encouraging. will go through your blog soon. Thanks 🙂

  23. Today I just have to comment and let you know, I’m reading you and loving everything you have written. I have been opening your blog since 4 days and reading all your old and new posts between my study breaks but somehow I fail to comment as I think I’m going to comment later but I get busy studying again. But Today I’ve had enough of my laziness man!
    ‘Sorry I was really angry at myself, thats why the sudden outburst ! 😛
    You have absolutely amazing blog, I read your thoughts on Islam, Quran, life in general, your struggles and let me tell you, you are a strong girl !
    Your faith is strong and I pray that it become stronger. Love you, I’m glad I found a fellow Pakistani Sister 🙂

  24. You’re not mad you will be surprised to know the emotions and turmoil you feel are inside everyone else too. Writing is a great way of expressing yourself, healing and dealing with all that’s around you. Keep it up!

  25. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

  26. Hey… you have been nominated for the following award… kindly check it out 🙂


  27. OK..I AM still staying here and remembering you..so please at least again let us know you are ok friend..lovexx..

    with just a comment at least..please again..


  28. Hi! 🙂 I ve nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Please check the link http://mindlessinking.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/w/… Happy Day!

  29. From what I have seen so far, and from the responses to your post, you seem anything but ordinary! Writing is not just about putting words on paper. It is about connecting with your readers. And you seem to be doing that exceptionally well!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and leading me here 🙂

  30. Aslamaolikum .
    I loved your place and the introduction.
    May Allah bless you and all the best for your Blog.

  31. hello white pearl have nice day 😉 hello ,I nominate you for the excellence award

  32. Hi White Pearl!! landed to your blog thru Arindam Saha’s blog- Random Thoughts!

    I’m glad I found you n your amazing writings! I felt a connection with your introduction! Externally strong yet shattered and broken deep inside! U need courage to do that! Eyes speak everything and if you are able to manage them as well! Hats Off to you Lady!

    Following you in your journey!
    God bless!

  33. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  34. Initiator ;-)

     /  March 1, 2014

    Nice to e-meet and read your About..!
    have a good time on Blogging..!

  35. Wooow….that was like so freaking deep.!
    I really like your blog and the way you express your feelings .
    Bas ek lafz- Bindas!!
    keep going and keep rocking! 😀
    And the best part – Keep your relationship with Allah firm no matter what!! 🙂
    -Halima from mecraftteen.blogspot.com

  36. nice blog work…

  37. Dear White Pearl:
    Know that you are not alone. Do you know a fact that I have learnt over time and pains over my 25 years? Those who feel lonely in this world makes the largest community in the world. 😀 It’s true. It’s the greatest brotherhood or cross-cultural, multinational unity there is – the “I’m lonely” or “I’m Alone” community.
    I have been a member and still am, even after being married and getting pregnant. Even if I write, have so many friends, a crazy family and wonderful husband. Some things are not just complete. The incompleteness is from within ourselves.
    This life is about masks. Who wears what kind of mask. There are only few arenas where we can put the mask aside and breathe. And you and me – are people who tend to drop our masks every now and then. It’s naturally not likable to the masked play on the stage that is the world. But, we know that just expressing what we feel, just smiling only when we feel like it, or pouting when we dislike something is freedom. Letting the mask down at times is what is actually living, as opposed to puppetry, that others are engrossed in. 🙂
    Keep penning.
    “Words are the clothes that thoughts wear; so dress well.” – Anon.
    I care about them more than my own clothes which tend to be unpressed or dull in colour selections. 😀
    Good Luck and love xxx 🙂

  38. aak92

     /  June 14, 2014

    Hey, I nominated you for The versatile Blogger and Sunshine Award. Visit my blog to accept the awards 🙂

  39. mehmakunwar

     /  August 4, 2014

    I love your expression. Stay blessed girl! Keep smilingg ❤ x

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