Meet me…..a very ordinary girl :) So ordinary that a piece of sand is worth than me… Yes this is me !! People say I am complicated…I say life is complicated and one who starts discovering its realities becomes complicated… I have a rainbow of moods inside me. Sometimes when I am happy…. really happy from inside (although it happens rarely) I talk and talk and laugh and laugh….loud and with my eyes …. and when I am sad….I cry, I scream out loud with a pillow on my face, I hit my hand with a wall sometimes….This is all when I am alone and with people I wear a cover on my face I smile at them laugh with them and sometimes put my head down, remove that mask, cry a little, wipe out my tears and wear that mask again ! I hide things with my smiles….I collect courage at night to face people and I use it at the day time ! People never know what is happening inside me or what I am thinking or feeling….even my eyes look normal even after hours of crying…this is a blessing though :) And…..normally I feel empty from inside…lifeless !! With no particular aim in my life. My parents have never felt proud because of me….even if I try hard….

I love my family My mama daddy and three brothers…. And I always prefer praying for them instead of me…They are my everything after Allah !! And I treasure my relationship with Allah more than anything.

I may be complicated and broken, but I am a regular girl with same feelings and emotions. I behave decent In public and people say I am mature but I know I am not…I would never be !! I understand life and pain…I am familiar with the realities of life very much. I have experienced ‘life’ at the age of 20. Girls at my age are full of small wishes and happiness but I don’t have any left with me.

I have a special theory about Love. Yes love…the most complicated thing ever. I know the core of it….I know the theory of it !!

Yes I am depressed and I would have made you depressed too with all this….:) Sorry for that !!

I am not a good writer but I like writing because I don’t speak too much and can’t express what is inside me by speaking. People ask me why do you speak so little….and I answer because I don’t have words to speak….This is in my nature and I have never tried to change it. I feel more comfortable writing things than speaking.

Enough about me I guess :) You must be hating me already…..

And about this blog…….As you are familiar with my rainbow mood now I can’t write specifically….So In this blog you will find things on every topic depending on my mood I will write :)

Tell me your thoughts after reading about me….Am I really out of the world and mad ?

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  1. I’m not great a speaking either, words always seem to flow better on my blog 🙂

  2. Ajaytao2010

     /  July 5, 2013

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  3. Hi , Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to meet you here and to read your wonderful posts… Keep writing..!!

  4. Heyy! Is lalarukh your real name?
    Another blog award coming your way 🙂 I like reading your posts, and you deserve this award 🙂 Follow the link to see what I’ve awarded you!

    • Oh My god 😀 Is this real am I not watching a dream ? LOL thank you so so much for this ! Thank you so much for all the love I don’t think I deserve this kind of respect and love … Love you !! So another blog award is going to my awards page 😛 So happy 🙂 xxx
      And yes lalarukh is my real name 🙂

      • Hahah… Your excitement made me laugh! 😀
        Yes this is real 😛 And you deserve it, so don’t bother thanking me. Stop telling yourself that you don’t deserve it, because you do. And don’t let the fame get to your head 🙂 Work harder on your blog so that more people can benefit from it…

      • Lol just finished publishing the award ! And thank you so much really I am out of words now ! And I will word hard. I started this for my self cuz no one was there to hear me but I will try my best now not to let you people down 🙂 xxx

      • 🙂

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I had a blog when I was younger. I have met so many amazing people around here. I look forward to reading more here.
    Much Love –

  6. Ahhh to be young… Your life is like and empty book and everyday you have the opportunity to write another chapter… maybe just a page at a time but it is such an amazing gift to be given… you are the author of your story! Embrace it! Happiness is just in the next chapter!
    So glad you happened into my blog!

    • You are very right….. Thank you so much for reading me and telling me your views. I hope happiness is the next chapter ! Don’t see it happening yet 🙂 Your blog is great … Love xxx

  7. Happiness will be next! And then there might be some struggles and then another three or four HAPPY chapters! I guarantee it is worth going through the waiting. I can’t promise any bad ones but then THAT is what makes our stories ours! It is how we take the bad stuff and learn from then so the ending is even better!
    Can’t wait to read some of those chapters! 😉

    • Oh so nice of you to wish something good for my future ! You would be the first one to know if there would be any happy chapter coming 🙂 You are so sweet 🙂 thanks for all the motivation and care…Love xx

  8. Lara…. I relate to how you are feeling now… I have been there…. I wanted to share this with you… (link below) though we are years apart… I feel a connection where age is invisible!

    • This was a love read ! Beautiful words….and consistent meanings ! Thanks so much for sharing it with me….. And I love you for caring so much for me really means a lot !! Love xx 🙂

  9. Why you’re so down to the earth? O.o

  10. Being down to earth is simplicity and simplicity is a great thing!
    Nice blog, Mashaa’Allah 🙂

  11. Thanks for following me, either that description

  12. Hahaha! Loved your about page. Hey, rainbow is good and mad even better!! Lol
    You sound fun. Hugs Paula xx

  13. Nice to know about you as the grand new entrant into Blogistan, and can see that you are going great guns with enthusiasm ( no pun or even sarcasm, intended ). Thanks for looking my blog up. All the Very Best.

    • Thank you so much for the appreciation sir, means a lot ! Yeah I am enjoying my journey in blogistan quiet a lot ! Thanks so much for the wishes….Keep visiting 🙂 xx

  14. No one is ordinary.

  15. good picture you have made lalarukh.
    BE humble ….. don’t punch your hands on wall.
    hoping to have much from a 20 years girl who speaks a bit.
    Stay blessed.

  16. I’m sorry that you are feeling depressed Lala!! Best wishes that you feel better soon. 🙂

    • Thank you so much really means a lot ! Your wishes make me feel less depressed ! Love you xx 🙂

  17. “So ordinary that a piece of sand is worth than me…”

    A piece of sand is worth the same as you – if you know how to look ;).

    To see a world in a grain of sand
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.

    – from Auguries of Innocence by William Blake

    • Wow this is lovely !! Yeah May be you are right ! It is just that I have understood the worth of my self in this world ! Thanks so much for the great comment ….. Loved it !! I hope you will keep visiting….I love to read beautiful comments from you lovely people 🙂 Love xx

      • Yeah, it is pretty isn’t it.
        It’s not metaphorical.
        I think Blake was being literal in a very special way.

        I wish I could read Sufi poets in Urdu.

      • Yes it is…Indeed ! I appreciate you 🙂 Yeah sufi poets are an inspiration…..I love reading them too….But reading them needs peace of mind to understand them completely ! Don’t you think so ?
        And thanks for the beautiful comments 🙂 xx

  18. Hi 🙂 I just followed your blog. I love reading different perspectives of people my age. Have a nice day!

    • Awh welcome here ! Thanks you so much for the follow and liking it 🙂 Keep visiting ! Love 🙂 xx

  19. But reading them needs peace of mind to understand them completely ! Don’t you think so ?

    I don’t know that I can understand anything completely, especially inspired poetry via an uninspired translator. I suspect that many of the terms they use can’t be translated accurately into English without butchering poetic rhythm – if at all.

    But yeah, I bet you need silence, solitude and at least a measure of inner peace to get even a shadow of what they have said. Moniba might add ‘darkness’ to that list and I think maybe she’d be right.

    On the other hand, some of Rumi’s poems don’t seem to need peace of mind (e.g. “If”, “Only breath”).
    They just tell it like it is.
    Or maybe that’s just me ;).

    I don’t get the ones where he eroticises devotion, even though I ‘accidentally’ wrote a poem like that myself once, so I think I know what he’s trying to say (the inevitability of opposites and the need to embrace the ‘other’). I guess that sort of thing has trouble crossing cultural borders without sounding kinda sleazy.

    • Yes I agree…. We can’t reach that level on which the sufis are already present ! one word they use has several meanings at a time…. But we can atleast try to conclude some meanings out of them !
      And yeah I always need some peace of mind while reading these type of things ! I can’t do multi-tasking sometimes lol 😉
      What was the poem you wrote ‘accidently’ ? I want to read it !
      I appreciate your great comments Really means a lot to me ! Keep commenting like that always 🙂 I need you guys 🙂 Love xx

  20. What was the poem you wrote ‘accidently’ ? I want to read it !

    Umm, actually you probably don’t.

    Here’s the link.

    But before you click it –
    1) I’m a rubbish poet
    2) This isn’t even one of my better poems
    3) The allegory equates a goddess with a sex club dancer
    4) Remember what I said about cross-cultural sleaze (e.g. Bollywood romances usually seem really pervy to me. I bet a lot of what I take for granted would seem pretty yuck to you.)

    I wrote it ‘accidentally’ partly because all my poetry comes into my head without my volition – though I sometimes edit and polish it afterwards – but mainly because of what prompted it.

    This is a mystic poem. It came to me immediately after a psychotic episode during which I encountered a Goddess (a long, paradoxical story that I’ve been struggling to find a way to tell ever since it happened – I don’t really believe in Gods and Goddesses, but that didn’t seem to bother Her. She’s been back since.). I had to write it because to do otherwise would have been to dishonour Her (pretty odd, when you consider what I compare Her to, but there it is).

    • Just read the poem !! I have no words ! Really you are so bad in saying your poem rubbish and stuff. I like it really like it. And after reading all the background thing why you wrote it…it seems more beautiful 🙂 So lovely ! xx

  21. Kazi Mustakim

     /  July 14, 2013

    Hey…you have illustrated yourself so simply….you said a lot of complicated thing with such simple manner… That is truly a extra-ordinary character you have got but you won’t accept I know… while reading you I saw my reflection in the mirror…Though I cannot speak simply like you 😦 … Glad that I found you my friend….!! And thank you for being there at my page… I really appreciate your presence…!!

    • Thank you so much for admiring my writing in such a beautiful way 🙂 It made me smile ! I am glad I found another person like me 🙂 I really appreciate your comments They really means a lot to me ! Thanks so much 🙂 Keep visiting ! Your blog was wonderful ! Love xx 🙂

  22. brainlace

     /  July 15, 2013

    Your blog is so great, I’m really enjoying reading it!

  23. After reading a few posts and this about me i have to say i am in love with this ordinary girl 😀 Your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work! Will be visiting this blog alot so advance sorry for long comments 🙂
    Stay blessed!

    • I love long comments ! They make me feel somewhere , someone cares that much about me 🙂 I will be waiting for your long comments 😉
      Thank you so much for falling in love with me ! I won’t fail you 😉 Love you more ! 🙂
      Thanks so much ! You too Stay Blessed and Happy Always ! 🙂 Love xx

      • I love long comments too as it help both the writer & the reader understand each other’s point of view 🙂 and then i think the same as you think 🙂
        I know for sure you won’t fail me as you are not the kind of person who fails anyone 🙂 i am so honored to know you 😀
        Love xx

      • Hehe ye tu zyada hogya 😀 I am honored to have such a good reader like you really , I am nothing ! I have read you, you are great !! I will try my best not to fail you 😉 You are the best 🙂 Lots Of Love xx

      • Thank you for reading my stuff 🙂 And for me you are the best 😀
        Now we both are going to keep on praising each other so i’ll take a leave 🙂
        Lots of love xx

      • Thanks so very much 🙂 Take care 🙂 Love xx

      • You too take care 😀 Love xx

  24. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

     /  July 15, 2013

    Hi Lala , outstanding about.You ave very unique young lady.Your massage through your writings might inspire some one in many ways.Wishing you success.Thank you for liking my post.Cheers.jalal

    • Thank you so much sir I am glad you liked me 🙂 I wish I can inspire someone someday ! Thank you so much for the wishes. Means a lot ! Love xx

  25. The grain of sand has become a white pearl.
    Have you been sitting in oysters lala?

    • lol it is just a name 🙂 It means nothing ! I had to change it due to some privacy reasons. But you pointed out something amazing I never thought of that before 🙂 Love You xx

      • I just spotted two of your comments under ‘lalarukh1’ in my spam folder.
        When I marked them ‘not spam’ they just disappeared!
        I didn’t even read them first :(.

        I reckon its got something to do with changing your profile.

        If you’d like to re-post them I’d be very pleased.
        You might like to check other recent comments you’ve made too.

      • Oh this is bad 😦 Everything is good on my side I am commenting and people are answering back ! I don’t know what is the matter 😦

  26. ‘I feel more comfortable writing things than speaking.’

    a perpetual corner dweller, an observer all my life, i so related to this line in your incredibly honest description of yourself. it’s been only since writing poetry that i ‘ve had lots to say. just wanted to visit a bit to thank you for liking my poem, encouragement always means a lot to this novice scribbler. *smiles*

    • Thank you so much for the honest comment too 🙂 I hope you liked the visit ! Keep visiting always ! Lots Of Love xx 🙂

  27. Yours is a very warm blog, 🙂 Enjoyed my time here!!


  28. Comprehensive into : )

  29. I’m so happy to have read this. And no…I don’t think you are out of this world mad 😛

  30. those dont speak, know the language of silence . . most powerful way . . . they know other ways to communicate, keep aside the writings !

    you told, you know the theory of love . . . Please share, if you are ok with your theory on love be shared . . . thank you . . . nice to read about you, will try to keep in mind all what you shared here while talking to you . . . hope to listen from you 🙂

    • Yes you are right 🙂
      Yes I said that….I can’t explain it to you Like that but my writings can do…If you will read my other posts, you will know what is my theory !
      I am glad you liked reading about me ! I welcome you here with all my heart 🙂 Keep visiting ! Best wishes and Love xx 🙂

      • hmmmm . . . i can read your posts . . . but i can mis-interpret it . . . dont we??? we do it . . . Err . . human nature .. ..

        but anyway will keep visiting your blog . . . and welcome to my blog as well . . thank you 🙂

      • Yeah Damn Human nature 😉
        Well thank you for visiting my blog and I visit your’s too… You were not writing I guess for so long…..Please write…I will read you 🙂 Thank you ! Love xx

      • Thank you, will try to be more regular:)

      • That would be wonderful 🙂 xx

  31. Bee

     /  July 18, 2013

    Thank you for stopping by and liking my blog

  32. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

     /  July 19, 2013

    Being you is a wonderful achievement for yourself.Your beautiful attitude ,your modesty ,and your transparency are unique qualities at your age, you are a mature lady .I am sure your family is very proud of you ,l feel proud to write to you.The sky is the limit .We should aim high. Keep the good work. Sincerely jalal

    • Yes sir yo are right ! Sky is the limit 🙂 Thank you so much for the beautiful comment and all the admiration 🙂 It means a lot to me……My family is not proud of me because I never told them who I am 🙂 Anyway I really appreciate your comment…….Love xx 🙂

  33. My Dear Friend White Pearl,
    I would like to Thank You for sharing your most inner personal feelings and thoughts. Please know that I too did not receive Any Recognition during the most Important of Achievements, and my formative growing years. This had left me with very low self esteem, and many other destructive behaviors to myself. (this only hurt me and no one else) This is not easy, I would like you to stand in front of the mirror and say ” I Love Myself”, “I’m Beautiful Inside and Out”, I’m Worthy and Important”. Then hug yourself. (A Really Great Hug) The “first time” is rough, and feels unusual. I know You Can Do It : )!
    Your a young woman, and I at 49 I have just recently started to feel good about who I am.
    As much as we Want, Crave, and Desire to have our “parents approval and acknowledgement” sometimes we have to accept them for who they are with An Open Heart. I just visted my Father, and although I expressed All My Feelings of what I Needed from Him it never happened and realistically it never will. I have come to accept this Very Painful realization and Must Move Forward and be Happy within. It’s Vital that You See All The Beauty In Yourself, and Love Yourself My Dear Friend. Please let me know how you are doing, and If I can be any support to you.
    Your Friend,

    • Hey Lovely astral ! I am sorry to hear about what you faced !
      I really Love your idea of recognizing and appreciating myself…..Loved reading about it and I would Love to experience it too ! I am sure it will help , somehow ! I am wondering though how will I give a hug to my own self….But I will try for sure 🙂
      I can understand what you may have felt after telling your father everything you went through and you feel and not getting even then, what you wanted ! I can feel it….And I can’t ever do it …..Yes you are right ! We should accept our parents for what they are ! They love us and care for us….No one can be perfect in everything ! 🙂
      I am fine, I know how to move on with life. I am empty from inside but I am trying and I have hope…..
      I really appreciate your concern about me 🙂 I love to know you care about me so much !
      Love you so much My friend . Respect and Love xx

      • My Dear White Pearl,
        Thank you for your Heart Touching reply.
        With regards to “hugging yourself” just take your left hand and put it on your right shoulder, and vice versa. Hold yourself snugly and just experience what ever emotions present themselves. If your tearful just let the tears flow, don’t push those emotions away. Indulge them and allow yourself to feel. This may be “uncomfortable” at first. As you begin to do this on a regular basis you will notice yourself Smiling. Hug your Self Everyday, and during the “Good Times” too. You will begin to fill the emptiness with Love.
        Your Friend,
        Anastasia 😊

      • Wow ! Okay ! I am sure going to do this lovely thing….I am excited ! I hope it helps me…I will sure let you know if it did……Love you so much for this…..Really Love you 🙂 You made my day 🙂 Thanks so much dear Friend….Lots of love and *Hugs* xx

      • My Dear Friend,
        I’m delighted to know that I was able to make You Smile 😊. That means the World to me.
        To be able to Give and Express A Loving Open Heart To You. 💜
        Hugs to You My Dear Friend,
        Anastasia 😊

      • Yes you are the best 🙂 One of the sweetest reader I have ever come across ! You made me realize there are still people out there who care for others without asking anything in return ! Love you The most 🙂 xx

      • Your reply Warms My Heart. As I Give With An Open Loving Heart. The Love I Receive is Abundant.
        Your Friend,

      • You are lovely 🙂 Thanks 🙂 Love xx

      • Your So Very Welcome 😊.
        Have A Great Day!
        Your Friend,
        Anastasia 😊

      • You too Have a great day 🙂 Take care xx

  34. Love your rainbow. Thanks for dropping by “Honey.” Maybe it will make you laugh or at least smile without hiding behind your hand!

    • Awh thanks so much ! yeah It made me smile 🙂 I love you honey 🙂 Thankyou too for visiting my blog….I hope you will keep visiting ! Love xx

  35. “an ordinary girl” ! … now that is an exaggerated ‘over-humbleness’ 😛 .. bcz even having a glance across your blog contradicts it completely. thanks for visiting and liking my humble blog 🙂 …
    I will read you blog more thoroughly when i get time .. right now Ramadan + office = no time for anything else 🙂

    keep smiling and spreading smiles 🙂
    Allah Hafiz

    • Lol I don’t think so I can exaggerate anything ! 😉 Well that is itself an honor that you appreciate my blog with those hidden words 😛 Thank you so much ! Humbled !
      Well I can understand the business ! Sure I will wait for more of your comments when you will read more of my blog someday 🙂
      You too keep smiling Have a Happy day 🙂
      Love xx Allah hafiz !

  36. I love the look of you blog–not depressing at all! Thanks for expressing such an interest in my zany little blog! 🙂

    • Thank you so much it is just that you are too kind 🙂 Your blog is great 🙂 Keep visiting mine 🙂 Love xx

  37. Thanks White Pearl for sharing your thoughts and creativity…i wish you all the best in your blogging adventure. ♥

  38. i meant to tell you, you may want to consider having a Home page up on the top of your blog next to your About icon. just a little tip that someone passed along to me when i first started out. it makes it easy to navigate to your most recent posts. peace+love ♥

  39. what a lovely blog ! like it as well as ur white pearl 😀

  40. Nice to meet you..Be Happy always because Happiness is the way of Life as I believe Life is too short wasting our time getting depressed,as we live only once so make the most of it..:-)
    Keep Smiling.. 🙂

    • Oh Yes you said it all very right ! I think the same but I don’t do the same…..I don’t know why !
      Thank you so much for the sweet comment and advice 🙂
      It was wonderful meeting you ! 🙂
      Have a happy day 😀
      Love xx

      • Do What you Think…Don’t let your life go the way you don’t think… 🙂
        Life is very Beautiful and at your Age You Should be Enjoying it not Regretting it I believe.. 🙂
        Have a Great Time.. 🙂

      • Lol very well said 🙂
        Yes I know life is beautiful….Life is what we think it is !
        Thank you so much for the cute concern I love it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Keep boosting me up like this always 🙂 Love xx

      • Anytime..Pleasure is all mine.. 🙂
        Encouragement is the best thing a Human can give to others.. 🙂

      • Well Pleasure is mine too ! 😉
        Yes You are cent percent right ! Encouragement is necessary to grow…..Thanks 🙂
        Love you !! 🙂 xx

  41. My Dear Sweet White pearl,
    As you grow older you will feel the strength. Right now the deepest agony that you are going through will sprout to be with you when time is right. It takes nine months to bring a child to the world. I am not a mother yet but the burden they carry is much more and painful that no one will be able express. Just like that they are not pain- Be brave to withdraw any circumstance that hurt you deep. Change the course if you haven’t learn the cause of the pain is giving…Holding on to it too long become psychological problem.

    Sometimes I find when people say take it easy and everything will be alright. How easy for them to say. In reality I do believe it is not easy, but if oneself could learn to lift the spirit move on. I am sure will make things different and to your soul you will feel the peace and light. Let me share what I have learn up to now…. the dreams that we all have may not come true..but in somehow in a little form they do ….

    And also I had learned sometimes the dream that I have gives me negativity. Just when I think why it had gone did not give me the perfect answer… because I am myself isn’t perfect! 😀 Although I have come to know any system of human…anything we talk about somewhere down the line there is a darkness… Brave ones are those who break this barrier and stand up. Fight to win…..try to love the obstacle yes with tears….wipe of stand up and some where you will see the silver lining…..

    I think I better stop…you might get bored with it…Mean time I would like to say I love your blog and keep pouring the pearls….. I am wearing a string of pearl necklace that few of your words had merged with…..

    Ek sithar aur mothi yo ki chamak sei aap tho uthar gai-
    Zindhagi ki saf mai aap tho ulh ra haei hai
    Chamak sei chamak sei…..

    I can’t speak urdhu thought to write what is is my mind Mafi chaathaa hu. terrible urdhu
    Allah Hafiz
    Mystical silent soul

    • I am speechless Ma’m ! I read every single word of your’s three times and I should thank you first and every word was full of inspiration for me.
      You are right…..we forget our pains with time , even our dreams ! sometimes it is easy for others to just say things but sometimes the same words give us courage to face the realities …. Your words gave me that courage ! Thank you so much for all the boost-up 🙂 It means a lot to me really a lot !!
      And I never get bored of reading pearls of wisdom 🙂
      Thank you so much for liking my blog and you are the reason I write ! Trust me 🙂 You are so sweet and I love you 🙂
      I couldn’t understand your Urdu completely though 😉 But I understood its meaning I guess ! Love it ! 🙂
      Thanks again ! Love you ! Keep encouraging me like this always 🙂
      Allah Hafiz 🙂 xx

  42. I wanted to put *Safar

  43. Hellloo there 😀
    Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving kind comments. Heading to read your posts. 🙂
    P.S: Don’t be sad, cry a little, smile a lot coz life is too short to cry over something or someone for too long and know that He loves you 🙂

    • It was really fun reading about you and I am sure my about would have made you sad 😦
      Yes I agree…..life is short and we know it but we don’t remember this fact certain times 🙂
      Love reading your thoughts and the sweetest advice 🙂
      Thank you so much ! I really appreciate your kind comment 🙂
      Love you 🙂 xx

      • No your about didn’t make me sad. Don’t worry, it was good reading about you. We all have some dark patches in our life, its ok, Don’t be ashamed of it, those are just scars that you got while you were reaching for the stars. :)We all have those scars with different stories and different tales but we do have them 🙂
        Cheers 🙂

      • Thank you Ma’m I am glad it didn’t make you sad 🙂 You are right we all have dark secrets we don’t want to reveal completely to others ! Thanks for the beautiful uplift ! Love the way you talk always 🙂 You are Great and very sweet 🙂 Thank you ! Cheers and Love xx

  44. I love your blog and you are a very deep writer. I consider that good writing xoxo
    Can’t wait to read through all the work you have put in here.

    • Thank you so much for loving my blog and calling me Deep 🙂 I love you ! 🙂 Sure take a look when you get time and don’t forget to tell me your views about it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Love xx

  45. I love and cherish depression and I am fond of depressed people but you dont seem depressed or you just use fancy bright words. you seem to be good at blogging and marketing though and food, people, love the three things that brain wont stop thinking about. and my sincere appreciation on an honest introduction and yes 20 years is a lot of life if you think about it, cheers

    • Yes I get depressed … many times and sometimes not…. Yes i sometimes use fancy bright words to show I am happy 🙂 Because I don’t want to sit back and cry I want to move on ! This blog , the writing and communication with people encourage me to do so !
      Thanks for thinking I am good at it…But I am nothing 🙂
      Yes I know, 21 years are too many of them ! But what can we say about the time that passed…Let’s think about the future now 🙂
      Thanks so much for the nice comment 🙂
      Love xx

  46. this is so amazing! you are not an ordinary girl you have a gr8 talent to write.I would say 1000 times better than me so for me you are extra ordinary.
    Sometimes I also get depressed and gloomy but I guess this is Life.
    good work!

    • Thank you so so much Mehak this means a lot to me !! And I thank you too for saying me extra ordinary though I am not..I am nothing 🙂 Yes you are right…everything has to go on and on ! 🙂 Thank you so very much for the visit and for the sweet comment 🙂 Keep visiting ! Love xx 🙂

  47. Rabab Maher (^_^) رباب ماهر

     /  August 2, 2013

    As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum Lalarukh (^_^),

    I favour writing, reading, drawing and listening to talking; when I do talk, I prefer it’s for a purpose, not to simply fill a void or hear my own voice – like many seem to do nowadays (~_^).

    The mere fact you have something to share means your worth is more than a grain of sand and inshā’Allah you’ll come to realise this with time (^_^).

    ‘O ALLAH, Please Humble Our Hearts and Grace Us with the Flow of Humility Through Our Veins Incessantly and Perpetually So We Can Better Serve YOU and Only Say, See, Hear and Do What Pleases YOU.’

    Ramadān Mbārak, Du’ās and Salām v(^_^)v

    • Wa-alaekum-Asalam !! 🙂
      Yes talking always has the greatest impact on others rather than reading and drawing etc but some people don’t have skills of talking and that is why they prefer writing . I am one of them 🙂
      Thank you so much For your very beautiful wishes and words. They are so precious for me .
      Ameen Ameen ! Thanks Ma’m for the great Comment and Dua . This is the best gift for me.
      Ramadan Mubarik to you too ! And I pray the same for you. Please remember me in your kind prayers 🙂
      Thanks again It was a pleasure talking to you 🙂 Love xx

      • Rabab Maher (^_^) رباب ماهر

         /  August 3, 2013

        I’m a precise talker al-ĥamdu-lilah – I’m very OCD about words (*^_^*); I just dislike talking and only do so when I have something to say with particular listeners (~_^).

        . * . * . * .

        You might be interested in reading the following piece:

        From reading about you, you have certain qualities to that of an introvert, but I think you might be more of an Ambivert = Introverted and Extroverted attributes to your personality.

        I will say this, try to keep a positive and open mind and heart, and only depend on Allah (SWT), and wonders will happen and the depression will wane inshā’Allah (^_^). We all have our highs and lows, ups and downs; there’ll always be people who are better off and worse off than we are. How we choose to deal with our “challenges” makes all the difference (^_^).

        . * . * . * .

        Anyway . . .

        Inshā’Allah you’ll be remembered in my du’ās (^_^).

        Sending Positive Energy and Thoughts Your Way Inshā’Allah (^_^),
        Take Care and Keep Safe (^_^)

        PS. Thank You for Your lovely comment you posted about my page (*^_^*).

      • You are a Great Great writer MASHALLAH ! It is so nice to hear back from you 🙂
        And I just read the article about Introverts and I am shocked to read every point is true about me as if it is written for me…Really it is amazing I have book marked it…I never thought anyone would understand me so perfectly ! Really amazing and thank you so so much for this gift ! Love it really love it !
        You have given me a very beautiful wish…Yes I do depend on Allah Taala and I have already faced the consequences of asking from people in the past…And I will never make that mistake again INSHALLAH !
        Thanks so so much for the beautiful prayer !
        I really appreciate you remembering me in your Duas ! That would be the best gift ever…..I m so happy to hear this from you 🙂
        Collected all the positive thoughts and energy 🙂 And I will keep it safe in me and use it for good 🙂
        You are a Great writer and a sweet personality and my comment was just to tell you yes I am another fan of yours !
        My prayers and wishes are with you…..always ! Best of luck and May Allah fulfill all your wishes and Dreams 🙂 Love xx

  48. Asalam walik kum dear,,
    Firstly i must write the things i felt for you that is….
    You are an extrovert but really not,
    You are a loving person but in fact keeps a hidden file in her heart…
    You love life but what you hate about it is it’s silly rules:)
    You like being friends but you may change your mood due to which they may get angry 😦
    These were the words and things i felt for you…
    Beside it i am sending a lots of love for you as i am also having same similarities that you have so Thumbs up
    I don’t have interest with life and what i am that was already cleared in your bio data 😀
    I hope you don’t mind being similar ….
    Lots of love,care and blessings with hugs 🙂

    • Wa-alaekum-Asalam !! 🙂
      I am amazed to read the facts you mentioned about me. What you know some kind of magic or so ? 😉
      Yes I am sometimes an extrovert, sometimes not. I am loving but I can’t express my love for anyone. Yes I love life really but I hate living it !
      The friends part is not so true my friends don’t get angry of my mood because I never show people my mood swings. I behave normal most of the time taking help from the fake mask i wear 🙂
      Thank you so so much for your Love…I am sending double back to you 🙂
      Yeah I love the fact that we are alike 😉 I never ever mind the similarity but I really started having feelings for you lol
      Thank you so very much for the sweet comment and making me smile 🙂 I love you ! xx

  1. You are amazing!! And you know that, don’t you? | Randomlyabstract's Blog

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