The Black Rose


Under the shadows of savage life , deep inside the dark forest.

A black rose possessed its tragic existence.

It was out cast and unwanted despite all its fragrance and radiance , It never fits in the relinquishing blooms.

It was cultivating loneliness in the presence of the whole forest and hence loneliness was out-grown !

It was growing thorns since the beginning as it always knew the one who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose….

No one watered it, It nourished on its own till its ravishing bloom appeared…..It was always taken ‘For Granted’ and it bestowed an ancient confidence.

And one day it started burning but no one had time to grieve over it because they were busy admiring the forest…

All it ever wanted was to reach out and touch the hearts of other roses…. It wanted some Love but it forgot that all great and precious things are always lonely in the forest.

Its eyes were glued on life and they were full of tears…. It bled tears and its petals absorbed them silently…. It never gave a plaintive cry but its silence was deafening !

Slowly with the prolonged grief, the petals became pale. Autumn prevailed over it…in spring !

And then ‘Black’ was gone… All that was left was pinching thorns and pale stems. It followed the quickest path of self-destruction that was to push away all the loved ones, all the wishes.

The descent stripped it bare and left it as it was at its core, It was painful… It was abashed, ruined.

Black was gone… The beauty was gone…. The lustrous shine was turned to painful sighs…

The Black Rose was a part of the forest now !


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A Rhyme of Heaven and ‘Him’


paradise-waterfall-wallpaper-1440-900-6540 Lakes Of Chocolate and Milk

 Ponds Of Wine Pure

 Lustrous Clothes Of Silk

 Diamonds On Trees To Adore




birds-wallpaper-in-rain-5                 Bird’s Melodious tweet

Wind’s music along

Rain drops as beats

Make a symphonic song





Fresh soft Flower petals shire

Natural beauty of fawn

No unfulfilled desire

Peace holds, worries gone





Artistic Comfortable Homes

Partners of your choice

All Luxuries Known

Contented , peaceful life






No Hatred No Frowns

For the people fellow

Each bad feeling gone

Harshness turned Mellow





The ever-awaited Paradise

A choice of entire

A pleasant sublime surprise

A PERFECT Life prior






Why don’t my heart feel

Tempting enough to get

Why hard enough to deal

Complexity of my mind-set






Why do I just need

‘His’ companionship forever

A sight of ‘Him’ , plead

‘He’ , whatsoever !





images (1)

‘His’ calm lap to sit safely

‘His’ shoulder to cry on

‘His’ feet to sleep like baby

‘His’ service till the life gone






The passionate Love

Sentiments stoutly fixed

The eternal Gratitude

Divine emotions mixed







Never mean to disrespect

My Love Divine

Every inch of my heart wet

For the Love to be mine







Waiting for your silence to break

For illumination of my inner sun

Take my heaven make me slave

I bow , I beg , Please don’t shun






Beauty Of Makeup……And The Smoky Bold Look

A girl is always a girl…I mean by nature. Whatever she hides or pretends, She has all the Girl stuff hidden Inside. The urge to look beautiful is in their genes. In ancient times girls use to do their make up with some herbs and chemical components. With the passage of time , Their sense developed as the world developed and now their are big brands worldwide who sell makeup and Girls use them with the same energy.Make-up is finally widely accepted as a primary means of self-expression.

In 1528, Baldassar Castiglione would lament in his Book of the Courtier said:
“Every woman is extremely anxious to be beautiful or at least, failing that, to appear so”


This is a picture from the ancient Rome, where a woman is applying makeup to a rich roman woman. What a beauty !!

I am not that old as you may be thinking of me now 🙂 I just love the ways women have created from the beginning till now to enhance their beauty.

This post is not about history of makeup or something. I happen to go to a party once and (I don’t have a habit of admiring myself But I have to tell you 😉 ) and My bold look was admired by everyone. I thought why not to share the products that created that look with you people too.

I never used all the makeup of the same brand. I have every item in my bag , of a different makeup brand . Just select the thing that suits you, not others 🙂 In the party I did smokey eyes and wore red lipstick with it. These were the products that helped me creating that look.

1- MAC Neutral Eyes

2- Diana of London Super long wear eye pencil

3- The Body Shop Red Lipstick

Let’s know some more about them.

1- MAC Neutral Eyes:

Picture 004

Picture 006

As you can see this kit from MAC contains amazing colors. It is best for use in party makeup. The shades are so smooth to apply and the color comes out so well after applying. Every color gives a different look. You won’t feel need of any other eye shade in the presence of this kit. The colors I love the most are Black, silver, Golden and bronze. These colors are dark and lush. I crated the smokey look by mixing black and silver colors.



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