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I am Glad to know that I was missed this time 🙂 Thank you !

I was out of town for some important personal stuff , that is why I couldn’t give time to the blog. Back now . Want to discuss something …. Consider it a welcome back treat for me 🙂

Allah advises us that when giving charity, we should do so in a way that our left hand doesn’t know what our right hand has spent.

I listened to a beautiful explanation of this saying. I want to share it with you people. It was by a Muslim-ah Scholar. She said I use to wonder what this saying means. Always when we do a thing with our hands, all of the body parts know at the same time what is happening. She said she tried to give charity secretly with one hand but at the same moment each of the body part was sent a message about it by the mind . Then she realized it meant something else. It meant that while giving charity we should not count it, because counting involves the second hand. In this way when one hand will give charity the other body parts will never know how much amount was spent. And when we do something for Allah without counting, the reward is countless too.

The cook in our hostel mess is a young lady with 5 children and her husband is dead. She is recently diagnosed Cancer. She is so poor that she hardly raise her children. So finally after visiting many hospitals and annoyed by the expensive treatements she managed to visit Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital that was made by Imran khan , a famous political person and I was amazed to listen to the story she told me.

She said they do a free checkup and full treatment of Cancer patients who are poor and can not afford the expensive treatments. And the doctors and nurses and every employee there talks to you in the same way they talk to the people who are rich and can afford the treatment. And the rich people give double triple payments when they recover , with their consent and through this money the poor are treated for free.

We hardly see this type of kindness in this world now, specially in Pakistan.

I request you all please give donations to this hospital for the treatment of Cancer patients. I am requesting this to you because I felt I should. I have done my part. It is your turn now. I hope you people will donate for the noble cause.

This is the website of Shaukat Khanum Hospital .

If you can’t donate much, Just send a text to 7770 and donate Rs-20 for them. 

Mention here when you are done ! May be your donation saves an innocent life 🙂

Kind Regards !

Thank you !

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  1. wonderful job 🙂

  2. Very nice initiative by you Rukh…I have done my bit… 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you’re OK White Pearl.
    I figured if you could stop talking something must be wrong.

    Your post is a bit of a coincidence to me.
    Yesterday I made my first post asking for donations (for an independent journalist – not a hospital).

    Also yesterday I finally got word back on something that has been worrying me for some time. The thing the surgeon cut from me a few weeks ago was a large sessile serrated adenoma and was not cancerous at all. The surgeon (who was born in Pakistan BTW) seemed just as relieved as I was.

    My flatmate and I often comment on how impressive the Muslim tradition of anonymous charity is. Very different to how wealthy philanthropists in the West often operate, where they spend just as much money advertising that they gave some money away as they actually gave away. Then they claim it back from the government as a tax deduction anyway.

    I hope the cook at your hostel knows about the free medical advice she can get over the phone from the Aman Foundation telehealth service.
    I don’t know what the phone number is, but if I lived in Pakistan I would find out so I could write it down on cards to hand out to any poor people I meet who might need it.

    • Well Your mail brought a smile on my face !
      And you say you are not emotional ….. 🙂
      Nothing happened to me this time…But next time I won’t leave without mentioning !
      And who is that independent journalist ?
      I am glad your treatment went well…. What was that thing about ?
      And I hope the Pakistani surgeon treated you well 😉
      I am glad to hear your views about the charity thing of Muslims…. You are right….Advertising charity is like killing its real cause !
      I will inform her about the link you have mentioned.
      I am sure she would find it helping…..
      I will ask you too to at least text on this number to donate a very small but useful amount…..
      Thank you 🙂

  4. Altruistic ways of giving seem as the highest levels of giving…and this is a very beautiful part of the Muslim religion…xxLovexx…

    Positive thoughts from me that Pakistan will move toward a national system of healthcare as the US is finally moving toward…where everyone will share in the costs for health for all…Unfortunately Altruism is more often talked about than actually practiced…

    • Thank you …. Coming from you a praise about Muslim is shocking somehow 😉
      Love you !
      Yes I wish the same….. You are right…things would be different by now If good things are practiced more than only talked about.

      • I am sorry but I think you may be generally reading my words not at all from what I intend… I have already spoke to you many times of how almost all of the Muslim religion is beautiful…I fiercely disagree on the homosexual thing…but that is not enough to make me not love the good points of the one is perfect..nor is any religion perfect….nor do I expect them to be and this is part of why I more fully believe in true will love light as each individual can seek their own true will light love path that will very much vary as each human being perceives and experiences the world least significantly… differently…

        As an example there are 5 types of scientifically identified language of love descriptions..some people experience love through words of affirmation..others as quality time with others…others seek to receive gifts from others…others seek to provide services and/or gifts for others…and finally still others have a language of love that is more directed at physical touch..and others may more strongly experience any combination of these languages of ‘human’ love…

        Many people do not experience the type of agape love that is understood as sacred this love is never jealous and never exclusive of any other in any personal judgement way where there is never hate or exclusion for anyone…rarely does anyone in the large organized religions experience this as many of these religions are still based on territorial and reproductive restrictive concerns as to control reproductive freedom and human liberty in general for political/ideological reasons…

        I have not written about love much.. but my next post is going to be almost entirely about love..Unfortunately, much of the emotional expression is in song, video and music but I own some of these songs and will be able to link them in a format that does not require you tube for the songs themselves..

        The artistic expression of visual poetry in the videos is also a large complementing aspect to words that cannot describe..fully about these perceptions and experiences in life which describe the ‘sixth’ and/or ‘seventh’ type of agape love or sacred love..if you will…

      • Well Thank you ! I believe in my religion truly and I believe every point in it is valid !!
        Except this…I truly believe and am Impressed on your views about love…..
        Really beautiful……
        I would love to read your thoughts on love ….
        Love xx

  5. Advertising charity just ruins its concept! Having recently blogged on a similar topic for the Indus Hospital, I can relate to ur feelings about this. & im glad to have read ur post. did my bit too,btw 🙂 & im telling u this only so that u know what a change you can make! cheers 🙂

  6. This effort is incredible lalarukh and I am glad you made a happy change!


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