I Am A Muslim Girl And This World Is Not For Me !



Dedicated to all Muslim Girls and women of the world…..

I am a Muslim Girl and this world is not for me

When I go out wander In places

I get annoyed of boys who chases

They follow me , touch poke and run

Leaving me behind, making my fun

They can’t feel my pain, treat us like toys

Because I am a girl and they are boys

And when I cover myself up with veils

These are the white people who make me fail

By striking against the covering of women

They cause me bane that can’t be undone

I am a Muslim girl and this world is not for me

I become a victim of bad comments, riot and rape

Because I don’t find any kind of escape

I am not allowed to follow my religion

To cover myself in this men-dominant region

I am a Muslim Girl and this world is not for me

These are the men who are ready to kill

For their mothers and sisters they feel thrill

When other boys do the same to them though

They don’t remember ‘you reap what you sow’

No one understands my agony, my misery, my prate

When I question why Islam is not there in Islamic states ?

My heart cries when I see women’ right’s neglected

And when in Quran I read all about them being awarded

Where is the respect , the purity Islam gave to women

Why is it thought as negative in today’s generation

I am a Muslim girl and this world is not for me

I am waiting for the day when I would be respected

Not treated like toys not a source of lust, celebrated

Not by the yammer that ‘equal’ are women and men

Not by treating us like useless animals,  but Humans !









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  1. Very beautiful and sad. You got to be strong,to be able to be reborn. Be the phoenix that others dream of,be the power that inspires the crowd. Stand up and raise your point,be the voice of everyone! In what matters and how,it is for you to choose. Good luck!

    • Thank you very much for the uprising comment !! Yes I should do all that…I wish I could get something to start…a way !!
      I really wish to do all this !
      Thank you so much 🙂 Have a nice day…Love xx

  2. Jazakallaahu Khayra.

  3. I think all women everywhere are still waiting for the day they’ll be respected, though maybe not all get as much disrespect as you describe.

    In Australian streets women in veils are more likely to be harassed than those without.

    Another stunning picture, BTW, even if it is a bit sad.

    • This is such a shock !! Here the women with no veils and without covering their bodies are more harassed…..
      I don’t know what is in the minds of boys…..
      Yes I hope that day comes soon !
      Thanks I loved the picture too that is why I used it here…

      • It’s not sexual harassment that veiled women get in Australia.
        It’s Islamophobic harassment.

        My flatmate is a blonde, blue-eyed, pale-skinned non-Muslim who used to wear a veil in public to avoid sexual harassment – up until the war triggered by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

        After she had water thrown on her from passing cars a few times and many shouts of ‘Arab go home!’ she reluctantly gave up her veil.

      • Okaay Now I get it….
        That was the thing I talked about when I said I am not allowed to wear veils and to act upon my religion…
        I am feeling pain while reading about your neighbor….I don’t know why these people are against it….Don’t they have their own problems to think upon ?

  4. This is a real problem. Needs to be addressed…

    And I stand with a hung face as this issue makes me ashamed to be a boy. I don’t advocate equality of men and women… I feel that they are a much more vital component of the society than men. They are the imbibers of values and love within the families.

    A social reform is the need of the hour. That’s all I can say…

    But frankly as far as I can see, this change requires time. Huge time. So my dear, be cautious, that’s all I can say.

    • Don’t be ashamed to be a boy…the boys who don’t respect girls need to be ashamed !!
      Thanks for thinking women more important than men….
      I too don’t stand the point that men and women are equal..because they can never be equal in several matters…. Like becoming rulers !
      Women are not to rule… They are like pure things which needs to be protected from the evil eyes….
      I know it requires time….. But we should hope for the best at least 🙂
      Thanks !

      • I see for the first time, a person who has views like me on the issue of ‘gender equality’. Else every one else seems to be crazily supporting the trend of equal rights.

        Hmm.. I should not be ashamed… but you know what… the recent upsurge of crimes against women even in India seems disturbing to me. After reading about the nature of crime committed (which is too heinous even to be called rapes) I just ponder, “Why on earth will a man do such a crime?” Unfortunately there seems to be no answer that I am able to think of… 😦

      • What India needs is a Phoolan Devi in every village, town and suburb.

        Hope you’re not a Thakur Jat, Arindam. 😉
        (I’d guess Bania).

      • Lol I agree 😉

      • I don’t know my caste (Practically no one in urban youth knows). But ya… I am not Thakur or Jat… They are generally from the Rajasthan-Haryana region I guess…

        About Phoolan Devi… I am not so sure you know…

      • Practically no one in urban youth knows

        Now that surprises me.

        Other than sadhus I don’t recall getting to know anyone in India who was not intensely aware of their caste.

        How can you know your dharma?

        (BTW, I believe the Thakurs Ms Devi massacred were from Uttar Pradesh).

      • Yes… This precisely is the point I spend a lot of time making the ‘foreigners’ understand…

        The caste system did exist in India… true. But it has been almost eradicated. It is true that from the name of a person, you can tell about a person’s caste, creed, family, occupation and even his village. But now a days no one cares…

        About Dharma, I don’t quite get you… I am a Hindu and that’s it. Is my dharma dependent on my caste? I don’t think so…

        And frankly speaking it is because of these ‘sadhus’ that a caste discrimination arose. Now a days, we hardly care, what they say about caste…

        I don’t have much idea of where did those Thakurs come from… Sorry

      • I wasn’t asking about the caste system.

        I was asking ‘Aapke varna?’.

        Everyone has caste.

        Let me put it this way.

        I have war heroes on both sides of my family.
        Both of my siblings and two of my four half-siblings had military careers.
        The cultures of both sides of my family emphasise the honour and self-sacrifice of the warrior.

        So though no-one would ever get me to join the military (they would have a WAR on their hands if they tried) I have little doubt about my varna.

        Therefore I know I have kshatriya dharma.

        Knowledge of my own caste helps to guide me and make sense of my life and values.

        Sure, in the hands of others your caste can be used as fetters.
        But in your own hands it can be an anchor or a compass.

      • Oh, that way My father is a scientist and my grandfather was a teacher… And I hope to be a scientist… So my varna can be considered to be brahman in that sense (although I am not a brahman in ‘traditional’ sense).

        BTW my mother’s family is primarily a business-oriented one; so in that sense, they are vaishyas.

        So I don’t know you see… Its upon you to decide 😉
        But as far as my occupation is concerned, my varna seems to be brahman

      • Ah, the ascent of the Sahas ;).

        If the tidbits I’ve picked up on the internet today are to be believed about two and a half millenia ago a group of people called the Shunris arrived in Bengal from somewhere in South India (or Persia – sources disagree).

        They were skilled makers of alcoholic beverages and though originally assigned to the middle castes they were progressively demoted to a low shudra scheduled caste as alcohol fell out of favour during the middle ages.

        But one sub-group of the Shunris, the Sahas, wasn’t wearing that. So they worked hard at cloth trading and – to a lesser extent – money lending and after many generations of resistance were eventually recognised as vaishyas (bania).

        In Bangladesh, one branch of Sahas surnamed ‘Bashya’ seems to have established themselves as sportsmen – so I guess that makes them kshatriya now. There is a fast bowling Bashya currently on the Bangladesh cricket team.

        Your family looks like it has leap-frogged the kshatriyas and is continuing its ‘upwards’ caste mobility (not that I buy into that Laws of Manu stuff about some castes being above others).

      • Well you have seemed to research a lot! Thanks for the info….

        By the way… you seem to call varnas as caste…
        Then what do you call jati and gotra in English?

      • Yeah, I’m pretty loose with my Hinglish.

        I tend to think of ‘varna’ as the main four divisions of brahman, kshatriya, vaishya and shudra. I would tend to include ‘dalit’ though I know many Hindus wouldn’t.

        I very rarely use j’ati – I lazily use sub-caste or even more lazily use varna. But I consider it more specific divisions of the main varna usually associated with a particular vocation.

        Gotra I almost never use but I think of it as a line of descent.
        So the Sahas have broken their caste more than once but can never break their gotra.

        The only person I have ever used ‘gotra’ with before today was a Bengali forensic geneticist (he gained some notoriety for proving that the ‘insurgents’ found in a mass grave in Kashmir after a BSF ‘encounter’ were actually the disappeared relatives of local villagers). Around 2000/2001 we did a bit of work together on population genetic models that might be used to generate meaningful DNA match odds in India. You guys are definitely not a population in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

      • Oh my god! Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium… Blogosphere just turned a lot more interesting! 🙂

        So what did you find in the analysis of our DNA?

      • Hey, I don’t do wet, messy stuff like analysing DNA.
        I’m strictly population genetics – nice clean numbers.

        It was my former associate (more like teacher really) Anil K Sharma who supplied the data – which blew my socks off BTW.

        Did you know there is between 3500 and 4000 endogamous groups in India?
        You wanna imagine the nightmare of trying to turn allele frequencies into match odds when you don’t even have a decent DNAdB for most of those groups, much less knowledge of the genetic relationship between them?

        My task was supplying models I had developed for deriving match odds from remote Aboriginal communities (who use ‘skin laws’ to regulate intermarriage, but in a very different way to those of Indian populations) and provide a few lame suggestions that might help Dr Sharma adapt them for local conditions.

        We were nowhere near done when I stopped working with him, but we’d come up with more-or-less working models for the over 400 groups that covered almost 90% of the Indian population.

      • You know what the answer is ? There are less humans now on this earth and more animals…and animals don’t find any logic to do what they want to do !
        Education is producing more animals …. they are increasing and I don’t know what will stop them !
        Yes I am against gender equality and I argue too with people but They don’t seem to change their views….

      • Arrey, animals too don’t do what now-a-days rapists are doing… You know about the Delhi Rape Case of December 2012… don’t you?

      • No I am sorry I don’t know …but I will google it !

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Delhi_gang_rape_case

        Dekh le… The crime is too heinous to be described here 😦

      • I can understand 😦

      • Yes I know that…I heard this in news……

      • Don’t.
        You don’t want to know.
        Believe me.
        I wish I didn’t know.

      • I knew the incident already…..I didn’t just remember the names….
        And I wasn’t able to sleep that day when I read this….

      • You are right, women are completely unfit to rule.
        When they get power they turn into tyrants and oppress men and women alike.
        They should never be allowed political power over others.

        And in that they are exactly equal to men.

      • Yes that’s my point…..
        I learnt it by analyzing but it was said by Prophet Muhammad a long time ago already….

      • Yes that’s my point…..

        Ah yes, but did you get mine?

      • Yes, I guess ?

  5. Beautifully stated, White Pearl. You are truly a gem.

  6. Thanks for finally showing your face..not the one in the picture..That takes the greatest strength of all..you are a Tiger…NOW..

    Welcome to the Den..love light White Tiger Pearl..

    • Haha I am a tiger ? Ahamm Okaaay 😛
      You are changing my names very often now 😛
      Thank you so much Friend 🙂 Love you !

  7. starlight

     /  August 25, 2013

    😦 …I don’t know what to say, I read it and it is sad!

    • I know 😦 I am sorry I made you sad love but It is a truth !

      • starlight

         /  August 25, 2013

        No it’s okay, I am not sad to be sad (if it makes sense!). More like a caring sadness 🙂

        But it is very good to hear the truth…if we all see the truths maybe we can do something to help each other?


      • Yes caring sadness sound good to me 🙂
        Yes definitely ! We are always in a state of helping each other we realize it or not ! Love you so much 🙂
        Hugs ad Love xx

  8. How can you argue with facts and truth … I agree with Arindam Saha … all of us guys must bear the burden of shame … as well as everyone else … the society as a whole is responsible for this … The mothers and father for not upbringing them as they should have … The teachers for not instilling values …society for turning a blind eye to such incidents …!!!

    The concept of equality is in its base is wrong … Allah pak never created man and women equal … Each have their on standing and importance on the society … but never equal … Islam was the first who gave women their true status and rights … the right to get educated and respected … are even openly stated in Quran Pak itslef …. this too at the time when these so called advocates of Women Equality themselves treated women like sheep and animals (please forgive my bluntness but there were not better words) … although the same was the general status of women in Arab … the whole concept of women equality is a facade … an illusion, where by men just manipulate the women … This is another topic i am yearning to write about …!!!

    • Another thing I want to add at the end and which also should not be ignored … is the part of women and girls themselves in this … (With no intentions to hurt anyone’s feeling) I am also ashamed to say that the girls of today are not so innocent as well … You can not clap without both hands … If you dress up and talk in such a way as to tempt the guys … then they are responsible as well … Quran Pak has clear verses regarding this too … Its girls like these who have disgraced other members of their gender as well …

      • I agree to your point as well…. Yes I have seen girls with in appropriate dressings….
        But still…they are not causing any harm to boys by doing this…are they ?
        Why don’t boys understand this ?
        And can you Imagine a girl who has all her body covered but still this happened to her….
        and yes that was me…
        That is why I wrote this…. I won’t be able to tell any kind of details here…
        But usually boys find an excuse by saying she was the one to attract me !! LAME !!!

      • I could not explain more at the time i posted the comment because i was in a hurry

        “But still…they are not causing any harm to boys by doing this…are they ?”

        I could not believe that you could have such views … to be very sincere I am very disappoint … I expected more from you…!!!

        I read the statement soo many times and then read your name on top of it … I am not going to explain this … i am just going to quote,

        Quran Pak – Sura An-Nur (Verse no. 31):

        اور مسلمان عورتوں کو حکم دو اپنی نگاہیں کچھ نیچی رکھیں (ف۵۶) اور اپنی پارسائی کی حفاظت کریں اور اپنا بناؤ نہ دکھائیں (ف۵۷) مگر جتنا خود ہی ظاہر ہے اور وہ دوپٹے اپنے گریبانوں پر ڈالے رہیں اور اپنا سنگھار ظاہر نہ کریں مگر اپنے شوہروں پر یا اپنے باپ (ف۵۸) یا شوہروں کے باپ (ف۵۹) یا اپنے بیٹے (ف۶۰) یا شوہروں کے بیٹے (ف۶۱) یا اپنے بھائی یا اپنے بھتیجے یا اپنے بھانجے (ف۶۲) یا اپنے دین کی عورتیں یا اپنی کنیزیں جو اپنے ہاتھ کی مِلک ہوں (ف۶۳) یا نوکر بشرطیکہ شہوت والے مرد نہ ہوں (ف۶۴) یا وہ بچّے جنہیں عورتوں کی شرم کی چیزوں کی خبر نہیں (ف۶۵) اور زمین پر پاؤں زور سے نہ رکھیں کہ جانا جائے ان کا چھپا ہوا سنگھار (ف۶۶) اور اللّٰہ کی طرف توبہ کرو اے مسلمانو سب کے سب اس امید پر کہ تم فلاح پاؤ

        And order the Muslim women to lower down their sights a little and guard their chastity and show not theiradornment but as much which is itself apparent and remain putting their head coverings over their bosoms.And disclose not their adornment but to their husbands, or to their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, orto their or the of sons husbands or their brothers or the sons of their brothers or the sons of their sisters or thewomen of their religion or their handmaids who are the property of their hands or servants provided they arenot men of sexual desire or the children who are unaware of the private parts of the women; and put not theirfeet forcibly on the ground that hidden adornment may be known. And repent to Allah, O Muslims all together,haply you may get prosperity.

        In Suah Ahzab (Verse No. 32)

        ‘O wives of the prophet’ you are not like other women if you fear Allah, therefore be not so polite in yourspeech lest one in whose heart is a disease should feel tempted, yes, speak good words.

        Note: The verse is addressed to Umhaat Al Momineen but the Aalims and Muftis say that the same conditions apply to all Muslim women.

        Islam not only prohibits from committing sins … it also prohibits all those things which mite tempt one (or another) to commit a sin.

        Where the conditions are so clear that event the voice should be kept so that men are not tempted … Need i to say more… Forgive be for being blunt and my apologies but this is not … LAME pearl…!!!

        I am sorry if you had to bear such an attitude … Like i said (in my other comment) its the lack of tarbiyat in our society … unfortunately every girl … and not just a Muslim girl … has to bear with this in this world and yes i am talking about the self proclaimed … enlightened,sophisticated and educated … WEST … as well …!!!

    • Yes I agree completely to all your thoughts….
      May be yes all the society is responsible equally….. But parents never tell their children to do this…. They learn this from the society itself !
      You know Islam says this too that what they do to other girls will be done to their mother sister or daughter … and for sure… Pher b they don’ stop…
      I don’t know what kind of amusement they get by Behaving like animals…
      You are right on the concept of equality….
      Despite of all the respect and right Islam gave to women, Women can never be equal to men….
      Its alright…I can understand your feelings right now and it is good sometimes to be blunt….
      You should sure write about it…. I am with you !

      • Come on … you are missing the whole point here … of course no parent would tell their children to do such thing … but they are responsible if they didn’t tell them NOT to do such things … (I am going to combine he parents and teachers as one … since in Islam they are about one and the same) … Tarbiyat is the important aspect in the life of a person … Islam has given the highest and most absolute esteem (Second only to Allah Pak and Prephet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam) to the Parents … Its not just because the give birth to you … its also because they bring you up … and that is not only a Privilege … Its also there responsibility … to teach them whats wrong and whats right … Whats permitted and whats forbidden … Only providing them the best quality of education … sending them to expensive colleges … does not fulfill this … Taleem aur Shaoor mai zameen aasmaan ka faraq hai … There is a HUGE difference in education and enlightenment … in being a scholar and being knowledgeable … I have seen PhD(s) who have no moralities … or sense of judgement …!!!

        A buzurg was delivering a lecture and he said, “Oer Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam defined three levels, when you see a sin happening, stop it by force of your arms, if can’t then with tongue, if you can’t even do that at least consider it wrong in your own heart … ALTHOUGH … this is THE LOWEST level of Imaan (belief) … the aalim continued and said today we have fallen so low … that WE have created two more lower levels… Some Muslims of today witness a sin and they don’t know its even a sin … yet there are those who see a sin occurring and they believe … ye sawaab ka kaam hai (its a good deed)” … we as a society have lost all our values … Our moralities have fallen to such a level where we can not even differentiate between Right and Wrong … Why because we have stopped teaching (not educating) our children …..!!!

        You need not to tell me … I no you are there with me … thanks for appreciation…!!!

        I hope you will read this before my reply to your other comment … cuz mai ne teri class leni hai aaj us par … be prepared…!!! :p

      • Mani I have read both of your comments and what i analyzed is that you have the extremist views….. Like the Molvis of now-a-days who don’t even understand what other person s saying and start quoting ayats for just the name of the topic without understanding the point…
        I have read Quran with Translation too many times and I know all of the Ayats you have quoted here….
        MY POINT WAS :
        Beshak it is the responsibility of parents to do tarbeyat of their children…Yes it is…
        But it doesn’t mean all the sins the children are committing are because of their parents ad the parents are responsible for their sins….
        I have seen such parents who are so pious and who did a lot of good tarbeyat of their children but still the children because of bad society do such shame full things that their parents die after knowing about them when they can not handle it….
        I have seen such things….
        So do you mean Those parents are responsible for their children’s deeds ?
        I have seen children who are so good who don’t do any type of sins but their parents never did tarbeyat of them…
        The thing is…yes it is the responsibility of parents to do tarbeyat but still this is not the only reason for the children not to get spoiled…..
        The second point you said in the other comment…..
        Yes I have read these things too in Quran…. I know women’s parda is necessary but tell me….
        If it is necessary for a women to put down her eyes while walking isn’t it for men too ?
        Yes ?
        And if a women is not covering herself She and she alone is the person who is getting effected by this and she alone would be a sinner for this….
        Is it causing any harm to the boys ?
        Why don’t boys have learnt nazren neechay ker k chalna ?
        They are only here to tell women what is necessary for them ???
        Yes I know men may be attracted to girls when they don’t do perda…… But isn’t Islam so tender that it says us to do everything according to our will and not by force…. ??
        If a women don’t want to do perda who are you to say her to do it by force ?
        I don’t mean you I mean boys….
        Why don’t all boys wear a beard then ? It is wajib too in Islam ?
        Why isn’t there debates on this topic ?
        Why don’t people leave women’s Islam to them … They will do perda when they will get Hidayat from Allah it is their personal matter….
        So despite of just quoting Hadiths and Ayats …. just try to understand other person’s point first !
        I guess I am still not able to clear my points to you….
        Everything you said was right but they were the verses…. What I am trying to clear you are the circumstances !
        Haahhhh thakka dia 😛
        And sorry for writing for the first time without smileys 😛
        It was serious 😉

      • No need to apologize … the topic is indeed very serious …!!! Just to lighten uo 😀

        “Extremist” … I guess there is always a first time for everything … Believe me I have been called many things but this one is first…!!! 🙂

        I am surprised that you think I would not try to understand someone view and start quoting Quran and Hadees with my eyes closed …(I mite quote a few more here) so please be patient …!!! :p

        I guess i wasn’t able to explain better before… The responsibility of Parents is to guide their children and teach them Right and Wrong … When they have done that they have fulfilled their responsibility on to them … “Tum mai se har aik Huqmaraan hai aur apni riaya k liye Jawabdeh hai” … Its this hadees that put the responsibility on parents and that they will be held responsible … Please keep in mind the responsibility of human beings is to try to perform there duty to the best of their strength … the result is not … Result will always be in the hands of Allah Pak … So if the parents who brought up their children good but the child still turned up to be bad … they will not be held responsible … Similarly If the parents did not gave good values to their child but by the grace of Allah Pak the child still turns out good … such parents would still be held accountable … I too know of such parents and not for a second I have thought that they are responsible … When Allak Pak himself said to our beloved Prophet Salalho Alaihe Wasalam that you should only deliver THE message … Hidayat is in my hand … so how can I think that …. you know … I hope i have cleared up this issue…!!!

        Yes indeed it is … the men have been told to keep their graze lower … and if i mite add the order for them even come before women … In fact its exactly before the quoted ayyat … in verse no. 30 … The thing to understand here is that each of us the boy and girls are equally responsible for their own acts … The guy will be answerable if he didn’t kept his gaze low and similarly the girl is responsible if she isn’t dressed modestly … and please i don’t mean abbayaas … Modesty can be achieved with a decent shalwar kameez as well … along with appropriate head covering … Like i said before …. Islam not only prohibits from committing bad deeds … it also prohibits all those things which mite tempt you or SOMEONE ELSE to do a bad deed … you cant expect all guys to have the piousness that Hazrat Yousaf (Alaye Salam) practiced in the presence of Zulaikha … Human beings are flawed … and the girls should know better…so forgive me if i say that you can’t wear skin fitting jeans, t-shirts and dresses and then complain about harassment … and say what harm have I done !!!

        “But isn’t Islam so tender that it says us to do everything according to our will and not by force…!!!”


        “It is their personal matter….”

        I am afraid i will have to disagree on this account … If we Muslims had been left to do as we please … we would have done the same that those who came before us did … My dear the Islam is not that simple … No doubt Islam is the Deen-eFitrat … And that Allah Pak is all forgiving and merciful … Islam mai Ziyadati aur Jabar nahi hai … But there is Sakhti in it… We have been instructed … if your child does not offer prayer … be harsh upon him … even to the point that we have been ordered to beat him if he still doesn’t listens … To stop evil deeds with the force of hands … why has it been said … as far as the personal matter is concerned … many people are wrong about this … there is no such thing … the order Amar bil maroof and nahi anil mukar would not have come if this was personal … why have we been ordered to stop other from doing bad deeds by force of arms or through word and pen and been told that these are the higher levels of Imaan … If the bad deeds had been a personal matter … Why Muhammad bin Qasim attacked the whole Hind … when one Muslim girls head covering was removed by a Kafir … why did they not say that it the personal matter of that girl and kafir … because its not … If after all this you still think I am an extremist … or whatever (i will not use the word Molvi or Mullah because these words should not be stereotyped … rather these are title of high esteem in Islam) … then be as it may … We will have to agree to disagree on this…!!!

        I am sorry if I have hurt your feeling … it wasn’t my intention … But I will not apologize for the facts I have stated …!!!

        Man this was tiring too … a a little bit heated … and thats a good thing … it means both of us are passionate about our beliefs … and clear not confused … Respect fan…!!!

        Stay Blessed … Love xx

        PS: I will eagerly wait for your response …!!! 😀

      • Haha First of all just try to understand a thing…I argue with all of the people here in the same manner where I find my point conflicting with there’s and this is just to exchange knowledge and nothing else ! And still I am like best friends with them…
        So never think like you would hurt my feelings by arguing or using some harsh language 🙂
        And I guess I am the first one to call you extremist 😀
        You know I would first like to clear out why I use the name Of Molvis in this way…
        You know back then when I needed help n many things I listened to different Molvis and scholars and you know what I found every one’s point of view different with another ! I was annoyed by this…. If Islam is clear than why are these Molvis not clear ?
        I mean if a person asks them I have done this sin and what should I do then despite of telling Him they start quoting hell and fire ayats !! That was disturbing to me…
        On the other hand I also read Hazoor Pak SAW ‘s hadith that when the day of judgement will be near, the Muslim scholars would be the ones who will be responsible to destroy the deen , the most ! So I don’t know who to believe and who to not….
        Yes you just cleared out my point….. on parents and children’s deeds thing…I was trying to say exactly the same !
        I never say girls can wear fitted clothes and still complain…
        I never said girls who tempt boys by intention can complain about being followed or for anything….
        But here in fsd I have not seen any girl wearing that kind of clothes and wandering in Bazaars….Most of the girls wear shalwar kameez and dupattas too on their heads and still they are followed and touched and harassed by the boys….
        And still the blame is on girls… They MAY have tempted them….I mean are girls responsible for everything and boys are innocent ?
        Yes I know Islam me sakhti hai….. Parents can beat their children if they are not offering namaz…
        Parents can force their daughters if they are not covering themselves….
        But what if parents don’t force them to do this ?
        aik raah chalta insaan jo apne ap ko bohat naik samajta hai wo her aik larki ko rok k ye naheen keh sakta k bibi apnay ap ko cover ker lu….can he ?
        Yes we are ordered to stop bad deeds by hands but those bad deeds which are causing harm to others…
        Not those bad deeds which are causing harm to only the person doing it !
        Every person is responsible for his own deeds…He will be rewarded and punished on the basis of his own deeds ….
        Islam itna mushkil hai nae jitna bana dia gya hai……meray khayal me tu achi neyat se her kaam kero allah tala k leay kero bus theak hai…..
        ab koi Molvi kehta hai face b cover kero koi kehta hai face cover kerna zaroori nae body cover keroabbaya se koi kehta hai bus shawl le k cover ker saktay hain…I guess shawl b len aur neyyat ye ho k allah tala muje logo ki gandi nazrun se paak rakhna tu I guess this is right…
        Baaki Allah ko pata hai….. itni choti choti ghaltiyan tu Allah tala maaf ker he daitay hain itnay sweet hain Allah tala…
        You know us dour me hazoor pak Saw k dour me aurtun ko her waqt gher me rakha jata tha…unhu ne wo sab daikha he naheen tha jitna sab hum ne daikha hai…..
        Gunnah ki lazzat ko janay begair gunnah se bachnay ka savaab hota hai per gunnah ki lazzat ko jannay k baad gunnah se bachnay ka us se bohat zyada sawaab hota hai…
        may be Allah tala yehi cheez daikh k khush ho jatay hun 🙂
        Kya pata…..
        Allah se umeed achi rakho gay tu Allah b acha e kerain gay 🙂

      • Well I expected nothing less from you … I was just being cautious … I don’t want to lose a friend (and my ONLY fan… mai hawa kaise lu ga) … over an argument … and regardless of that I am always extra polite with women … I have certain codes and principle I live by … and its one of them … to be always gentle and polite with women … So its a habit as well!!! 🙂

        Well i wont deny … that extremist thing did hurt a little … but i also knew that it wass just a misunderstanding … I am telling you this .. not because I want to make you feel bad or something … Please please dont … Its just another bad habit of mine … Whatever i feel … mai keh deta hoon … I dont keep it to myself … Jagah nahi hai na … already many thing have occupied the space … 🙂

        The point here is that its not the individual person and his actions we respect … I am aware of such people who are like this … its the Name and the status that we respect … and give honor to … I am guessing you haven’t read “Ishq Ka Ain” still … If yes then you can easily understand the point i am trying to make … look it this way … we are obliged to respect “Aal-e-Nabi Salalahu Alaihie Wasalam” you know … the “Syed” families … so regardless of weather they are Good or (may Allah Pak forgive me) wrong they are to be respected … because its not them who we honor … Its there nisbat with Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam … This is the requirement of Ishq … of Allah Pak and Prophet Salalahu Alihe Wasalam … To Love even those who are related to them … you should read the book … I wont be able to explain it … besides it will spoil your experience…!!!

        You know we are always saying the same things just with different perspective … thats why we learn a lot from each other….!!! 🙂

        Mai ne kab kaha k tum ye kehti ho … aur mai bhi to wohi keh raha hoon … now i feel like we are going around in circles … look the thing is simple … The one who does wrong is responsible … If a girl is not modestly dressed and a guy harasses that girl … in such situation … she is responsible for not being modest … and is responsible for his sin … in such a situation both are responsible for their own deed and will be held accountable … !!!

        Yaar …. look here …. The hadees goes something like this … All Muslim of Umma are like a single body … If a part of it feels pain the whole body feels it … another goes like all Muslims are Brothers and Sisters … So keeping this in consideration … If one of our family or someone we love and care about a lot … if that person is doing something wrong … for which you know he will be punished in hell (keep you own argument in mind that if a person is only doing harm to himself) … would you stand by and watch while he jumps of that cliff … would you not do every thing in you power to keep him from doing such an act … You will … Allah Pak knows I will … who knows Allah Pak will give him a chance to do Tauba and repent for his sin … I would like to elaborate a bit further … when I was active with Tabligh (unfortunately couldn’t keep it) … I used to think and i still do … we Muslims … all of us who have said the Kalima … will enter Heaven … eventually … but what of the Kafirs … I mean we are Alhumdulillah Muslims by birth … Es mai hamara to koi kamaal nahi … If we had been born to a kafir family … Allah Pak forgive me … Its most likely we would have died a Kafir … So whats there fault … that they are destined to burn for eternity in hell and i will go to Jannat … even after all my sins … I for one would not even wish such fate upon an enemy … My point here is if I can feel so strongly for the non-believers … why can’t we Muslims as an Ummat feel the pain that our brothers and sisters will endure on committing a sin … so now you tell me should we not stop everyone form doing bad deeds??? … Quraan Pak order that we should stop people from doing bad things …. however it does not specify who we should stop … it does not say we should stop our, father, or our mother, or our sister, or our brother … it does not even says that we should stop only Muslims … It just says we should stop the bad deed no matter who commits it …!!!

        i would like to make another point here … during the Golden times … when Muslim ruled over more than half the then know world … The women who wore Abbyaas or used to dress modestly … even in the Non-Muslim states such women were considered to be forbidden … No one would even dare to harass them … For they knew these women are Muslim and are not to be trifled with … From advent of Islam to now and until this world would last … modesty has and will always be the distinction of Muslim women … I believe all of us represent Muslim Umma and all our actions reflect upon our Ummat … So when a Muslim guy commits a sin … leaves behind his morality and values … this causes shame to us all … similarly if a girls does same this too will reflect badly upon us all as an Ummat … so that is why i argue that it not a Personal matter even if one only does harm to himself only!!!

        “You know us dour me hazoor pak Saw k dour me aurtun ko her waqt gher me rakha jata tha…unhu ne wo sab daikha he naheen tha jitna sab hum ne daikha hai…..”

        Again another misconception … The examples of Amma Khadija who was a business woman her self … she used to deal with men all time … Rabia Basri (Rehmatullah Alye) used to travel countries for seeking knowledge … Islamic history is filled with women who walked foots in foots with men … In peace and in war … In war they would tend to the Injured … distribute water among Mujahideen … there are countless examples … None of them were KEPT indoors in those times … Your statement implies that women were forced to remain indoor … come on tu to aisi baatain na kiya kar … How Holy Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam … the one who gave women their real muqaam in society … could let such injustice and oppression prevail … Believe me hum ne to kuch dekha he nahi … we cant even compare our hardships to the ones faced by the early Muslims … the womens and men alike … We people think its hell to live in world where we are harassed … imagine their suffering when both the men and women were given lashes everyday for just being a Muslim … the hardship of Hijrat … fear of living in a foreign Land … to leave yous life’s earning behind … abi aur kitney waqiaat sunao … i will tire up but the history would not end … Hum ne kiya dekha hai yaar … aur tum to phir aik Islamic state mai paida hui ho (disregard weather its rulers are true or not) !!!

        Whew …. that was really looooooooooooooong!!!

      • Well I really appreciate you talking with respect with girls 😉
        This is a good habit that you express what is in your mind…. But trust me I have found you extremist…. And I don’t think so being an extremist is such a wrong thing ?
        And….Yes I do respect them when did I say I don’t respect them….? I was just saying that I have found them doing such things that they should not do…And we can’t recognize who the real Molvi is and who is not…Just that.
        Acha tell me If your teacher is telling a lie you would say him not to tell a lie ? Or you would slap him If he don’t stop ?
        Can you slap every Muslim for telling a lie ?
        Can you say to any person you don’t even know to stop telling a lie or to stop smoking or things which are doing harm to only his self ?
        Is it possible to stop everyone for their own bad deeds ? Pher ye kyun kaha gya k apnay gunnah kisi aur ko na batao k tum usko gavaah bana lu gay aur ager koi gavaah nae hoga tu Allah tala chupkaay se tumharay gunah maaf ker de ga ?
        Ye kyun kaha gya k tum dosre Muslim ko us waqt tak mana nae ker saktay jab tak tum khud gunnah kerna khatam nae kertay ? Can any Muslim think he don’t do any sin?
        You know mene wo cheezain sochi hue hain jo me sunti hun unki base pe…. I can be wrong and I want you to prove me wrong….. I want to learn better !
        And you know the same question….I use to ponder upon too…What is the mistake of non muslims that they are non muslims ?
        Do you find an answer to this ? Please tell me if you have answer….
        Ok if it is not a personal matter…then we should ask our father or someone we are afraid of to slap us and force us to wear abbayaas rather than praying to Allah for getting Hidayat to wear them ! Because that would be right ?
        And Yes those women were forced to remain indoors…Allah has repeatedly said that women should remain indoors and They are forbidden to wander in Bazaars and even Non Mehrams should not hear their voice….
        You are quoting some examples …. What of the rest of them who passed all their lives inside four walls ?
        Yes I know the examples you quoted, did business and fought i wars too….
        I wasn’t talking about this thing….
        I know we can’t even be able to bear the hardships they bear long ago…..
        But you know Allah burdens a person equal to what he can bear….
        And…. I don’t really want to compare my life with the lives of Those women…I would feel shame doing this…I have edited my comment…..I couldn’t compare myself….
        But the point I am making is that the glitter in our lives is far more than they had i their lives…And even with all this glitter if we are better Muslims somehow, better then the rest of Muslims now…. then May be Allah tala likes this act of ours……Yes Allah alone is the one to judge verily….
        That’s it !

      • If a girl is not modestly dressed and a guy harasses that girl … in such situation … she is responsible for not being modest … and *** the guy is responsible for his sin … in such a situation both are responsible for their own deed and will be held accountable … !!!

        I felt obliged to rectify this mistake … aik zara si mis typing ne pori statemnt ka matlab he change kar diya tha!!!

      • Lagta hai aaj tu ne pakka irada kar liya hai k muje Pagal kar k he choorna hai … lolx :p
        Dont worry mai bhi Dheet bone hoon … Jaan to mai bhi nahi choru ga … convince kar k he rehna hai tuje aaj … hehehehe 😀

        My point regarding that is only we should stop using that word to stereotype the false scholars … If we would stop … others will stop as well… that is just a request … not a debate …!!! 🙂

        You know what … The issue here is that you are going into too much depth and missing the bigger picture … You bring up exceptional cases whereas I am talking about people in general and society as a whole. Like this teacher thing … where did that come from out of the blue … regardless I will answer this specific situation …

        Yes we must stop our teacher … But there are certain factor (variable) which will determine the action …!!!
        1. He is a teacher … In Islam that equals to a father and hence due to the respect he commands and his esteemed status you will not lift hand upon him … but you can respectfully tell him that he is doing wrong and should not lie.
        2. The action would also depend on the severity of wrong deed … If for example the teacher is abusing a student ( you no what i am trying to say here … If don’t even want to think about it let alone write it) … Then believe me slap is the least thing i will do…!!!

        Coming to your next point yes you should stop everyone from telling a lie … IF you know for sure he is telling a lie …!!!
        Aur mai ye nahi keh raha k tu paglo ki tarah sarak per har chalte phirte har aadmi ko rook k ye kehna shuru kar de … “Jhoot nahi bolna chahiye” … kari bhi na … Paagal Khane mai dakhil kara dain ge tujhe … lolx :p

        Also smoking is not a sin … don’t mix up bad habits with bad deeds … Smoking is bad for health but …. smoking karne se gunah nahi hota …!!!

        Aur ye kya tu ne slap slap ki gardaan shuru kar di hai … chupairo k ilawa bhi tareeqe hain rokne k … band fire maar kar agle bande ko ura bi saqta hai … HAHAHAHA 😀

        Oh yaar tu kider saari duniya ki zimadari le kar beth gyi … The order is to stop the deed which you witness happening live in front f you … Not to go out and start searching for bad deeds … where they are happening …!!!

        Ab ye Gawah bana aur gunah ko chupane wali baat kahaan se aa gyi idr … i have no idea so moving on …!!!

        This is for Ulma and those who Waqf their lives for Islam … Its is for them that they should practice themselves before they tell other people to do so … so that their preaching would have more effect on others and their voice could reach the hearts of people … okay

        Mai Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar ki baat kar raha tha … this a an order generally for every Muslim … Es ka matlab ky hai … simple … keh logo ko ache kaam ki targeeb do aur bure kaam se roko … jese hum karte hain es blog per … hum aik dosre ko achi baatain bata te hain … share karte hain apna knowledge … Infact ye jo hum debate kar rehe hain … we are doing “Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar”.

        Usi ki koshish kar raha hoon … aur mai yahaan per aalu pakorey to bech nahi raha … wese koi pata bhi nahi loog yehi samaj rehe hoon hun punjabi te Urdu sab nu samaj te aani nahi … wese intni der Aalu pakorey beche hote to achi bhali dehari lag jani thi … tere se to ab kuch milna nahi … HAHAHAHAHAHA 😀
        Tu tension na le … tuje convince kar k he choorna hai mai ne … :p

        Ye topic separate hai es per phir baat kare ge … i have some ghisa pitta knowledge phir yaad karai muje …!!! 🙂

        O yaar tuje kis ne keh diya hi us waqt ki Auratain saari zindagi chaar dewari mai guzaarti thi … zara apni Islamic History dobara perh k dekh … They used to go to bazaar for shopping, work in feilds and pani bhar k laana … aur ghar k soo kaam … ye to routine work tha … es k ilawa kia kia kaarname hain muslim aurton key … seriously you should read the History of Muslim Women again … bohot bari misunderstanding hai tuje… so long as they were modestly dressed and practiced haya and spoke in a voice that was appropriate and not tempting … they could go anywhere …!!!

        Do you know Muslim women have even fought along side there Muslim brother … do you know that during Gazwa Ahzaab women too took part in digging the Khandaq … and in that same Gazwa … a Shabiya Razitala Anha took off head of a Kafir who was trying to force his way into the building where all the Muslim women had taken refuge during the combat… How can one do that while remaining in door…!!!

        You are right in this … jahaan aazmaish zyada ho wahaan Ajar bhi utna he zyada hota hai … aur Allah Pak jaante hain humari Qurbaniyo ko …!!!

        Ab mai soone ja raha hooon … Stay Blessed … love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx……………. lolx 😀

      • Lol Pagal tu me b ho gae thi tabi tu break li hai thora 😛
        But I am really really enjoying all this… Damag khul raha hai….
        You know , you started with an extreme pointand I srarted with the lowest point and with all these comments we have reached the middle point and we both have started agreeing to our thoughts….
        All of the things we both said were right but the perspective of seeing them was somehow different… Akhir we both are Muslims teachings tu wohe hainna sochnay ka andaaz different hai wo b aesta aesta samaj me aa jata hai !
        May be we can’t apply force everywhere to stop te bad things…May be yes this slap thing don’t works everywhere though I quoted it here just as an example 😛
        Tumhari ye chapairun wali baat ne aj namaz pertay huay hasa dia tha muje lol 😛
        And who said smoking is not a sin ? 😉 Apni baat ae tu daikho zara…. I have listened lecture of Zakir naik about this and He says Smoking is ‘Haram’ Not makrooh…So it is a sin too …..
        Aur tum baat ker ray ho kai kabi unk gher se nikalnay ki…jab bohat xzyada zaroorat hoti hai…. Allah ne tu seeda seeda kaha hai k Aurat gher me rehnay k leay hai….aur muje ye baat buri tu nae lagti …. I was just trying to make a point !
        Yes definitely I need to read more and more…History and other things too….. But My mindt is clear in this respect ….
        Aur aalo pakoray baichna b mat…. Koi nae le ga 😛
        And Thanks too…… So Much !

      • tuje bhi mai ab kal he reply karu ga… aaj school ki chuti hai …!!! lolx :p

      • Oka 😛

      • Zara Senti sa post likha hai thanks kerne k leye…perh lena 😛

      • Astagfirullah … Allah Pak forgive me … It wasn’t my intention to disrupt her prayers … Just wanted to make her laugh 😀

        Jahaan tak Smoking ki aur Zakir Naik ki baat hai … Phehli baat to ye i can tell you the name if countries jahan smoking has been declared Halal even in Rooza … Although mai es khabasat mai believe nahi karta … just making a point … Doosri baat ye k I accept Zakir Naik’s achievements aur usne bohot kuch kia hai Islam k liye … Mager unki kai baatoon se mujhe ikhtlaaf hai … aur koi choota moota nahi … serious ikhtlaaf … but that is just me …!!!

        Aur yaar koi nahi kaha Allah Pak ne k aurat ko ghar mai band ho k rehna chahiye … Ager wo apni haya aur pardey ki hifaazat karti hai to woh kahi bhi aa ja saqti hai … Jub Allah Pak ne hukam diya k es kainaat ki cheezoon per gour-o-fikar karo … es nizaam ko samjho … aur apne haqiqi Khaliq ko pehchano … k en mai Allah Pak ne nishaniyan rakhi hain … Aisi kitni he aayaat hain … aur phir insaan ko Allah Pak kehta hai k jo naimatain Allah Pak ne es duniya mai banayi hai … unko experience kare .. aur uske baad Allah Pak ka shukar ada kare aur Nashukri na kare … Nashukri by not enjoying those blessings… like choosing not to eat non-veg … Kya en aayaat mai kahi bhi ye kha gya hai k Mard goor o fika kare, ya mard un naimaton ko chakhey … nahi the words used are … Logo (people), Musalmano, Baneen-o-Insaan and human beings in general … the gender has not been satisfied … to ager aik musalman bandi ghar mai band ho k baith jye gi to woh kaise Allah ki Qudrat par ghour o fikar kare gi … Kaisey un naimatoon ko experience kare gi aur phir shukar ada kare gi …!!!

        Aise he koi nahi le ga … tuje pata nahi hai mera … I am not a bad cook … 😀 Seriously though !!!

        As always Pleasure … Stay Blessed … Love xx…!!!

      • Oh:P I would like to know about the things you don’t agree upon with Zakir naik !
        I have listened almost all his lectures and I don’t remember I disagreed on any point….
        So it would be awesome to know 😛
        Yaar me maanti hun tumhari baat….
        Per abi abi me Quan pak me perh k ae hun k tum Chaar devaari k under raho Surah Ahzaab me tha I guess y us se next wali Surah me….
        Ye bhool jata hai muje Damag kamzoor hai kafi 😛
        Me ye keh rae hun that Islam liked women to stay at home ….And in case if it is important…. And for good intentions and for getting knowledge they should sure travel…. But they can’t wander freely like men in streets even with proper Hijab !
        Allah liked women to take care of their families…. They are their responsibility…
        There responsibility is not to go out of homes In search of knowledge and doing Ghoor o Fiqar……
        Ghoor o fiqar tu gher beth k b ho sakti hai yaar…… Lg ankh band ker k Allah k gher ponch jatay hain ….
        Baat hum donu almost aik e ker ray hain but jo me batana cha rae hn wo samjo….
        You are a good cook ?
        Thori chora kero 😛
        Lol ok stay blessed keep visiting my blog please and Love you xx 😛 😛 You don’t need formalities now 😛

  9. The girl in the picture; can I fall in love with her? 😛

    • No way!

      I saw her first.

      • LOL I don’t know who she is 😛 Please try to consider someone else for this honor 😛

      • Aww, but I already fell in love with you White Pearl.
        Ages ago.

        It’s been days since I’ve fallen in love with anyone and she’s got such a pretty book.

      • You are being mean now 😛
        Falling in Love with me is like falling in love with a stone … i am not sure you can handle this 😉
        Yes the book is pretty indeed…why don’t you consider falling in Love with the book ? 😉

      • Falling in Love with me is like falling in love with a stone …

        Could ‘White Pearl’ be the secret identity of a black stone?

        Al-Hajaru l-Aswad … is that you? 😉

      • Oh no That is a stone from heaven !!
        I can not be even worth the dust of it…… 🙂
        I am just an ordinary stone…. 😉

    • haha Lol why not 😛 😉

    • @ Shuaib … Bhai poochtey reh jao ge … aur koi aur baazi le jye ga … and lastly …..

      get in line brother… HAHAHAHAHA 😀 … :p

      (Sorry couldn’t stop my self from commenting … Khujli ho rahi thi … hehehe … my apologies if you minded it … it was just a joke)

      • Lol Bus aik cute larki kya nazar ae start ho gay sab 😛 😛

      • HAHAHAHA……. O GOD that was funny …!!! 😀

        @White Pearl: Kafi kushfehmiyaan nahi paali hui tum ne … Cute aur tum … zyada sheesha mat dekha kar … kisi din sheesha he toot jana hai…!!! lol :p

      • Aray bhae me ne ye kab kaha mujhay daikha ya me cute hun 😛 Me tu kabi na dikhaun apni shakal 😛 I was talking about this girl…Pata nae kon hai bechari 😛

      • Yeah right …!!!

      • Really 😛

  10. Hello my darling, White Pearl.
    This is a shameful subject that us in the Western World don’t really have to face. Of course there are still men that are very chauvinistic. But as a whole Western woman are very lucky in comparison to Muslim girls. Although I suppose that still depends on which country the Muslim girl is brought up in, right? You have a very vibrant and inquisitive mind. No one will ever be able to take that from you. They can hide you all they want..but with your words …we here on WordPress see the beautiful soul that you are. Love and hugs to you, you beautiful spirit. Hugs from Oz. Paula xxxxoo

    • Aww Love you Paula and you are one of my dearest readers I love and Miss the most when I am not using word press 🙂
      Yes I agree may be we Muslim girls have to face more hard situations…and yes this depends on the country and the laws…. n western countries the laws are so strict that’s why boys can’t ever think of doing things like this…while here in our countries there are more or less no laws at all….
      Thank you so much for supporting me here…I really need your support more than anything….
      I love you, you are the sweetest sister I have 🙂 Actually I have no real sister , I am alone so I guess I have managed to find one in you 🙂 Love you so much ! Hugs and Love xx

      • Haha!

        You really are the sweetest girl. Nafees that I follow in, Pakistan? I cyber adopted him as my Little Brother!! Lol

        I now Cyber adopt you as my Little Sister! 🙂 Lol
        Your sister is sending you love hugs and courage. Stay connect and that way you shouldn’t get too down. We are all here to support you. Word Press is one big family….Hugs Big Sis. xxxxxxoooo

      • Oh well It means Pakistanis are the best brothers and sisters 😉
        Aww Love you sister for adopting me 😉 I can be a real mess for you though 😉
        Thank you so much for all the love … This really makes me feel much better 🙂
        Yes I am realizing this now…Word press IS like a family to me too 🙂
        Hugs to my new big sis 🙂
        Love xx

    • Asalam-o-Alaikum,

      Respectfully can i take part in this conversion … Miss sakuraandme and Perl …!!!
      I felt i should ask permission from both of you… first … !!! 🙂


      • Haha!

        this Aussie girl says…Why not?? Lol x

      • I’ll wait for pearl as well … thanks btw!!! 🙂

      • Okay, I’ve just checked out all your comments to my now Cyber adopted Sister. you can comment between us..Be warned I am an Aussie girl and I won’t have you down my adopted sister, agreed?? Be respectful. Hugs to you. Paula xxx

      • Awww this is so sweet of you….
        You know He fights with me… We will fight together with him now … Ok ? 😉
        Love you !

      • Haha.

        No upsetting my little sister. There’s no need for that! Xx

      • Haha no I was kidding…talking in a funny manner 🙂

      • With due respect miss … I have utmost regards for your sis … The heated discussions we have is just because both of us are passionate in our beliefs … We try with all our might to convince each other … in which i have been winning so far … lolx :p …. but intention is never to bring down the other … rather just to teach and learn from each other … besides shes my fan # 1 .. that because she is the only one … lolx … you can ask her…!!!

      • Haha 😛 This is not a race that you are winning ok 😛 You may lose every time If I stop agreeing with you….It is me who says right what seems right to me 😉

      • Well so far I have always made you agree with me .. I think so … lolx :p

        I know its not a race … It was just meant a joke!!! 😀

      • Yes I admit your way of convincing people is impressive 🙂

      • and still you say I an extremist … 😦

        Lets just shift this topic here … for now … I hope your sis doesn’t mind … 🙂

        Extremist in a good way … I just don’t get it how can that be positive …???

        PS: I have posted a comment in the conversation of Ketie Mia Fedric … do check it out…!!!

      • Yes you are an extremist…because your views or you can say the way of making views is somehow harsh….strict…..Or you can say what never seems to be like melting….
        And I guess it can be good most of the times…Like it was proved good here !
        Already checked….and THUMBS UP for that !! 😉

      • Oh come on yaar … I am strict … I used to believe i have one of the most open mind when it comes to debating … I guess I have a very forceful way of speaking … (believe me its the topic) not me … I have the most flexible attitude towards this … I always listen to other ones idea no matter who much different or alien it is … !!!

      • Haha Arayy Gussa mat ho…. Yes I guess this is the topic not you…If you say so !
        You never seemed like this to me before when we had discussions on the topic of love and etc…
        So I guess the topic is responsible for your extremeness 😉
        And I know you listen to others…..
        I never meant to hurt you by saying this…

      • Another thing … muje gussa bohot rarely aata hai … i am not mad … although jab aata hai to waqi mai … jaise Volcano phata hai na woh haal hota hai …!!!

      • Lol I guess abi Volcano phat gya tha ? I am afraid of talking to angry people…Really I am scared….So please don’t make me more scared 😦
        Aur I told you what I thought…I don’t think so there is anything to get angry about….
        Ab ager ap wohi sunna chahtay ho jo apko acha lagta hai tu me her waqt tu wohi nae suna sakti na…
        Muje jo laga wo mene keh dia…jese apko jo lagta hai ap keh daitay hain 🙂
        Just cool down ok…This is not a place where we have to prove the other one wrong….
        It just just a place to share knowledge….. Not to make someone prove that knowledge and force him to admit it as true !
        So gussa khatam ? Pher se Dosti ? 🙂

      • HAHAHAHAHA …. 😀

        Abhi to sirf trailer dikhaya tha … picture abhi baqi hai …. volcano ki …. lolx :p

        Oh yaar mai ne gussa nahi kia tha …. muje pata lag gya hai … ye jo mai contineously english mai baat kar raha tha na es ne maza kharaab kiya hai … tone ko bohot serious kar diya hai!!!

      • Han may be ye b ho sakta hai….Jitni sweet language Urdu hai utni English nae hai 😉
        Please na dikhana picture…me tu abi se der gae hun 😛
        And do read the mail I sent you too please Is se pehlay k volcano dobara phatay 😛

      • Hahahaha!

        Good to hear. You see I look at that as fun banter then and not putting someone down. Almost like what brothers and sisters do, right?
        It’s good for people to express their views as long as they don’t force them upon anyone else.
        Life can be hard enough without people sitting in judgement of our personal beliefs. To be honest..Who’s right and who’s wrong? What’s right for one isn’t necessarily right for another. It’s personal preference.
        You see in the Western World we don’t need to worry about issues such as what we wear, to how we are treaty? That’s not to say men won’t treat you differently. But, that’s their problem…not ours! It NEVER gives a man the right to talk down to any women. Free will and free choice!
        This is what makes me feel for my Little Sister. She doesn’t have that free will and free choice. A man must always respect a woman and vice versa. At the end of the day we need each other and everyone just wants to be loved and respected, right? Hugs to you. Paula xx

      • I respect all your views My dear sister 🙂 Love you ! And I have free will and free choice…..I just feel offended when people who say they are Muslims don’t follow upon this sweet and clear religion…..And I would Leave Mani to answer this but in more than a polite way….
        I love my sister and I don”t want anyone to hurt her in any way !
        Much Much Love and Hugs 🙂 xx

      • That’s great, Little Sister.
        To have free will and free choice? What more can we ask for.
        I hope you had a great day? Sakura is on my knee watching me type to you. Get some good rest tonight. Love and hugs to you. Big Sis xxxxoo

      • Awww Give a kiss to him…Him or her ? 😛
        Yes I had a great day because of your sweet wishes and I need them always 🙂
        Love you so much and Hugs to my big sister 🙂 Have a great day full of happiness and light 🙂 Love xx

      • lolx … hey there can i reply tomorrow … i am like really tired tonight … sorry!!! 😦

      • No problems, Mani. Hope you got some good rest. Hugs from OZ. Paula x

      • You are right … besides all well that ends well … right!!! 😀

        Islam is all for Free will and freedom … and Your sis is not oppressed … believe me she can wear anything … In my countries I have seen women wearing Jeans, skirts that were above their knees, in shorts and in T-shirts that were so small that their abdomen was fully exposed … and believe me … No one bothered them … or went up to them and forced them to become wear modest clothes … Its just that they live in a completely different part of the city … they move in huge cars … and visit places where only people like them come … So there is no issue of that …!!!

        At the same time are guys who lower their sights when they see a girl … and there are girls who choose to dress modestly … some even go to such length as to wear a veil and gloves to cover themselves… similarly no one asks them not to dress this way either ….!!!

        The question here is not what we CAN do … the question here is that what we SHOULD do…!!!

        Being a part of a community … means you have certain obligations … and i am not speaking in terms of Religion … community can be in any way … as nation, as a doctor or engineer, ethnicity etc … and as a representative … our action reflect upon our community …!!!

        As a Muslim our manner of living, our way of dressing and other actions have implications … So being a part of Muslim community and also as the basic principle of Loving for our Islam, Allah Pak and Propohet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam … we are obliged to behave, live and dress up in a certain manner … The guys should keep their sights low, as well the girls should dress modestly … as far as why they don’t … that is the crux of the discussion between me and Pearl.

        And I totally agree with your thoughts on respecting each other …!!!

        Stay Blessed …!!!

      • I find you to be a very interesting debater and you do have some valid points. Muslim people in Australia generally don’t cover themselves right up. Of course there is a minority that do. Personally I don’t get this. But, it’s not for me to judge. In the Western World many people do judge these women though and I feel sorry for that. They feel strongly that if you come to this country you become a part of what we believe and live as we do.Why? Because why bother coming if you don’t want to integrate. As a result of this, many think they shouldn’t come in the first place. They think they should stay in there own country and with their own beliefs. It’s sad actually as I don’t get why we all can’t live together in some kind of peace. I hate borders and wish we could all be one. Be free to go anywhere we wish. But, that’s a dream, right? Lol Again, love and respect…that’s all that truly matters. Hugs from OZ. Paula xx

      • Thanks for the appreciation … Where ever we go … we should not forget … who we are and where we are from … Most people try blend in and in the process lose their identity … but its also a fact that no matter how much you blend in … you will still be treated as a foreigner … So why blend in when you can shine … Of course that is not easy but its worth it …!!!

        Take for example … the ex-Foreign Minister of Pakistan … Hina Rabbani Khar … I don’t know hwr personally but I am damn proud of her … Why … because she really truly represented Pakistan and Muslim nation everywhere … as part of her job she used to meet with people from different and often powerful countries … and not for once did she came in public without hr head covered … Alway wore Shalwaar Kameez that is the traditional dress of Pakistan … and she refused to shake hands with the men …!!!

        Thanks again for appreciation and sharing your perspectives … Stay Blessed …!!!

      • May be she should get a ‘voice’ surgery too 😀

      • lolx 😀

      • WA- ALAEKUM- ASALAM !!
        Oh yes sure you can take part anywhere on this blog you have all the rights 😉

      • Coming to the point … the thing that caught my attention was

        “This is a shameful subject that us in the Western World don’t really have to face.”

        What i wanted to ask … have you seen the latest surveys and figures of “Sexual Harassment, assaults and rapes” … The figures in USA, Canada and European countries is still alarming … I accept that such incidents are not reported in countries like Pakistan, India and similar states … but even those surveys state the even in the west many incident go unreported … but even without those unreported incident the figures are alarming … I was reading some where … In USA … One out of every six women have been a victim of Harassment, assault or rape. Am I wrong?

      • You are right….I have read the news too !

      • In USA … One out of every six women have been a victim of Harassment, assault or rape. Am I wrong?

        Can’t speak for the US, but in Australia the generally accepted figure is that one in four women will suffer sexual assault or rape in their lifetime.

        Some pundits put the figure as high as one in two, but evidence for this is poor.

  11. Tayyeba

     /  August 25, 2013

    This is so beautiful,and yet so true.
    You write beautifully. :’)

  12. How different your life could have been, but for the accident of birth. My heart goes out to you but you have found something many other women in such a situation have not – a voice! Keep blogging, keep writing, keep shouting it from the rooftops, but most of all, keep praying for change. Pray for the Muslims who do not understand the beauty that is Islam and distort the message of oneness we find in the Qur’an, and pray for the strength to endure the tests of this life. It’s a powerful poem and image – well done, White Pearl.

    • Thank you so very much Safia…. Your comment was a source of calmness in me ! Thank you….
      I will keep doing the same as you say InshAllah !!
      And yes ‘Dua’ is a thing Muslims want the most at present…. Allah is with us and May He improves our condition !
      Thank you so much for such such beautiful and upraising words !
      I am very much glad hat you liked my poem 🙂 Love you and I am really grateful 🙂 Love xx

      • Harassment in the street is one thing you’ve mentioned, but in the UK, assaults are more likely to happen in the home. Note these statistics from http://www.womensaid.org.uk :
        “Every minute in the UK, the police receive a call from the public for assistance for domestic violence. This leads to police receiving an
        estimated 1,300 calls each day or over 570,000 each year. (Stanko, 2000). Of these, 89% were calls by women being assaulted by men. However,according to the government National Delivery Plan, less than 24% of domestic violence crime is reported to the police (Walby and Allen, 2004).”

        Wherever you are in the world, there will always be men who take advantage of the fact that physically, they have the advantage over women. Thankfully, there are enough good men out there too who know that true strength comes from restraint and self-discipline. Love you too, Safia x

      • I agree to all your points Safia…..I have read the stats too and I am sure there are more victims in these countries than Muslim countries but They know how to hide their bad sides and how to show just the good side to the world…. But we on the other hand like to show our bad side to the world !
        And still I don’t understand why people in these countries find Hijab and covering bodies by Muslims as lame ?

      • Don’t believe everything you read in the press! I’m wearing hijab everyday in the UK/Northern Ireland whilst I’m here on holiday and have never had a single negative comment about it. It wasn’t so long ago (1950s/1960s) that any ‘decent’ woman in Ireland would not leave the house without a headscarf. Ditto, Catholic women always wore a headscarf when attending Mass/Church as ordained in the Bible (Corinthians). I do not accept that the ALL of the WEST abhors the hijab – it’s another example of scaremongering, ie, spreading untruths to promote a certain view and keep us all divided. ‘Divide and Conquer’ – certain politicians want to put the fear of terrorism around every corner into their citizens, others on the other side of the world want to put the fear of the promiscuous/anti-Islam West into the minds of their citizens. As individuals, we must learn to recognise the bias and untruths in their words… not easy, but we must try or there will never be understanding.
        PS: Many Western Feminists support covering one’s whole body and not dressing like a pole dancer when out in the street – such behaviour objectifies women and degrades them.

      • Ok that was somehow shocking to me….
        I understood your whole point….But it was shocking because I always heard white people going against the Hijab of Muslims……
        I guess now I understand there are some of them…. Like there are some terrorists who are Muslims and because of their act all of the Muslim Ummah is held responsible….
        Yes I knew covering the heads was in other religions too that is why I found it more annoying when I heard white people striking against only Muslim’s covering themselves…
        I get the whole point now !
        Thank you so very much…… I am honored by your presence here 🙂

      • I wish I could find a link to a youtube video I saw once – a white, non-Muslim girl from London decided to wear hijab because she loved the idea of the modesty etc connected to it – amazing footage. Give me a few minutes and I might be able to post a link …

      • Oh That would be lovely If you do so ! Thank you 🙂

      • Okay – be warned – this lady has piercings on her face, but I think her heart is good – I hope you are comfortable with the London accent! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtDIfO66fTk
        If you scroll down to some of the comments below the video, you will learn more about her decision to wear hijab. It’s curious, but mind-stretching stuff.

      • Well I am sad I am not able to watch this video because you tube is banned here in Pakistan….I can open it with proxies but there may be some religious complications that’s why I don’t do that….
        I hope the rest of my readers will be able to see it …
        Thank you so very much for sharing 🙂
        Means a lot to me !
        Thanks 🙂 Love xx

      • youtube is banned there?! I’m learning too. This video is not as good because she’s just talking about summer clothes, lol, but try the link:
        Remember – this woman is not a Muslim but loves wearing hijab and is accepted (in London anyway) for her choice. In the youtube video she asks her children about it and her son is so supportive, ie, ‘it’s her choice to wear what she likes’ etc. 🙂

      • Yes it is banned here because of that Blasphemous video made about Hazoor Pak SAW…….
        I just saw the website you have referred but I am not able to find the thing your are pining out…..
        I guess I am missing something :-/
        May be the women you are talking about owns this website ?
        And Thanks so much ! 🙂

      • I hope you didn’t get the impression from my earlier comments that most Australians or most white Australians abuse veiled women in the street. I was speaking of a tiny minority who, nonetheless, are quite energetic in making things difficult for veiled women.

        I would, however, estimate that a sizable proportion of Australians are still against the veil and most blame Muslim men who they believe force their women to wear it. That is one reason I asked Muslim women to post comments in response to such a claim made on a feminist bioethics blog. None did however.

        In the current election there is a (very small) Australian political party running on the sole platform of banning the veil.

      • Yes I could understand now… The more I am discussing , The ore I research and things are getting clearer !
        And why they don’t leave this thing as a personal thing between the husbands and their wives ? Husband has rights over her wife…. No doubt an aggressive behavior is forbidden but as far as I believe, with time one of them would succeed in teaching his or her point to the other in a good way….
        If non Muslims will try to understand the deep meanings of what is hidden behind every Teaching of Islam, I guess there wouldn’t be that many misconceptions left ….

      • And why they don’t leave this thing as a personal thing between the husbands and their wives ?

        Well, the feminists and Islamophobes would say that if you let men treat women badly at home (or let sons see their fathers do it) they will be more likely to think they can get away with it with other women.

        But actually several of the Australian Muslim veil wearers I know are doing it against the will of their parents (most Australian Muslim women don’t wear veils and don’t want to, but many do). Some interpret the Quran differently to their parents and consider themselves more pious and others want to show their solidarity with the Ummah and defiance of those who want to tell them what to wear.

        BTW, I heard some good news today.

        The Tunisian activist Amina Tyler (real name Amina Sboui) has quit FEMEN because it is Islamophobic and won’t disclose it’s funding (she thinks it could be backed by Israel).

        She still does topless protests though, but now she is with a Tunisian anarchist feminist group and makes it clear she is protesting the government, not Islam.

      • Well I am against Feminism from the beginning….
        They claim to provide so called rights to women which are not even correct for them….They themselves are not correct…. The whole point has no real point in it…. I guess !
        Veil is just for Allah … Not for the reason to prove they are pious o for the reason to show solidarity stuff….. Intentions are given importance for the same reason….
        Oh These ARE good news….
        I don’t know this lady but What I am assuming , this is awesome !
        I would research more about it now….

      • Got some bad news for you White Pearl.
        If you’re calling for men to stop sexually harassing women, you’re a feminist.

        There’s a heck of a lot of feminisms out there and not all of them are claiming men and women are the same.

        Anarcho-feminists sure don’t think women should be leading countries or big companies. Because they think no-one should be.

      • Yes I call for men to stop harassing women and I call for the respect of women…..
        I don’t know I am a feminist or not…I don’t know exactly what they demand….
        But yes I ask for all this…..

      • Don’t mix up reporting with actual rape.

        I would be very surprised if rape is significantly lower in Muslim countries.

        Sweden has one of the highest reported rates of rape in the world but it is very unlikely it has a particularly high rape rate.
        What it does have is strict laws defining rape, education for potential victims about their rights and how to report, good mechanisms for protecting victims who do report and a criminal justice system that is less likely to humiliate victims.

        In Australia rape reporting rates rise when a Rape Crisis Centre opens in a suburb because now the victims have somewhere safer to go where their rapist is less likely to take revenge if they report.

        Rape reporting rates also rose very significantly here in the 1970s when rape within marriage was outlawed. Previously women forced to have sex with their husbands whenever he wanted it and in any way he wanted it had no legal recourse to complain.

        My understanding is that in many Muslim countries a woman who reports rape but cannot legally prove it is liable to serious charges herself. That doubtless keeps the reporting rate well down.

      • Well If I don’t look upon reporting… There would have been no ‘actual rape’ in our country 😛
        I hear about these in newspapers and news on Tv….
        Yes I agree…. The women who don’t have potential proofs and witness ., she is said In our religion o keep quiet and not to shout about what has happened to her….
        This is for her own respect and safety….
        No doubt the person who didit would be free but Allah pak Never forgive him ever……
        If women would show themselves up in media and through other ways , this would do harm to herself more than the person who did it….
        Specially in Islamic countries where the respect and character of a women is everything for her !

      • It’s not that different here actually, which is why I worked to set up community based initiatives to deal with sexual assault without going to police and courts – even though it f***ed with my head terribly.

        You won’t be charged with adultery for reporting a rape you can’t prove in Australia – which is lucky as only 6% of reported rapes result in a conviction – but there is still stigmatising of rape victims.

        The cops are known to treat women who report rape quite badly – even women cops – because they hate investigating it (unless it’s one of the relatively small number of rapes carried out by a stranger).

        If it ends up in court it will almost always be defended on the basis of consent – which means the defence lawyer will try to prove in front of a courtroom full mostly of men that the victim actually wanted what happened to her.

        And the fact is a lot of victims don’t want their rapist to go to prison.

        He is usually someone they have known for some time, often a family member or friend of the family. Sometimes they are less scared of letting him free now than having him locked up and abused in prison for a decade only to be released even sicker than when he went in with revenge on his mind.

      • Your plan to work this out seems good to me ! Keep it up !
        Well the cops behaving like this is disturbing…. I can understand it I have seen these things here too…..
        In fact at least you HAVE some proper police system…. In our system We have rapists and thieves despite Police inspectors !
        Yes you know for the same reason It is said mostly not to report such things….
        I am against this fact that the person committing this crime would walk freely….
        But still…reporting is not doing any good too….

      • Sadly I couldn’t keep it up.
        I chucked it in almost ten years ago.
        I dealt with murderers, armed robbers, the criminally insane etc – no problems.
        But dealing with sex offenders and their victims seriously did my head in.
        The only thing nearly that bad was working with the families of death in custody victims.

        I am against this fact that the person committing this crime would walk freely….

        Well unless you execute them they’re always going to walk free eventually and its not as if a decade or so of brutalisation in prison is going to make them a better citizen.
        Even if you never let them out, if they’re really monsters they’re going to be abusing other prisoners who will be let out. So the cycle of violence continues. If they’re not monsters but just someone who made a stupid mistake, what’s the point in destroying their life?

        But don’t imagine restorative justice programs means that offenders get off without penalty. It’s all about addressing their offending behaviour and the victim gets a big say in how that happens.

        But yeah, even community based restorative justice usually doesn’t satisfy anyone. But at least the victim isn’t retraumatised and it’s a whole lot cheaper than trials and prison sentences.

      • Yes the cycle continues…. but here lies the difference….
        I believe with all my heart that he will be punished in the next life…..
        You believe in only this life 🙂
        So I am satisfied somehow… You need to make yourself satisfy ! 🙂

      • Oh I don’t need revenge for the offender, but I sure would have liked to see resolution for the victim and the offender a lot more than I did.

        But what messed me up after listening to a dozen or so rape stories from at least two different perspectives was that after a while I realised I wasn’t all that different from the offender or the victim. Under slightly different circumstances I could have been raped or been a rapist. That messes with how you relate to other people and yourself.

        I even started going back through my own sexual history and thinking “Could she have really said ‘no’ if she’d wanted to?”, “Was she scared of how big I am or bamboozled by my capacity to manipulate people?”, “Did she feel too obliged by the fact that I payed for the night out or did she feel guilty because she thought she might have led me on?”, “Was she drunk or not in her right mind?”.

        “AM I REALLY A RAPIST?”.

      • Haha ! I am sure you are not…..
        I don’t have any Idea about the inside stories…. I have seen documentaries on this and may be in some cases the circumstances thing is right….
        But doing anything to a girl..I mean in that sens…without her consent when she is not willing at all… Is rape and the person is definitely guilty….
        It may be dealt differently in Western and Eastern countries because the mode of living is totally different ….

      • Exactly.

        Here in Aus the victim’s survey estimate is that over 75% of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. Family member, ‘friend’, workmate, etc …

        Something I wrote to someone I had worked closely with on sexual assault cases (from an incident in real life).

  13. Very well said, my friend. Peacefull Pawkisses to comfort you 🙂

    • Aww Thank you so much both of you sweetest Loves ! Your paw kisses are the best things for me now a days 🙂 Love you and kisses o you too 🙂 Hugs xx

  14. ….Well said.

  15. All lighter comments aside..including mischief that arises anytime a beautiful picture of a woman comes in the conversation…which will happen anytime of any year of any century before recorded time…and after…when males and females are in the conversation..

    The battle for reproductive freedom is at the core of all the world’s problems…

    I suppose I gained your respect as I opened up my views to you on this very early on as I play the role of devil’s advocate in exploring this issue in my blog in no uncertain terms..

    All Social Animals must have clearly defined social roles to keep the ‘Social Unit’ from breaking down.. The “social unit” has been breaking down in the US since the introduction of Birth Control Pills in 1960. Social roles are becoming less clearly defined as time goes on.

    In effect ..with no clearly defined social roles..a whole species of a social animal will go extinct.. John Calhoun’s behavioral Sink experiment provides a clear forecast of what happens when subsistence is provided to social animals ‘the rat’ and social roles no longer exist..

    It is a horrible thing..even more horrible as it is starting to happen to human beings NOW. The first place is Japan where overpopulation is high and people have turned to electronic entertainment to almost fully replace the physical interaction between the sexes among the younger people.. In fact they are starting to abhor the physical act of intimacy between the sexes…

    Fertility rates are falling everywhere that electronic entertainment is replacing the physical realm of existence..in the west…

    Is it no wonder the concern of the ‘state’…political..cultural systems of the Muslim countries in the middle east of going down this path…are dire…no it is not…any wonder that this seems worth dying for…for some people in these countries…

    The dominant core ‘Christian religious beliefs’ in the US are patriarchal not that far from Muslim countries until the 1960’s.. TV is also censored then to make sure that women’s belly buttons are covered and men and women are only sleeping in separate beds.. This is a good moderate place to be and not as extreme as the total covering of the body.. but…

    The progenitor of what was to come is still in the bra and the girdle as even in the covered body these devices make the woman look like she is very young at older ages and ready at prime fertility for reproduction..

    Human beings are animals..sorry for anyone that disagrees..but there is no getting around this fact of nature..Any human that thinks differently no matter what the belief is sadly lying to themselves greatly..This is why no.. it is not the boys faults for falling to their sexual drives when woman are presented to them in this visual present of willing sexual partner..

    When the breasts and hips..lips are adorned with red to present the heightened sexual pleasure boys will respond as animals as the boys…yes they are animals… and reproduction is the highest driving force for boys…if not no one would be here on this planet…

    And no this is not an even playing field between males and females as it is a scientific fact that males are sexually stimulated much higher in the visual senses than females are..

    Boys are visually attracted to the highest of instinctual..fertility..representation of a woman.. This is why even the face of this woman you present up top is providing the response you get…

    The closed eyes and attention all on the glowing white estrogen skin of this young woman and full lips which also represents instinctual reproductive success will arouse any age of any man who has any desire of reproduction left…Any man who tells you that allah is stronger than this desire has no idea who allah IS…

    But again the saddest thing of all…is in Japan…the social unit is so sick…that these lips and estrogen face mean little to nothing to more and more young men…They are no longer men..they are…in effect..drones..of the social hive as bees..in analogy.

    Rampage killings are a barometer of the climate of microcosm of the tensions between the social roles and expectations of society…The United States is failing miserably in this area and so we have seen a relative explosion of rampage killings in the United States since 1964 and accelerating since broadband internet access..Violence has gone done overall as the dopamine release valve can be found in areas of pornography…video game… and many other sources of screen addiction found with internet and other electronic media resources…

    The demographic of this crime has moved from middle age to young males between the ages of 20 and 28 approximately…since the 1980’s..The socio economic disadvantages of African Americans and the 70% single parent rate..lead African Americans as a demographic in the most vulnerable area of social role breakdown.. The result is clear as this demographic has the highest rates of violent crimes..at most..within that same demographic..of young males

    This is just a tip of the iceberg of my understanding of this issue…Part of the reason I came here is to explore potential answers…as you are a progressive young Muslim woman who still has a burning desire to defend her religious beliefs..

    You are the answer as a role model for other young Muslim women…as you are dedicated to finding all the answers to solve the problems of the world…I am too..but this path is like the ant who tries to stop the tidal wave from a comet hitting the earth from washing it clean from the ‘sins’ of the fathers..

    What I mean by this is the destruction of the earth…People no longer love each other as they use to for required interdependence for survival..Electronic media has taken the place of what it truly means to be human…to be connected to each other in real life…feeling what is called ‘the oxytocin’ touch between any two human beings that make a bond that lasts for years to take care of each and every one in the village.

    AS the skyscrapers grow higher the spirit of this connection grows lower..It is truly sad… all these words on the internet of passion like you and me and others on all these blogs are the tears of lament of the bird who was free to love and is dying slowly….slowly….slowly…slowly..painfully…painfully…everyday until the heart turns into stone…

    Your words White Pearl are the tears of the Pearl that does not want to turn to stone anymore…

    Quite frankly computer science is also probably killing your soul…at least in part…as it separates us…all of us.. from each other…But!!!

    Language is an expression…a code… and even a mathematical formula for God…You take the technology..the expertise which you gain…turn it around to adorn the written word which is ART and the Power of love and expression…which is the only real hope now to save our species from much pain and suffering in the future…

    It is a journey IS ALL..as each heart that is touched and healed…even just a little bit..away from that stone…and is forever in effect for success as the waves of love are spreading and healing for those that have the passion to make it happen..

    So young female tiger continue to roar and spread this love…as love is the answer..simple that IT IS but it works…there is no doubt about that..the fact that you are not likely driven by the same lust hormones that some woman are driven higher too..as you are in the computer science field… is also your advantage to spread the type of unconditional love for others you spread here…that is the most powerful love of all…

    This is the way I love you and why I love you so much..as you desire to heal the world…

    This is the greatest of all loves and if it requires the sacrifice of my life I am freely willing to give it up…

    What you are doing here now is relatively dangerous…Women in Muslim countries have been killed for saying these things… So yes you are a brave Tiger now as you cannot be so naive not to Know this…I think…

    Whatever you do…do not show your face..your real physical face…I think you know this the same as I do..as I do not show my real last name either…Some Muslim men will hate you and desire to kill for you saying these things..as they do not understand the much bigger picture…

    The face will provide a target…But your words are your sword…

    • Well Thank you for all the thoughts you have shared here but I find no connection of these thoughts to what I have written here in my post !
      I have read all your thoughts…
      And I would continue to roar as you say it 🙂
      I love you too for saying all this 🙂
      And I disagree to you here…. I don’t think so Muslim men would be offended by what I am writing and I don’t think so they would find any problem with me showing my face…. I know I am doing the right thing and I know true Muslim Men too…They always help the person doing the good thing….
      Your concepts about Muslim men are wrong I guess !
      Thanks so much for boosting me up !
      I would continue writing 🙂
      Love xx

      • Ahh..well then you must be naive?…you don’t have much influence at this point but you have the potential…there have been women in Muslim countries killed for less ‘offensive words’ than this..of course the Killers are not true ringing allah ‘members’ to me…if what the commenter above said is true about it being okay to physically abuse people to enforce what the prophet teaches… this religion rings not true anyway..to me…I am going to read the Koran…sorry I have not had time yet..maybe I will finish it today..to confirm myself as to whether what that individual said is true or not… but if it is…relatively speaking.. it is a false religion as far as what rings true for me as an individual…

        I’m not quite sure you fully read my comment either…as you clearly asked why boys do ‘this’ and I provided all the answers I am aware..in short form..in my comment..Lovexx.

        Sometimes you sound very wise and sometimes not as wise..but you are young and there is a lifetime to learn more…Love again…and to be clear I am not suggesting I am wiser than you or anyone else..I know…nothing…

        But again..all that counts is love…and you ring a master at that.

      • What the comment-er was trying to say can not be called as physical abusing…. It is called as caring for the people we love…and This includes all the Muslims !
        It may ring false to you now but I promise…..It will ring true to you one day…may be in this life or may be after this life…. I am sure about this because I know the truth…..
        Your knowledge may not allow you to understand it as true religion right now…..I hope you find the true light 🙂
        Oh ok you should Try to reference to what question you are answering…..I don’t have a dream that you are answering one of the question I asked to one of my readers….
        Noe I read all your comment once again and It make sense !
        I am not at all wise I am dumb…..I am stupid and that is why I am here….to learn something and to let many dumb people learn along with me 🙂
        You may be wise If you say so 🙂
        Yes all that counts is love 🙂 Love you !

    • Aslam-o-Alaikum (May Allah Pak Bless you ) … I have read many of your comments … you have unique way of expressing yourself … Its always mind boggling for me to fully comprehend your comments … 🙂
      … but most of the time they are worth the effort … 😀

      The reason that I am taking part in your conversation today is that … If I am not wrong you were referring to the discussion I am having with pearl … when you refereed to physical abuse … and how its permitted in Islam … This was the exact reason why at the time i posted the comment I was reluctant to discuss … I know many Non-Muslims read her blog and they might not understand it and start having a doubts regarding Islam … Allah Pak and Our Prophet (Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam) … because they are unaware of the bigger picture … Thank you for bringing this up … as this will give me the opportunity to help you and other Non-believers understand… Inshallah (by the grace of Allah Pak) !!!

      This discussion will be long so please bear with me as i would have to build your perspective and help you see the bigger picture before I come to the point … and i would like to start with the basics …

      Without doubt Islam is the religion of nature (Deen-e-Fitrat) … and at the creator of this nature or this world is Allah Pak … Who himself is the epitome of Love. So in a sense you can say that Islam is the religion of Love … The basic four pillar and practices of Islam are Namaaz (Prayer), Roza (Fasting), Zakat (Islamic Tax) and Hajj (The Pilgrimage) all collectively teach one to be humble, tolerance , equality and unity … In the prayer makes one humble when you bow before your creator five times a day and place you forehead in earth … it teaches that you are not above everyone else … hence It drives away the ego and pride … Fastening brings tolerance and patience … and teaches us how the people who have to go through days of starvation and who cannot afford luxuries … how they live and … softens our hearts and let us feel their pain … the Zakaat (Islamic Tax) is the way by which Allah has given us a system of distribution of wealth … unlike the modern financial systems through which the wealthy become wealthier day by day and the poor are left to fend for them selves … Islam has the total opposite concept … It teaches us that if Allah Pak has blessed you then you should share his bounty with those who are needy and its not mercy or alms … its their right … Hajj (The Pilgrimage) … as i am sure you would have seen many picture of People who go to Makkah to perform Hajj … there is no distinction of Rich and poor there … everyone wears a plain white non-stitched cloth and have shaved heads … At that moment every one becomes equal … My point being that Humbleness, tolerance, patience, equality, unity and sacrificing ones worldly possessions for others are what make the basis of Love and the same form the four basic pillar or Islam … It is the Hadhees (saying) of Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam that…

      “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good deeds”

      The message of equality, unity and love is hidden in all his sayings … Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam was himself … Blessing for the whole humanity … in this world and the one after …!!!

      I think we would all agree that the most pure and unconditional love on this earth is that of a Mother’s for her child.

      A woman once came to Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam and said that Allah Pak loves all human being. And his love is, infinite times of the love that a mother has for her child. So if a mother cannot see her child burning in fire … How would Allah Pak burn the human beings in fire of Hell for eternity … It is said that tears came into Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam’s eyes and after a moment he replied … Allah Pak will frogive … EVERYONE (AND ALL THEIR SINS) … except he who does Shirk (attribute a partner to Allah Pak).

      With this I would come to the point … Forcibly making your child offer prayer is THE LAST RESORT … It has been instructed that for five years you should teach your child to offer prayer with Love and care … for this is for his own betterment … The discussion again here come to the fact that if you see someone whom you Love and care about a lot and for whom you would do anything … And if that someone is going to do some serious harm to himself … Would you not do everything in your power to stop him from doing such thing … Like I said no one can love more than … the love parents have for their child … so put your self in their shoes and think when you know … that for disobeying the Order of Allah Pak … your child will burn in the fire … that is infinite times hotter that the fire of this world … and not for seconds, or minutes, or a day but … for eternity … (for that life will have no end) … would you not stop your child to your best effort … What is a momentary punishment of this temporary life compared to never ending pain of hereafter …

      How is this not LOVE you tell me when by causing a little pain you have saved your loved one form a never ending torment of Hell … !!!

      I hope I was able to help you understand … Do let me know if you have any further queries … Stay Blessed …!!! 🙂

  16. As I always say Perverts don’t go with religion and can’t respect a woman anywhere in this world…Even in India Girls are not safe because of some morons who have lost their moral and ethical values and no sooner it is going to change until the females all around the world stand for their rights and fight for it…

    • I agree to you Harsha ! Women are fighting too but most of them have adopted the wrong channels……
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts !

  17. Chandni Lahoti

     /  August 26, 2013

    Hi dear! The only thing I have to say after reading this intense and beautiful post is that I want to give a big hug right now! Love! Feeling so pleased to have found your blog.

  18. I just wanted to add something to Mani’s comments above where he quotes from Surat Al Nur (24:31). Salam alaikum, Brother – you really ought to have also quoted Ayat 30 which precedes this, ie,
    ‘Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.’
    Any Muslim man who stares at a woman in the street and/or harasses her because of how she looks or the way she is dressed is not behaving like a ‘good’ Muslim. White Pearl said a girl in the street is not ‘harming’ the boys who are offended by her appearance – I agree – such a girl is harming herself and her own soul. The boys are harmed by their aggressive behaviour and as we all know, what goes around, comes around.
    One last point – vigilante extremists have ignored the hadith, ‘There is no compulsion in religion’. The Qur’an is a guidance, a message – all Muslims, male and female who choose to ignore the instructions regarding behaviour are harming themselves more than anyone else. Yes, advise when you see a fellow Muslim going astray, but never use violence, aggression, bullying or other abusive behaviour to try to ‘correct’ another’s faults.

    • I am amazed sister…This was the point I was trying to make but due to the fact that I am not good at telling people what I think , I fail most of the time…. This was the same I was thinking…..Every thought is like It is poured out of my mind by you….
      I would like Mani to answer it too please…..
      I am loving the discussion because I am learning a lot from it !
      Thanks sister 🙂

      • Well, when I scrolled back up and read more of Mani’s comments he does refer to it, but the problem is, only quoting one part is only half the story! Mani really does make some good points and I can see where he’s coming from. And I agree … a fascinating discussion. Thanks for kicking it off! 🙂

      • Yes he really is awesome at making points and I would urge him making more here 😉
        Well all thanks to you guys for taking part in it 🙂

  19. Sorry ran out of reply space above but !KnownowK! it’s getting interesting…

    First of all, I am here to answer all your questions or at least try now..not just specific one’s here or there..

    Secondly, If I go to the ‘mall’ and light the wHole…the whole ‘dam’ thing up with my true light and no one even notices true..your true light… when you go to the ‘mall’..who has the true light?

    Is it in a book?..don’t think so…makes no sense at all..

    OMG? that should just be a rhetorical question but believe it or not people take it seriously…!do you really think God belongs to any religion as a true light?!CAn IT really be my God and my true light and not your true light too?

    All I wanted to know is if it is okay to beat your wife if she is bad bad bad…I see another response that tells me above that this is not okay..OMG! I Am relieved but I’m still looking forward very much to read the entire Koran and make my own detailed analysis of the whole..the dam thing…by the way dam is just mad spelled backwards so I guess it’s gotta be happy right? HIAha!
    LOve you too..See ya L@a

    Wow Mani! you almost had me hooked until the end..It is a beautiful religion and that is the only mistake as people take those words and abuse their wives..and children…killing them at times..horrible..horrible..horrible…those words are..!

    And further more when parents force their children to believe in certain ways scaring them for hellfire the real world result is often horrible guilt and suicide…

    So sorry! your religion fails miserably on this count..I am still going to read the Koran and make my own analysis though as it is more than likely that someone stuck that in ‘their’ so they could control their wife and children to their whims not Allah’s whims..

    The rest of it is too beautiful to believe that could have come out of your prophet’s mouth..It makes ‘absolutely’ no ‘sense’…although this is historical days when there is no birth control and people do want to control their wive’s reproductive freedoms and their children’s reproductive freedoms ‘for sure’…by any…method to control the ‘selfish gene’.

    And yes! the old testament fails even more miserable in what ‘they’ attempt to call Christianity…when they use these old dead historical lines that served ‘their’ historical purpose in a day and time…when peace is truly impossible…

    This is no longer the case…but there will never be peace as long as it is okay to abuse and or kill children and/or a wife over an ideological difference….that part is way too disturbing…There are not enough lifetimes to make that ring true…

    Of course again! all of this is just my opinion…

    And again this response is from what I hear here..I’ll make my own analysis when I do my duty to read the book..the Koran…

    Still LOve me knownow White Pearl…HAha..I am harder to love than you…it is a challenge…nowKnow..I bet I love you more…that is where the True Light is ‘baby’….’tiger’

    • You have questioned Mani about rest of the thing….I will leave him to answer you here.
      I just want to ask you a question in response to what you asked which seems to be referred to me….
      If there is fire somewhere near your house or anywhere and you wife is going to jump in it she want to jump in it she is out of her mind and she can’t see what will happen to her after jumping in it and you are saying her not to jump…you are stopping her but she is not stopping…..
      What will you do ?
      I don’t need stories I just need an answer !
      A one line answer !!

  20. And Mani if you are talking to me above I am honored that you are even reading my words…that is more than I could ask for in a thousand lifetimes from anyone…

  21. And yes I do have a question I would like answered clearly if possible Mani.. What is the Muslim religion of nature’s current position on whether or not homosexuality is a sin..as we now know by science that this is a creation of nature for the most part…not choice by man…

    Obviously these scientific facts of nature were not known as true by the people who wrote the words of your prophet in that day…but if Muslim is the true religion of nature it must adapt to the knowledge of man that is so small..so small to the mighty force that is God and ‘all knowing nature’..with no conscience at all..as we are currently aware as a distinct entity…as opposed to ‘silly’ human anthropomorphic terms that have been used in the past..the historical past…before greater light of knowledge was brought to defeat the ignorance of the knowledge of the past…

    The logic of God and Nature is clear…Homosexuality is not only not a sin..it is a vital component of the success of any social animal species..most highly that of man…as those individuals who can spend their time supporting others without the responsibilities of raising a family are often the ones that provide the most true light love possible in one lifetime…to their fellow community of man..

    Clearly in the historical past homosexuals have been brutally killed by those professing the Muslim religion..this is a mortal sin if there is any mortal sin applied against God..if there is any hellfire those individuals that did that would certainly burn the longest and the hottest..of any Muslim individual…Obviously many other religions, cultural and ideological beliefs are responsible for the same brutal oppression of their loving fellow human beings that in actuality many times have a true light of love of God a thousand times higher than any pious religious person professing any empty vessel or vehicle of love whether it is word or ritual…

    • I would leave this topic here too for Mani because you have asked him to answer…
      But I would like to make a point here ….
      male and female both have complete sex organs….
      Two males and Two females can not reproduce…
      There is nothing like ‘gay gene’ in humans….
      Females are made to please males and males are made to please females….
      A complete family is made by both males and females because both of them have their own strengths….
      Then what makes you think that Homosexuality is natural ?
      It is not natural…It is just a state of mind….as there are people with bipolar disorders….With similar mind disorders…. More often This disease arises because of some specific reason that individual has to face in his life….
      You believe in researches ? These same researches suggest a thing one day and deny the same thing n the other research…
      As far as I have read researches there is nothing like gay gene and this is just like a disease….
      What is written in Quran is cent percent right….. It says that we have made females for you then why are you attracted towards males ?
      It is the gay community itself which is making this type of comments to convince people to hide what wrong they are doing….. This can never be natural….
      Who says Muslims killed any homosexual people ? A true Muslim would have never killed an innocent… Write my words and Save them !
      It would be nice if you provide any refrence about where Muslims killed homosexual people….
      Thanks ! 🙂

      • Oh my goodness White Pearl! This is so sad! you seem obviously misguided by your education system! as it is likely censored just like You tube…There are literally hundreds of resources in science that back this fact up..if your country censors them there is nothing I can do but copy and paste the text from the research…I can write a novel of copy and paste here…if you give permission I will proceed? There is absolutely 100% no chance that this is not a natural part of human nature…and animal nature in general. Unless you do not believe that science is real..Unfortunately many people still live in these sad dark ages…

        And yes! Muslim people have killed homosexual people..just like some so called Christians in the US..if not in direct murder..in shaming them in guilt to suicide..if you have not heard of this obviously that information is censored for you also…I can copy and paste if you like there too..if you give permission…anyone here from the west who has uncensored access to news information can immediately verify this fact now..for you..if you do not trust my words…

      • Hahh SO …..
        You have made me tired today 🙂
        Anyway I am here for you… to answer anything you start…because I value your thoughts….
        You are portraying that we Muslims are living in dark where no true news and no truth reaches and you Americans are the care takers of truth 😀
        Sounds Funny….
        Yes I know it may be right we may not be aware of ‘some’ facts on ‘certain’ topics but It doesn’t mean we are living separate from the rest of the world…
        You know what ? The teaching of Our Kaliphs are still being studied to Americans in many universities…. You may have written about Hazrat Umer ‘s Rules ? Still being applied in countries……
        Have you read history ? Most of the pillars on which the Modern science is standing were made and invented by Muslim scientists !
        From the wheel to the comb to the mathematical formulas to defense system…. Everything !
        And you say we are not enlightened….
        And about the homosexuality thing….
        Just listen my words…. If you believe that this is natural and you have not even experienced it by yourself….. It doesn’t make it a true thing…..
        This is not natural and facts are very simple… any wise person would understand these simple facts…. except those who are blind folded…
        I don’t need copy and paste…..
        I don’t need un necessary details…just make your point with logic and that’s it !
        People who want to believe in it..would believe and people who don’t want to believe in it…won’t !
        There is no need to get angry on this as this is a discussion and we are not here to impose our thoughts on others or to change other people’s thoughts by force ! Thank you 🙂

  22. I am really speechless on your words,,,,Very nice and so nicely written

    • Awwh Thank you so very very much ! Your words always make me feel good 🙂 Thank you Love 🙂 xx

      • 😀
        Be happy 😉

      • White Pearl Please read my words more carefully, if you will..

        I am stating ‘IF’ I am not imposing any words on anyone or even asserting what Muslim people know…I have no idea what is specifically censored or not censored…other than what you have told me…but there is no question about this among educated people in the US about this specific issue of homosexuality…per choice…I am addressing no other specific issue at this point.

        Darkness is simply ignorance of the light…it is not evil or good in my opinion. There is always a way to reach IT in my opinion..the light or the dark where there is WILL…

        My anger lasted all of 3 seconds… and I immediately forgave you for the insult against my sister in suggesting her biology and others like her created by God was a disease…I did not allow it to fester..I reflected the dark energy directly back at you…and it no longer exists for me…That is the way I tick…my dear…And how I keep the light…

        Most of these words you are attributing to me do not exist anywhere on this blog other than your mind…my dear…otherwise please provide the quotes where you attribute these words to me…XXLove anyway..HAha!

  23. oops thats a big list of comments – 🙂
    Poignant and thoughtful.. I was touched reading this

  24. One reason why I know that the Christian Bible.. even the old testament is a powerful true approximation of what rings true… is that when I was younger and I read it often that I could open the book anywhere and find the answers to my questions….THE BIGGER QUESTIONS OF LIFE…..f you will……

    The test of the Koran last night for me would be to open up the book and find my answer…

    I did..and yes it did…the KORAN that IS….if you will…..2

    9.11.. the date 9.11… is obviously a turning point in Middle East and West relations but it is also significant in that it is the beginning of the calendar in Egypt in mythology where the Nile floods and creates hardships and adversity..great adversity if you will…and the cycles of dark and light…i.f you will too..2two

    My answer here came with 9:12..in repentance…in the KORAN….

    I will quote it here:

    9:12 “But if, after coming to terms with you, they break their oaths, and revile your faith, make war on the leaders of unbelief-for no oaths are binding with them-so that they may desist

    Will you not fight against those who have broken their oaths and conspired to banish the Apostle? They were the first to attack you. Do you fear them? Surely God is more deserving of your fear, if you are true believers.

    Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them and heal the faithful. He will take away all rancor from their hearts: God shows mercy to whom He pleases. God is all-knowing and wise.

    Did you imagine you would bed forsaken before God has had time to know those who have fought valiantly and served none but God, His Apostle and the faithful God is cognizant of all you actions.”

    I already knew that the Koran was a book of love but it is also a book of defending territory in human/animal/nature analogy..

    Right below controlling reproductive freedom the second greatest conflict of world conflict as has always been since the beginning of social primate nature in the tribe..and well before with the rat who is the ancestor of man before there was a creature that walked upright like man..about 75 million years ago…

    I use a similar analogy to defend the Muslim religion by those who attack IT as a religion of war…well It is in effect a religion of war…there is no denying that….but the human animal is an animal that is a warrior who defends it’s territory not unlike the Lion or the Tiger….

    The prophets in the new testament Christianity forecast that one day the Lion will lay down with the lamb and have peace….

    In effect the Muslim religion and the Christian religion are both lamb and Lion….

    The advantage the US has in being the lamb is that there have been no great wars to defend on the US soil…in almost two centuries….whereas in the middle east this is a great reality of concern of everyday….

    As these are the circumstances of different contingencies..human animal contingencies that is…one cannot fairly compare the religions as practiced in effect….in the middle east as compared to the US….

    These conflicts are the same within the religions obviously..as there are abortion bombings in the US…great conflicts of demonizing homosexuals that continue as is the case in the middle east….the conflicts are all the similar….the ‘selfish gene’ and defending territory and resources for subsistence that is required for any real chance for long term reproductive success…..continues……

    The challenge for human beings is to find a way to muffle the animal nature greater.. greater with higher levels of light and love…This is the greatest challenge ever that the human species takes at this moment….now…..as we speak as there is going to likely be bombings with Syria very soon with the US……

    As the defender of human basic human rights intervening on territorial disputes of another country..

    This is a heated issue…and more potential for even greater human suffering and pain similar to the horrifying tragedies of IRAQ….

    I do not favor Christianity over Muslim religion.. there are reasons…logical/animal/nature reasons why each religion is different and the same..they are currently apples and pears with different requirements to grow these apples and pears trees…..

    When the fruit becomes the more similar the chances for the Lion laying down with Lamb are greater greater..much greater…

    It is the Ultimate challenge of “Just Do It” as the great advertiser/philosopher company says..for shoes for ALL..if you WILL in analogy to walk a more…similar path for ultimate words and world peace….

    Humans are going to continue to defend reproductive freedoms and territory..there are millions of years of evolution behind this nature..that is not going to change…

    But with greater collective human intelligence humans have the greater potential to make greater imaginary games with each other in adult life like children to defend territory in video games and even football and baseball games between the lines of imaginary and real divisions of territory in computers and regions labeled with cities and teams…That is just two examples…. there are thousands and thousands more…..

    But we must more fully share the technology of greater peace to fully make this happen before the animal nature and the technology of war kills us all.

    It is that simple and that complex all at the same time.

    I see all of this and much more..so much more that I can not yet put into words..I hope this can be understood in ‘Laymans’ terms..if you will…

    This blog has been one of my inspirations to greater put this in words where people can understand what I see as an observer..a most unusual observer…if you will..

    You see White Pearl that is why I humble myself before you..you are my greatest gift…’write’….NOW. i.f you will…..and we and us and ONE……

    You love strangers with different faiths and beliefs enough to equally share your territory..and yes we play games instead of war…That my friend is the answer….to all the world’s/words problems if meyou..we…and US….continue to make this LOVELIGHTELOVE greater and greater…..like the young children on the playground……before puberty who still love each other so much in loving playground ways…….

    As an ending here I understand why you and Mani will not likely to be able to fully answer my questions here and I knew that before I posed them…it is to stimulate minds to greater answers…..that IS ALL and yes that potential is here on your blog…….It is the words that are the potential swords of peace……When they live forever on the internet on servers in relative analogy…….It does not matter who the authors are……All that matters is lifelightlove.

    And OMG! there are so many opportunities with technology in so many ways other than ‘just words’.. to make this happen for the futureNOW…. for ALLthose who take full advantage of this opportunity…… for lifelightloveforALLONENOWFOREVERMORE…….

    • I would first like you to answer the questions I have asked you….
      I need their answers….
      Then I will answer these all questions and thoughts of your’s in this very comment….
      And don’t worry Me and Mani will answer each and every point raised by you….
      If you are thinking we can’t answer you , then you ARE mistaken !
      Please kindly answer the questions I asked you in previous comments first !

    • You talk about war….
      you say Islam is religion of war…
      Still America has set a war with Iraq and destroyed it…
      America has Invaded 69 COUNTRIES after world war 2…..
      America has attacked Afghanistan and still attacking it…
      America decided to attack Iran….
      And which are the Islamic countries who started war ? NAME ME !!!!!
      Isn’t it FUNNY ? You still say Islam is the religion of war ?
      If their are teaching about when to start war or how to react in war In quran it doesn’t mean Islam wants us to fight…..
      It wants us to behave the best in war that’s why these teachings are present in Quran…
      YOU believe in some things it doesn’t mean YOU are ALWAYS right !!!
      Dn’t try to act wiser than the rest of the world and don’t try to impose your thoughts on others…
      W are here to discus….. To gain knowledge …
      Not to fight against each other….
      So please peace out…..
      And you didn’t answered my question what will you do in case of when your wife would be urged to jump in fire ?
      I guess you got my point In a very Good way !

      • America is the country of war not Christianity..I did not say America was not the country of war.

        There are relatively few actual practicing Christians in the United States…as compared to those who label themselves as Christians in effect… in following a way that Jesus provided in his teachings to find Heaven NOW! not to tomorrow..in dreams or yesteryears…in cold vessels-vehicles of written words.

        There is absolutely no mention of making War on those with differing beliefs in the New Testament attributed to Jesus.

        I have no respect for the war started in Iraq…and I saw through the lies easily where none of my friends could see through them..I have no respect for other unfounded wars either…I make my positions clear on this..there is nothing to convince me of there.

        I was able to say see I told you so years later to my peers as time and evidence proved my intuitive feelings of who was lying and who was telling the truth by looking in their eyes on TV and seeing the lies of their soul. That is one thing I cannot prove until after the effect when I am proven correct in my intuition..and of course it is not 100% infallible.

        When you say homosexuals are diseased it is the similar if I were to tell you..You are diseased because you are only a woman and not worthy of respect from a man…and only like a possession like cattle.. And yes some Muslims cultures still do look at women this way..It is the same as Christianity in this manner as they do not practice the greater lights of what your prophet teaches.

        I quoted your prophets teachings on his position on War and I did not judge this as wrong at all…in fact instead I said the contingencies are different because of the environmental, sociological, cultural factors involved. WAr is life too…I do not pass judgement on it when it is properly founded in my assessment…9/11 was not properly founded and is the result of the same type of dam extremists as started the IRAQ war..the only difference was one blasphemy was a word for God and the other was money per Idol of false idol in effect.

        I am passionate and am free to express my emotions including anger and only honest when I tell you in words what I am feeling. I can easily lie to you and not tell you my feelings but that is a lie not the truth. I have told you over and over again that I am never right and know nothing…but it is you that seems to insist otherwise not me..this is what they call projection in psychology…my friend…

        People do it to me often in debates…I am familiar with it..and it is a defense mechanism for people who do not have the ability to make logical counterpoints…that is all…It is what they call as an ad-hominen attack in debating skills. I refuse to do this as this means one loses the argument immediately by technical debating rules when they use this lowest hierarchy of debating mechanisms to argue…it is not even debating…if you will.

        And if there is any evil in the world which I believe is a psychological construct of humans only..it is often in religion and I will you tell you why in another little story here that is true and factual as all the stories I tell you that use me as example that can be backed up by witnesses and medical documentation where I live.

        My mother is one of the most kind and loving individuals I have ever met in light of effect…and so is the rest of my family per my sister and my wife in overall effect of light..

        But my mother walks in darkness with my sister… My sister does everything for my mother but my mother will never accept my sister’s biology as a natural part of humanity which yes has been proven in research..per her gender and neutral sexual orientation..She lives with a woman and my mother has called her evil and blamed my sisters neutral orientation on that woman.. That woman is also a very kind person that will give the shirt off her back but is not without judgement of others unlike my sister and I…

        We were born that way and are very unusual in that respect as the people in my county are extremely judgement oriented and oppressive toward individuals with differences in color, sexual orientation, and religion.

        As much as my sister loves my mother she contemplated suicide when she was in her 30’s because my mother would not accept her biology which is obvious even if one looks at her in gender neutrality and sexual orientation..

        I will tell you this for sure…you know little about homosexuality as the same 2 to 4% of homosexuals that exist in your country are as fearful of reporting it as the woman who are brutally raped by their husbands…They suffer in brutal misery of silence..

        This is the saddest part of your culture…and no it is not that much different that was in effect the rest of the world. This is not only a religious oriented problem it is a sad part of our human nature…that only can be more fully controlled by higher levels of scientific understanding…rationality..love..true will and light..

        Today in our world that is moving farther as a global one…all these components are required in more generous quantities for peace.

        I cannot find where you suggested anything about my wife jumping in fire my dear but knowthisnow she has already witnessed another person in the real hell that can be human..very few people have the strength to survive that…My wife is an adult tiger..I hope you never experience that and never have to put your view on another person that lives there not even for one second that lasts a thousand years of hell…

        But if you do.. ‘trust me’.. you will finally know the fuller truth of NOW. At that point you will never worry about what happens to you when you die.

        All my opinion again..the authority is in passion not right or wrong.

        Respectfully and sincerely your servant..Fred.

      • There is absolutely no mention of making War on those with differing beliefs in the New Testament attributed to Jesus.

        “I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

        “But those enemies of mine who would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” (Luke 19:27)

      • They keep telling us that Islam is spread by the sword, but I don’t get it.
        I mean have you ever tried to spread something with a sword?
        You can sure make a mess trying to put peanut butter on toast that way.

        But I know how Christianity was brought to my people.
        The Europeans came with a bible in their left hand and a pistol in their right.
        “Thou shalt not steal!” they shouted.
        Then they took all our land.

      • Just try to read the history…. How all the Muslims treated the non Muslims during wars……
        We are not ordered to start a war Only for the reason if we want to spread Islam….
        Islam was spread with the acts…Acts that non Muslims liked…..
        If it would have been spread with sword why is still a large number of people who are turning to Islam….
        Why are not Muslims turning to other religions ?

      • I was being kinda ironic.
        I thought the bit about spreading peanut butter with a sword might have tipped you off.

        But more seriously, I know that Islam was spread mostly by words and deeds.
        But like every other evangelising religion it has also been spread by fanatics who gave people very little choice.

        By the time you’ve destroyed someone’s temple, burned all their holy books and refused to let them teach their religion to their kids you’ve got yourself some forced converts. And if you outlaw the conversion of Muslims to other faiths you’ve got many generations of forced converts.

        It has happened, White Pearl. Not just between Islam and other religions but within Islam too.
        Not so much as with Christianity maybe but still too much.

      • Lol no I was not tipped off by this….
        I am sorry you said if you outlaw the conversion of Muslims to other faiths you have got many generations of Converts…. Why did you say this ?
        I don’t know about it Cabrogal if it has happened….I am not a scholar and my knowledge may be far less than your’s….
        But What I know is…. I feel pain when people point fingers on what I believe in with all my heart…So I try to defend myself with the truth…..
        I fail many times but I won’t leave trying…As it is always a room for knowledge and learning ! 🙂

      • I am sorry you said if you outlaw the conversion of Muslims to other faiths you have got many generations of Converts…. Why did you say this ?

        I don’t know how it works in Pakistan but in Malaysia it is illegal for a Muslim to convert to another religion.

        If a mixed religion couple are married the non-Muslim must convert to Islam (assuming at least one was a Muslim to begin with) and all the children are automatically Muslim.

        If they get divorced the former non-Muslim can’t convert back to her original religion and the children must also remain as Muslims – whether they believe or not.

    • WOoo … Firstly no need for anyone to be harsh here … so take a step back everyone … and cool down …!!!

      Now to “KATiE MiA FredericK!iI” … You are right that I might not be able to fully answer your question … because you see I am not a scholar who has studied such things in so much depth … I am just a regular guy … who by the grace of Allah Pak has a minor talent with words … but there are so many ways in which i can say thing … eventually my knowledge will run out … None the less I will try my best … Because like i have said to Pearl before … I feel for the non-believers … who are wandering around aimlessly … and have been blinded by the lights and sparkle of this temporary world … and besides this will provide an opportunity for me to learn as well … Secondly I can understand why Perl became upset … You have said somethings that were … disrespectful and hurting for us Muslims … But I also know that It was not intentional just due to lack of knowledge … Allow me to narrate one the the Journeys of Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam … The one he made to Taif … to bring to them the message of Allah Pak … When he told them THE message and to worship and believe in Oneness of Allah Pak and not to do Shirk … Those people set their children on to him … who started throwing stones at Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam … after much difficulty he took refuge from them in a garden … by then he was so much injured that blood started to seep from his wounds and it filled his shoes … at that moment Allah Pak sent Jibrael Alaye Salam (The Angel) to him and he asked his permission to crush the people of Taif between two mountains … You know what Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam said … he prayed for them, for their forgiveness and for their enlightenment … He said to Forgive them because THEY KNOW NOT … Maybe Perl forgot this … another point I am trying to make here is that … If the Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam who taught us Islam and brought to us the message of Allah Pak … If he can be so gentle and merciful how can the religion he preached be cruel … have injustice … The problem we have is that of beliefs … Where I believe in Afterlife …. its eternity … In Hell and in Heaven … and that a day will come when everyone will be held accountable for their acts … good or bad … you don’t and so long as there is this difference … I will never be able to help you understand the physical punishment … And not just me no one will able to …!!!

      Correct me if I am wrong but I get the feeling that you may not believe in Allah Pak but you do have a belief in a Higher Power … the one who is epitome of Love … the one who created this world … If so then why is that there is Injustice … Manslaughter … and cruelty in this world … How can such power create this world and not create a system to hold the people accountable for ding such things …???

      Before I answer you queries regarding homosexuality … can you please share a link to the article you have read … so that i can read it too and understand you point of view better… and so I can answer in a better way … and in the process learn something myself…!!!

      As to why you would say,

      “The rest of it is too beautiful to believe that could have come out of your prophet’s mouth..It makes ‘absolutely’ no ‘sense’”

      I have no Idea … why would you say this … the statement I have quoted about equality … if that is what you are talking about then … I can tell you this a a part of History and facts … and can be proven from thousands of Authentic books … I will add more to this that this was the part of the Last Sermon … When Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam performed his last and only Hajj (The Pilgrimage) …. This sermon was deliver In 6th of March, 632 A.D … along with many other orders … to narrate a few,

      “Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood”
      “Take care of you slaves. Yes care for them, feed them that which you eat your self. And give them same cloths to wear that you wear yourself”

      So tell me in which year, the law of equality between Black and White was passed in USA … to this day their exist discrimination in you society …( I know the situation is not the same as 20 30 years before)

      And in what year slavery was banned in United Kingdom, Europe and the WEST … and what was their condition before that … Islam was the first religion that openly condemned Slavery … for every sin that a Muslim commits unintentionally or Intentionally … Islam has given option to do so and so …. and give so and so worldly possessions … to atone for and absolve his sin … and for every sin there is an option to free so and so number of Slaves … and then beg to Allah Pak for forgiveness…!!!

      And there are many more sayings and numerous happenings … I would tire up but they will not end…!!!

      Also I saw something about Your Allah and my Allah … why they can’t be one … I would like to say here that ALL the big and oldest religions of this World have the concept of One Allah Pak … From Hinduism, Buddhism to Parisian, Christianity and Jews … They just attribute with Allah Pak other entities and say that they (May Allah Pak forgive me) help Allah Pak in conducting Affairs … Where as Allah Pak is free from such entities and need no one’s help … Researchers say that it is likely that these religion too originated from another messengers of Allah Pak … Just like Christianity and Jew-ism … There is indeed only one religion that started from Adam and Eve to Nooh (Noah) Alye Salam to Suleman (Solomon) Alye Salam, to Mussa and Issa Alye Salam (Moses and Christ ) and ended on Prophet Salallahu Alaihe Wasalam … So you see Islam is the Latest version of Allah Pak’s chosen Religion form Humans … Which has been upgraded with each (124,000 approx.) messenger … until it achieved its absolute form that is Islam and in this form It will remain until the end of this world …!!!

      I will stop this discussion here since i am really tired right now … in fact i wanted to tell you the reason i am replying late is because my job timing starts at 9 am and end at 8 pm … that in addition to my family and social life I hardly get time … Last night i went to sleep at 3 in the morning … and still had to get up at 8 … and its been like that for last three nights … Only i know how i have typed this … when every atom of my body is begging for me to go to sleep … So my request please be patient if I don’t reply soon … I will reply …!!!

      On a final note, I feel for your sister … and my heart goes to you … Allah Pak always blesses people with something extra when he takes away something … like blind people who have heightened seances of smell, touch and intuition … I am sure your sis has the most lovely personality … !!!

      Stay Blessed … and do remember to share the link to the article!!!

      • Mani the answer is simple. One cannot reliably force the love of anything on another person…whether 5 or 50 years.

        It is the similar thing as pre-arranged marriage.

        The way the Muslim religion is practiced and the way the Christian religion is practiced both fail on this Universal Principle.

        As I stated I do not hold one religion over the other. But in my opinion both religions fail miserably as they are practiced.. in my true will view..as what rings true…per violence…

        I provided a direct quote from the Koran that promotes violence and war against the non-believers…no one here has refuted the Koran on this quote I provided…and as I stated I do not hold a judgement on the historical value of these writings as it was over a thousand years ago were they were written in a much different historical context of life and death circumstances over subsistence, reproductive freedoms, and territorial disputes.

        I easily accept the differences of opinion of others and how they practice the religions..but I do not accept hatred in any form including describing a biological difference like homosexuality… that is also influenced by cultural and epigenetic factors calling it a disease…for ignorance.

        It is a deadly practice to do this to another being. This is a cut and dry fact. It is also a deadly thing to try to impose one’s own true will on another individual…that is why I have respect for differences of opinions no matter if they make me angry for a second or two or not.. I do not carry anger more than a second or two as I release it back to the offending force as spiritual energy..not physical energy.

        I am not going to spend my time giving you references as you are obviously chained to the words of your religion and are not likely going to change your mind. I can accept that. And if you cannot see the references in Google for censorship it will be wasting my time offering them to you..

        AS I stated earlier I can cut and paste10 thousand words here.. but it seems a waste of time as both of you seem as though you will not question the words in your book…as you take them word by word as Universal truth written by fallible men…

        And again there is no love lost from me to you or she over these differences of opinion.. My mother walks in this similar darkness but I do not love her any less either….But never the less, if White Pearl gives me permission and wants all those words copied and pasted here I will do it as a service of love.

        And as far as this after life focus and all other worry for the future…The Prophet Jesus has the simple words that ring true to me…as he clearly defines the Kingdom of heaven as NOW..JUST…AND NOTHING ELSE… Everything else is only imagination…this rings completely true for me…as I have seen what can only be described as the face of GOD in close to fullest separation from GOD…Go sleepless for 40 days with 35 hours of sleep one hour each day for the first 35 days and no sleep the last 5 and see if ones sees HIS face too2.

        I am not impressed with imagination of hell or heaven as I can only be what I experience in this limited lifetime NOW and only now.

        As again my view is not meant to be any other person’s view..There is no logical reason for White Pearl to take offense as I have made this clear at least 5 times here as documented…on this blog and in private conversation.

        But of course any negative thing heard about a religion held so dear is reasonably going to cause emotional hurt. Just as if someone suggests my sister is diseased over the why of a Loving God designing her…to love other people including other women…and men.

        The West is the leader in science now because there is no censorship here for science discoveries that do not align with religious views… That is very sad as the Muslim culture was once the leader in science.. This in analogy would make your prophet turn over in his grave…if he knew this NOW in my humble opinion..

        If I hated every person that thought that homosexuals were diseased in the United States I would be one very hate filled person…and I am never going to speak of this again on this blog as I must accept this darkness as is what is…as I accept all other darkness I cannot reasonably change. The young people in my country are far to advanced in knowledge to walk in this darkness… even the atheist population…This is now for the very much majority only an older demographic view in the US.

        One day when censorship is lifted in Pakistan this may change.

        In effect, as far as how religions are practiced in real life..the Muslim religion shines for me as compared to how Christianity is actually practiced in the US… If the Muslim religion was not overall a religion that can produce the great love I see on this blog..I would not have the same respect for it…but the measure is always in the love and the love rings true on this blog where there is not ignorance of science of knowledge where people in Pakistan cannot control this most important of overall variables.

        I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to your response to me…and it seems that there are many things that we agree upon that White Pearl does not agree upon either like the actual effect that girls have on men..per sexual influence…that they cannot reasonably avoid…for arousal.

  25. And yes! my real sister in real life is born without a clear gender..she has more light in one second than you will likely have your entire life..because she will never judge another human being as evil…Yes you are making me angry now..You don’t want to see me angry…Trust me one that one. But I forgive you because you know not what you do…And I still love you the same.

    • Well I respect your sister with all my heart and I am not saying anything about her…. She is a human being and she has all the rights of getting all the love…May God Bless her and give her a long life 🙂
      No one here is judging here… Except you !
      I felt a little hurt by this….. Really there is no reader who has a judging attitude except you here….
      There is no need to get angry…
      Only the people who need to hide something get angry… People who speak truth never get angry 🙂
      So calm down…. No one is going to take away your thoughts from you…..
      They will be with you… No one is saying you to change your views…
      It is up to you on what you believe 🙂
      Love you ! xx

      • People who speak truth never speak anger?…sorry but if this is true your prophet lies as he promotes war against leaders of disbelievers and War can only be accomplished fully if anger is part of the fight..Anger has nothing inherently to do with truth…It is simply a human emotion that every healthy human experiences…

        People who cannot or do not express anger most often end up in horrible psychic pain…

        You seem to express much more anger here than I am expressing…passively aggressively as I am not imposing words on you in assertions that you are not saying…this is not usually generated by anything less than offense unless there is failure of memory…which is a separate issue…

        Sorry, but I take the greatest offense that you are suggesting I am imposing my thoughts on other people and judging people when there is no record of that here in my words…But still love you just as much anyway…HAha…and no i am not angry about that because it only involves me and not someone else that I love…especially my sister..

        I will defend you in the same manner dear if that ever becomes necessary…and anyone else for that matter….

        There is a long history of me doing this for complete strangers on the Internet documented on my blog…and many other places…

        You are breaking my honor..and integrity…with your words…I will never accept that…

        Maybe that does not matter to most people..but it matters very much to me…I simply correct it as I have close to a photographic memory for the actual words i type on the internet in actuality…challenging people to quote the miss-truths who cannot produce the evidence of where I say these things…as they may suggest incorrectly…

        I think all we have here is miss-communication as you may not be fully understanding my language…as I cannot imagine you are doing this fully on purpose…just to attempt to hurt me in some way…over disagreement…Lovexx

      • War can only be accomplished fully if anger is part of the fight.

        Only if you mean the sort of total war the USA learned off the Nazis.

        The true warrior – the jihadi in the real meaning of the word – would never allow anger to blind his eye or shiver his hand.

        And he would never, ever dehumanise his enemy. Because the real enemy is always yourself.

  26. Gotta agree with KATiE MiA FredericK!iI about homosexuals – at least in part.

    There is probably no gay gene but it is still probably inborn – though no-one quite knows how.

    But people sure don’t choose to be homosexual. A lot of them spend a lot of futile time and effort trying to ‘cure’ themselves and others just give up and kill themselves. One of the reasons there is so much effort in the West to stop stigmatising gay people is because families are getting tired of cutting the corpses of their gay sons and daughters down from nooses.

    Some people, when they realise they’re gay, try to give up sex entirely. That’s why there’s so many gay men who are Catholic priests. Mostly it doesn’t work and their sexuality just gets sicker until they can’t hold it in anymore. Not all end up abusing children. Most abuse other priests.

    I’m not saying that celibacy is unhealthy or improper, just that few men are strong enough to practice it for a lifetime.

    • Well Yes this may be true…. I have not seen any gay people in my real life So I can’t say what I am saying is true…
      It is just that I am not able to believe on it….
      My Allah has told me that this is a sin and it should be stopped … This is not natural….
      I would com back with some Valid points …
      Arguing on this point without valid points is unfruitful I guess 🙂

  27. There is no doubt that Censorship of knowledge if there is any potential of any Anti-Christ or Devil in this world wears those clothes of Censorship…this is so….so….very…sad…

    And in effect….can lead to the destruction of many lives if this does not change soon…so..so..very soon!!!

    There may be no hope for this world species of human in the future…if this hurdle cannot be lowered to exceed…

  28. No there is no gay gene that is known …it is clearly influenced by the influence of prenatal testosterone…and it exists evenly among all populations of animals and human beings who are sexually dimorphic in nature..

    There are as many homosexuals in Pakistan as there are in the US or China per percentage… there is just more human suffering where there is human ignorance of science…and censorship of human life as whole and one…

    This is one of my areas of expertise..trust me…there is no one that will defeat the research and references that I have accumulated through time on this issue. Give me the green light and I will certainly bring on tens of thousands of words of research…here now…if you want it you will get it now freely from me…it is all in my computer files…

    • it is clearly influenced by the influence of prenatal testosterone…

      Physiological gender characteristics are clearly so influenced and that has a secondary effect on sexual preference but foetal developmental models clearly do not explain the bulk of people who turn out gay.

      If there was a physiological cause for homosexuality ever discovered you can bet there would be people ‘curing’ it (e.g. hormone pills for pregnant women).

      • Are you familiar with Andrew Whitehouse..research scientist from Australia..?

        His current five year longitudinal study focus is on Autism and language per prenatal development..prenatal testosterone…language development deficits/protection and traits of autism..of course there is only a correlation at this point but there is clear influence. There is a similar 5 year study in University of California Davis Mind Institute both starting in September of 2011.

        Androgyny has also been correlated with higher functioning Autistic People.. I am obviously not androgynous looking now..but was very much so before I hit my 40’s. There is also research that shows with these same findings that the DHA does not drop off in these Autistic individuals like it does with control groups so this will potentially explain the correlation of why Autistic People often look younger than their peers as they get into their 40’s and 50’s.

        All this research is linked in my blog in the first part of it and labeled as such..before I moved into exploration of very abstract ideas…and yes knowledge…expanding greatly..greatly if you will but not at all structured as most people would view it…

        Sexual preference can be altered by injecting females with Testosterone.. The research shows a correlation between “Birth Control” Pills and the attracted nature of females toward Beta Males vs. Alpha males..

        Testosterone and other sex hormones are what make the largest difference…in the current research..This is also of course applicable to aggression.. leadership qualities…and those who are not comfortable in leadership positions…

        The Androgen levels are are of the highest correlations…currently. The effect of prenatal testosterone is studied much higher in correlation of effect on Lesbians than male homosexuals…but never the less there is no question that there is physiological influence on homosexuality..that is at least in part influenced by androgen levels both prenatally and postnatally…

      • Things that have been shown to correlate with male homosexuality:
        1. Pre-natal testosterone levels.
        2. First trimester stress levels when controlled for testosterone.
        3. Being an identical twin of a homosexual – but not a fraternal twin.
        4. High sex drives in close heterosexual female relatives – especially sisters.
        5. Post-mortem revelation of an enlarged node in the right hemisphere of the brain – it’s name escapes me right now.

        And you know what?
        Even all of those things added together don’t account for even half the men who identify as gay.

        Anti-androgenic drugs were mandated by Australian courts to ‘cure’ homosexuality when it was illegal and are still used by some Christian fundamentalist groups.
        Guess what.
        They don’t work.
        Except inasmuch as they can cause major depression and suicide or severe weight gain and heart attacks. So if you think death is a cure …

        Alan Turing is one of the many gay men who killed himself after anti-androgens failed to cure him but ruined his health.

  29. I feel your pain, I know what you are talking about. its pretty liberal where I am, I have a few friends who wear hijab..perhaps its just the place and the mentality people carry. I wish I knew answers to your questions, I wish people were more open minded not to judge what they don’t understand. much love ❤

    • You are right Love….Yes I guess it depend on the mentality of the people too….. I love you for being here for me…. I just need love from you 🙂 Yes I wish the same about people !
      Love you always 🙂 xx

  30. You touched a raw nerve with this one. Luckily you resorted to poetry, otherwise with logic we cannot deal with this.

    • Yes I am ready to agree to you know after all this discussion here….. ! You are right…. And Thanks for your presence here 🙂 Respects !

  31. Thanks very much Cabrogal for providing that brief and very concise summary of the research that has been done in the area of homosexuality.

    I agree completely with your analysis as this is the state of current of the science associated with this topic as exists today….

    There are still many unknowns that will likely come to greater light in the coming decades…

    It is a dire potential issue that these androgen drugs can be used to impact it..if those androgens are forced upon a person…and the peer review process.

  32. Hey Cabrogal up there..Anger is a Universal social animal emotion that all animals experience in a fight..yes ‘advanced martial artists’ can avoid this when practicing martial arts…but it is not something for the ‘grunt’ in the battle field to avoid in hand to hand combat…if you will..

    Many People conflate hate with anger…the hate is what you speak of when you talk about America..and yes I do agree with you there..

    If you hit my sister I am going to get pissed..just an analogy there…if you will…

    That part is in the social animal DNA..no way to avoid that in ‘normal’ circumstances unless someone is a ‘wimp’ if you will and afraid…etc.etc.etc….if you will..you have to know that working in any type of law enforcement…environment… that is for the listening audience if you will…. not you…

    Also in response to your sword comment up there it was a literal statement on war…on my part…haha..compared to the metaphor of sword which in effect is the same metaphor as war…I was hoping someone would correct me on that…to show that both religions of Christianity and Muslim are almost the same in effect of the reality of life…that does always include war and peace in normal animal circumstance of protecting territory and reproductive success..

    One can get all the answers from feral/domesticated/indooroutdoor cats on all the meanings of life in my humble opinion..

    People make this ‘sh*8’ way more complicated than it ever needs to be..including me HAha!heHE!

    I just love to exercise my brain like a marathon where ever ‘the flow’ takes me..

    And to end the comment this post was totally awesome generating over 200 comments..

    White Pearl has only been blogging about religion since July 1st…when this blog was born…there is definitely something very very special about this White Pearl…just humbled to be a part of this blog in anyway shape or form…

    **Are you listening White Peari**..do you get IT yet..?You will…’i’.. promise you…just give it time…

    And NO! I cannot provide any proof for that…it is beyond proof…if you will…and completely logic at the same time…if you will..how can that bee…you will see…as I say and promise again…

    And by the way…your comments above about rape…*Cabrogal*..are very insightful..I amplify every thought on that if you will..in more ways than ‘one’….

    • Well I don’t blog always on religion but yes religion is a very dominant part of my life and it influences my thoughts too in a special way 🙂
      I started writing here just for the purpose of clearing my head but now this blog has become a journey… A journey to more knowledge and insight ….. and to Him !
      I have learned a lot 🙂 No doubt this wouldn’t be possible without the awesome readers like you I have….
      Thanks for this 🙂

    • Yep, I was conflating anger with hatred when I spoke of what the US learned from Nazi Germany and not dehumanising your enemy, but not when I was talking about the true jihadi.

      The main war is always against yourself and you can’t win it if you fight in anger.

      But beyond that I think that there are warriors who are not martial artists in the usual, narrow sense of the term but who are usually able to defeat their anger while fighting an enemy – most of the time at least. The act of conflict itself brings about a sort of icy focus that can’t be shaken by pain. It doesn’t banish fear but it does banish anger.

      I think I’ve known a few people like that and I know one quite well. I suspect they are more common than many would believe.

      Regarding the rape insights, I hope you are right.

      If I have any they have come at considerable cost. So much so I often wonder if I’m not hopelessly deranged about the whole issue.

      I am working on a post about it I expect to publish over the next day or two.

      • Yes..I agree with you there..and am usually in that place myself…the gay issue is just the button that presses the anger emotion..as I have watched my sister suffer over the ignorance of others my entire life…over this issue…even in my blog I state that the oppression of minorities is the only ‘real’ thing that raises my ‘ire’ if you will…

        White Pearl seriously thinks it is a disease…this is what she has been taught all her life…so it is only ignorance of facts…and nothing personal there at all for me…as far as my feelings toward her as a human being….or any other Muslim person who is ignorant of the light of knowledge…science..and/or facts associated with this issue…and the rape one too…

        I suppose all that is very sad too me as men really do need strong social deterrents not to fall very far to their animal natures… in general…

        If they have high levels of androgens…and sexual prowess..if you will…particularly..as you definitely seem to know exactly what I mean on that one..too…

      • Yes I think it is like a disease….The gay thing…It is like a psychological problem….It may be anything but not natural…..
        The way you think I am ignorant on this point, same like this I think your concepts are wrong !
        I never ever even tried to say anything against your sister I don’t know what made you think like this…..
        I respectfully state this again that I would love your sister the way she is…. And I never ever wanted to disrespect her ever !
        Thank you 🙂 xx

  33. Just to clarify on my last comment…*any person* not *any Muslim person*…religion of any kind is not an all inclusive specifier for this issue on that point…

  34. Hey up there White Pearl..I do not say you are incorrect..science does…! Love ya..

    And when one tells someone their human nature is diseased I am sorry dear but that is true hate…Science will tell one that too..not me….The science of psychology that is.

    It is a documented fact that this type of oppression with words causes people who are gay to commit suicide…In other words they are words of murder…without intention possibly..It is a dire thing…and there is every potential that when one does have children they will be gay too… particularly as one is in a logical field of endeavor…many women in computer science end up having gay children..as their androgen levels are often higher than normal…that is also a correlation in science..

    ‘Trust me’ ‘Karma’ is real….This is not my concept it is the concept of science…the Science of ONE too…

    I hope one does not find this offensive but it is true dear(s)…be cautious if one will..and if one will not that is up to one…and never me…or anyone else for that matter…including ONE…

    You do not mean to disrespect my sister when you say these things but when you do you hurt her very much…so that given..respect means nothing…Sorry but that is true too…and I hold no offense against you for what you do…you only hurt my sister when you say these words…she is not strong like me.because of words of people you say…this is a human thing and a love thing and a life thing…and yes a science thing too…it is greater than any silly book or written words a thousand or so years ago.

    • Before I begin … Most respectfully … I would like to point out that we (me and Pearl) too feel the same way … when you say something that is disrespectful to our Beliefs, Religion, Our Prophet Salalaho Alaihe Wasalam and Quran … like what you said in the last line of this comment … I have no intention to fight with you … or whatever … Just letting you know how we feel … In fact this is the very reason I did not continue our discussion … Because I believe you are gonna keep on saying such things and there are two issues with that … for one thing … Pearl calls you Uncle and by that you are mine as well since she is a really good friend of mine … my philosophy in life is that if you love someone than you should also love and care about the people that someone care about … so i worry about you … You will not believe it as a non-Muslim but such word are being added to the wrong side of your deeds book … and don’t want that for you … AND that is what I BELIEVE … you don’t have to agree with it … but rest assured I will hold on firmly to it no matter what argument is made…!!!

      Second issue is a little blunt … and please don’t mind my straight forwardness i mean no disrespect …. The thing is … By the grace of Allah Pak I have much patience and a high level tolerance … I can gulp down the most personal insults … but this goes beyond me … this is about My Beloved Religion, My Beloved Prophet Salalahu Alaihe Wasalam and my Beloved Quran … all of which I hold above all … even above my life … I am afraid at some point during our debate … I will lose control our my emotions if you continue to say such things … for my patience has Limits … i am a human after all … And i don’t want that to happen …!!!

      So my sincerest apologizes … but I am afraid I will not discuss this topic further …!!!

      Just as a final note I would like to tell you that i did goggled “Genetics and Homosexuality”

      And I read a couple of articles in the results …during the time I could spare in my working hours like luch breaks … So far the different articles that i read were researches still in progress, or theories or hypothesis yet to be scientificaly proven … noting that … I READ … was 100% assured and proven.

      On that note … I would take my leave … Stay Blessed and happiness for you and your dear sis… Take Care!!!

      • I’ve researched this subject for 40 years my friend with no censorship…and my sisters feelings are more important than any myth.. Better yet I saw a gay seagull at the beach and he just laughed…at all of this…

      • Please try to understand kmf.

        Yes, you have done your research on homosexuality and having done so you know that sexual preference is very often not a matter of choice. Sexual desire at all is not really a matter of choice. But having done so you also know that over a century of really smart people working really hard have only been able to find correlations that – even were they causation – would not account for most homosexuality.

        There have been no genes isolated that correlate with homosexuality (unless that’s happened quite recently and I missed it).

        To say whether it is natural or not is not a matter of science. It is a matter of perspective. The fact that it occurs in animals and humans does not make it natural any more than albinism is either natural or unnatural because it occurs in both. ‘Natural’ is not an objective state that can be measured by science.

        Is my bipolar ‘natural’?

        Well it runs in families so it probably has genetic correlates.
        It can be induced by chemicals so it may have something to do with exposure to stuff in the environment or womb.
        It correlates with treatment in childhood so it could be developmental.
        There is no blood, histology or genetic test that can show whether someone has it, it’s just a description of how they behave.
        I didn’t choose it, though I am now comfortable with it and would not want to give it up.

        Whether it is a ‘disease’ or not depends on what you think about it. Homosexuality was a mental illness up until 1973 – then it wasn’t. Just because some people changed what was written in a book.

        Does any of that help with determining what is or isn’t natural?

        Humans beings are of nature so you could easily argue that everything done by them is natural – which would leave the word ‘natural’ with no meaning whatsoever.

        And though many Christians, Muslims and Jews would disagree with this statement I don’t believe the ‘truth’ of any religion resides on a printed page. If it can be found in words at all it must be in the interface between the words and the reader or listener.

        As I pointed out, Christianity has plenty of words that can and have been interpreted as calling for violence against unbelievers – including in the New Testament. To focus on similar words in the Quran is what extremists – both Muslim and Christian – do in order to justify their agendas. To insist that your interpretation of those words calls for or justifies violence is extremism – whether you are doing it to your own or someone else’s religion.

        Personally I think ‘jihad’ is one of the most inspiring words I know – because of how I read it. Were I to read it the way the Western media do I would be horrified by it.

        By attacking the beliefs of a bhakti – someone who approaches their god through love – you are doing the same thing you think is being done to you when you see others as attacking your sister.

        Were Mani and White Pearl to contact your sister and call her ‘unnatural’ or worse you might be justified – if you believe revenge is justice – but they are only stating what they believe in a forum which is not being imposed upon anyone who does not want to read it.

        Personally I think their views about homosexuality are wrong in several respects and I believe that by moving away from those views the West has reduced much suffering. But that suffering was never caused by people who held those views – except the suffering they inflict upon themselves – it is caused by people trying to ram them down the throats of others.

      • Thanks cabrogal for backing us up….. You have gained much more respect in my heart…..
        I believe it is just about the way you think…. We Love the Almighty and we do as He says us to do….. My Love for Him is unconditional….. So I am firm on my belief and It can never be changed.
        Similarly KMF has his own beliefs depending on what he has experienced his life….
        So Until we have a discussion without imposing out thoughts on others…. It is good !
        I stopped because it was getting bad….. and furious !
        I am impressed by the thoughts you just stated about the bipolar thing…. It has triggered some memories… I would state them in my next post…
        Thanks for the Inspiration !

  35. Hey Cabrogal…outstanding analysis.. I had a long Twitter conversation with White Pearl weeks ago and made it clear that no true religion could exclude people based on sexual orientation. She knew my perspective on this before finally disagreeing with me recently, which of course I expected if she ever discussed it as I know that Muslim people are not allowed to question the teachings of the religion.

    Whether or not Homosexuality is a disease or not has nothing to do with the Muslim religion.. But it is no longer classified in the International Classification of Disease as a disorder…so technically…on the largest scale of disease classification in the world it is not disease.

    Obviously people in the middle east have a completely different way of approaching the issue and that is okay..as far as I am concerned…whatever works for the culture is their business.

    I do hold personal judgements over cultural norms that work for different cultures…there is no Universal rule for good or evil to me…as I do not believe in good or evil…only action-consequence and resulting energy which may be described as light, dark, positive, or negative as far as I am personally concerned.

    I enjoy a challenge and I have sparred with people in internet debates that have gone to all imaginable measures of personal attacks against me to shake my confidence.. But I’m sorry it will never happen because I am completely fearless both on this thing called the internet and better yet in real life..

    I fear absolutely nothing in this life including death if it comes right now right at this second.. because I have fulfilled every imaginable wish and/or desire already in my lifetime that I could possibly imagine… Still being here living is just icing on the cake if you will..

    I am free to love and I am free to leave if anyone does not like my honesty. I do not lie and I do not hold back anywhere my friend. I am going to attack any point on the Muslim religion that I do not agree with…I made that clear from the beginning..

    If White Pearl tells me that is not allowed here…I will simply no longer participate..that is only up to her no…one else in this conversation..

    So in other words as far as that goes I do not care what anyone thinks here about that part…AS I have already set those boundaries clear with White Pearl…and she is as entitled to hers as I am…and if she does not like my disagreement and tells me to leave I will certainly comply…

    I rarely develop any fond feelings for people on the internet in an emotional type of way.. and White Pearl is only among a handful of literally thousands of people I have been involved with in deep debate that I feel affection for.

    My immediate intuitive feeling when she told me that gay was a disease was that she would have a gay child one day and that child would commit suicide if I did not argue this point for her to see a different point of view and treat the child with more respect as that issue relates to religion…in the distant future.

    Now of course there is no science that can back me up on that point… but I have predicted many things with intuition in this life that defy every known law of science that I am aware of…

    That said… the argument was worth a little discomfort if there was any potential that the long term effect might be a life saved… And as far as that goes there are hundreds of people viewing this conversation that might be a little enlightened specifically because of the information you provided..you did all the work that I would have otherwise had to do if tasked to provide the evidence…so in total effect both us together have done a pretty cool thing.

    This is my internet hobby…if you will..making ‘things’ happen.

    And on your other point…both Bipolar and Autism Spectrum Disorders are classified under the International Classification Disease so under those guidelines internationally they are generally classified as disease at the highest hierarchy of classification in that globally based classification of disease…

    From what White Pearl describes of herself she is definitely on the broader autism phenotype and would very possibly meet a diagnosis in the US through DSMIV standards and possibly even DSM5 standards from what she personally describes as her reciprocal social communication problems in real life.

    Any time anyone warns me they are going to get mad at me on the internet it makes me giggle…..as a final note…. I never personally attack anyone and there is absolutely no record of that in 6 million words from me on the internet..I have a spotless soul if you will and can even prove it..HAha! Yeah and extra confident too…Hehe!

    And as far as my good deeds and bad deeds go with the Muslim religion…I have staunchly defended the positive aspects of this religion with people in the west in thousands of words on the internet..that I can easily provide on request…

    In fact I have even suggested that some people in the West are coming close to the evil that I do not believe in when they say all Muslim People should be killed..that is not a common sentiment but it is one I have gone into direct combat with to defend what I see is not true…to harm people over beliefs…

    It is the same with homosexuals… do no harm first is my motto…of course relatively speaking in the greater or lesser light to fight for.

    In real life I can lift more weight than 99% of the Marines that workout at the gym on my military installation….them at 21 and me at 53..

    On the internet physical strength does not matter…but my words are much stronger than my muscles still…

    And no I am not exaggerating…I can even video tape it with my iPhone and prove it but the recent picture of my shoulders that I will be putting on my new blogpost as just for fun for me..is proof enough I think…HAha! Y

    Yeah I am extra confident..Hehe..did I already say that…yeah I did.

    And yeah I’m just having fun here…hearing myself talk…I have no ego and am not interested in any competition of who is right or who is wrong…I just enjoy mental stimulation..that is all…along with some fond sentiments here and there and food and all that stuff?

  36. aak92

     /  August 30, 2013

    It is so beautifully written. Just a nice poem and so true.

    Keep it up.

  37. No, dear! This world is FOR YOU! You never ca say, the world is not for you, however the situation you so beautifully expressed in your poem, is definately not for you or any other woman – white, black, brown, from east or west! We all need rto stand up and create a world , where WE are comfortable to move around as WE WANT- with or without HHijab, with aôr without convcering ourselves, with or without a mini skirts, when preferred! Pls get me right here: What I want to say, we need a world, where we as women should be able to move around and have opportunities irrepsective of our gender !

    • Thank you so much for the share of thoughts !
      Yes may be…The situations I am facing…And by ‘I am’ I mean every Muslim girl….are not favorable.
      I really agree to your thoughts….
      We need respect and confidence !
      Gender is not ‘alone’ important ….
      Thank you so much 🙂 Love xx

  38. Btw, I love the background of your Blog design! 🙂

    • Oh well Thank you 🙂 I loved the colors so I made them my background 🙂 Really appreciate you saying this 🙂 Love xx

  39. I once wrote a poem entitled “the color that my eyes do see”, written back in 1971 or 1972, after coming into contact with harsh racism when I was in college! We are all the same, I wrote a poem recently entitled ‘Because I See’. Your poem was truly beautiful my sister and you are a treasure…and your poem is very captivating…hugs and blessings always!

    • Thank you so much Sir ! I approved your comments already but I guess some sort of word press problem never made them appear. I am sorry for the delay.

  40. It’s such a hard world we live in, as women. If we cover ourselves, they rape us. If we don’t cover ourselves, they rape us. In the end it is a sickness that is preventing world peace. It mostly comes from the men, but unfortunately some women have also caught the illness of seeing women as objects, to be disrespected, bought and sold, and thrown away when we are no longer of use, or to participate in acts of violence (G-d forbid) of all kinds. I pray that we will live to see a world where women are recognized to be the strong matriarchs, which is what we really are, and that men will take their place as workers in the world who respect and revere women, as our scriptures command.

    • I agree to all of your thoughts lady. Yes we live in this kind of society…and we have to make room for ourselves. I appreciate all your kind words.
      I am loving the beautiful words of your prayer. I wish this could happen one day 🙂 Ameen !
      Thank you so much for the nice words. xx

  41. I’m loving reading your perspective on stuff and matters like this. You are a very thoughtful person. I’m impressed.

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