An Insight Of “Love”

The Lamps are different, but the Light is the same.

The Lamps are different,
but the Light is the same.

The real beloved is that one who is unique, who is your beginning and your end. When you find that one, you’ll no longer expect anything else.

There was a man living at a far away place. He had no one with him except a donkey who was everything to him and he use to spend all his time with it. He once went to a pious man living in his area.The pious man was sitting in a hut with a small door. The man stood outside the door and started a conversation with him.

Man: “I Love my donkey so much !”

Pious Man: “Ok , Come in !”

As the man entered the room, The pious man said ” You don’t Love your donkey enough ! Go back and spend more time with him”. The man was amazed to hear this. He went back and took care of his donkey more. He spend years and years with him. Then he came back to the Pious man again.

Man: “I love my donkey and this time I am sure about it !”

Pious Man: “Ok , Come in !”

As the man entered the room,

The pious man said ” You don’t Love your donkey enough ! Go back and spend more time with him” . The man was amazed again ! But he went back because he knew the pious man speaks nothing but truth. He spend many more years with his donkey taking care of him. Then he came back again !

Man: “I am in love with my donkey !”

Pious Man: “Ok , Come in !”

The Man didn’t come in.

He said ” My ears are so big and I won’t be able to fit in this small hut with my big body ! ”

The pious Man said ” Yes, Now I believe you ”

This state of Love when You start thinking you are like the one you love, is called as “Ishq” . People who don’t know Urdu, can call it “Extreme Love ” . This is a state where wisdom is left behind, all that is there is True Love. Where one don’t question “Why” . He just remember saying “Yes” .

There is a story in our History,  when a person was involved in Loving Allah so much that Once he started saying “An-al-Haq” Meaning “I am God !’ . When people listened to him they started beating and cursing him that he is calling himself  God. Later on, this theory was explained by some Sufi’s. They say that man was so much In Love with the creator that he started thinking that he is like the one he loves…..He is a part of the one he Loves….He is his Love !

At a distance you only see my light;
come closer and know that I am you !  –Rumi

Is this pure Love worth comparing to the so called love of today ? When a boy loves a girl one day, and the next day he starts loving the next ! When people calls talking on phone and dating as Love . When relationships are the means of love. No relationship , no love ! When people love each other for their own means. When one fight erases love from heart. Is this Love ? NO.

People characterize the stages of reaching “Extreme Love” or “Ishq” as :

1-First stage is of “likeness”. When we like someone’s knowledge, wisdom, way of talking, habits, manners or something then we like to meet them more often. When we meet them more often, this likeness start converting to “adoration” . We want to meet them more and talk to them more.

2- Then comes the stage of “infatuation”. When we feel we can’t live without this person. But when that person goes away from us and we find someone else in that duration we sometimes go close to the second person.

3-The step next to “infatuation” is “love”. This is the extent of likeness and infatuation. When we reach that stage we are so much involved in the person. We want to fulfill his every wish and we feel happy doing it. Every word coming out of his mouth is the last word for us . We can do anything for that person.

4- Then comes the stage of “Ishq” that is the extent of Love. When we lose the sense of thinking and all that we see is our love. where there is no “why” there is just “yes” . Where wisdom is astonished and left far behind.

Love is the feeling that forced “Ibrahim” to jump in fire without questioning His God “why” ? And His God didn’t fail him either. He turned the fire cold. Miracles do happen in Love !

Baykhatar kood para aatish-e-namrood main Ishq

Aqal hai mehw-e-tamasha-e-lab-e-baam abhi

Shewa-e-Ishq hai Azadi-o-deher aashubi

Tu hai zannari-e-bu’t khana-e-ayyam abhi    


(Meanings: Baykhatar = Fearlessly; Kood para = Jumped in; Aatish-e-Namrood = Referring to fire of Namrood in which, prophet Abraham (PBUH) was thrown; Ishq = Referring to strong Faith and devotion of Prophet Abraham (PBUH); Aqal = Wisdom; Mehw-e-tamasha-e-lab-e-baam = Stunned/shocked/in state of disbelief; Shewa-e-Ishq = Strong Faith; Azadi = Freedom; Deher Aashubi = To get rid of slavery; Zannari-e-bu’t khana-e-ayyam = Under influence of idol worshipers)

Some wise people say that we reach the Creator by three means:




There are 10 % chances in will and 90% chances in knowledge that we will go towards the wrong path while searching the Creator. But with love, there are no chances to get lost. Love is a thing that can’t be explained but can only be experienced. And once experienced, nothing is left after it.

O Lord! Was it the cloud of mercy or the thunderbolt of Love When the life’s crop got burned down, sprouted the seed of the Heart  –Rumi

In a human body, heart is present on one side of the chest and “wishes” or “cravings” which are called as “Nafs” In our language, is on the other side of heart. In the center of our heart, in a very deep place is where our soul resides. And in the depth of our “Nafs” , Evil resides. The thing is to fight with the “Nafs” and it leads us towards the True Love , “Ishq” !

There were many Pious persons and Sufis , whose destiny was to reach God. Because of the worldly demands and weaknesses they couldn’t reach there. So the creator engaged them in the “love of man”. When they return empty handed from it and they were hurt because of it, The creator took them, holding their hands, towards him. And they succeeded in achieving the greatest levels.

It changes the heap of earth into elixir

Such is the power of the ashes of the Heart

It gains freedom after being caught in the net of Love

On being thunder-struck greens up the tree of the Heart


Closing it with an English translation of a poem by Allama Iqbal, My favorite Poet. He was at a very upper level of Sufism and we need a lot of insight to reach to the true meanings hidden in his words.

One day reason said to the Heart:

I am a guide for those who are lost.
I live on the earth, but I roam the skies
Just see the vastness of my reach.
My task in the world is to guide and lead,
I am like Khizar of blessed steps.
I interpret the book of life,
And through me Divine Glory shines forth!
You are no more than a drop of blood,
While I am the envy of the priceless pearl !!

The Heart listened, and then said: This is all true,

But now look at me, and see what I am!!!
You penetrate the secret of existence,
But I see it with my eyes!!!
You deal with the outward aspects of things
I know what lies within!!! (The outward pertains to the phenomenal world, the inward to matters of the Heart and soul)
Knowledge comes from You, intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth from me!!!
You seek GOD, I reveal HIM!
Attaining the ultimate in knowledge makes one restless –
I am the cure for that ailment!!!
You are the candle of the Assembly of Truth;
I am the lamp of the Assembly of Beauty!!!
You are hampered by space and time,
While I am the “bird in the Lotus tree” (Taaeyr-e-Sidraa)
My status is so high –
I am the throne of the Majesty of GOD (According to sufistic saying, the world is too small a place to house GOD, but a believer’s Heart is large enough to house Him)

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  1. jalal michael sabbagh.

     /  July 28, 2013

    Hi White Pearl,very nice folk stories.These stories are of deep meaning.Ishiq (Arabic word ) is passion,infatuation and being possessed by love(all together).There are 2 kind of ISHIQ ,!) for the soul 2) love of the body and earthly beauty which wither with passing time.Have a lovely day.jalal

    • Hi Sir ! Thank you so much for reading my post. Yes these stories have a very deep meaning hidden inside them…… you are absolutely right about the Ishq thing ! Thank you so much your comments are always an honor 🙂 You too have a lovely day ! Love xx 🙂

  2. Oh! my gosh! this is the best description of True Love I have ever seen! And has the details of the whole pie of love! Oops almost forgot to say Hey Love!

    I am so excited about this very detailed and thought filled spiritual account of true love that I am going to take this link and link it up to every word Love in my last few posts on my blog!

    People need to hear more of this White Pearl Voice!

    Love ya more later!

    • Ha ha ! I am so glad you liked it that much 🙂 Hey Love 😛
      Well this would be an honor really to be linked to every word Love on your blog ! A great honor ! Thank you so much for this 🙂
      Love xx 🙂

  3. Oops! almost forgot to mention:

    ‘The Lamps are different,
    but the Light is the same’

    That’s a great one; I’m going to use that one somewhere too!

    • Yes I love these lines too ! I read them somewhere and quoted them here ! Very deep 🙂
      Thank you so much for all this interest in my writing really it made my day 🙂 🙂
      Love you for this !
      Love xx

  4. A Great Nice and Knowledgeable Read…. 🙂

  5. I do understand nafs and Ishq because they words in my language.. I am so impressed with this wonderful writing. Stunned to see how you quote Rumi and Iqbal poetry…… I wish I know urdhu ….. and so pleased to come to know that you come from a country that is just an hour away by flight from where I live.I believe we share the same time zone.
    I have bled so much of ink on papers ….. how it felt to be loved and falling into painful it is when one leave…. I have closed my book of poetry that I will not open it at all…until I heal in all the pain.
    I have always believed in soul we love and to be simple …..
    Here I share something that I quite often listen to …… Thank you once again….I love the poetry in this song.

    • Thank you so much here again for liking what I wrote 🙂
      Urdu is not a very difficult language I guess ! May be it seems easy to me because it is my mother language 😛 You can learn it !
      From which country you are ?
      It is painful to read about your experience but you shouldn’t have closed it !
      Open it and your pain will be healed automatically !
      Thank you so much ! It is not a song though it is a poem 🙂
      Love you ! 🙂 xx

      • I am from a country called Maldives. I live in the capita city of Male’. we have more than 1190 islands.
        You are one of the reason that I smile… Thank you so much I love you too 😀 Allah bless you!

      • Oh Love Maldives I have seen some natural beauty scenes of it ! You are so lucky to have Islands I love them 🙂
        What can I say Ma’m ! Honored! Like always with your comments ! Thank you I am happy I make you smile 🙂
        Love you and May Allah bless you too a lot 🙂 xx

  6. Very nice

  7. Gee, you don’t take on the trivial do you?

    But from my perspective this looks like another example of word-wonkery.

    I don’t really get why we (English speakers) use the same word for experiences as different as romantic attraction and joyous absorption in the divine. Yeah, they’re both intense and overwhelming and can induce very positive feelings about yourself, but for me that’s where the parallels end.

    I think I mentioned in a previous comment how uncomfortable I feel when I read Sufi poets equating divine and erotic love. I believe Iqbal once took Hafiz to task for precisely that reason (notice how he avoids that in the example above).

    For me, divine love has an openness that just doesn’t exist in other kinds – not even motherly love. The divine ‘knows’ everything about you – even the stuff you hide from yourself – and embraces all of it completely. None of the deceit, jealousy and insecurity of romantic love here. Even other unconditional loves (e.g. maternal) don’t cut the mustard because the divine doesn’t love you regardless of what you are, the divine loves you because you are precisely what you are and will continue to do so because no matter how you may change you will always be precisely what you are.

    I reckon the word ‘love’ needs to be abolished. Maybe then we can start discussing the actual range of feelings we hide behind that word.

    Of course that would leave gaps in a lot of poems ;).

    • Oh yes I agree ! I can’t understand this thing too ! There should be different words for every experience rather than calling it love every time !
      Yes you said it all right about the divine love…..True !
      Loved reading your point of view about it….You really have a strong understanding of it 🙂
      Yes I second you on the cause 😛 It should be abolished !
      Lol I am sure the poets will manage 🙂
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 xx

  8. Some wise people say that we reach the Creator by three means:




    There are 10 % chances in will and 90% chances in knowledge that we will go towards the wrong path while searching the Creator. But with love, there are no chances to get lost. Love is a thing that can’t be explained but can only be experienced. And once experienced, nothing is left after it.

    That’s really interesting and touches on something I’ve been struggling with since October.
    Do you have any references for it?

    • Yes I read this in a Urdu book called as “Faqeer-Rang” By a Muslim Scholar “Sarfaraz A Shah” ! This book is actually a collection of his lectures ! I am not sure if its English translation will be available, you can check google !

  9. Anything, be it love, or blind faith, that stops you from critical thinking, and questioning, is dangerous, IMO.

    • Love never stops you from critical thinking or questioning ! If you don’t mind can I ask What made you said this ?
      Thanks for the comment 🙂 xx

      • I thought that’s what your article was suggesting.

        /“Extreme Love ” . This is a state where wisdom is left behind, all that is there is True Love. Where one don’t question “Why” . He just remember saying “Yes” ./

      • Oh yes ! There is a state…..You just don’t understand it 🙂 You took it the wring way…..What was the thing that urged Ibrahim to jump in fire ? Start praying to Allah for his Love and not for his fear…..You will come to know what this state is 🙂
        you know hamaray Islam me Haqiqui “Ishq” sirf Allah ka ishq hota hai aur jab wo ho jata hai tu we never ask why should we do that for you ! Log zariya zaroor ban saktay hain lekin Haqiqi ishq Allah ka e hota hai.
        I hope you understand what I am trying to say !
        Thanks 🙂 Love xx

      • I know what you are trying to say. I just don’t think it is something to pursue. I don’t know about Ibrahim. But I do know that it was this same love that made Qadri shoot Governor Taseer. And it is the same love that makes lots of suicidors explode themselves in mosques and on the streets, in hope of eternal blessing and virgins.

        Love is an emotional thing. But we need to keep our emotions in check. Our emotions should never take over our better judgement, and our rational thinking. We should never say “Yes” to anyone without knowing why we are doing so. Not even to God. You know why? Because God doesn’t give us orders directly. His orders are delivered to us. And saying yes to the messenger isn’t saying yes to God. You can’t ever say “yes” to God. You can only say yes to his messengers (by messengers I don’t mean prophets, it is anyone claiming to tell you something in reference to God). And we need to be sure the messenger is telling us something rational, before we follow suit.

      • But I do know that it was this same love that made Qadri shoot Governor Taseer. And it is the same love that makes lots of suicidors explode themselves in mosques and on the streets, in hope of eternal blessing and virgins.

        I hardly think rationality is a protection against this sort of behaviour.

        A lot of the perpetrators of the Holocaust and Soviet purges were among the most coolly rational people you could hope to meet. Obama seems vaguely rational but it seems to me he’s blowing up a lot of innocent Pakistanis too.

        Maybe if concentration camp guards had listened more to their hearts and less to their minds there would have been far fewer dead in the gas chambers.

      • First of all….”Ishq” is a pure thing and doing this love to someone is never a sin. But…..Doing wrong things using the name of Ishq is a wrong thing and I am not saying you should do wrong things without asking why or saying yes to it !! Have you seen some faqeers who live far away from the world and they have no concern with this world and they say things normal people can’t understand…they call them crazy people. You know who are those people ? They are the people who are at the top levels of Ishq with Allah. Yes Allah forbids us to leave this world like that but this thing doesn’t remain in their control….
        You know Allah tala says in Quran That I can give “Hidayat” to some people and can make the hearts of other people black. I can do this and no one can question it. “Ishq” is a gift of Allah……Their are some people who struggle to get it through Ibaadat and Love and their are some people who are chosen by Allah and they reach that place wothout any workout…..Indeed they have the Love of Allah in their hearts.
        The thing you are talking about is not Love Shuaib ! Yes there are many so called Molvis now who are spreading the wrong messages and practicing Islam in a wrong way….It doesn’t mean that Islam or Love of Allah have changed their meanings due to them. Hazoor Pak SAW said when the day of Judgment would be near , there would be many wrong Molvis practising Islam wrongly and it would be difficult for people to recognize the real ones ! This is the time…..
        Ishq Never sees “Should” ! It does….and The end !! I am not saying you should do Ishq to Allah !! If Allah would see you lucky enough He will give His Ishq to you and then you will get all the answers. When your heart will give “gavahi” that this this is good and this is wrong….When you would ask a question to Allah and he will give you its answer in your dream or by putting it in your heart…..The thing you feel then can not be expressed in words….. Have you ever tried talking to Allah tala and you felt He is talking back to you ? If not then you can’t know what is Ishq ! What is the thing that make people cry on the name of Muhammad SAW ?? That is Ishq with him !!
        You know if Ibrahim would have took help from “wisdom” then he would stand infront of the fire thinking it is hot it would burn me how can i jump into it…..But rather His Creator ordered him to do it and he did it…..This is called Ishq…..Try to feel it….
        Suicide bombers and shooting innocents on the name of Love can never be right….never ever !
        Ishq is a pure thing…..what you do on the name of Ishq or as a result of it can be wrong or can be right…..
        I have no words to explain it to you….You know one can never understand this feeling until he experiences it ….I hope you have got your answers…If not I will try to explain you further !
        Thanks 🙂

      • Lala, that was beautiful and heartrending.

        There are tears in my eyes as I type.

        I’ve got to wonder if that came from you or through you.

      • I never knew my words would have that much power Cabrogal you have made me cry too !
        As I was writing I was asking Allah to give me words so that I can make him understand…..But I thought I haven’t done a good job….
        Thanks …So much for honoring me 🙂 Thanks !

      • Well I get your point. I agree with some parts, and can argue about others. But I think lets keep things fun. This was a good discussion. Hopefully we will continue it some other time. 🙂

      • Oh it was fun arguing like that ! You know we learn a lot and I Love people who argue with me and change my point of view about something ! I really appreciate you arguing ! 🙂 Me too love the discussion and I hope to do some more discussions in future !
        Thanks a lot !!
        Love xx 🙂

      • Objectivity means keeping personal feelings, bias, and emotions aside when representing facts.

        Simple as that.

      • You can separate yourself from personal feelings, bias, and emotions?
        You can drop your perceptual filters and see things as they really are?
        Do you take on disciples?

      • What makes you think one can’t keep his emotions and bias aside when representing facts?

      • What makes you think one can’t keep his emotions and bias aside when representing facts?

        That’s called ‘begging the question’. If they are ‘facts’ then obviously they are represented without bias, but how can you know you have set aside bias, ergo, how can you know they are ‘facts’?

        Do you see people around you assessing things without bias?
        Why would you be the exception?

      • I see very less objectivity practiced. I agree. That’s what I started with. And I am proposing that we adopt objectivity more and more in life. You are confusing what IS, with what should BE.

        Anyway. This was good discussion. Lets continue it some other time. 🙂

      • I’ve enjoyed this too.

        As the first person to eliminate delusion since Guatama Buddha I expect to hear about you a lot in the future. 😉

        Next time we should probably conduct it on one of our own blogs instead of messing up White Pearl’s.

      • You people didn’t messed up with me ! Come on ! I loved reading your discussions ! Really loved it ! Happy to catch some intellectuals here 😉

    • cabrogal: Depends on how you define “rational”. I it isn’t so much about listening to either your brain or your heart, as it is about questioning whatever you hear (listen to). Be it your heart, or your brain.

      • Skepticism is an appropriate response to almost everything, IMO.

        And rationalism is an extremely powerful tool when applied to controlled, reductionist situations such as those that exist on a lab bench or in a line of code.

        But real life situations have far too many variables to subject them to strictly rational analysis. It only takes a butterfly wingbeat to bring the whole equation crashing into a chaotic heap.

        That’s one of the reasons utilitarian moral philosophers keep coming to such perverse ethical conclusions.

        If your guts tell you you’re doing something wrong, listen to them. Whether or not they seem to say anything rational.

      • Yes I agree….skepticism is the best way to inquire the unknown….
        And yes you are right about rationalism too !
        you are right sometimes we see universal laws and rules breaking in front of our eyes in real life !
        The thing you call guts or some people call sixth sense, I call it a voice or a sign from Allah…..Yes I recognize when it is from Him and when it is from my own mind…..
        Your views are thought provoking ! x
        Thanks xx

      • you are right sometimes we see universal laws and rules breaking in front of our eyes in real life !

        I’ve had a post almost done for nearly a month in which I tell the story of some things I witnessed on Tioman Island in Malaysia that forced me to rethink my approach to rationality and the nature of reality. Or should I say ‘consensual’ reality?

        What has been holding me back is that the story is really that of some dear friends of mine who – while devout Muslims – also believe and practice things that predate Islam in Malaysia. This is a very sensitive topic on the east coast of Malaysia right now and I don’t want to offend anyone or get them into trouble.

        Tioman has a small population, many of whom would be familiar with the events of my story, so simply anonymising my friends wouldn’t help.

      • I am thrilled to read it….I am just guessing it with the short intro you gave that it would be great and worth read….But I would never force you….In case someone gets offended I never want that ….But I suggest you write it without mentioning anything but just the happenings or change some characters ….Just a suggestion !
        I can understand its sensitivity !

      • Gut feelings come into play once you have exhausted objectivity. And I do not think rationalism is a strictly formal concept applied only to formal methods of science and mathematics. One can take help from it in any matter of life. I agree with your point that real life situations are some times too complex to sum up in a couple of equations, and in such cases, we do and should rely on our gut feeling.

      • Where on earth did you get the idea there was such a thing as ‘objectivity’?
        Even the quantum physicists can tell you there’s no such thing. 😉

      • You will have to share your personal dictionary with me if this conversation is to go anywhere. 🙂 Peace!

      • Scientists go to extreme lengths to avoid subjectivity in their work (e.g. double blinding, reproducibility by different teams) yet still they conceded it is not possible to eliminate it completely.

        Quantum physicists of the Copenhagen school believe that reality is the link between subject and object. Without observation Schrodinger’s cat is neither dead nor alive.

        Mystics believe all is one. There is no subject or object.

        How on earth can the observer be kept separate from the observed yet still allow the possibility of observation?

        Yet you seem to think you can attain objectivity in your everyday life?

        Perhaps you could explain to me what you think objectivity is?

      • Objectivity means keeping personal feelings, bias, and emotions aside when representing facts.

        Simple as that.

      • And yes, I do my best to be objective in all my daily affairs. Just because you don’t want to or think you can’t, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t either. 🙂

  10. Such an intellectual post! Totally love it, and agree to it. Love isn’t what its being portrayed as. Love is something else. Something deeper. And meaningful. And valuable. And worthy.

    “I once had a thousand desires but in my one desire to know you, all other desires melted away.”

    By the way, one correction please. It was Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) who jumped into fire, not Hazrat Musa (A.S). Thats why Iqbal said:
    Aaj bhi ho jo Ibrahim(as) ka eeman paida,
    Aag kr skti hae andaaz-e-gulistaan paida.

    Love each word. Ishq. How I wish we reach there. When all else leaves its meaning.
    Best regards.
    – Maria.

    • *Ibrahim. Please edit my comment above (7th line) for the typo. Thanks

    • Thank you so Much Maria ! Yes … Agree with all your thoughts about Love… They are beautiful ….same as Love is ! 🙂
      Love this Line……“I once had a thousand desires but in my one desire to know you, all other desires melted away.”
      I was searching these words when I wrote a post about wishes but I couldn’t…I wish I would have heard it earlier from you ! Love it !
      And yes of course Thanks so much for pointing it out actually I was thinking about the Namrood and Firaun stories at the same time so I guess I mixed them up ! Just correcting it ! Thanks 🙂
      It was lovely hearing all your thoughts ! “:)
      Love xx

  11. Yes its prophet Ibrahim who was thrown to Fire and Allah command the fire to be cold.Not prophet Moosa…

  12. Hi Victoria!

    First of all,
    I’d like to say I enjoy looking at your face;
    it is all love;
    it reminds me of my mother’s face!

    I hope you don’t mind
    if I share a little story on your blog.

    I think that might be against blog rules
    but I find myself bending them sometimes.

    When I was a small child
    my natural state of being was love.

    People saw it in my eyes
    and shared it with me.

    Going to middle school
    the boys told me
    boys cannot smile.

    There was an internal battle
    losing love
    to be a man.

    Finding work at a Bowling Center
    I was told as a man
    I get paid to smile at customers.

    For two decades my state of being
    is love again!

    As a supervisor
    I was told
    you don’t smile at employees
    too much
    if you want to be respected.

    The light of love
    grows dimmer for me.

    When my vision dimmed
    and pain replaced smiles
    another obstacle
    to be and share love.

    How would I do that in words again
    to once again be love?

    Finding a White Pearl in a blog
    she provides the answer once again!

    Hey love;
    I love you more;
    Love ya more later!

    She is a 21 year old Islam girl.
    I am a 53 year old man
    from the west.

    A complete stranger with no face;
    only words she saw love in reciprocating same.
    She bes love I bes love we bes love I share love now.
    Hey love;
    Love you friend;
    love you more later!

    Visit her blog
    if one wants to see
    love being in words!

    It is linked in my Oreo story.
    It is quite contagious.
    I am now the love flu too.
    You can share it too.
    But wait!!
    You already have it!
    By the way,
    the letter K,
    in general,
    is my favorite letter.
    It is Alpha across many cultures.
    You show it as Omega here too;
    lying hidden on the left side of the table.
    Peace to you always and love my friend.
    And finally,
    thank you for this love muse;
    I’m glad I subscribed to your blog.
    Now I have another peace; of my blog too!
    I am going to link this post there in these words.
    I always honor those who inspire me.

    • Oh Well first of all Hey Love you 🙂
      And secondly….WOW ! Loved reading all your story and really I have never felt that honored before I met you ! You have given me so much respect and love that i am not able to return it ! Big Big thanks…..I don’t have words to thank you ! 🙂
      Loved it !
      By the way what is this alpha omega thing ?
      And secondly who is Victoria ?
      Just read the comment there but who is she to you ?
      Well Love you ! More and More ! Say My greetings to your wife too 🙂

  13. Hey love! Victoria is a member of the D-Verse Poetry Team…Friends.. that are helping us Spread this Love! They are not fully aware of it yet; but soon to be so!

    If One truly believes one can move the mountain of love to higher and higher places. For one who truly believes they will take all others there before they reach the highest peaks!

    WE ALL NEED EACH other to get there love!!!

    Love ya more later see ya later alligator. Sorry it’s the poetry thing and all you know….that is the alligator part hehe!

    My wife finally agreed to have her current picture taken too with Yellow Boy. It is on the bottom of the REv.66 post and we just took more pictures that I will be adding later tonight! She is losing her shyness a little bit now. Love YA!! Now!!

  14. In the link above Victoria talks about the Kaf also known as K in early Jewish tradition as Alpha letter. I talk about the K all through my blog and it appears almost magically when I talk about love sometimes in those parts of the blog in word shapes. I do not plan many of the chalices, bells and other archetype symbols that come when I write when ‘he’ is with me.

    Another symbol for the K is the Omega symbol turned to left side if it were on the table. It is significant symbol for peace and love as well as Alpha and Omega. I add in the Omega part myself because I see further than just one leaning looking letter to the left.

    It makes more sense when one looks in the link! There is a table there of symbols to look at. I do not plan much of this ‘he’ brings these gifts to me and you are the greatest one so far on my journey because your love is the greatest I see so far.

    • Oh kaaay I am trying to understand these theories now…And I hope I would soon as you are always here to explain 🙂 Thanks 🙂
      Love you xx

      • Hey Love Kaaay!
        I’m back again to explain some more!

        Throughout history messages of human spirit is passed on in cryptic messages, mythology, religion, and yes, poetry..SONG too. Sometimes these stories…SONG are masked as romance love stories too,

        where the greater message is spirit too.

        It is part of why love has been described as spirit and romance too

        as this is always is a most effective way to spread the spirit love too.

        Sufi understand and know this to be true

        we humans house the temple of ‘he’ inside ALL of this flesh.

        Here is the link of Autistic Love Letters…

        IS cryptic, mythology, love story, and yes, poetry…SONG too!

        The destination leads to a similar place ending in what is refined here on your blog by many moths of en…light…end…minds…

        reaching the destination of agreement among many of what rings…
        True Love!!! IN THE LIGHT SO BRIGHT HERE NOW!!!1

        There are people in history
        that are called ‘master minds’…
        that see this through…
        They are mysterious, insane, crazy…
        or whatever one might want to call them…
        as a gold shield…
        of their survival,,,
        to make sure~!
        the message reaches the destination IS meant to be by ‘HE’!!

        Love you even more later see LOVE loves really do ALL ACTION little talk!!!


      • Hey Love 🙂 So you are calling me kaaaay now 😛 Its alright 🙂
        Yes I agree with you on this….you have described it all so beautifully ! And I love the poetic lines you mentioned here….Love them too!
        You always teach me something interesting 🙂 Love you !

  15. Endearing, lovely post ! As someone said, people may forget what you said, may even forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel. And your blog makes everyone who reads it feel good and even great ! Thumbs up, aur kabhi himmat mat haarna !

    • Yes Sir I agree completely with this beautiful thought….. Thank you so much for the great admiration about my blog…I am honored 🙂
      Kabhi naheen harun gi sir InshAllah ! 🙂
      Thanks 🙂 🙂

  16. How beautiful. What a wonderful message you spread. Thank you.

  17. Absolutely beautiful post….Have a lovely day! ❤

  18. I had, quite recently, a similar conversation with a friend of mine; The question was raised, quite mischieviously, that you’re a poet, you must have experienced “Ishq”… my answer, as usual, was I have not yet reached that level. I do hope that I reach it one day….
    The convrsation that then followed was similar description of ishq.
    Very well put ma’am! Hats off! I’m a fan!

    • Yes I got engaged with the same type of discussions with my friends too many times…..It is due to them my thoughts are somehow refined now ! Good to know you had some too !
      Oh thank you so much ! Nawazish ! But I am your fan really I am nothing 🙂 Thank you so much for honoring me 🙂
      Thanks 🙂 xx

      • Those who say,”I am nothing.” earn a special kind of respect in my heart; for they admit a truth far bigger than they realize. 🙂
        Stay Blessed!

      • Lol okay so I am the lucky one 😛 And yes I agree with you on the truth thing ……
        You too stay blessed always and happy 🙂 Thanks ! xx

  19. Salaam,

    First of all, I want to say, very well written post! really enjoyed reading it. However, I have to disagree with some of the things in it. I guess sufism for some Muslims is questionable. I really don’t think no human can ever be God or should ever call themselves God no matter what level of “love” or ishq they have reached. Love is something we all need no doubt, and it is so beautiful when it is healthy. But as Shuaib said, I think there should always be limitations especially when it comes to loving another human being. We should only love and never question Allah because unlike humans, Allah is just, Allah is wise, merciful, and powerful. Although we love Allah, we should also fear Him. Hope, love and fear are three important things to worship Allah in the best way.

    No human should ever be loved with no limitations. Why do I say this? Because that kind of love with no limitations will drive someone to delusion and craziness. The love becomes sickness. It will cause someone to not think and just say “yes” as you mentioned to whatever his/her beloved says. What I think is healthy and good is loving someone for the sake of Allah.

    My point is: Allah and only Allah deserves the kind of love you described because Allah will never order us to do bad things. Allah encourages all things good and forbids all things evil. In loving Him there can only be good, never bad.

    • Hi ! First of all thank you so much I really appreciate your wise comment !
      Secondly, I tried to say the same. For Muslims, true Love is only Allah and we can do Ishq with him only…..Yes we do indulge with people on some levels but as far as I believe Ishq only happens with Allah !
      And secondly…..The thing I mentioned , you didn’t understand it.
      You know I use to say things to Allah like I wont talk to you if you will not give me this, or I Love you Allah tala jee so so much or something like I want your shoulder I don’t need any human etc. Allah is so so great , these words may seem like I am dis respecting Him ! But you know what Allah likes this….He likes when we do “Laad” with Him, if you speak urdu….
      The people who called themselves taht I am Allah or things like that never meant to dis respect Him…They showed their love in the form of words that other people found offensive !
      Sometimes the things we have with Allah, we and only we are the ones who know their exact meanings.,..No one other can guess….People even judge us bad for it….But we know in our heart what is right and what we mean in real…..
      I hope you understand my point ! 🙂
      Let me know if I haven’t done a fine job, I will try again 🙂
      Thank you so much for the visit and for sharing your thoughts…..Really loved them 🙂
      Love xx

    • Although we love Allah, we should also fear Him. Hope, love and fear are three important things to worship Allah in the best way.

      Doesn’t work for me.

      I don’t really obey out of fear. I might comply but I will always be looking for a way to escape from the source of my fear – to rebel against it. To conquer the fear.

      Even if escape is impossible I will chafe against and resent the source of the fear.
      That’s sure not the sort of relationship I would want with the divine.

      But to love something completely is to want to obey it, simply to bring oneself closer to it. Fear would be as superfluous as would beating an obedient child.

      In loving Him there can only be good, never bad.

      So what is there to fear?

      Of course I’m no Muslim so I wouldn’t have a clue about appropriate ways to approach Allah.

      • I want to reply too and I agree with your thoughts….I was trying to say the same. Reaching Allah with fear is hard..very hard than reaching Him with Love ! It is our heart , when enlightened, gives us ways to approach Allah. Their are no hard coded rules in Islam about it. Of course we have to do things as described by Allah and stay away from the other things. But the matter of heart is different for every human being while interacting with Allah !

      • But fear is a big part of our life. That’s why we have laws in our lands. The police is created to enforce law in the land. People fear the police because they will punish whoever doesn’t follow the laws accordingly. You may not think this is “fear” but it is. Love alone cannot straighten humans out. I’m a mother and I can tell you that no matter how much love and mercy I show my children, that will not make them stop mis-behaving. They need discipline as well. Time-outs, toys taken from them, no snacks etc. all of these things will create fear in them that if they misbehave they will go through some sort of punishment.

        For adults, same thing. Allah in the Quran discusses a lot how terrible the hell-fire is. He describes in vivid words the agony and pain those in hell-fire will go through. Why? To make us fear it (the hell-fire). In other words, Allah tells us to fear Him and His punishment because it is severe. No one is safe from it. And anyone who thinks he’s safe from Allah’s punishment is in great error.

        Here are some verses of the Quran that’s relevant to what we are discussing.

        Call upon Him with fear and hope.” [Al-Qur’an 7:56]
        Their sides forsake their beds, to invoke their Lord in fear and hope.” [Al-Qur’an 32:16]
        Verily your Lord is quick in punishment and verily He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Giver of Mercy.” [Al-Qur’an 7:167]

        The last verse shows just the balance that is needed of love and fear. He (Allah) is quick in punishment but at the same time, He is also Oft-forgiving. We need to understand the balance. I really don’t think you cannot have one only. We cannot simply love and not fear and vise versa.

      • Ma’m with due respect, You , police , people….these are all Allah’s creatures and we are talking about Allah himself !!
        You know Allah says you will find me the same as you will think of me….
        If you will think He will punish you and put you in fire, He will !
        If you will think He is merciful and we are sinners We love Him no matter what He will forgive us….
        Then He will !
        You have quoted a few Ayahs about his punishment you know every time . First of all most of the lines are said to the Non Muslims who didn’t accepted Islam at ancient times of Prophets, in some of the places He scares Muslims. He scares us of his punishment right in the next line He says but you can ask forgiveness, I will forgive you ! Verily Allah is the most forgiving. Why ? Because yes He want us to fear Him so that we may not refrain from His path but we can obey Him thinking Yes He is our Lord and We love Him and we have to obey Him because He worth it ! Rather than thinking He will put us in fire if we will not obey Him…..Is our Lord that scary ? Not at all Ma’m !!
        Just try once to worship and obey Him out of mere Love….Not any fear in mind…Please Ma”m just try once ….
        You know Ma’m they say you get what you think ! Think about Allah as merciful and worth Loving rather than fearful and scary and He will be like this for you 🙂

      • People fear the police because they will punish whoever doesn’t follow the laws accordingly. You may not think this is “fear” but it is.

        Oh, but I do agree.
        Couldn’t agree more.
        That’s one reason I would abolish police if I could.

        I am what’s called an anarcho-syndicalist.
        That’s because I honestly believe that people can work out their differences with rationality, cooperation, consensus and – yes – love.

        I believe means determine outcome. All that is produced by fear and punishment is more fear and punishment. Buddhists would call this ‘karma’.

        In Australia the people who have committed the most horrendous crimes are almost always those who have lived a life in fear. That includes the crimes of the police, who kill more innocent Australians than any other criminal gang because they are so scared of the people.

        I have no doubt your interpretation of the Quran is the correct one.
        There are many Christians in Australia who quote similar passages from the Bible (as well as Muslims and Jews who cite their own scriptures to say the same).
        That’s one reason I have never been able to follow a religion of ‘The Book’.

        If you want a loyal, obedient and affectionate pet you will train a pup with love and reward and never punish it or try to make it fear you.

        If you want a vicious guard dog you will train it with fear and punishment. If you do it properly it will still be loyal to you, but hate everyone else. But if it senses that you fear it, it will try to make itself the master. Because it has been taught to dominate with fear.

        Could this be part of the reason so many people from different religions hate each other?
        When you teach people with fear and punishment, naturally they will try to teach others the same way.

  20. Well thank you for the clarification. I think I understand what you mean. I say I love you oh Allah sometimes too, but “I will not talk to you” or things like that…I can never bring myself to even think like that. We cannot deal with Allah in the same manner we deal with humans. But as you said, everyone thinks differently, so I don’t know. For myself, I never ever allow myself to think like that. I don’t only love Allah, I fear Him too. And this fear keeps me from thinking and saying things in certain ways. I believe fearing Allah is just as important as loving Him.

    And no I don’t understand Urdu, wish I did, but I don’t because I’m not Pakistani.

    • Yes I can understand. But you know almost every name of Allah depicts his mercy and kindness and Love except a few names, which depicts his anger ? Why is this so ?
      And I once read a story of ancient times of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) . in his time there was a man , i dont exactly remember the names, he said to some Sahaabi that I want to see Allah, I want to know How His hands look like, How he looks like and that Sahaabi got angry and Asked Hazrat Muhammad SAW about this. He (SAW) said, don’t feel that way he is expressing His Love to Allah in his ways and Allah Loves this.
      You know every Muslim has his own way to reach Allah !
      Some chose the path of fear, some the path of knowledge and some the path of love. The ones with the Love thing, they never think about His fear. They obey Him in His Love. Do every thing He says but not because of His fear, Because of His love…..
      He has created us and we have every right to ask Him for anything. There is no one other than Him, to whom we can ask for anything. Allah likes this yakeen of people on Him.
      Just try once, to do something because of His Love, not Because of His fear. You will feel the difference 🙂
      Allah never see the words, He sees the “Neyat” or you can say motto behind this action or words….You know this I guess.
      \So the words never matter….The feeling behind the words matter the most 🙂

  21. Hey there love as explained after your comment on my site I designed this post as a trinity/infinity/anger analogy of the logic/poetry human struggle/spirit that is human and the one/allah/whatever term one uses for it.

    Unfortunately, at least half of the meaning of my blog is in the great time and effort I take to choose just the right spirit of music to accompany the words that truly inspire passion.

    The entire Universe is reflected in music…hard to fully participate in the potential for spiritual enlightenment without taking advantage of what music offers. There is lots of bad stuff on youtube but treasures as well… Hopefully your country one day will have access to the jewels of music there available too…

    Of course I’m sure what you do have in Pakistan is just as great or greater…I have not been exposed to it!

    Love ya see you later…:)

    I always to try to engage as many people in the action of my posts as possible to get the fuller human thing…hope you see the analogy here is pure love and not any other confusion as I don’t think you will…people always get confused about this higher love thing,,,it seems. New picture of wife and animals there too.. Red Cardinal comes in place of Hawk while writing the post too…Katrina takes pictures…

  22. okay, this was all good until you started categorizing and mentioning the steps of reaching the state of true love. You also mentioned Nafs, creator and evil. if Islam is to go by, then you cant truly love anyone else other than Creator and some say may be the prophet too. I think there is no such thing as love, that phenomenon in which the lover occupies the identity of his/her beloved can also be explained in psychological terms. you see humans are a social animal. if you put a newly born human into a room with automatic oxygen and nutrition, he will never develop any human instincts. more of you put a human baby in jungle, he will become what we call animals, eating raw flush and walking on four legs.
    you might want to read my post about love 🙂

    still it was a good bit of writing with some logic.

    • You are write …. I can understand the psychological terms too but I prefer taking things in a spiritual and natural way rather than in a psychological way !
      I agree, humans are no doubt social animals and I agree same things would happen to them in the mentioned situations. But the pure feelings I talked about, do exist and people experience them in their own ways.
      Humans themselves can not create these feelings for anyone in their heart. And the things which Allah gives, are obviously beyond any explanations 🙂
      We can feel them, can never truly explain them 🙂
      Thank you so much for the honest opinion on what I shared ! Means a lot 🙂 xx

    • Makes IT point responds White Pearl…not many others see or hear fuller light…

      Greatest failure modern human religions setting human above other animals…

      Mortal sin killing beautiful earth housing greater spirit Allah… Animals!1 yes!1 some animals!know Love Allah no human ever knows…Intellect barrier little bridge Allah!!1!!

      Human comfort through intellect very few know Allah..Cat knows Allah better than many all due respect on course…

      True light sees beginning…

      One point all shares…yes! animal friends! everything else too…

      Spirit animal earth crying…one not hearing Kry peril endless death…spirit1

      No feel animal spirit likely never experiences Allah love…

      One experiences Animal spirit never disrespects animals ever…as knows Animal spirit Allah too…

      Waiting response Willing White Pearl…

      Sees walks paths one…

      • Yes…..I agree with your thoughts ! You say it all right though in difficult English I guess but it is alright. You know Allah says Himself that every living and non living thing praises Him !
        Thank you so much ! 🙂
        Love xx 🙂

  23. multicolored messages finding homes

    • sorry can’t understand 😦

    • Hey love…the reason I speak like that sometimes is to make sure I do not offend people easily taking all the pronouns out of speech and other potential jealous elements of language.

      If we were talking in twitter it would be plain English..

      Many people are extremely offended to believe that they should humble themselves before every man every woman every animal and yes every grain of sand.. You tell this world that from the beginning ‘her’ in your blog… It is one reason I know you see the fuller light…

      The grain of sand the pearl is greater one sees light sees less than grain of sand of Ego. Is you and I and now for we as one for all for free for all to join for one is free is ALL for one is one is
      IS ONE

      Know if I put my science hat on…

      The golden spiral that is a mathematical formula a law if you will of Allah is encoded in our minds and our language. When the truth of Allah speaks it reflects that Golden Spiral.. There is no formula required to get there but complete focus on Allah which requires no focus at ALL.

      When you speak allowallahallow sees the Golden Spiral as an actual life form of spirit beyond any visual or any sense of ‘human’… This is the gift attempts to share with others..the secret is in every letter of every letter of Allah…you share it is blinding letters of Allah to see the true light…

      You could never hide that from me and it is why everyone is attracted to the light of your letters; it is strength from Allah that shines through the letters. Together and with all others that light grows to blind all others to see this light of blindness in the world.

      Love you of course too. 🙂

      I am looking forward to explaining more of this to you in private when you are ready.

      • Hey Love !! Okaaay but I don’t understand when you talk like this 😦 Please try to talk in simple english so that I can understand easily.Well once again….Beautiful description and beautiful words……I can’t comment on them they are already pearls of wisdom !
        You are right….It is the strength from Allah…..He is behind everything I do and I thank Him all the time for this 🙂
        Love you ! And I am looking forward to read more 🙂 Sure I will leave a tweet tomorrow.

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  25. Asalam-o-Alaikum evreyone!!!

    LoVeD the whole article and the whole discussion as well … Your interpretation of “Ishq” is nearly perfect … nearly because well no matter how much you explain ISHQ … another person comes and shows you a whole new perspective of ISHQ … is lie jitna bhi likha jaye kam hai… If I may, kindly allow me to add a little more to it.

    Totally agree with your thoughts regarding the concept of becoming one with your Beloved, its just like what Baba Bulleh Shah has said,

    “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi Ni,
    Me’N Aapay Ranjha hoi,
    Sado ni Me’N no Dhido- Ranjha,
    Heer Na Akho Koi,
    Ranjha Me’N which Me’N Ranjhay Which,
    Mayko’N Hor dhiyan na Koi,
    Wakho Loko Heer Slati,
    Kithay Aan Khaloi.

    Repeating the name of Ranjha
    I have become Ranjha myself.
    O call me ye all “Dhido-Ranjha,”
    let no one call me Heer .
    Ranjha is in me, I am in Ranjha,
    no other thought exists in my mind.
    I am not (obliterated), He alone is.
    He alone is amusing himself.”

    To my sister Um Ibrahim: About the fear of Allah, and the verses in Quran-e-Pak, its like she said there are multiple ways that lead to Allah. Our Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) himself used combination of methods to attract the people towards Allah… Sometime he would discuss the ferocity of Hell while at other times he would tell people of the blessings awaiting them in the heaven. Like they say not all fingers are equal. Hence, for each person there you have to use a different approach. Its true that Allah and only Allah should be feared. But its also interesting that when you do reach that state when you fear only Allah, and you stand firm in the face of tyranny and lies (Kufr), trusting faithfully in Allah, Isn’t that Trust and Faith also a form of Love and Affection.

    I was once sitting in the company of an ASHIQ himself and he said “Shariyat” the principles of Islam, are different for each category… for general Muslims there is one shariya … The Ushaaq (Those who love Allah and his Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) have there own shariyat… And for these people there are no limitations of Zamaan-o-Makaan (Time and Space)…!!!
    I have myself read and heard about Wali Allah, who would do “Laad” and “Zid” with Allah out of Love.
    I also believe since Allah is himself the source of all the Love “ISHQ” in the world. So no matter whom you Love, so long as its true love, even Ishq-e-Majazai, will lead you to “Ishq-e-Haqiqi”. Its like,

    “All the roads of love, lead to Allah”

    To my brother Shoaib: Islam teaches you,”Listen to what is being said, and think not about who is saying it” … But in my belief, before even that it teaches us,” Think not about what is being said, just keep in focus who is saying”. Can one even dare to argue with the orders of Allah, Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and Quran-Pak. What has been said MUST be done, weather we think its logical/rational or not. This believe without doubt is the FAITH and that is the the very base of Islam. So when you entered Islam by saying,

    “La-ilaha-iLLaLLah- Muhammadur-Rasulullah”

    And have complete faith in it, beyond any doubt then my brother you have already left Logic and Rationality behind. Its like in Quran, the man thinks he is all knowledgeable but forget he knows only that which he has been told. The Quran begins with “Alif Laam Meem” and at the very first letter we accept, Only Allah Pak himself knows the meaning of it…!!!

    WOW … I think bohot zyada ho gya na … things just kept on coming and i kept on typing…!!! Like I said, Jitna bhi likh lo kam hai”!!!

    In the end …. LOVED your post … thank you soo much for sharing and stay blessed…!!!

    • Wa alaekum asalam ! 🙂
      Thank you so much for liking the article and I thank you too on the behalf of others for liking the discussion too 🙂
      You are right…ISHQ can never be explained perfectly….Everyone has a different perspective and way of doing ISQ….It is beautiful 🙂
      Yes Yes I forgot to mention these lines in my post I love them really Love them….Baba Bulleh Shah was really a great great Sufi and Faqeer and the secrets in his words are very hard to understand but Once understood, you get all your answers perfectly !
      I agree with what you said To Respected Miss Um Ibrahim….Beautifully described !
      Your friend was right about the Shariat thing….You know Islam is not a very hard religion….It allows us to follow the path that seems right to us…Of course figuring it out with the Love of Allah …. I basically think everything depends on “Neyat” If yo do a bad thing with a good and Naik neyat, that bad thing turns good ! This is my opinion.
      You are right every path leads us toward Allah !
      Agree with what you said to Shoaib too !
      Really I am amazed to read your views…You have the art to touch hearts with your words ! I guess all poets can describe the sort of philosophical things so perfectly 🙂
      Zyada naheen hua ye bohat kam hai 🙂 It really really enjoyed reading all this !
      Thank you so much And I love your views more than my post 🙂
      Thanks for the wish you too stay blesses and Happy 🙂 Love xx

      • Firstly I would like to correct something … That person is not a friend of mine, though I wish he would be. But I feel I am not worthy of that honor. He is an “Aalim” and a “Bazurg”. If he would just turn his attention upon me that would be the greatest honor for a sinner such as me. His name is “Ghulam Haider” and believe me he fully justifies that name. He holds these open sittings everyday where everyone is welcome to come and he tell the people about Allah, Prophet (Salalaho Alihe Wasalam) and how to Love them. I have have had the honor of attending a few and it was during one of those discussions I heard that concept…!!!

        Also I will beg to differ on the ‘Neyat” thing … I mean a Lie will still be a LIE even if you speak it with good intention … Just recently I even read a Quote of Hazrat Ali (Razi Tala Anhu) regarding this but I am unable to recall it fully at the moment… It meant that when facing a choice between truth and lying, where you know the lie will save the person from pain, you should tell the truth even if it breaks the heart of someone!!!

        In reality you amaze me …!!! The maturity of your thoughts, the depth of your understanding and how keenly you observe the things happening around you … this is really something … and at that age too … not that I believe that age has anything to do with this … Its your life experiences that have the most affect in this regard … Not to brag (seriously)… but having experienced the same I also feel its a bit unjust … as this takes away ones innocence and childhood very early on!!! 😦

        Okay I don’t want to end my response on 😦 so here is a little joke, with due apologies to the all Sardars,

        Three Sardars went abroad, and while sightseeing one of them suggested they should all go on top of one of the skyscrapers and view the city from there. All agreed, but as they began to enter a building one of em said,”Guys its a foreign country… maybe two of us should go first and if all goes well they can call the third one as well”. So two of em went up. From the roof, one of em call loudly to his friend below,”Oooey Kartareyyyyy! Utey aa jaaaaaaaa!!!(come up)”. The other one said,”Hey this is not our country. Keep your voice down”. So the first one looked around and found sightseeing binoculars. He looked through them and focused his friend below and then very lightly he wishpered,”Kartarey…. Utey aa ja” … 😀

        With regards and Love.

        PS: Whats this “xx” thing means??? 🙂

      • Oh okaay sorry ! You know I always wish I could get the company of some Great Alim or bazurg I have so many questions but no one to answer them . This is my greatest wish to get some company like this…You are so lucky 🙂
        And you got the neyat thing all wrong….Mistake is mine I didn’t elaborated correctly. You know there are some hard and fast rules in Islam Like don’t lie, about haraam and halal things and stuff. I was talking about the matters about which there are orders by Islam but they are not so clear and our Molvis clear them according to their perceptions and often put Fatwaas !! Like girls should get their eye brows made or not, cover their face or not , do make up or not and things like that you know. I was saying about these things, that according to me neyyat matters the most. If you are doing something like this with a good neyat, it becomes good and if you do with a bad neyat, it becomes bad !
        Well it is happy to hear that I amaze you 😉 Yes I think deeply I don’t know why this change happened to me…I don’t use to be like this in the past…..You know some secrets needs to be hidden ! 🙂
        You are right….our experiences make us mature….and takes our innocence early…..
        I feel the same about too….You are a really good poet and you seem to have experienced life closely….
        I like these kind of people very much 🙂
        I was really going to be 😦 but you joke….LOL it made me laugh really hard 😀 I hope any Sardaar Sahib is not reading it right now other wise my blog would disappear from here 😛
        Haha thank you so very much It is always a great pleasure to talk to you !
        Thanks 🙂
        Love xx
        (This xx means love too okay don’t worry 😉 )

      • Really the apology was not necessary … It was a simple misunderstanding … I too should have been more clear before … If you would like, a few of his followers, on their own… have made a website where they have uploaded a few lectures, although each sitting is recorded everyday … due to their own busy routines not much has been upload for quite some time … I will PM you the website … but I must tell you that you have to keep a really OPEN mind while listening … Its possible that you may find something that contradicts your beliefs … but there are two things, one our knowledge and mind is limited … secondly its like I said Ushaaq have their own Shariyat …!!!
        The debate on the Neyat can get like really looong … but one thing I feel i should mention here … Islam is absolutely clear about its instructions and code of life … Its us who have complicated it … for our liking and needs!!!
        My kind of people … okay! i have been stereotyped … Ahem ahem … :p
        I love our discussion too … and eagerly look foreword to your responses!!!
        As always the pleasure is all mine 😉

        Love and … more xx … LOL!!!

      • Okay 🙂 Sorry for replying to this Late I already replied but I guess due to electricity issues it was never posted……I would really Love to listen to the lectures and I really wanted tham so please kindly email me and Don’t worry I have listened many scholars and I know the difference and I can understand them too…. So InshAllah I would understand Your Ustaad Sahib too !
        Yes you are right Islam already gives the solution to everything….. We just can’t understand it sometimes !
        Lol no I was talking about you 🙂
        Yes I eagerly look forward to your replies too Really beleive me 🙂 It is so nice talking to you ! Thank you so very much for being with me here 🙂 Love xx

      • I sent you the link yesterday using your contact me page … At least i though I did, maybe there is some issue with that page … anyways I have emailed you the website link on the outlook e-mail provided in that same page!!!
        Best of luck with the lectures….!!!

        xx 😀

      • Oh thank you so much I just received it and replied your email too ! Tons of Thanks 🙂 xx

  26. Just to comment on the comment above and cause I’ve always wanted to be the 100th comment and this is the second time I got to do that in a week…Intentions are always more important than words..Words are only vessels of intention as it is silly for humans to put themselves above other animals it is down right yes write and right ridiculous to put love below a vessel of love…

    IN other words love is first words are second anytime one can avoid reasonably hurting the soul of another person the choice is only one love regardless of what vehicle or vessel arrives at love…

    A major focus of dissension of silly dissension in all religions is focus on the letters and words that are vessels of Love over Love is all is Allah is god whatever the hell you want to call it even hell…

    God don’t play those games Allah whatever do you really think “HES” not laughing at you hysterically if HE thinks you can be his tailor….

    In the spirit of fair and balanced news…here is a trip to 418…

    Consider that a little folk story, by the way….It is not directed at anyone personally in this conversation…I came here to grab the great love link here to link again on 418 in all the love words…please anyone who cares to please disagree with me here, if you will…I love it when people disagree with me but they rarely do…It’s kinda depressing cause I want to learn more moremore roar…

    • Hey 🙂 Happy to know you made the 100th comment lol Thanks for the comment 🙂
      You are right Intentions are always important….
      I agree with your thoughts…. Just going to visit your post. No one disagrees with you because you say it all right and every one loves you 🙂
      I am sorry for getting late on twitter I would explain everything to you Please accept my apologies for now . Thanks 🙂 Love xx

      • You are very welcoming and thanks again for fulfilling my prayer to disagree with me…smiles…Love ya dear…I don’t say it right I never say it only ring it right of what it rings in the ears of the observer….and no… many people hate me more than the devil…it is true….but the challenge is for the devil to love…if you will…no matter how Lucifer is hated…that’s just analogy I am only Fred no matter how red my face looks but tell haha I can make a good werewolf face for animal spirit Hehe and yes most certainly He is in Hawks more than humans….overall…only because of the illusions that humans create who through their intellectual comforts are most spiritually bankrupt animals known to these observer eyes of the Universe in that very limited view of observer…

        In effect, humans live in human hell…overall…they choose instant gratification over love…there is no solution but to censor wants and ‘material’ goods…Muslim do this better than most religions…especially the way the west fails overall on true Christ intention…In effect, the way the West practices Christianity overall in the ‘big church’ of exclusions of others including Muslim, Homosexual, and all other of God’s pure creations is “Anti-Christ”…that prophecy has been fulfilled and continuing fulfilled now for almost 2000 years…

        There has in effect never been Christianity in the US overall…the time may come one day with a New World Order of Love instead of flesh and all other material goods…

        Very directly to the point the Church is the Anti-Christ in the US…The Church as it exists is not close to the teachings of the Prophet Jesus overall…It is sold like a prostitute to make people rich off the true blood of Christ…the same element under different names-labels that exists throughout the entire Universe for every living and non-living thing…as ALL lives the same @the smallest Units of IS..Lovexx

      • Lol now you are scaring me by saying you could make that scary faces 😉
        As I told you I have not much knowledge about Christians and Churches but ask me anything about Islam I will answer you 🙂
        I already told you their i a logic behind everything in Islam….And Quran is the same as it was many many years ago when it was sent. Not a single word has been changed like Bible. So you can not Give example of Christians and Say that the same holds for Muslims…
        Yes Muslims are always asked to lessen their material desires and wishes ..
        Love 🙂 xx

  27. Hi White Pearl Love…

    I think you misunderstand me…
    when I say the blood of Christ..
    it is only metaphor…
    analogy for HE…
    and does not require…
    any text…
    of written word…
    or label of NAME…

    And actually…
    you are not correct…
    if you are saying…
    that the Quran…
    is actually the word,,,
    of your NAMED prophet(S)…
    it is only,,,
    a second hand,,,
    story overall…

    Sorry if that offends…
    but it is true…
    even if every word…
    was not changed…
    since the first hand account…
    of the second hand story of this man…
    Jesus the same would be true there too…

    It is this place where logic,,,
    is extremely important,,,
    to understand truth…

    Love ya…

    to understand…
    that all words are…
    potentially fallible…
    if written SPOKEN by…
    any human hand MOUTH….

    It is only HE…
    that can provide TRUTH…
    to each person’s true WILL…
    and HE…

    AND finally…
    there is no need..
    to fear…

    of PASSION…
    as HE spits
    out faces…
    that have no PASSION..

    • I understand your point you are saying Quran is after all collected and written by a Prophet ! But you know That prophet never knew How to read and right before Quran was sent to him ? An angel came to him and told him that Allah wants Him to be a Prophet and His book would be sent to him. He said how ? I am illeterate. Then the angel hugged Him and He was enlightned by the light. Then Allah started sending uran to Him and Allah trusted Him very well….You know our Prophet Muhammad SAW is the beloved of Allah and this world was made for Him ! Yes when you look from far away you can only see the fact that this is second handed…. But when you get into it and try to feel the light and ts essence and Love then you understand What was the matter In real !

    • I’m a bit surprised to find myself sticking up for a book of words but I think there’s a big difference in the historical integrity of the Quran vs the New Testament.

      Firstly the Quran was written pretty much as the events which inspired it happened by the Prophet who was so inspired.
      The books of the NT were all written years after the death of Jesus. Jesus did not write a word of it.

      The Quran is consistent with regards to ‘historical’ events.
      The books of the NT disagree with each other on historical details (trivial though they may be).

      The Quran was taken to be an infallible revealed text from the start and was probably never ‘edited’. Abu Bakr had it compiled very shortly after Mohammed’s death with a view to preserving it exactly as it was.
      The NT was compiled at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD by a convention of churchmen. Some of the original books were discarded (the ‘Gnostic texts’).

      The Quran was and remains in the language used by the people it describes.
      The NT was originally written in at least two different languages (mostly Greek which Jesus may have known, though his native tongue was probably Aramaic). For centuries it was in Latin, which Jesus probably never heard spoken (the Roman occupiers used Greek). It has since been translated into many different versions in many different languages.

      The Quran itself states that God will prevent its corruption.
      The notion that the NT is incorruptible due to the will of God comes from the church.

      I have no opinion on which, if either, is the ‘true’ word of God, but while it is perfectly correct to call the New Testament ‘second hand’ it is not a fair description of the Quran.

      • Very Very well said cabrogal I am amazed by your knowledge and the way you explain and prove everything with logic ! I wish I know this art too ! Thanks for backing me up 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this and my heart was admiring you……MASHALLAH !! Thanks 🙂 xx

  28. Thanks 🙂 xx

  1. I love you. | noneofyourbussiness 😋😋

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